No Global Warming: Vertical Shift of Atmospheric Temperature Gradient


No global warming, but only the vertical shift of the temperature gradient of the atmosphere

Written and Submitted by Enkidu Gilgamesh


  1. What is wrong?
  2. Vertical shift of the temperature gradient of the atmosphere!
  3. Depletion of the ozone layer with chlorine!
  4. Analogy of an external jalousie!
  5. Triggering the chain of murder!
  6. The lie about nitrogen oxides!
  7. Conclusions!


1. What is wrong?

All answers are wrong if wrong conditions are assumed!

Knowing the basics secures reliable knowledge!

All claims about CO2-driven global warming through the greenhouse effect and the positive feedback effect are false! All of these claims are false and all of these terms are tricks for the scientific packaging of the biggest scam of humanity! Where there is a lie, the truth is not far away, because it is exactly the opposite of the lie!

Nothing is really secret and nothing is too complicated to understand and explain.

Everything can be observed and is perceived by everyone.

But it is also true that the humanity is mentally blinded.

Each individual is subjectively unable to recognize and interpret the obvious.

Almost no one in the world is spared from the effects of the dramatic changes in the weather and climate system. Damage, disease and mass death are rampant. Wars over waterways, water sources, water sinks and the air spaces of the wind-water routes are waged with all brutality.

Death toll from Idai in southeast Africa has topped 800, making it the third deadliest tropical cyclone on record for the Southern Hemisphere — Weather Underground (@wunderground) April 1, 2019

But the causes and effects are misinterpreted because the whole humanity is suggestively blinded by mass hypnosis and mass psychosis. The falsehood arises suggestively in mind, in that the victims are fed with false knowledge, false truths from fake authorities, resulting in false conclusions and false awareness, which exactly correspond to the intended manipulation.

This article and the sources cited explain the real cause of the temperature change.


2. Vertical shift of the temperature gradient of the atmosphere!

The Earth cannot heat up additionally because its energy content depends on its mass and distance from the sun and these do not change. As a result, the Earth’s energy balance always remains balanced.

But what is the cause of the warming of the Earth’s surface?

Short answer: It’s about deliberately shifting the temperature gradient between the Earth’s surface, the troposphere, the tropopause and the stratosphere!

The green line shows the natural temperature gradient and the red one shows the gradient shifted by the reduction of the ozone layer. Lower ozone density leads to a lowering of the temperature in the ozone layer and the heating of the layers below. The ozone layer becomes more transparent for the UV-B light or in other words, it doesn’t limit the transit of the UV-B rays.

To support my statements I would like to quote the great article of Peter L. Ward and at the same time recommend all of his other articles:

The Primary Cause of Global Warming is Ozone Depletion

Nearly all ultraviolet C solar radiation is absorbed in the stratosphere and above (figure on left). The amount of ozone, the “thickness” of the ozone layer (green line in the figure above right), in the lower stratosphere determines how much ultraviolet B radiation is absorbed in the stratosphere, warming the stratosphere, and how much is able to penetrate to Earth’s surface, warming Earth. When the amount of ozone in the stratosphere is depleted, more ultraviolet B radiation reaches Earth’s surface, cooling the stratosphere and warming Earth. Ultraviolet B radiation is absorbed most efficiently on Earth by the ocean, which contains the primary heat capacity of the Earth-atmosphere system. Depletion of stratospheric ozone warms the ocean, which warms near surface air temperatures.
A 50% decrease in total column ozone increases the amount of ultraviolet radiation reaching Earth’s surface by ~2 W m-2 between 882 and 1033 terahertz (290 and 340) nm (green shaded area) when Sun is directly overhead (Madronich, 1993).

Under natural conditions, the oxygen (O2) is broken up by the strong UV-B radiation and then reconnected in the form of ozone (O3). This process intercepts the UV-B rays and converts them into infrared radiation. Therefore, the stratosphere in the area of the ozone layer is about 15°C warmer than the upper limit of the troposphere and the tropopause.

Temperature Gradient (This one is in German, but You may find the same elsewhere)

In the absence of ozone, no UV-B can be converted into infrared radiation and heat in the area. Where there is no heat, it remains cold. After the ozone has been depleted, the ozone layer in the area of the ozone hole is cooled by a few degrees. The ozone hole is also a heat hole.

