Plan B: New “Deal of the Century” Moves “Jewish State” to Jeffrey Epstein’s Islands

Instead of "New Palestine" It's "New Judea and New Samaria"


Dissociated Press

In the wake of the US Virgin Islands’ decision to confiscate Jeffrey Epstein’s islands, Jared Kushner’s “Deal of the Century” Mideast peace plan has changed. Anonymous White Horse souses say the new plan involves moving “Israel” from Occupied Palestine to the Caribbean.

Epstein’s two islands, Great St. James and Little St. James, will be renamed “New Judea” and “New Samaria.”  Epstein’s blood sacrifice child rape temple will be rededicated to Yahweh and will become the seat of government of Yahweh’s Messiah, known to followers of Jesus as the Antichrist. The Messiah will lord it over the world in general, and the two sleazy islands in particular, while working on his tan and playing occasional games of beach volleyball and beach soccer using the heads of sacrificed children.

“Since Epstein was an agent of the Jewish State—a military intelligence agent, in fact—his property rightfully belongs to the Jewish State,” explained Epstein’s/Israel’s/Trump’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz. “In fact, as of now, it IS the Jewish State. So let’s stop murdering Palestinian children and instead move to the Caribbean, where we can continue murdering goy children in better surroundings, with perfect weather, in a beautiful blood sacrifice child rape temple that has already been built just for us! I mean, why ‘rebuild’ the Messiah’s temple when it’s already built and has been operating for years?”

Leading Jewish supremacist rabbis have endorsed the notion, saying that the popularity of Florida with Jewish mobsters and retirees will rub off on the new Jewish State in the Caribbean. “We expect about half the state of Florida to move to New Judea and New Samaria by the end of the decade,” explained Rabbi Schittzjak Shapira, author of The King’s Torah: Why Raping and Killing Goy Youngsters is Totally Kosher. “Why live in a Florida suburb or retirement community that’s only 90% Jewish when you could just as well be living in a 100% Jewish ghetto on a beautiful Caribbean island, complete with a blood sacrifice temple? New Judea and New Samaria, not Occupied Palestine, represent the fulfillment of millennial Jewish aspirations for self-determination.”

Sources say a massive Apartheid Wall will be built around each island to keep out shellfish, squid, mollusks, goy gawkers, and other non-kosher lower life forms. They add that Jeffrey Epstein himself, crucified by strangulation in a New York prison cell, has miraculously risen from the dead and will soon be declaring himself Messiah and resuming his unholy activities in the Blood Sacrifice Temple he built on Little St. James.


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  1. Wow such hate. People on this site have no love, but hate for God’s Chosen People. Repent now while there is still time. We love Israel.

  2. I think the US should make the District of Columbia the “New Israel” and move everyone from the existing Israel there. Washington’s population seems to be mostly Jewish already. If that is not enough land, give them Maryland as well. That would be perfect – close to New York as well.

  3. Actually, the pedo islands could accommodate all the psychos orchestrating the NWO. Then deposit a leftover W54 in the temple and pull the trigger.

  4. The single attitude most brainwashed college students take away from worthless college education today is to worship a consummate liar like Donald Adolph Hitler. These worthless citizens hated and despised any courses which demanded critical thinking and brain function like differential and integral calculus or differential equations or complex variables or all the basic physics courses requiring these basic mathematics subjects and avoided them like the plague which their worthless professors encouraged. In fact most of the professors couldn’t pass them either. We need college graduates like this like we need a hole in our heads. Let’s end all borrowed and printed federal money to these brainwashing facilities and bury them deep in the ground where they belong. Take a look at how China is doing with its college graduates. Evidently the more “higher” education Americans receive, the dumber they become.

    • A few years ago there were two class pictures circulating; one of American students, Americans scantily dressed, laughing and giggling, mostly bare breasted women, ready to party., In contrast the other picture showed far Eastern students, likely Chinese, serious facial expressions, dressed in business suits, eager to learn and work and produce. America is going down the drain quickly now. The drop of moral values and distribution of pornographic films and whore houses is designed to destroy the moral foundations of this country and is succeeding. The same suspects who did 9/11/01, who own our government, who own Hollywood, etc. are responsible for challenging the many former laws against this worthless garbage and are now using it to insidiously destroy what is left of this country. Bigamy and Polygamy are next up on their evil agenda. The end of America may have already arrived but if not, it will soon, and most American fools won’t even know what hit them. Israel is responsible for all this moral decline. Even Netanyahu’s son was reported visiting a whorehouse over there.

    • Wjabbe

      Netanyahoo’s Son Will Of course go to Whores Regularly AND DO ALL Hard Drugs ….. YES Adelson the Antimarijuana Freak’s Son died of Heroine and Cocaine overdose and hence Adelson chooses to Fight Marijuana not Cocaine and Heroine ……… WHY? ……. the reason is Simple and Obvious …….. These so called Jews have NO Scruples , NO Morals or Any given Prescribed Limit ……. IF a G_d doesn’t serve The ” Jewish ” Agenda then it’s useless and hence disregarded ……. Netanyahoo is leader of Israel and accused of Fraud and so is his wife Sarah ……. to these People there are NO Limits and Hence it’s a group that is in a Mad dash to get away with the maximum possible coz there are NO Limits and Hence Everything is Fair game …… Also You’ll hear these People will Tell You that G_d likes Evil People and G-d does Good through Evil People and then They’ll give you examples of a few well known Whores ….. take a look again and this time even carefully

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