Are US Taxpayers Forcibly Subsidizing Synagogues?

In 2014, the Jewish Daily Forward reported that the Department of Homeland Security allocated to Jewish institutions $12 million, or 94 percent, of $13 million in funds for securing nonprofits.


…by Jonas E. Alexis and Henry Makow

Henry Makow has a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982 and is the author of best-selling books such as Cruel Hoax: Feminism & New World Order and Illuminati: The Cult that Hijacked the World.

Jonas E. Alexis: The “Holocaust” has always been used as a weapon. In fact, it has been used as a manipulation tool to seduce the masses both in academic circles and in the media. As we have pointed out in the past, Jewish historian Tim Cole of the University of Bristol, England, has written extensively on this very issue. The title of Cole’s study is Selling the Holocaust: From Auschwitz to Schindler—How History is Bought, Packaged and Sold.[1]

Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein argues that there is a “Holocaust Industry” out there, a machine which constantly produces lies and fabrications as historical facts. The same machine is also in the business of sacking billions upon billions of dollars from banks around Europe in the name of Holocaust reparation.[2] So there is an ideological purpose to keep the Holocaust Industry alive and well. But it is not just the Holocaust that is financially draining America and much of the West. Henry Makow has more to say about this.

Henry Makow: Almog Peretz wounded during a shooting at a suburban San Diego synagogue in April is suing Chabad of Poway.[3]  Peretz says that the synagogue did not have proper security despite a rise in anti-Semitic attacks nationally and that it did not use a $150,000 grant to upgrade security. In their defence, Chabad said, “The grant we were approved for did not cover security guards.”

Are these grants another way ZOG USA favors the Chosen? 

“Chabad of Poway received $150,000 from the government in March because the synagogue “believed that it was at risk of an anti-Semitic attack on its congregants,” according to the suit. But on the day of the attack, court documents show, the building’s doors were unlocked and no guards, gates or other security measures were in place.

The lawsuit references a 2014 ruling in which the California branch of the Hasidic Jewish movement Chabad-Lubavitch was found to have misused federal funds meant for security upgrades and was forced to pay $844,985 to the government in damages and returned funds.”

In 2014, the Jewish Daily Forward reported that the Department of Homeland Security allocated to Jewish institutions $12 million, or 94 percent, of $13 million in funds for securing nonprofits.[4] The $13 million disbursed last week brings to $151 million the amount disbursed since the program started in 2005, most of it to Jewish institutions.

Jews receive 94% of grants despite the fact that in the last 50 years, over a hundred black churches have been firebombed. Not one US synagogue has been burned down.

In 2019, at least three black churches were the target of arson. In 2015, nine African Americans (including the senior pastor, state senator Clementa C. Pinckney) were murdered by Dylann Roof, left, during a Bible study at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Three victims survived. This church is one of the oldest black churches in the United States, and it has long been a center for organizing related to civil rights.

There have been two shootings at US synagogues, Poway and Pittsburg. The Tree of Life – Or L’Simcha Congregation[a] in the Squirrel Hill neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The congregation was attacked during Shabbat morning services. The shooter killed eleven people and wounded six. It was the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the United States.

As political tensions increase, it’s inevitable that churches and synagogues will become targets of fanatics. The question is, should these institutions pay for their own security? And if the government does, shouldn’t it be more equitable?

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  1. The officials who gave public money unfairly to Jewish churches were wrong. They had a duty to be fair and give equal amounts to all religions even those which have not been attacked to be used for defensive measures. This blatant favoritism of Jews over others is exactly why all of them get blamed for the unfairness. Did any Jews stand up and reject or demand rejection of this free government money? They are glad to get all the free government money American fools give them. As a group they are very selfish folks. This example illustrates why. Frankly government subsidies of all kinds, shapes or forms must be abolished. All of them now violate the Constitution don’t they? Get government out of the big business of religion.

    • The sympathy scam is the most powerful of all cons. For all we know these attacks are contrived for the selfish purpose of receiving easy money from government or to promote some evil agenda like terrorism from the 9/11/01 con done by Israel and other criminals in the U.S. Most of these fake school schootings like Sandy Hook are false flag attacks to promote fear and hence gun control. Most
      Americans are too stupid to get it. How many conventional Christian religious churches are attacked?

    • 3-part BBC interview in 2010 about Marvi Marmar attack. Israel criminally attacked this group and murdered about 9 people and tortured others like former U.S. Marine Ken O’keefe. They were in international waters. These are criminals who should all be jailed along with supervisors in Israel. American fools must stop supporting these criminals and stop sending them our borrowed and printed fake money too. Americans are the biggest dupes on planet Earth.

  2. The wisest thing that the framers did was to put the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment. We should follow it meticulously but instead have evangelicals and Zionists that want a mandated NWO religion. VT….careful what you ask for with Trump impeachment….Pence is 10x worse.

    • “The First Amendment’s Establishment Clause prohibits the government from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion.” This clause not only forbids the government from establishing an official religion, but also prohibits government actions that unduly favor one religion over another. It also prohibits the government from unduly preferring religion over non-religion, or non-religion over religion”.—Cornell Law

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