Than the left-through UV-B rays do their job in the tropopause and troposphere, where the molecules of oxygen intercept the UV-B radiation and convert them into infrared radiation. Unnaturally high levels of ozone and heat are now occurring in the tropopause and troposphere.

Some of the UV-B radiation makes it to the surface of the oceans and landmass, causing increased water evaporation and unusually hot periods below the ozone hole.

So there is a vertical shift in energy content and humidity in the atmosphere that leads to “climate change“. The wording “climate change” is chosen correctly because it is not a one-time or short-term weather change, but a permanent and still growing global-industrial application, the implementation of which is “without alternative” and “inevitable” for the “global dominance” and “energy security“. Species that cannot “adapt” to this “change” must somehow “live” with the consequences or die.

The appropriate term for this is climate control or large scale climate engineering or climate geoengineering, whose desired results and the intended or collateral damage cannot be objectively overlooked. But the victims must be distracted by mental blinding with NLP, because nobody with a sound mind and knowledge would agree to climate geoengineering.


3. Depletion of the ozone layer with chlorine!

Everyone is familiar with the term “ozone hole”. Since the 1960s, the stratosphere has been made more transparent to UV-B radiation by the large-scale depletion of the natural formation of ozone at heights between 20 km and 30 km.

Chemicals containing chlorine are sprayed to prevent the building of ozone. In order to conceal this measure, a lot of fuss is made about the ChloroFluoroCarbons (CFCs) and HydroChloroFluoroCarbons (HCFCs), since these also contain chlorine and are produced and distributed by human activity. However, their number of molecules is perhaps 200 parts to a trillion in the near-surface atmosphere. With more than 3kg per cubic meter of air, the CFC and HCFC molecules are too heavy, which is why they do not float 20 to 30 km in order to be able to react with the oxygen in the very thin atmosphere, let alone that their total amount would not suffice to reduce the ozone layer.

Why should HCFCs and CFCs float above 20 km when the near-surface atmosphere provides much more oxygen molecules with which the chlorine can react?

Lighter chlorine compounds such as TriChloroFluoroMethane are more suitable.

The following video document provides two important basic insights:

1. Only helium balloons or missiles can reach the stratosphere since there is no uplift for aircraft.

2. The application must take place on the night side so that the chlorine does not react violently during the spraying before it is optimally distributed.

The spraying of the chemicals certainly does not serve space research!

Here is another example of spraying with light molecules with chlorine!

Given this method, everyone should understand why the private rocket producer SpaceX of Elon Musk is subsidized by the state, even though it has already burned billions of tax dollars.

Elon Musk’s missiles serve in the stratosphere, just as the “cheap” and Arab airlines do their part of climate control in the troposphere.

In order to achieve the “climate goals”, the stratosphere must be kept open permanently. This is only possible through the regular and increasing application of the chlorine. The goal is to increase the energy input into the troposphere down to the Earth’s surface. The temperature specifications such as 1.5°C or 3°C correspond to the intended vertical shift of the heat.

If the spraying of chlorine would be stopped, the formation of ozone regulates back quickly, because only two things are required: oxygen and UV-B radiation. Both are permanently and sufficiently available. Therefore, the fear of the “collapse of the ozone layer” and the claim that the prevention of which would require the permanent use of climate geoengineering, is a malicious marketing lie.


4. Analogy of an external jalousie!

Please imagine the ozone layer as an external Venetian blind in the midday sun, which intercepts the light and thus prevents the room from heating up. If it is opened a little or even pulled up completely, the sunlight enters the room unhindered.

Unlike the outer blind, the ozone layer is always closed under natural conditions, so that the space below it (the troposphere and the surface of the earth) remains well tempered.

Under natural conditions, 97% of UVB radiation is absorbed in the ozone layer and converted into infrared radiation. This heats up only the ozone layer and not the entire atmosphere. The temperature difference is about 15°C plus, compared to the upper limit of the troposphere at about -60°C.

Due to the precipitation of the ozone layer with chlorine and flour, the region under the ozone hole is supplied with significantly more UV-B light and subsequently heated. The entire air column below the ozone layer (20km to 30km altitude) down to the surface of the oceans and land mass is energetically charged, i.e. heated.

