Mike’s Notes: Ebenezer S. Trump and the GOP strike again. In a move that only a Grinch could like, the Trump administration, with the support of the Republican party is trying to balance the US budget on the backs of those least able to afford it. This proposal would cut off Social Security for the disabled, their children and children whose parents have died. As is usual the GOP (Grandpas on Prozac) are attacking the weakest among us to benefit the rich and powerful. If allowed to be implemented this plan would take away benefits for those who are unable to work due to injuries or disease. Though those affected would be devastated, this would only replace a fraction of the revenue lost through the Trump Tax reduction on the wealthy.

This is being pushed as a way to get the fakers and lazy off of the government teat, but those people, though real, only make up a tiny portion of those who collect benefits. I grew up hearing about the “Welfare Cadillac,” and one can find examples where this is true. There are always those who are able to game the system, but they are a tiny fraction of those who have a real need. These people would likely know how to still get benefits and the only ones who would suffer are those who really need help.

Social Security was setup, not only as a retirement plan, but for those who, through no fault of their own, became unable to work or had the wage earner in their family die. These are very vulnerable people who deserve to have a chance at a life as close to normal as possible.

Those who would deny benefits to these people have taken cruelty to a new level.


By Amanda Mills – Nation of Change

The Trump administration has just announced a proposal to change the U.S. social security system. If this change is successful, it could strip hundreds of thousands of people of their disability benefits. Older people and children would be the victims most affected.

This new rule, if imposed, would change the way the Social Security Administration determines who continues to qualify for benefits. This will result in a lot of unaware recipients being stripped of their benefits.

The public has until the end of January 2020 to respond, but media is not covering this proposal so many are not aware this is an issue.

As published by the Federal Register, the proposed rule states:
We propose to revise our regulations regarding when and how often we conduct continuing disability reviews (CDR), which are periodic reviews of eligibility required for benefit continuation. The proposed rules would add a category to the existing medical diary categories that we use to schedule CDRs and revise the criteria for assigning each of the medical diary categories to cases. The proposed rules would also change the frequency with which we perform a CDR for claims with the medical diary category for permanent impairments. The revised changes would ensure that we continue to maintain appropriate stewardship of the disability program and identify medical improvement (MI) at its earliest point.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, explains the proposal even further saying, children and so-called Step 5 recipients, an internal Social Security classification, would be affected. When applicants try to receive disability benefits, they either have one of a list of specified medical impairments, or they suffer from a combination of disabilities that make working difficult or impossible. The latter group are Step 5 and are entitled to SSI or SSDI benefits, according to federal law. They are typically 50 to 65 years of age, in poor health, without much education or many job skills. They often suffer from maladies such as debilitating back pain, depression, a herniated disc, or schizophrenia.

Under this new proposal, created by the Trump administration, those called a “Step 5” would be put under a new category called “Medical Improvement Likely,” which means they are to be reviewed more frequently with a strong likelihood of failing to continuously live up to the standards of the new category.

“When Ronald Reagan implemented a similar benefit cut, it ripped away the earned benefits of 200,000 people. Ultimately, Reagan was forced to reverse his attack on Social Security after massive public outcry—but not before people suffered and died,” said Alex Lawson, executive director of the progressive advocacy group Social Security Works.
Let us not watch history repeat itself while social security benefits for thousands remain on the chopping block.


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  1. I work with those jumping through the hoops to obtain disability assistance everyday. Very few, I would estimate much less than 10% of my patients would appear to be trying to game the system. I had a Vet in yesterday who’s disability was due to an arrant bombing his team had called for a nearby location. He was blown down a stairwell in the home he was in. When he came to it was the homeowner -his prisoner- that tended to him. At any rate he was working on maintaining his full disability claim. The government was working on reducing his benefit and putting him back in the workforce. He said that if he is deemed fit to work he wanted to go back to his military duty. What I see disability services doing today is denying claimants first two attempts before seriously looking at the patients claim. Those who game the system know this and always persist the legitimate ones often give up believing they do not qualify. This law will be very painful to those deserving assistance.

  2. Wall street wants the trust fund to be transferred to ‘private interests’. For instance, to transfer Soc Sec funds to wall street would generate 2 trillion in broker fees alone. Once on the street, you can kiss your retirement, and disability goodbye. Eric Partridge’s 2 volume Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English just doesn’t have enough nasty words in it to describe those despicable bastards on the street!

  3. I want to punch any goddamned politician that calls Social Security an “entitlement”. It’s not; the federal government deducts 7-7 1/2% of of wages your entire working life. Worse, republicans have been dreaming of ways to privatize S/S for years. We don’t need some stinking Wall St. bankers playing monopoly with this. I keep hearing the number, $6 trillion, squandered on military intervention since we invaded Iraq, and for what?
    That amount of money could have funded other real entitlements, and put people back to work rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure.

    • I also hate the term “entitlements.” It is a term that is intended to create the image of someone feeling entitled to something they did not earn. As you point out, these are paid for through the payroll tax. I prefer the term “Earned Benefits.”

  4. Well, I know a bunch of NASCAR Trumpets that are disabled and about to get a surprise. They were all for the massive military budget and every other Trump inspired BS. Since they are trying to fly this under the radar, I see a need to inform them of this…just to see how they spin it. So far, everything Trump does is ‘for a reason and good for the US’. The stupidity of Americans never cease to amaze me. Where did they think the massive military budget and the Trump tax cut money was coming from? This is republican economics 101 and always has been. Of course, there are the moneyed Trumpets that couldn’t care less that are still enamored with the buffoon. He’ll come for them when there is nothing left to steal from the poor and working class. It will be far worse for them, as nothing hurts the moneyed worse than someone getting into their pocket.

  5. Here is how our totally corrupt government must save borrowed and printed money:
    End the welfare for the military. We have plenty now. We can destroy the planet 100 times over. We don’t need more death machines. End the welfare for the billionaires and some millionaires; raise their tax rates to the old 99% again. End all retirement and medical benefits for all 535 Israel lover whores in Congress and the President too. End all Secret Service protection for all former and current presidents and their families. Force all 535 whores in Congress to take scheduled airlines only and force them to all go through the illegal body scanners and be exposed to the same cancer causing radiation levels as ordinary citizens are forced to be exposed to all in patent violation of amendments 4 and 5 of the Constitution. Shut down Washington D.C. and move all government operations there to the middle of the hottest and coldest desert in the country. Reduce the time Congress meets to 60 days per year to minimize the damage they can do to our country and people. Abolish all the gravy for being in Congress. Pay them only a minimum wage of no more than $13.00/hr, ditto for President and Supreme Court with zero retirement and medical benefits. In fact consider letting them simply work at home and have cheap telephone conferences instead. You can think of more ways to get these so and so’s off the public dole.

    • Impose an automatic death penalty or life in prison for any member of Congress who is a dual citizen with any country especially Israel. This is a blatant conflict of interest to their assigned duties and must be stopped pronto. Ditto for any member of their families either. All conflicts of interest to their assigned duties must be eliminated period.

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