Claim: 9/11 Tied to Mob Assassinations as False Flag Attack (video)


A new facit in the “breathtaking” now long proven 9/11 nuclear terror attack on the US by “inside and outside” conspirators of the Kosher Nostra Deep State.


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  1. Gall, you are correct. I think it was in 2004 when I was looking into this, a person directing me to the airport itinerary. You could back date and check the flights, and they were not scheduled that day. I also saw where a guy had posted a picture of a plane with the same serial number still flying.

    Another thing that proves no plane is; someone had deduced from the distance traveled and the time traveling that distance, that “plane” was going over 500 miles and hour. A commercial plane cannot go that fast at ground level. The engines won’t propel them even close to that speed. They have to be at 30,000 ft. with way less air resistance to achieve those speeds. Even if those engines were powerful enough to propel it that fast at ground level, the plane would fly apart.

    No drones, no planes.

  2. I ran into this vid a few months ago. Come on folks, a hollow aluminum tube is not going to slice through structural steel. A building would not absorb an airplane. There was no flights that day. The whole thing is a movie. On one vid you can see the bunker buster missile poking through the other side. In another vid you can also see a missile fly by at a downward angle, at the bottom of that angle is building six, the center of the building is completely gutted out. Looks just like the Murray building where you can see all the office furniture and things, right behind the sheered off walls.

    Enjoy, I’ve watched it a few times. No OSHA back then.
    “Building the World Trade Center”

    • If you watch the “Building of the World Trade Centers”, you can see how the government versions of events are a complete fairy tale. How can floors collapse when the center and exterior columns go from the top to the foundation, there is nothing to collapse.

      In one vid I watched you can see the center columns vaporize from the nukes and turn to dust right before your very eyes.

      I watched these vids years ago, there probably all gone by now the way they’ve cleaned youtube up.

      I wonder if Gordon and the gang saw the vid where you can see the FBI agents around the debris with there rad counting badges on, so they don’t get over exposed to the radiation. It was not too long after the buildings were dropped.

      I think the pile of rubble was only three and a half stories high. It’s like , where did all that steel go. And none of the plebes question it.

      A hundred planes could hit that building and they would have all bounced off. It would be like shooting a tank with a aluminum tipped missile. Those planes would have had to be made of depleted uranium or tungsten steel to do much damage to those buildings.

      The whole 911 twin tower movie is like an episode of the “Road Runner” where he paints a tunnel on the cliff and goes into it. They blew the exterior façade off in the shape of an airplane and no one even wonders how those delicate wing tips would slice through those columns.

  3. Your Thanksgiving homework assignment….review

    “Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11” at VeteransToday(.)com

    Discuss WTC vaporization with family and friends

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