Jim Fetzer and Lenny Pozner Testify During Day 2 of Sandy Hook Trial

Update: Jury Awards Pozner $450,000 (Scroll to Bottom of Article for Link)


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Madison, WI

Jim Fetzer’s defense against Lenny Pozner’s defamation suit got interesting today, day two of the penalty phase of the trial. (Disclaimer: I have been friends with Jim since 2006, and though I don’t always agree with him, I respect his courage and sincerity. It was an honor to have lunch with him on this, the critical day of the penalty phase of his trial.)

Pozner won the first phase last June when the court determined that four of Fetzer’s statements alleging a fake death certificate for Noah Pozner were defamatory; then on September 13 Fetzer was found in contempt of court for sharing images of Pozner’s deposition. Fetzer argues that he shared the images, which the court had deemed confidential, as part of his legal defense research. Fetzer claims the images show that the Lenny Pozner in the deposition is not the same person depicted in at least some previous publicly circulated images of Lenny Pozner.

Pozner is asking for one million dollars in damages from Fetzer. The jury’s job is to determine an award amount, which theoretically could range anywhere between zero and one million dollars.

The penalty phase of the trial began Monday with opening arguments and a lengthy videotaped deposition of a forensic psychologist, who asserts that Pozner suffers from PTSD as a result of Fetzer’s four defamatory statements. The forensic psychologist, who was presumably hired by Pozner’s legal team, predictably supported Pozner’s narrative: After suffering the loss of his son Noah at Sandy Hook, Pozner says, he experienced PTSD for more than a year, only to have his recovery cut short, and his symptoms exacerbated, by his discovery that online Sandy Hook skeptics were claiming that the school shooting was a hoax in which nobody died. Since then, Pozner says, he has been waging an online battle against Sandy Hook skeptics (he calls them “hoaxers”) which has kept him mired in PTSD. Much or most of the suffering he has experienced, Pozner suggests, is the fault of Jim Fetzer, whom Pozner and his lawyers are casting as the kingpin and prime inspiration of the Sandy Hook skeptics’ movement.

Fetzer’s legal team questioned the “Fetzer caused my PTSD” claim. While acknowledging that Pozner would have suffered PTSD from the loss of his son in December 2012, they suggested that it was not entirely Fetzer’s fault that Pozner has been re-traumatizing himself by spending much of his time since 2014 combing the internet for material that he says traumatizes him and trying to get it removed. Fetzer’s team’s cross-examination of the psychologist pointed out that normally PTSD sufferers avoid stimuli that reawaken the trauma.

The afternoon session featured back-to-back testimony from Lenny Pozner and Jim Fetzer, both called to the stand and questioned by the plaintiff’s (Pozner’s) lawyers. In front of a huge, adorable Noah Pozner picture projected on the screen, Lenny Pozner recounted dropping off his son Noah at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. He described seeing his son’s body at the funeral a few days later. He said that in 2014 he encountered the online claims of Sandy Hook skeptics and tried to engage with them in a cordial and transparent way, but soon began to feel harassed and increasingly upset at their claims that his son Noah had never existed. He said he has persistently tried to get such claims removed from the internet as a way of defending his son.

Below are reconstructions from my notes on Pozner’s testimony. The notes were cut short by a bailiff ordering me to shut down my laptop since I was not one of the two mainstream journalists who had been approved for electronic devices.

Lenny Pozner:

Noah was a twin to my youngest daughter. The last time I saw Noah would have been on the morning of December 14. I dropped my three kids off at the car line. 

(At the funeral) his forehead was the only part that was not covered (due to injuries).

I became aware of Mr. Fetzer in mid-2014. (Asked if he had read Jim Fetzer’s edited book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook): No, I haven’t read the book, just the parts about me.

I felt it said a lot of ugly things. I wanted to defend my son. I needed to be his voice. (Answering question): I’m concerned for my safety, my family’s safety. I’m concerned for my children’s future, how they could be treated.

