Found: Most Massive Neutron Star…Ever


Recently Discovered Neutron Star Is Almost Too Massive to Exist

by Jason Daley

Astronomers at the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia have located the most massive neutron star on record, so dense that it may be close to the cusp of collapsing into a black hole.

Neutron stars are one of the evolutionary end points for high-mass stars. After they’ve spent most of their nuclear fuel near the end of their lives, the stars explode in bright supernovas, leaving behind an ultra-dense core of material. If that core is of a certain mass, it becomes a neutron star under the pressure of gravity. If it’s beyond a certain mass, it will collapse into a black hole. But researchers aren’t exactly sure of the dividing line between the two—yet.

Astronomers are interested in neutron stars for various reasons. Most of these dense stars are less than 15 miles in diameter, but a single sugar cube worth of the star would weigh 100 million tons here on Earth. Certain neutron stars called pulsars emit beams of radio waves from their magnetic poles and rotate at a steady rate, which is why astronomers call them “cosmic lighthouses.”

In fact, the regularity of pulsars makes them useful in the hunt for elusive low-frequency gravitational waves.

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  1. No black hole can form. Black holes cant exist. The so called existence of ‘black holes’ are a result of general relativity, which in the early days (Einstein etc.) had no reference to nuclear physics. Einstein at odds with Shrodinger etc. The ‘Big Bang Theory” an incorrect theory which relies on the total absurdity of a ‘beginning’ to the entire cosmos being launched out of literally ‘nothing anywhere in nowhere’. This theory has resulted in what the great physicist Fred Hoyle claimed was reliance on the accretion disk black hole paradigm.
    Gravity cannot overcome neutron degeneracy. The neutrons remain compact. This discovery proves it. No quark/ neutron can occupy in the same spacetime position or quantum state as another. There will be more super neutron stars discovered which will be denied by the BB theorists. The center of the galaxy (and others) will more likely be a giant neutron ball not a black hole. You cant see a black hole by definition, no photons can escape all material will appear to stop at the schwartzchild limit. All observations of so called black holes are material going OUT not in. (Refs. Hoyle Burbidge Narlikar 1993-2000 Quasi Steady State Cosmology).

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