Intel Drop: God Isn’t Dead, He Simply Quit

Entirety of ancient history taught is totally baked driven by bible-thumping hacks and intimidation; beginning with the Vatican.  Remember Galileo?

Allegedly, according to some Israelis, the "King of the Jews" is an insult to Christians, one evangelicals have chosen to embrace while denying Jesus

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Religion has failed. If God existed, he left Dodge thousands of years ago, maybe 50,000 years ago.

Is Earth the home ground for galactic scum, jinns, soul-sucking mind-worms…

During the 1980s, the Space Shuttle overflew from Central Asia to the North African Atlantic coast, using powerful SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar), designed by one of my friends at Adamas, then working at MIT.

They found pre-biblical era civilizations across North Africa, forests, lakes and rivers, the Saudi peninsula heavily populated and a chain of cities stretching from Turkey and Syria into India.

The program went dark and their findings were classified.

When Adam and Eve supposedly hit the planet, it was clear where Cain went to find a wife, as the world’s population may have exceeded 100 million at the time.

There were more catastrophes than the one that supposedly took out the dinosaurs, and none of them involved floods, blowing horns or arks.

The entirety of ancient history that is taught is totally baked, driven by bible-thumping hacks and intimidation, much of it beginning with the Vatican. Remember Galileo?

We all know, this holiday season, that something is wrong on a planetary scale. We are at war with evil; no, it isn’t “the Jews” or communism. Sharia law isn’t coming to a town near you.

Evil is a very real thing, it is in ascendance and we all feel it. We see it in the empty eyes of so many we see; in their beliefs, in their cruelty and indifference and in their brutality.

The problem is planetary, it only seems to be emanating from the United States.

That’s because it is an emanation from the United States. Ask yourself “why.”

We are often asked why we do what we do, year after year, unpaid by Russian agents, at war with Google and its Jigsaw/Alphabet/Idea Groups entities, against Facebook but, moreover, we watch.

Too often we seem to stand alone.

The popular narrative of truth as now defined by what we believe to be satanically controlled social media, and in the process, we name the evil, is only one incarnation of a sea of lies.

The war is to instill fear and hate at a planetary level.

The reason for this is seldom if ever named but “to feed” would be the right answer.

To feed “what” is the next question to which one might answer a “hierarchy” of things not so human, things that exist here and as spiritual poison as well.

Feel it.

This being VT, I expect a significant number of readers to be academics and scholars. Thus, there is no reason to explain the real history of the Abrahamic religions, all of which are utterly fucking made up.

This being Christmas, let us state the obvious. If angels existed, they were aliens. If they existed, they likely still exist, in fact, there is significant evidence that the gods of old, and there were many, were of alien races that came here before the dinosaurs, who bred men from early mammals and that, as not-so-fiction science fiction depicts, lots of life out there, they all know we are here and nobody wants to be god anymore.

Live here?  Eat people?  Steal stuff?  Maybe, if we are to believe what is so classified only a dozen or so are read in.

As for the holiday, it is important that mythology exists, that dreams can be made real and that spirituality is allowed to enter the lives of man.

It’s just that organized corrupt religion with fake gods, made-up books, fake history, phony exceptionalism and all that goes with it should be left out.

Religion is proof man is a failure. It is clear to me, and this is an expression of belief, that man has and continues to access the infinite.

Problem is, 90% of those turn it into a business.

I have my own beliefs, such as they are, for one reason only, I have occasional remote viewing experiences, not to the extent Stubblebein (now deceased…a wonderful person) would hire me but not ’nuffin.’

This opens the door to life after death, the survival of the soul and the chance we may all be reunited with dead pets.

What wasn’t out there was “god.”

You know, many many years ago I had these same discussions with Malachi Martin, an exorcist and sometimes priest.

Martin, in a phone discussion, explained it thusly:

“I can’t prove there is a god, my own faith falters often. What I can prove is that there is a great evil, manifested in satan and his demonic minions. This I have seen in thousands of exorcisms.”