I was concerned someeone would do something…something bad. 

(Asked why he thought Fetzer’s four defamatory statements had damaged his reputation): It causes people to believe I lied about my son’s death, that my son didn’t die….

(Asked how he has been affected in terms of fearing contact with people):

I’m very cautious about what I reveal…I never know how people might react…people might accuse me of being this villain that Mr. Fetzer portrayed me to be.  

(Asked whether he held Jim Fetzer responsible for the criminal acts of Lucy Richards, who left obscene, threatening messages on Pozner’s answering machine): 

Lucy Richards was sentenced to prison for making death threats against me. (But why hold Fetzer responsible?)  It was the way she said what she said, and the way she talked about Noah, and about me…she accused me of faking my son’s death, hiding my son, that he’s not really dead.  Part of her sentence is she’s not supposed to read (Fetzer’s) website. 

Jim Fetzer, called to the stand by the plaintiff’s lawyers as a hostile witness, was questioned about his responsibility for the alleged four defamatory statements, all of which involved claims that the copy of Noah Pozner’s death certificate circulated by Lenny Pozner in 2014 was inauthentic—claims Fetzer still argues were accurate. Fetzer said that he (and in some cases collaborators including co-authors, editors, and publishers) were indeed responsible for publishing those statements, which were not defamatory, but truthful. Dane County Circuit Judge Frank Remington immediately ordered the jury out of the room and admonished Fetzer that the court had already ruled that those statements were defamatory and that no further impugning the findings of the court would be tolerated. When the jury filed back into the courtroom, Judge Remington ordered them to ignore Fetzer’s statement.

Toward late afternoon the defense decided not to call two witnesses, Tony Mead and Kelley Watt, who had traveled from Florida to testify. Both sides offered closing arguments.

Though I missed the closing arguments (had to pick up my wife after a dental appointment) a friend and colleague who wishes to remain anonymous summarized them for me. What follows is based on what my source, who was present in the courtroom as a spectator, recounted afterward.

Pozner’s attorneys made broad emotional appeals, saying Pozner has experienced pain and suffering due to losing his son and then having the wounds re-opened by his battles with online Sandy Hook skeptics whose ideas, they claim, are derived from Fetzer’s book and web postings.

Fetzer’s attorneys argued more narrowly on two key issues. They asked why the psychologist expert witness who diagnosed Pozner with Fetzer-induced PTSD did not estimate any monetary damages from that PTSD. Nor, in fact, did Pozner or his legal team. No claims were made about the dollar value of any losses in earning ability Pozner may or may not have suffered. There was no claim whatsoever of any loss of income or medical bills.

Fetzer’s team also argued that Pozner’s side had not presented any convincing evidence supporting the claim that Fetzer’s defamatory statements about the death certificate had caused Lucy Richards or any other unstable Sandy Hook skeptic to harass Pozner; no evidence was presented that the harassers even read Fetzer’s defamatory statements, much less acted on them.

Fetzer’s lawyers reminded the jury to set aside their personal feelings and emotions: They shouldn’t decide on the basis of whether they like or dislike Fetzer or agree or disagree with him. Damages are not supposed to be emotional or punitive, Fetzer’s attorneys said, but are only related to actual dollar-value loss (which had not been demonstrated).

The jury retired to consider their verdict. A few hours later, well into the evening, they ordered pizza. A few mainstream journalists, including a New York Times reporter, remained in the courtroom to await the verdict.

Whatever and whenever the verdict, they have just been scooped by VT. This is the first report of what went on in the courtroom, and when all the dust has settled it may remain the most fair and balanced.

As soon as the verdict is in I will post an update below.

