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Pompeo’s New War, Two Abducted Archbishops Killed at White House Orders by CIA and Turkish Intelligence

Eliminating the enemies of the Deep State


VT is seeing a pattern here, political assassinations by Pompeo and his goons erased from the Western media…cover for his real war, against conventional/orthodox Christianity on behalf of Luciferian Evangelical heresy

By Rev. Andrew Ashdown for VT Damascus

Heart-rending stories from Syria. Everyone is suffering the consequence of sanctions. Whilst America steals Syria’s oil, heating and cooking fuel is running out, the currency is crashing and with average income being between 50-100 dollars a month, people can barely afford to buy food. Tens of thousands of Syrians have been killed by the terrorist groups the international community have supported. Now the same international governments (including our own) are starving a nation.

Rev. AShdown (right) in Homs, Syria

(We also learned yesterday that the two abducted Archbishops have probably been murdered – by members of a group the British and American governments actively supported. So much for our government’s empty claim to be concerned for the Christians of the region).

As a Syrian Christian said to me in Saidnaya: “The policy of the British government is a crime against humanity.” Another friend of mine in Syria wrote today: “ISIS has killed thousands of us Syrian people .

USA is starving millions of Syrians to a long sufring death .Who is more evil, ISIS or USA ?”. The British government are equally culpable. But it seems western political and church leaders – and the media – have sealed their eyes, ears, voices, hearts and minds to these realities. All that matters is to achieve a political goal. The lives, needs and well-being of millions of innocent civilians are irrelevant. Shame on them.

Andrew for VT

(machine translated from the Greek press)


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On 01/15/20 the (Agence Fides) says news of the martyrdom of two bishops kidnapped Aleppo citing research published in medium.com (Mansur Salib) .

In this research attributable clear responsibilities that the kidnapping was organized by the MIT (Turkish Intelligence) and executives US intelligence . ” Their martyrdom was predetermined long before the abduction, at a time when George Sabra, (then Greek-Orthodox) leader of the Syrian opposition, met with representatives of the US and Turkish intelligence services.

The 2 archbishops were beheaded for their unwavering faith after being forced to convert to Islam but refused, according to testimonies from the Orthodox community in Turkey cited by the investigation.

The church has always been protected by the state in an effort to reconcile the Syrian people. Besides, Aleppo continued to react to jihadist sentiments. The American side wanted to take decisive and dynamic actions, challenges and increased pressure against all strata of Syrian society in order to exacerbate the religious differences in the country. The result of the meeting was the implementation of Sabra’s plan to abduct two ordinary priests (M. Kayyal and M. Mahfuza) from the organization Katibat al-Muhajeerin, who subsequently became the bait of the aforementioned bishops. The report says literally. The bishops responded and were trapped deadly.

” The coordinator of the first phase of the operation (let’s call it ‘abdication’) was the MIT (Turkish Intelligence Service) officer named Abu Jafar (the name turned out to be false). The mass media associates the abduction of metropolitans with him, but this is not entirely true. Abu Jafar was in charge of communications with the terrorist organization Katibat al-Muhajeerin. With his help, in February 2013, this group also attacked M.Kayyal and M.Mahfuz, who eventually became bait for the bishops. Jafar’s involvement in the next phases of Sabra’s project is not confirmed.
The crucial role in the first abduction was played by a citizen of Dagestan’s Russian republic, Magomed Abdurakhmanov, known as Abu Banat. After capturing the two metropolitans, he dealt with Kayyal and Mahfuz. The fighters no longer needed them. At the end of 2013, Abu Banat fled to Turkey, where he was arrested and sentenced to 7.5 years in prison for terrorism.
The second stage of the operation was more sophisticated and meant misinformation of Aleppo’s senior clergy – Bishops P. Yazigi and J. Ibrahim. Fighters of the Nour al-Din al-Zenki movement, another FSA jihadist group, had to convince the Metropolitans through their proxies of the possibility of rescuing M.Kayyal and M.Mahfuz from prison and forcing them to go in search of the prisoners themselves. Unfortunately, the Islamists succeeded. They were fighters of Nour al-Din al-Zenki, who kidnapped, held, violently tortured and executed the two bishops. Here we have managed to find out.
Yohanna Ibrahim’s nephew and the executive director of the Swedish Human Rights Watch, Jameel Diarbakerli, with whom we were able to communicate, confirmed our speculations . ”

So, according to the report, the bishops were abducted by the US-funded Nour al-Din al-Zenki terrorist organization in the US interest. Second and decisive involvement of Americans in the execution of bishops.