This also increases the ozone level below the conventional ozone layer. That is why there are ozone warnings and burning eyes during the so called “heat waves”.

Psychologically the warming under the ozone holes is framed as the confirmation of the alleged global warming. However, the days of warming are followed by abrupt cloud cover and a significant cooling (15°C to 20°C), sometimes within an hour.


5. Triggering the chain of murder!

Ocean life is killed at the bottom of the food chain, by sunlight deprivation!Depending on the depth of the water, the algae are adapted to a narrow light spectrum and are very sensitive to drastic changes.

The unnaturally high UV-B radiation leads to the mass extinction of the corals, which generally visible by the so called coral bleaching, since the micro-algae living with them in symbiosis are not adjusted to such radiation, cannot fulfill their nutritional function and are therefore rejected and disposed by the corals.

Without algae, the corals lose their color, starve and suffocate in their own exhaled air. In this oxygen-free environment, all other marine animals also suffocate and die. A colossal chain of murder is set in motion with the ozone hole, since the food chain and the oxygen cycle begin with the symbiosis of corals and algae.

Following the ozone holes, and UV-B attack, the marine life is deprived of sunlight by tropospheric aerosol injection. It is not possible for the flora and fauna to adapt to these artificial and drastic modifications of sunlight.

Murdering the Circle of Life! Explaining sunlight deprivation by studies!

Oxygen deprivation! Global suffocation!


6. The lie about nitrogen oxides!

When asked why ground-level ozone formation occurs, the answer is that ozone on the ground would be the result of the reaction of nitrogen oxides in conjunction with UV radiation.

In order for UV-B light to build O3 (ozone) from O2 (oxygen), no nitrogen oxides are required! The story is another evasive lie that distracts from climate geoengineering and helps to link the blame to the combustion engines. This is how suggestive manipulation works.

Do you notice that the fraudsters always have to twist reality in order to maintain the greenhouse lies?

It’s always the same with lies, they’re the opposite of the truth!

The lie about nitrogen oxides is a desperate one, because people are aware of the lie about the fine dust by combustion engines. They need to distract from the fine dust wording at all, because more people are also getting aware that the fine dust correlates with the dust sprayed by airplanes to implement the so called “Pinatubo-Effect”, which is nothing but the artificial industrial simulation of a volcanic eruption throwing high amounts of dust to about 7 km altitude and higher.

In German: The cruel hoax with the fine dust! The absurd accusation of drivers by demonizing the diesel! Covert economic war!


7. Conclusions!

Let’s summarize it step by step:

  1. Spraying the ozone layer with chlorine-containing chemicals.
  2. Chlorification of ozone from the stratosphere, forming ozone holes.
  3. Cooling of the stratosphere in the absence of sufficient oxygen to capture the UV light.
  4. Warming and expansion of the troposphere.
  5. Formation of ozone at all levels of the tropopause and troposphere.
  6. Warming the ocean surface, increasing water evaporation.
  7. Warming of the land mass, feeling warmer phases in arid regions.
  8. Development of extreme weather events due to the stronger flywheel mass (water vapor) in the weather system.
  9. Mass murder along the food chain by climate geoengineering.

So this is the vertical shift of the temperature gradient.

You are be exposed to the negative effects, so please start to think more about the methods of climate control by yourself.

If the above explanations have been understood, then I would also like to explain the horizontal temperature and humidity shift in a separate article.

The whole topic of Geophysical Warfare and Geoengineering cannot be explained in a single article or a few ones. Please read on, connect the dots and get the full picture and understanding. Most of my articles are also published on VeteransToday, please look here for them:

License of Enkidu Gilgamesh – Sharing is Caring!


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  1. That is true. It is an imperial project and in every empire there must be a core consisting of banksters, gangsters and perverts. They depend on each other.
    To be more concrete, dominance is mainly driven by monetary system.
    The weak Petrodollar system is transferred into a Carbon-Dollar, Water-Dollar, Air-Dollar, Sunlight-Dollar and Right-to-Live-Dollar system.
    Consider that increase of CO2 level is an indicator for decrease of O2 (oxygen) level. Why don’t anyone fear the loss of air to breathe?
    People are deadly dumbified. They live dumb and die dumb, irrelevant of their income, academic title and assumed political power. The biggest problem of the humanity is the manifested mass-ignorance.