Update Wednesday morning:

Jury Awards Sandy Hook Father $450,000 damages for defamation

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  1. The evil that permeates the world today is so corrupt and perverse that there is no other way that this sick absurdity can be mended other than an intervention from God and Christ. Evil men taking bribes and turning a blind eye to justice and corruption is the norm nowadays. The Church and the State have sold you into bondage to foreign corporations whilst pretending to serve you. As Niccolo Machiavelli said in The Prince, Governments are made to lie to the public the greatest amount of time. The wealthy criminals are profiting off of your sweat equity while T.H.E.Y. (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) line their pockets and those doing their bidding. The Beast system, The judges the lawyers, the politicians, etc. all sit in Moses seat. Their false legislation (legalese) is a CON job to steal your money and oppress you. God told us what would happen if we disobeyed Him and followed man rather God. In Deuteronomy 4:2 God prohibits man from making up his own laws or diminishing from His Royal Laws of Liberty that He commands. In Matthew 23 God thoroughly tells us of the lawyers and politicians: 23:27 Woe unto you Lawyers and Politicians hypocrites! For ye are like whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but within are full of dead men’s bones, and of all filthiness, 23:20 Even so outwardly you appear righteous unto men but within are full of hypocrisy and inequity.

    • The Legislative branch is unlawful because man is not supposed to make up his own laws, as we can clearly see today what this leads to. The Bar Associates and judges swore an allegiance to a criminal usurper of The Crown, Queen Elizabeth who is falsely claiming to be queen, therefor committing fraud which vitiates everything. Judges and lawyers oaths are ultra vires, null and void. No man can judge his own cause or a cause to which he is party to. The Queen swore an oath on The Holy Bible to Maintain the Laws of God, she is the head of the Bar Association and the richest women on this planet. She was crowned upon a fake stone and hides the TRUE IDENTITY of the British people, (True Israelites of the 10 lost tribes) so she can keep her obscene wealth that she has stolen from you.

    • There will be a final overturn of the Crown to He whose right it is. Ezekiel 21:26 Thus said The Lord “I AM” remove the diadem (sovereignty) and take off the crown” This shall not be the same exalt (him that is) low (Line of Judah Zarah) and abase him that is high (Line of Judah Pharez) 21:27 I will overturn overturn overturn it: and it shall be no (more), (overturned) UNTIL HE COME WHOSE RIGHT IT IS, and I will give it to him; (Shiloh) (Gen. 3:2-30).
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      If you use the challenge document found here http://jahtruth.net/britmon.htm and enough people keep using it Their whole house of cards will come tumbling down.

      All information can be found at http://jahtruth.net/

  2. Professor Jim Fetzer and others have extensively studied the Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax by our own governments at various levels. At the end of much of the official investigations the local government ordered the school demolished with the provision that members of the wrecking crew be sworn to secrecy forever with criminal sanctions if they were to spill the beans or release some photographs at a later time. Every American, regardless of your opinions about all this must ask, “Why this secrecy demand?” Obviously they are hiding something. What they are hiding is the physical evidence that the crimes as alleged by government and lying media, did not happen as they claim. There is no, zero, other explanation for this demand of secrecy. After all think of all the money they could make selling tickets to see these buildings. This is the simplest and easiest evidence for anyone to see and understand that this was a massive phony shooting by government with the goal of moving against the rights to bear arms in Amendment Number 2 of our Constitution. They need to disarm the population before they make the final takeover of us all. This is their goal folks. Even if you do not have guns yourself, they provide an important symbol of power with citizens vs government. Wake up Americans. Time is short. These expletive deleted criminals mean business. Just look at what they just did to Professor Fetzer in a corrupt courtroom in Wisconsin! Time is short folks.

