by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy

To discover the shady intrigues you have to follow the money because, especially when there are many, they always leave traces. This was taught by the dear departed judge Giovanni Falcone who tried to oppose not only the Mafia but the Deep International State made up of Freemason businessmen, politicians in league with the secret services and finally honor mobster-men of Cosa Nostra (today especially ‘Ndrangheta), who was used for the works dirty, no more, no less, as the great NATO powers have employed and are using the jihadists of Al Qaeda and ISIS

Following the billionaire business of the defense market in Europe, dangerous relationships and geopolitical-military strategies surface between countries of the Old Continent, such as the United Kingdom and Italy, with the Muslim Brothers of Qatar, in complicity, as usual, with the leading exponents of the New World Order such as the occult empire of the Rothschilds and their uncovered face, the financier George Soros, spokesman for globalism under the mask of international Democrats.

If you pull the strings of these connections it becomes clear why the invasion of radical Islam of Sunni confession is painted as a conquest by Great Britain, the European Union, and poor Italy, a nation that would have already been destined to be erased if not had become the US aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean and had not held the seat of the Roman Catholic Church in the center.

ISIS Foreign Terrorist Fighters detected by Interpol in Mediterranean Sea

Even today, the Vatican State remains the ancient emblem of Christianity of the first martyrs Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Rome, but it represents one of the most powerful religious authorities in the world, although clever manipulators are leading it to suicide by piloting the support of the pontiff Josà Maria Bergoglio towards the indiscriminate reception of thousands and thousands of migrants among whom criminals of Nigerian Mafias and extremist Islamists are hiding. In spite of the repeated massacres of Christians in the countries of Sunni radical Islam.


In the midst of this Mediterranean social chaos, with the plush footsteps of a black panther in the jungle of the holdings’ financial interests, the Muslim Brotherhood of Qatar move and have got their hands on one of the most important and lucrative European business: the weapons’ one. By virtue of this, of course, they will increasingly be able to influence the policies of some European governments which, rather than defining their friends or allies, maybe now called subjects or servants of the Arabs of Doha, capital of the Qatariot Emirate.


Numerous journalistic investigations have highlighted the great power of these “progressive” radical Islamists who, in perfect harmony with the globalist precepts, do not act with open-faced wars such as that in Yemen of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, but seek to promote a policy of ethnic-religious substitution by passing it off as cultural innovation and by financing mosques in Western countries with petro-gas-dollar shots.

Muslim Brotherhood flag with the Koran in the middle of two scimitars

As explains InsideOver web media, the geopolitical column of Il Giornale, the Muslim Brotherhood constitute an international movement widespread above all in the Arab countries, in which the parties that refer to the so-called “political Islam” are grouped. These are formations that promote the need to Islamize Arab societies, returning to an Islam that is not “corrupted” by Western customs and consumption.

But in Egypt, the country where the movement was born, the organization is considered illegal and illegal. President Al Sisi, who took office in 2014, considers the Muslim Brotherhood a threat to national security and integrity

6,000 ISIS jihadists freed: killings in Syria and Iraq, but Turkey arrests Christian priest for terrorism!

In multiple reports, we have seen how the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan leader of the Party of Justice and Development (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi – AKP) conditioned precisely by the Muslim Brotherhood, used the terrorists of various jihadist factions for his invasion of Syria in the October 2019 and for the most recent military operation in Libya in support of the GNA president of Tripoli, Fayez Al Serraj, threatened by the LNA army of General Khalifa Haftar, military leader of Benghazi and Cyrenaica.

LIBYA: arrived 300 jihadists Turkish-backed at 260 miles from Italy for $ 2,500 month

Today we focus to analyze the international operations of Qatar, another country controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, and for this reason, a few years ago, “isolated” from the Persian Gulf states with accusations of terrorism that the Arab nation’s exchange with each other each time they have to find motivations to create geopolitical tensions in the Middle East.


The economic invasion of Doha has now entered the nerve center of all national powers: the military one.

Previous investigations into the Weapons’ Lobby led us to show the role of the main defense corporations and the intertwining of the investors behind them. From the 2017 financial statements, it emerged that, after the very powerful Americans holdings Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, the British Bae Systems based in Carlton Gardens in London had the third world turnover in the armaments sector with 22.380 million dollars of annual revenue.


A careful analysis of the majority shareholders of this multinational shows that it is participated not only by the US investment funds The Vanguard, BlackRock and Capital Research, among the main speculators in the Western weapons’ industries but also by the famous British bank Barclays which gravitates in the orbit of the Rothschild financial empire, as evidenced by numerous elements of which we have reported in previous inquiry.

Suffice it to mention that Nigel Higgins, 36 years at Rothschild, and vice-chairman of the Parisian holding, has become chairman of Barclays itself. And it was the famous banking institution NM Rothschild & Sons Limited, based in the City of London, that conferred a role of world importance to Barclays giving it place in the London Bullion Association, the world finance “Gotha” that, for almost two centuries, from 1871 to 2004, he met in the Rothschild headquarters in London’s St Swithin’s Lane, to decide the price of gold (and silver) and from which the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) was born and subsequently the clearing company (clearing) ”London Precious Metal Clearing Limited (LPMCL), now made up of the ten most important banks on the planet.