At the time, Martin was doing exorcisms in New York, as he explained, among the ‘vulnerable’ Haitian community.

If one is to ‘attack’ organized religion, one must be open to all things but also ‘do the work.’  Toward that end, VT had set up many years ago working groups, including Preston James, Jack Heart, and many others, backed by ‘on the ground’ archaeology in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, even Afghanistan and Pakistan.

To that, we add private meetings with religious leaders, Rome and elsewhere.

First of all, there is the ‘baby and bathwater’ issue.  Religions, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all contain doctrines that would oppose evil and elevate mankind, as do other religions as well, many of them without the risk.

What we have found is this. The three religions are easily corrupted. The Wahhabists, for instance, are a satanic sect.

Within Catholicism, within in particular, the Jesuits, as Martin explains in detail, satanism has taken control.

Within Judaism the same is true.

The greatest failure is within Christianity and the Dominionist sects, which include many Christian evangelical sects that are very dark indeed.

Past this, we have secret societies, many, and “bloodlines” that align with “negative influences” that would destroy Earth and mankind.

An assumption, one too obvious, is that if there had been a single god, something not claimed by Abraham, he might not have been dealing with the right one.

In fact, we more easily trace monotheism to Egypt, never intended to claim there was “one god” but rather out of Exodus:

“Thou shalt have no other gods before Me” (Hebrew: לא יהיה־לך אלהים אחרים על־פני)

Things we absolutely know:

  • Jews were never in Egypt, there was no exodus, no Moses, no Passover, none of it, all borrowed and made up
  • No flood either, of course, the idea is silly and stolen from earlier religions and easily proven
  • Christianity as cited today is totally fake, made up by a sick Roman emperor with his back against the wall who wanted to play god. Any half-baked internet educated expert had long ago figured this one out.
  • The ancient world was nothing like we envision, lots of religions, many of them glued together into what we have today.
  • Then there were the hucksters…

A few days ago, I began reading a collection of 1930’s pulp magazines, that and looking at the advertisements.  Remember, this is in the middle of the Great Depression, the nation was in tatters, with the lucky getting fed in breadlines and the working on WPA projects.

Other than Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger films, Americans were fed a continual diet of fascism, faith-healing evangelical Christianity and lies. Fake jobs, fake cures, fake products, fake milk, fake food of every kind, chalk, wood shavings, axle grease, dietary mainstays.

All is returning. Page after page of ads for non-existent jobs, unimaginable cons, and lies, unimaginable until recently, no so much Trump as Google, Facebook, and the fake media.

Trump is just the ringmaster and a good one.


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  1. This is what I love so much about this VT. There are people from all walks of life commentating on your articles: Some young and some older, some more reasonable and logical than others and then you have highly experienced professionals with a background from intelligence, military and academia seeking truth.

    Often articles and commentaries become philosophical with essential criticism of organized religion (like Gordon Duff’s latest article) and on the other hand it discusses how to stay healthy, physically and mentally, in this sick world.

    Pontius Pilate said famously “Quid Est Veritas?” which translated means “What is Truth?”
    The search for truth as seen in Gordon’s article still goes on by academia, laymen, religious and non-religious people. Everyone has different ideas what Truth is and how our Cosmos is to be understood correctly.

    I am actually looking forward to reading Dr. Jones forthcoming book: ”Logos Rising: A History of Ultimate Reality” as I think it will have interesting facts and nuances about this journey, we call life.

    Thanks VT for the hard work you guys put into trying to find Truth and letting your readers join you on your journey.

  2. Mighty with the pen is this one!

    As I see our dear Mr. Duff on an absolute roll of late as I must say this is one of the finest articles of its king I have ever read and that’s saying something!

    Well, gotta love the idiot commenters admonishing and PTSD shaming our Mr. Duff about his beliefs based upon solid fact in my not so humble opinion. Big middle finger your way pal!!

