I Just Made the ADL Short List!


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

A few hours ago, when my wife got home from the store, I greeted her joyfully: “Good news! I just won an amazing award from one of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful organizations!”

She gave me a “yeah, right” look.

“Really! They issued a ‘short list’ of the most notable people in the field, and I’m on it!”

She didn’t exactly look impressed.

“Can you guess which organization, and which field?” I gave her a hint: “I’m on the ‘short list’ alongside some of your favorite YouTube stars: Gilad Atzmon, E. Michael Jones…”

She broke into a broad smile. “You’re an anti-Semite!” she said triumphantly.

I can’t imagine how she guessed.

For background on the illustrious organization that just honored us, read Ron Unz’s “American Pravda: the ADL in American Society.”

The good news is that VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff and I were the only people on the ADL Short List who work for the same organization. The ADL must think VT is twice as dangerous as the competition. That’s quite an honor…almost a “Pulitzer Prize for anti-Semitism.”

The bad news is that the ADL, despite its billions of dollars, does not offer a cash stipend to accompany the “short list” award. If I were an anti-Semite, I would say something about how Jews are second in legendary greed and stinginess only to my own Scottish ancestors. But if I said something like that, the Scottish billionaires who run the world would probably create their own anti-bigotry organization and run me out of town. So I’m definitely not saying it.

But seriously, folks: Everyone else on the ADL short list, with the possible exception of Gordon Duff, is a lot harder on the Jews than I am. If you scroll back through my radio shows and articles and interviews and books, and stories covered on False Flag Weekly News, you’ll find that only a small fraction of the content—maybe ten to fifteen percent at most—is related to Zionism, Judaism, Jewish power, or anything Jewish-related. But I guess that 10% to 15% must be hitting ’em where it hurts. I would like to think the reason for that is simple: I’m fair-minded and accurate. I don’t come across as a bigot, because I’m not. Having a reasonable person saying true things about them must scare the pants off the Mega Group of ADL billionaires.

Here is why they want me purged from social media (my comments in bold):

“A 9/11 truther (in good company) and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist (sounds bad, whatever that means) who hosts a wide array of anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers on his internet radio show (the percentage of my guests who even bring up Jews, Zionism, or the Holocaust is miniscule—so you want to purge me because you dislike maybe 2% of my radio guests?!) and writes for the Unz Review (whose editor, like way more than 2% of my radio guests, is Jewish). Barrett frequently invokes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about supposed Jewish manipulation of world events (such as the creation of Israel—saying that millenarian-messianic Jewish ultra-nationalists were able to steal the Holy Land from both the Ottomans and the British due to being a wealthy and powerful community is hardly controversial), claiming that the West does not comprehend Israel’s duplicity because of ‘the extent of clandestine Zionist power; and the fact that the Holocaust story has become the most sacred narrative of the West, despite the questionable factual basis of some of its most important details.’”(If understatement were actionable, they could sue me for saying such things.) He has 5,000 friends.” (Actually closer to 10,000—they forgot my other Facebook account. I must be a terrible anti-Semite to have so many friends.)

So according to the ADL, the worst thing that I have ever said or written— after thirteen years of broadcasting about five hours of audio-visual talk shows per week for a grand total of more than three thousand hours of talk, plus millions of written words in books, articles, and blog posts—is this:

claiming that the West does not comprehend Israel’s duplicity because of ‘the extent of clandestine Zionist power; and the fact that the Holocaust story has become the most sacred narrative of the West, despite the questionable factual basis of some of its most important details.’”

If that’s the worst, most hateful thing I’ve ever said, somebody should put me on the short list for sainthood.

The ADL has praised me with faint damnation.


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  1. Messer. Duff & Barrett:

    —–Things are getting very interesting in USA & UK

    “’There Will Be a Purge:’ U.S. Pastor Warns of ‘Jew Coup’ to Impeach Trump
    Far-right site TruNews says YouTube removed their ‘godcast’ in which
    they warn of a Jewish plot to take over the U.S.”

    Britain’s Chief Rabbi Had No Choice but to Speak Out Against Corbyn Ahead of Election

    Washington’s Battle Over Israel’s Birth

    Who is Who — In The World

  2. I always wondered about the ADL. The “anti” defamation league. If it’s ANTI the legal act of defamation, which is defined as: “the action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel’ . . .

    WELL THERE’S YOUR FROOT LOOP HOLE RIGHT THERE! “Good” reputation. Legally, what a wishy washy threshold . . . “good”. What legal standard??

    There was a SLAPP suit here in my area about 10 years back. A doctor, plastic surgeon, had a blogger write about him, and the FACT that he lost his license in California. The blogger, a young woman in her early 20’s — she rented an apt., the newspaper article mentioned. And I bet her car wasn’t valued at over $5K — and yet, she got sued for over $1,000,000. The court tossed the doctor’s suit, and my state became ANTI-SLAPP.

    That doctor didn’t have a “good” reputation in CALI, now did he? Or, at least, according to the California Medical Board. He lost his license, she blogged about it and got sued.

    Seeking guidance . . . for all!

    • Oh, and I forgot to add: Congratulations of making it to the short list / shit list.

      On an aside, I just sent inquiry to KB about making my Umrah, so I hope I’m not only guilty by association but perfect time to inquire! I love the smell of two-fers in the morning.

  3. Kevin, You are in good company. Long before any of the above were born America’s greatest industrialist Henry Ford recognized all this and had the guts and money to bring it front and center to the public, and he had much more to lose than any of us do. He hired top experts to read and analyze the Protocols of Zion and had them compile an abridged version which he published serially in his great newspaper the Dearborn Independent in Dearborn Michigan. They vilified Henry but he did not flinch. He was an industrial giant and built the greatest industrial empire this country has known, but he took time out to try to educate Americans on these evil folks. Watch the film clips of his funeral in downtown Detroit 1947 where Americans stood in lines in the cold rain as far as the eye could see to say good bye to this giant American Patriot and idol of every hot rodder in America including me. Say a prayer of thanks for Henry Ford every day. He was born on a farm in Michigan in 1863 and his Father was not pleased he left the farm to design and build the great Ford Automobile Company in America.

  4. Kevin you are one of the bravest people I know. You are a blessing to the faithful and the just. Keep up the good work and many are following you religiously. I hope you are rewarded many time over for your efforts. Peace brother.

  5. Congrats, you are not on the shit list of the biggest enemy of the United States, the Kosher Nostra run “ADL,” partners of al Qaeda and ISIS and best friends of the Trump regime.

    Makes me want to up my game.

    • Gordon, you have only cracked open the vault a short way, time to fully open and let justice be done or the heavens fall.
      KB you legion you.

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