Rewriting the United States’ past (and future): The 1619 Project and its critics

“Yasser Muhdi, one of Paul Yazigi and John Ibrahim’s” militia “guards, helped us restore the dating of events. He claimed that the bishops’ names had changed and only a limited circle of people had known their real names. Muhdi was arrested by Syrian forces at the time of the release of Khan Sheikhun after escaping from Nur ad-Din al-Zenki. The official investigation has not yet been completed because it was not possible to identify the hierarchs’ piles. This was known through Syrian Arab Army sources on condition of anonymity … The bishops in the mission had with them a “fighter” who was the liaison with terrorists to carry out their humanitarian mission. However, he abandoned them at the mercy of the kidnappers. at the checkpoint of Kfar Dael, They were then taken to the village of Mashad. The settlement is located northwest of Halepio (about 45 minutes drive from Kfar Dael village).

Captivity / Torture
Metropolitans were brutally tortured while held by Islamists. First, they cut tendons in their legs so they could not run away. They were deprived of sleep, food, water, and were constantly beaten. The radicals made them alive after cutting off pieces of skin from their bodies, and drowning them in drums, trying to force them to convert to Islam. After the torture one of the bishops was deceased, so the terrorists were forced to temporarily remove him to Turkey for rehabilitation. ” Employee of Antakya Devlet Hastanesi confirmed the evacuation under cover of anonymity.

“It turned out that in early 2015, an elderly man was admitted to the hospital and kept in a separate room on the top floor. The gunmen were always in front of the room entrance. The patient was in critical condition and blood transfusions were urgently needed. The man’s body was bruised, two fingers on his left hand were almost amputated, and he suffered a fracture of the right patella . Two weeks later, they secretly took him out at night, and his fate is unknown to the employee.
It was only after a conversation with the hospital employee that we realized that in 2015 Syrian Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun provided accurate information in one of his sermons.He announced that Paul Yazigi was secretly exported from Syria to Turkey. ” The 2 Metropolitans beheaded for their unwavering faith after being forced to convert to Islam refused, according to testimonies from the Orthodox community in Turkey cited by the inquiry. Syrian Christians generally claim that the bishops did not research …

Then, bypassing the testimonies of the Christian community that has an information network and talks about beheading, the research focuses on the version of execution by shooting but which is based only on the testimony of a jihadist so it is a good deal from the beginning because of credibility and non-crossing but and the piles that will speak, the findings that will substantiate the end of the document…. When you have put so many witnesses to your prospective victims showing outright hatred you do not give up with 2 bullets, strong contradiction whatever the conditions that dictate condensed procedures .. ”in early December 2016, without making the switch to Islam after the perpetrators had realized the difficulties of moving them to another part of the country, one of its leaders Al-Zenki’s team (according to Yasir Muhdi was Abu Hassan) decided to shoot the bishops and hide their bodies. ”

Also, the jihadist’s testimony that they were shot dead contradicts the universal principle of Wahhabi extremism that for the sake of faith the execution is beheading because he claims to have refused to convert to Islam.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the investigation does not take into account the responsibility of the Caucasus Emirates ( at the kavkaz center ) and claims to have killed them with suicide jackets. Most likely, however, they were beheaded and then triturated with suicide jackets so that no bodies of martyrs would be honored by Christians.

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After all, there are gaps in the investigation as well as the Fides agency .

According to (Agence Fides): Dead witnesses in December 2016 by the gang of “militiamen” who have taken them hostage for years: such was the fate of 2 Greek Orthodox Boulos (Paul) Yazigi Bishops and Sirthorodox Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim, who disappeared on April 22, 2013 without leaving traces within the zone between Aleppo and the Turkish border. This is reported by a team led by Mansur Salib, a US-based Syrian Researcher and disseminated through the medium.com digital platform, a new Twitter-enabled social network.