    Dimensions of thinking! It may always become more stupid!

  2. You don’t need to blame specific groups. Geoengineering is the most promising, profitable and destructive method for global dominance. To apply it was a strategic decision in 1960 and it was accelerated during the Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson.

    Without water by climate geoengineering the nuclear fracking boom would not be possible. Consider that by both methods of geoengineering the USA have practically become energy independent.

    The fear of “Peak Oil” has gone for ever. The fraud about blaming the “man made climate change” on humanity is a method of psychological warfare. So the people all over the world give up their resources without being attack by US bombers. When you look at the profits compared to the propaganda investments it is a very profitable project.

    How the Geoengineering Scam began in 1965 by turning Geophysical Warfare into “Protection of Environment”! LBJ, JFK!
    “Restoring the Quality of Our Environment!”

    Plausible Denialbility!

    1960, #CIA Memorandum on #ClimateControl!f

  3. Super interessante articolo , ma , nessuno si è posta la domanda , a chi giova tutto questo riscaldamento prodotto? Sarei felice di ricevere una risposta altrettanto tecnica come l’articolo e sopratutto veritiera .

    • Le prove dei profittatori sono qui:
      Coordinate di FURTO DELL’ACQUA!

      L’acqua viene fornita per l’agricoltura del deserto industriale e il fracking di petrolio e gas nell’asciutto e nel deserto o dove sono necessarie enormi quantità di acqua. Ad esempio, l’industria del fracking onshore e ofshore in tutta Italia consuma enormi quantità di acqua pulita.

      I metodi di geoingegneria sono anche applicati come ordigni della guerra geofisica. Paesi come l’Iran sono privati ​​di acqua o come i pakistani inondati.

  4. Something strange in the skys of northern Scandinavia on New Years Eve . It started with sound of multiple high speed aircraft early in the morning, nothing too strange considering the close proximity to Swedens nothern airbase. However as the sun went down at noon the sky was filled with the mother of pearl clouds similiar to the photo in the headline but on a entirely different level. It filled the entire sky and high up into the sttatosphere. My guess is a massive chlorine attack. An Interstesing note is it is plus degrees this week with snow and ice melting in a place ( a few kms from the arctic circle) that usually sees – 30 during this time. I have photos, will send them if you are interested.

    • Please send me the photos. When You see such aircraft, rockets and marking in the upper sky please make photos of and send them either. Consider that the stratosphere begins between 6 to 8 km in the polar region. Above Scandinavia about 8 to 9 km altitude.

  5. Wiki/Water_Spectrum_Absorption
    Peter Ward is one of the biggest crackpots on the recent AGW deception scam. I’ve listened to his incoherent interviews, read his goofy blog site and talked with him by telephone. Ozone is highly unstable, with half-life of 30 minutes and atmospheric concentration of 2 to 8 PPM. It formed by UV radiation and by lightning. Earth elliptical orbit varies by 3%, causing 9% in solar isolation, which also varies by 1% in total over any year, and more over 11 year cycles. Water vapor absorbs in +37,000 spectrum lines, Carbon Dioxide in only three and Ozone in only UVA.

    “Volcanic Halocarbons” by Timothy Casey at > Geologist-1011(.)net
    Earth produces many magnitudes more Fluorine compounds than humans ever could, and Earth’s fission produced heat and elemental byproducts are not constant.
    “Earth’s Missing Geothermal Flux” at FauxScienceSlayer(.)com

    • I am citing in other articles.
      Not all publications of Peter L Ward may be perfect, but some content is very useful.
      I will also look into Your website.
      Many people deliver valuable parts of the puzzle, but not all deliver the full picture.
      My intention with my blog and articles is to deliver this.

      Are You aware of commercial and military geoengineering?
      Are You aware how water is brought to desert and dry regions for desert farming and fracking of oil and gas?

      I will check Your content.


  6. “Only helium balloons or missiles can reach the stratosphere since there is no uplift for aircraft.”

    Some aircraft can, but none with significant payload capacity (other than the single XB-70 Valkyrie in existence).

    • XB-70 Valkyrie is flying at mach 3 at 21 km altitude. this is the bottom of the stratosphere. To fly higher it would need to become a rocket. 🙂

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