Barclays holds 3.97% of the Bae Systems, one of the highest shareholdings, as is normal for London companies. A little less natural is that Barclays itself has Qatar Holding LLC as its relative majority shareholder; the Arab investor, with over one million shares, controls the highest package of the British bank of 5.89% according to MarketScreener quotations of a few days ago. Therefore, even if indirectly, the Doha sovereign wealth fund, also known as the Qatar Investment Authority, has the power to control over the third most important defense industry in the world and the first in Europe.


This revelation will certainly not arouse amazement among the main military geopolitical analysts who are well aware of the links between NATO countries and the Arab country of the Persian Gulf governed by Emir Tamim bin Hamad al Thani.

Just in Qatar, south-west of Doha, there is the Al Udeid military airbase, also known as Abu Nakhlah airport, which hosts the Qatar Air Force, the US Air Force, the British Royal Air Force (RAF) and other members of the Gulf War Coalition, there located since 1996, after the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, and before the subsequent war for the regime-chance in Baghdad with the elimination of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Us Air Force and RAF military base in Al Udeid, near Doha, capital of the Emirate of Qatar

The progressive deterioration of the political and military stability of the Middle Eastern area, which began in 2011 with the phenomenon of the” Arab springs “, has determined a heterogeneous map of the race to rearm the countries of the Persian Gulf, in particular of the nations belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Among the GCC countries, Qatar has collaborated with Italy since the signing in 2010 of an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the defense sector in Doha. Since then, Qatar has launched an intense acquisition program aimed at expanding and modernizing the military technologies supplied to its Armed Forces writes analyst Gloria Piedinovi for the Italian geopolitical website CESI.

But the growth of Qatari Emirate relations with NATO countries came, paradoxically, just after June 2017 when Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates) broke off their diplomatic ties with Doha, accusing him of sponsoring “terrorism” and destabilizing the region. The four countries imposed the embargo on Qatar with restrictions on the use of airspace, the closure of the land border by Riad through which most of the food supplies arrived.

Emir Tamim bin Hamad al Thani managed to get out of the serious crisis “by strengthening relations with Turkey and finding a valuable bank in Iran, especially for the creation of an air bridge that would guarantee essential supplies for the population. Furthermore, in order to preserve its territorial integrity, support from Kuwait and Oman has proved fundamental, advocates of a neutral position in the dispute and active in mediating between the parties “, notes Piedinovi.


As previously mentioned, the terrorism charges always appear pretext when they are brought by countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, known not only for having founded and financed Al Qaeda, as claimed by the Muslim American Dem deputy Ilhan Omar but also for having sent to fight those sentenced to death by Riyadh in Syria and Yemen, in the ranks of the Qaedist terrorist organization as shown by the documents of Saudi intelligence reported in a previous investigation by Gospa News.

But what was true in the insinuation that Doha supported jihadist terrorists?

This question is answered by a recent investigation by the Swedish media in the Turkish language Nordic Monitor, often a precious resource of documents of the international secret services that emerged from the MIT archives of Ankara as well as from various US agencies.

Turkey and Qatar likely provided support to Syrian al-Qaeda group Jabhat al-Nusra, or the al-Nusra Front, the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) concluded in 2016 journalist Abdullah Bozkurt wrote about a report prepared by DIA’s Middle East/Africa Center and Defense Combating Terrorism Center.

Al Nusra Qaedist terrorists in Idlib in a tent with the USAID brand (United States Agency for International Development), the American government agency for the fight against global poverty and the strengthening of democracies in third world countries

According to a classified DIA report, a copy of which was seen by Nordic Monitor, it was concluded that the al-Nusra Front “probably received logistical, financial and material assistance from the elements of the Turkish and Qatari governments.” The report, dated June 2, 2016, provided a detailed account of the status of major combatants in Syria with al-Nusra boasting as many as 10,400 fighters due to increased recruitment» reported the Swedish investigations’ website.

The agency described al-Nusra as “one of the most effective anti-regime forces because of its persistence and ability to adapt to the changing operating environment.” It noted that al-Nusra regularly cooperated with other opposition groups, including ones that were party to the Cessation of Hostilities agreement. In February 2016 al-Nusra and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) agreed to a six-month truce in Aleppo and Idlib provinces, highlighting their willingness to cooperate at the tactical level, the report pointed out reads on Nordic Monitor.

Syria: 76 leaders ISIS among Turkish mercenaries, also killers of Us ranger Kassig and activist Hevrin. Priest murdered

This explains why during 2019 the Rojava Information Center, a research body created by the Kurds in the autonomous region of North-East Syria, reported multiple enlistments of ISIS leaders, defeated by the SDF Kurdish army, in the various jihadist brigades supported by Turkey in Syria with the Euphrate Shield military operations, Olive Branch in Afrin, and finally Spring Peace with the massive invasion of Rojava.