  3. Here is one of the most enlightening posts so far on JamesFetzer.org:
    Sethh says:
    October 17, 2019 at 6:35 am
    “You didn’t break anything down matey. You posted a smug retort, simply to big note yourself. The Sandy Hook hoax was a massive criminal deception from go to woe. If Pozner’s child was actually killed (and he may have been) it certainly wasn’t at the hands of the fictitious Adam Lanzer. An honest court of law would first ensure that Pozner was telling the truth about the source of his PTSD and that his child’s death certificate is legitimate and not a CIA fabrication. Hell they managed to “create” Obama’s birth certificate so what’s a child’s death certificate? The judge is obviously corrupt and likely knows full well that Jim Fetzer isn’t guilty and that Pozner junior’s death didn’t happen as a result of a staged mass shooting….if at all. The Pozner legal team used the classic Zionist / B’nai B’rith tactic of finding a “friendly judge and/or prosecutor” to ensure that the first stage of their judicial fraud is rubber stamped. This tactic has been used relentlessly to silence and jail so-called “Holocaust deniers” in Europe. The idea is to lump the victim with such massive legal costs that they inevitably give up and admit fault to stave off bankruptcy. The Zionist/CIA/Soros crime gang, has access to billions of dollars of dirty money and can tie anyone up in court for years. Sadly “dial-a-judge” Remington’s ruling, has ramifications that reach far beyond this case

    • “The EU, Australia, NZ, GB, the US, Canada etc have all signed off on legislation that intrudes massively into an individual’s personal internet communications. This legislation was remarkably “all ready to go” (as was NZ’s gun grab legislation) after the Christchurch Mosque shootings. Yet another mass shooting that came off as contrived, very suspicious and ever so conveniently timed. In that case, armed NZ police were calling around to civilian’s houses (often multiple times) so as to intimidate them if they posted anything challenging the Deep State “story-line”. The “Terror World Tour” team had updated their tactics after previous staged shootings were challenged/disproven by citizen investigators.”

    • Note: This scenario appears to also be what happened to Professor James Tracy in Florida in the federal courts with the first judge being corrupt. And of course as one appeals to higher courts the costs rise astronomically but “justice” does not necessarily follow.

  4. I salute Professors Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. and James Tracy, Ph.D. today. These are my heroes in
    America today. These are two totally honest scholars.
    Their convictions are based on evidence and facts. Their goals are Truth. They seek to harm no one except liars. These are my idols today. Thank you both for your guts and courage and intelligence.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  5. Just think of the laugh these so and so’s are having today and tonight and tomorrow? No one made them prove anyone died, let alone existed in the first place!! Think about this!
    This court case in the Sh….hole Wisconsin must now go down as the single greatest flim flam of the ages. Anyone can now be brought to “justice” for saying something that makes, especially a person of the “Jewish” Faith, uncomfortable no? Americans have totally lost it tonight and today and tomorrow. All those “dead” kids are literally turning over in their graves: WATCH THEM TURN! This is the new meaning of “life ever after!” This is the ultimate lying lawyer lie.

    • And observe it has now happened in two separate courts in the country to two different persons to send a strong message: Professor James Tracy and Professor Jim Fetzer. This is just unbelievable!
      And now we can all look forward to the “appeals courts” to correct these “mistakes” no? Is it any wonder lying lawyers have bad reputations going back centuries in history? Even the mythical society of Utopia banned them because they “disguise matters”. That was in the year 1513!
      And yet I believe the word lawyer does not even appear in our Constitution at all!

    • Correction to above quotation: “Following is a quote from the book “Utopia” by Sir Thomas Moore:
      “They have no lawyers among them, for they consider them as a sort of people whose profession it is to disguise matters.” Sir Thomas Moore wrote this book in the year 1516. This was well before there were even ambulances to chase.” Ibid., page 330. Also on page 331 we find the quote: ”
      “I think we may class the lawyer in the natural history of monsters.” John Keats.

  6. This is far from over. It will go all the way to the Supreme Court and in the end I expect the Wisonsin judge to be censured for professional misconduct; the case to be dismissed; and Pozner to have fled the USA. The book is now free online at an overseas location:

    My own book, a matter of official record with Congress, the White House, DoJ, DHS, and two court cases (i.e. it can never be expunged within the USA) is here: http://tinyurl.com/SH-POTUS

  7. So, let me get this straight . . . a man’s son was brutally murdered* Which is the story line. Pozner, Daddy Dearest, sues Fetzer AFTER all this tragedy in the Pozner’s family life, because they didn’t go through enough?!?!?!? And Dad Pozner just has to drag everyone through the court . . . for “defamation” of character? Pozner defamed himself for using his dead child’s memory as a meal ticket.

