…by Jonas E. Alexis

The FBI wants to sit down with Prince Andrew and drill him about Jeffrey Epstein. It has been reported that “There’s been active discussions between the FBI and Department of Justice about interviewing Prince Andrew in relation to the Jeffrey Epstein case. If he agrees to an interview, he could potentially provide some very unique and helpful insights and make a considerable difference to the investigation.”[1]

Andrew, we are told, would be “happy to cooperate” with the FBI. We should all applaud this effort. But there is a fundamental problem here: what about dozens upon dozens of people of various stripes—academics, politicians, businessmen, etc.—who collaborated with Epstein?[2] Shouldn’t the FBI go after them as well? Shouldn’t investigators start knocking on their doors and demand that they cooperate—or else?

As I have pointed out elsewhere, physicist Lawrence Krauss unapologetically declared:

“As a scientist I always judge things on empirical evidence and he [Epstein] always has women ages 19 to 23 around him, but I’ve never seen anything else, so as a scientist, my presumption is that whatever the problems were I would believe him over other people.”[3]

The question then becomes: why did Krauss really humiliate the scientific community by inexorably associating science—or shall we say scientism—with pedophiles? Well, Krauss launched the Origins Project at Arizona State University, and Epstein was actually paying Krauss’ bill. “Epstein was one of the Origins Project’s major donors.”[4] The Origins Project featured public intellectuals like Steven Pinker of Harvard. So Krauss had some financial stake if Epstein was proven to be a pedophile.

But Krauss was far from alone. Once again, Donald Trump was a good friend of Epstein. “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,” he said then. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”[5] As New York Magazine reported:

“Epstein and Trump lived near each other in Palm Beach, ran in the same social circles, and records show Trump flew on the ‘Lolita Express…. Trump has also been accused of assaulting a woman on Epstein’s property. During the 2016 election, an anonymous California woman filed a lawsuit alleging that Trump and Epstein raped her at the latter’s New York City mansion in 1994, when she was 13.

“Several journalists expressed confusion or skepticism after looking into the story. Trump denied the allegations and the woman dropped her suit weeks before the election… media reports from the early 2000s show multiple interactions between the two in social settings.

“Trump also called Epstein twice in November 2004, according to message pads seized from Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion… the New York Times reported that Trump and Epstein were the only two guests at a 1992 ‘calendar girl’ competition at Mar-a-Lago. Businessman George Houraney said he arranged the party at Trump’s request.”[6]

Alan Dershowitz should also be questioned by the FBI. “Two different women have said they were trafficked by Epstein and “directed” to have sex with the prominent Harvard law professor. Giuffre says that after she was recruited to be a masseuse for Epstein and coerced into having sex with him, she was told that she had to have sex with other men, including Dershowitz. Separately, Sarah Ransome, who sued Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell for alleged sex trafficking, says she was directed to have sex with Dershowitz. The attorney has denied the claims from both women.”[7]

Other luminaries such as Leslie Wexner, Tom Barrack, Mort Zuckerman, Woody Allen, Larry Summers, Bill Barr, Ken Starr, Roger Schank, should all be investigated. If the FBI is serious about having a thorough investigation, then people who have closely worked with Epstein should be scrutinized and be placed under the same law with anyone else. What will almost certainly end up happening is that all of these people will get away with their diabolical activities. In other words, the law only applies for the average person, not for the rich and powerful.

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