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Acting under orders from Clown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, a delegation of senior Saudi clerics has traveled to Auschwitz, Poland and officially converted to Holocaustianity. The conversion ceremony featured the clerics kneeling down before a statue of Anne Frank and solemnly uttering the testimony of faith: “There is no god but the Holocaust, and six million Jews died in gas chambers.”

After their mass conversion, the clerics proceeded to circumambulate the alleged gas chambers where millions of Jews were supposedly killed with hydrogen cyanide gas—after which, in what can only be a divine miracle, all traces of hydrogen cyanide residues were miraculously effaced.

The clerics announced that henceforth the pilgrimage to Mecca will be replaced by an annual pilgrimage to the Holy Gas Chambers of Auschwitz, where pilgrims will circumambulate the Holy Gas Chambers, throw stones at a portrait of Adolf Hitler, and run back and forth between the drinking fountain and the latrine to commemorate Anne Frank’s frantic search for water and a place to pee while she was imprisoned in Auschwitz.

The Zio-Wahabbi Holocaust-worshipping clerics said they plan to return to Mecca next week, where they will smash the “idolatrous” Kaaba with sledgehammers. “There is only one God worthy of worship, and that is the Holocaust,” said top Saudi cleric Abdul-Shoah Abu Lahab.

“Worshipping anything other than the one and only inimitable incomparable Shoah is pure idolatry. From now on, anyone who practices any religion other than Zio-Wahhabi Holocaust Worship will be sent directly to Chop-Chop Square where our sword-wielding barbers will ‘take a little off the top.'”

Abu Lahab added that Saudi-financed mosques around the world will be torn down and rebuilt so that their qiblah will face Auschwitz rather than Mecca. All Saudi-financed and Saudi-printed Qur’ans will be retired from circulation, shredded, and burned, to be replaced by beautiful leather-bound mushaf editions of The Diary of Anne Frank.

Saudi-funded terrorist head-choppers will be deployed against anyone who dissents from the new Zio-Wahhabi Holocaust-Worshipping Orthodoxy.

Leaders of the American Muslim community are reportedly uneasy with the new Saudi policy but are unwilling to speak out publicly for fear of losing Saudi funding or—even worse—offending the Zionist Power Configuration that rules America and the West.


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  1. Not funny at all. We love and support the Jewish People and Israel. How can people dislike the Jewish People and then bow down and pray to a Jewish Rabbi named Jesus? Go figure. Millions of people died because of the Germans during WW2 and this is no joke unless you are so full of hate. But we forgive you and hope you will get this hate from your heart.

  2. Well HOT DOGGIE!! It will be EASIER for me to travel for Umrah, with the new set up. {rolling eyes}
    Otherwise, it’s a pretty back handed dig on person, place or thing by way of using MBS? If you got a beef with him, via WAPO et al, why do you drag down that religion through the mud? I’m learning / studying about Islam. As a scholar of Islam this is funny to you? To slam the traditions. I’m glad you never responded to my email re same. THANKS!

    • P.S. וואָס איז געשען מיט ייִדיש
      vos iz geshen mit eydish?

      Linguistically speaking . . . I find the demise of that language rather sad, and I’m rather verklempt

  3. LOL. Very amusing and welcome comic relief in an otherwise very dreary world. I lived in Riyadh for a while and refused all encouragement to visit Deera Square on Fridays but know whereof you speak.

  4. Yes indeed more truth & great read. Twistory, it’s written by the ledgerdemain potentate effulgent EL-ite’s puissant vainglorious & then ossified by they’re storytelling paid minion slaves not the scribes or peasants.

  5. it’s not G_d that interferes it’s the Khazarian Mafia that will Harrass and Torture You IF you Dare to be Independent and IF you Dare to NOT Be Their Tool ……

  6. walkhumbly_

    Of Course NOT , Do You Think Anybody Could Dare to rethink about What he’s been told About the immense suffering of the poor Jewish People , now Who can Dare to do that ?

  7. Remember that the Soudi royal family beleive themselves to be originally Jese — either thru some North Yemenite connection or by having their founding father come out from Babylon to faund their Or by somw ‘Moses’ having staid for many years in the North-West of what is now the Soudi kingdom of Arabia.
    In antriba.
    In an altogether other wein: the friendly and wise royal leader og Oman/Musqat died yesterday. HewS n open homosexua. Butt the local isthoeos is to noever mad-ass anuone. Least of alll the King.
    As to homo prostitution in Oman/Quatar, please confire the beautiful Artic,e by Unni Wikan in the Norwgan “DIDSSKRIFT FOr SAMFUNNSFORKSKNING” during the early 1980jew, which se concludedb wit professor Barth! Sultan QABOUS WAS A GREAT MAN1

  8. Again, sorry Kevin, but this is poor stuff, and poorly written. We all know you converted to Islam, and more power to you! The challenge for you is to resist the temptation to proselytize for your chosen belief at the expense of others to the point that one begins to wonder how sure you are of your own religious convictions.

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