    Pozner spends money of a lawyer over this bullshit? Sounds like he’s doing the Frank Family Hustle . . . capitalize on the dearly departed?

    Defamation is a tough lawsuit to file. And defamation falls into two categories: Libel. Slander. Both are VERY hard to find a lawyer because the DAMAGES are had to establish/prove. Finding a lawyer to take on defamation suits are RARE. In my Miss Marple logic, Pozner Ponzi

    ANY lawsuit is based on . . . the damages. NOT “how” a person was damaged but what were/are the alleged financial damages based on the defamation? Did Pozner PROVE damages?

    We have FREE SPEECH in this nation. That means, I can say anything I want to, subject to a few stipulations or law, etc. Defamation is a very hard suit to win, again, surprised Pozner found a lawyer. If he can’t prove damages, then what’s the point?

    *I don’t buy the Sandy Hook, line and sinker narrative.

    • Pozner wasn’t financially damaged. If everyone sued someone because they didn’t like what the other person is saying . . . DAMN. That’s why this suit seems frivolous, and bogus to me. What were/are Pozner’s damages?

      Unless the court has a statutory fine on proven defamation, and they don’t, then I can’t see how this case wasn’t tossed out for being a FRIVOLOUS LAW SUIT to begin with.

      Odd, The “character” of Pozner seems to be another whiny parent trying to profit over their child’s death. I can only speak for myself, but the grief would be so overwhelming for me, and suffering with PTSD as Pozner claims, why would he self-inflict a court room drama, and expose himself further to the tragedy??

      I have found Mr. Fetzer’s articles, and other literature I’ve read which he authored, to be well-documented, researched, presented in a very clear, concise method. It’s not much, but I do have a B.S. degree in Social Sciences, University level, even!

      Anne Frank diaries . . . for all!

  8. https://www.martindale.com/madison/wisconsin/frank-d-remington-1794490-a/ quote:
    “Areas of Practice (3)
    • Real Estate Litigation
    • Environmental Law
    • Constitutional Law
    Education & Credentials
    University Attended:
    University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.A., 1980
    Law School Attended:
    University of Wisconsin-Madison, J.D., 1984
    Year of First Admission:
    1984, Wisconsin; 1985, U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit; 1984, U.S. District Court, Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin”
    I was unable to verify more detail than this above about Judge Remington. My degree is an A.B. too but in physics at UC Berkeley. I doubt the Judge’s is in physics. More likely political science. His late Father was a very distinguished lawyer and professor at U. Wisconsin. Read Jim Fetzer’s page here: https://www.d.umn.edu/~jfetzer/ Whatever Jim is he is NOT dishonest. He doesn’t have a dishonest bone in his body.
    Winfield J. Abbe, A.B., Physics, UC Berkeley, 1961, Ph.D., Physics UC Riverside, 1966

    • The following book is very appropriate to this case: “IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America” by Earl Carey, Bismarck House, St. Louis 1992. It lists 42 Federal Judges, by name and location, who patently violated the rules and law they took a meaningless oath to follow. Mr. Carey had a lawyer representing him at first but later acted as his own lawyer Pro Se. All Mr. Carey wanted was a simple jury trial in his dispute with the Computer Giant in the State of Arizona. He tried every legal means and every legal means failed. He even tried to have federal judges arrested by the FBI! As this remarkable book shows, and the above case against Jim Fetzer shows, our legal system is terribly broken, and has been used not only to promote a lie, but to demolish the precious Amendment Number 1 of our Constitution. Shame on all involved in this disgrace to America.

  9. Fetzer research is very compelling, odd that kangaroo court Judge Remington can funnel jury into slander verdict and a $450K award. Pray that exculpatory evidence is disclosed during the appeal process. Bless you James for your honesty and courage.

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