According to what reported by held research the two bishops were killed by militiamen of Nour al-Din al-Zenki, independent organization involved in the Syrian conflict funded and exoplizomenis by S. Arabia and the USA.
The research detects the case, focusing on details considered useful for reconstructing the dynamics of events. According to researchers reported on April 22, 2013, the 2 Bishops abandoned Aleppo aboard a rural Toyota driven by Fatha ‘Allah Kabboud in an effort to free 2 priests of Fr. Michael Kayyal of the Armenian Catholic Church. by Greek-Orthodox Father Maher Mahfouz, previously abducted by jihadist anti-government organizations that then controlled the territories east of Aleppo. Boulos Yazigi and Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim, wearing a political wrap according to the restructuring presented in the journalistic investigation, fell into a real trap, the two aforementioned clergymen were abducted to be used as bait and to enable the abduction of the two Bishops. The car they were in was stopped by the kidnappers and their driver, Fatha ‘Allah Kabboud, a Catholic with a 3-year-old Latin father, was shot dead with a bullet to the head. The kidnapping was not claimed by any organization.
During the months and years that have passed, repeated announcements of an impending release have always proved unfounded.

Research published on medium.com refers to the involvement in the abduction of persons linked to MIT – the Turkish Secret Service – claiming that the abduction and detention were carried out in areas that at the time became “hosts for foreign intelligence services”. “, Where it would be difficult to do so without the support of” ordinary terrorists “.
The case of the disappearance of the 2 metropolitans was settled by dépistages and the circulation of incorrect information such as this some days after they were kidnapped for free and on the way to the orthodox Aleppo cathedral where it was gathered in vain for a long time.
The restructuring of the case cites information already known but also cases that were exposed without objective evidence, including reference to the fact that George Sabra, a Christian Greek Orthodox ruler of the Syrian opposition, was involved in the abduction. The case is also advanced, in which kidnappers aimed to force the two metropolitan converts to convert to Islam to fuel fears and discouragement in the local Christian communities.
The most significant witness to these reports cited by the investigation seems to be a Yassir Muhdi, presented as one of the two bishops’ executioners who was later arrested by Syrian forces. «The official investigation – the dossier acknowledges – has not yet come to the conclusion that the piles of the two ecclesiastical men could not be found . ”

Among other things the restructuring of the case – showing weak value or gathering information without objective evidence – that the two bishops were tortured and that in 2015 one of them was cared for in Antioch’s health structure, Antakya Devlet Hastanesi, in the Turkish province. In the last part of the file, the 2 metropolitans were killed and buried in an unspecified location in December 2016, while zones east of Aleppo were on the point of being recaptured by the Syrian army.
In conclusion, published research on medium.com may be useful in illuminating details of the dynamics of the abduction and its early phases, but in many discourses of reason it does not appear to provide irrefutable evidence useful in defining Boulos’s fate. Yazigi and Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim . (GV) (Agence Fides 15/01/2019)



and from the UK Times:


White Helmets left Omran Daqneesh in pain to harm Assad, claims Rev Andrew Ashdown

Andrew Ashdown with the grand mufti of Syria. He said that the White Helmets were militants
Andrew Ashdown with the grand mufti of Syria. He said that the White Helmets were militants

An Anglican priest has accused volunteer rescuers of keeping an injured Syrian child untreated and covered in dust and blood in a propaganda exercise against President Assad.

The Rev Andrew Ashdown, whose frequent trips to Syria have led to criticism that he has been appeasing its government, said that the White Helmets, who are funded by the British government and have been nominated for the Nobel peace prize, were militants.

Omran Daqneesh, a victim of White Helmets abuse (video screen grab)

He showed an audience a slide of himself posing happily with ten fighters from the Hezbollah militia, which is backed by Iran, and said the Muslim paramilitaries had protected a Syrian Christian monastery. He shared a platform at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London at the weekend with Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the…


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