    The Evangelicals are of course the most demented of Americans as of course they don’t believe in science but take the Bible literally as of course there is no such thing as PTSD. You think I am kidding here? They seriously do not believe in mental illness as now our dear tRump has directed even Social Security to go hostile towards people whom are disabled from conditions such as PTSD and back injury’s from long days on manual labor jobs.

    Pure scum as Republicans are my personal enemies and you Evangelicals can Jump in the lake of fire you arsehats believe in as if there is a hell you will go there…..

  3. With all due respect, there’s too much of a pattern on intel drop stories here at VT that go something like “we’ve seen this” or”we know”, always followed by the caveat that the definitive material can’t be shown because it’s “classified”. How is this nay better than a government that hides behind it’s abuses by citing “national security”? Proof of truth, rather than innuendo, should be the standard when making such declarations.

  4. “The reason for this is seldom if ever named, but “”to feed”” would be the right answer”. So, after all, it is some version of “The Matrix”.

  5. Utter and complete BS. First of all, the name wasn’t “Christ”. That was a made up name by the “Church”. Christianity is a sick joke, always has been. ALL religions are a sick joke. This is all the reply needed to a mindless parrott.

  6. “To learn who rules over you, find out who you cannot criticize.”

    Which Abrahamic religion most neatly fits that description? (Gee, let me think…)

    FWIW — I’m not religious.

  7. Thank you Mr. Duff for the much needed reminder that all this religious BS is simply the most used tool of the war profiteers. As much as they have tried to suppress it, the negative trend started with the Jews. Their particular concoction of ‘religion’ led to the separatist, supremacist mentality that has acted as main driver of internal sabotage of all states within which they resided. Iranian civilization gave them their ethics derived from thousands of years of Zoroastrian and Mithraic wisdom. But they turned that beautiful philosophy into a venomous tool of control. Then they created Islam as a proxy army with which they have conquered many of their targets. Here is an important account of Jewish role in origin of Islam, and next, their facilitation of invasion of Iran. written by Jewish historians recounting role of Jews in betraying Iran by allying w/ pagan Arabs, trained under Jews, to invade Iran:

  8. A sure sign one is being brainwashed, AKA…Conditioned… Repeat over and over again the mantra dogmas of human imagination via some book said to be of god… When in fact, all gods are from the same source. The powerful imagination of the human spirit and the cognitive consciousness of the spirit of life that comes from breathing the gases on planet earth, has, and will always give rise to manifestations of “good and evil”. My guess is, that the power of thought is the illusion and or dream to escape the fate of natures fickle chaos and the spawn of genetic diversity… Man would rather rule nature and has done all in his power to create a unbalanced shelter of extravagances to be comfortable, in an otherwise unruly and mind numbing circus of power structures to control the latter. “They” say, there is power in numbers, even if it means destroying your neighbor to have creature comforts, I might ad, we all love! The cry… “death to the evil doer”… should be the psychopaths’ mantra of self abasing grandiose egomania found in the DNA of those that serve the concept, my god is the true god, even though it all comes from imagination. The partitions of abstract illusion and mental strife that make living a chore, gives wonder to all creation, via the cosmology of wonders we see in the heavens, the playground of the creators dream and imagination. Mans behavior should be the only reason that good and evil exist. It is behavior, the image of self loathing.

  9. Thank you Gordon for your take on the unvarnished reality we share. If one is open to new information, gets clued in from you, Heart, James, Martin, Dietrich, the next step is, for me, what to do about it. Laying here bedridden, I choose to educate myself and those around me. I still ask universe ‘what do I do to fight this’ on a regular basis nowadays. According to George Greene’s ‘handbook’ series I should get an answer, hasn’t happened yet

  10. The power of the universe, the source that created all things & you that’s as close as you’ll get to god, which brings me to the reason why when remote viewing you didnt see God, you are the God! We all have been given that capability but have had it taken away from us by the system & become dumb & stuped, some more so than other’s. Some of us who are more aligned with blood lines & Alien genes have retained that ability more so than other’s & can remember back & see forward. Just remember Gordy that there is a lot of PROFIT to be made from a PROFIT! Cheers.

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