In this panorama of suspicious relations between the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic extremist terrorism, Qatar’s international relations have developed in Europe and not only in the United Kingdom, already heavily influenced by Islamic culture.

In fact, we want to recall that the Tamil ethnic tycoon from Sri Lanka Allirajah Subaskaran was among the great financiers of the former British Prime Minister David Cameron. And during PM mandate the Sharia Courts were born in Great Britain, recognized by the government to settle matters of a civil nature among Muslims, and in the same years, thousands of cases of rapes began to occur by Islamic gangs as was discovered by the NCA (National Crime Agency), the English FBI.

Not only. Attorney Afzal Khan, former Mayor of Manchester and assistant to British Muslims in the Muslim Council Britain, turned out to be one of the MEPs included in the famous Soros List, developed by the Kumquat Consult agency in Brussels on behalf of the Open Society European Policy Institute of the Hungarian magnate -American George Soros. A correlation that takes on an additional value in the light of the latest revelations disseminated by the Observatoire du Journalisme francais and reported by Italian media Panorama and Il Giornale.

George Soros, the liberal financier supporter of the American Democratic Party and founder of the Open Society Foundations, funded Alliance Citoyenne, a French association linked to the transnational organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, the beating and ideological heart of political Islam – writes Roberto Vivaldelli in the Milanese newspaper – The Alliance Citoyenne association in France is also a partner, as well as Soros, of the Étudiants Muslims de France (EMF), considered the student branch of the French Muslim Brotherhood like the Jeunes Musulmans de France (Jmf). Both acronyms bring together young activists from Uoif, the Union of Islamic Organizations of France: an organization in turn in the orbit of the Muslim Brotherhood, of a radical Islamist style. ”

UkraineGate: islamic reporter funded by Obama-Biden and Soros in 2014 coup, now at the top of weapon’s industry

Business intrigues of the Muslim Brotherhood of Qatar for about ten years have also consolidated in Italy also through politicians who, like Soros, gravitate in the orbit of the Rothschild globalists.

The Italian Strategic Fund Spa (Fsi), the holding controlled by the Italian Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (spa controlled by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance), and Qatar Holding LLC (Qh), signed an agreement today for the establishment of a joint venture called IQ Made in Italy Venture. The agreement was reached thanks to “the excellent relations held on the occasion of the visit of the Prime Minister, Mario Monti to Qatar” and is one of the initiatives that belong to a framework of cooperation between Qatar and the Italian Republic “reported Il Sole 24Ore on November 19, 2012.

The initiative to finance leading Made in Italy companies was favored by Monti, former Goldman Sachs advisor and host of the Bilderberg meetings, in a very particular geopolitical context of the Mediterranean. Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi had been “torpedoed” by judicial investigations after being convinced by the former President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano to support the 2011 NATO bombings against Libya to bring down the regime of Muammar Gaddafi.

“Qatar has been working with Italy since the signing in 2010 of an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the defense sector in Doha. Since then, Qatar has launched an intense acquisition program aimed at expanding and modernizing the military technologies used by its Armed Forces “, said further the CESI article.

Among the characters who influenced Italian foreign policy behind the scenes, the “Berlusconian” Guglielmo Picchi, who became a deputy in the Italian Parliament thanks to the vote of Italians abroad by virtue of his work in London as manager of the Barclays group, must certainly be mentioned.

White House adviser Rudolph Giuliani and Undersecretary Guglielmo Picchi at a summit in New York on the January 2019 hot days of Venezuela’s crisis

Always in the shadows in Forza Italia right-party, he jumped under the spotlight as a League player, as Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs and foreign policy consultant of the leader of the League Matteo Salvini who in October 2018 went to Doha for an institutional visit as deputy premier of the first government of Giuseppe Conte supported by the majority League-5Star.

VT Italia: Israel’s Elbit, the Real Merchants of Death

The deputy Picchi, thanks to his past in the Air Force and Barclays but also of his excellent relations with the USA and Israel, represented the ideal junction point between the Zionists, Anglo-Masonic high finance and consequently the Emirate close to the globalists. Precisely for this reason, the Undersecretary had words of indignation against Salvini when, last summer, he brought down the government thus depriving Picchi of a role of great international importance …


But the defense business dates back to years before, when Sergio Mattarella, Member of the Democratic Party elected President of the Italian Republic in 2015 by Parliament, appointed Paolo Gentiloni as Prime Minister in 2016, openly supported by Soros and who, later in 2019, became Commissioner of the European Union as other members of the financier of the New York Open Society financier.

In December 2017, the intertwining between Qatar and military holding companies in Italy and the United Kingdom, therefore, consolidated well.

“Leonardo took part in the signing of the contract for the supply of twenty-four Typhoon multirole fighters produced by the Eurofighter consortium, of which the Italian company owns 37% of the shares. Despite the production and assembly of the aircraft will take place in the United Kingdom by the English company BAE Systems, Leonardo’s contribution is still substantial, standing at around 20% of the entire work. In particular, the Italian company will supply about 60% of all the avionics component aboard the Typhoons “, writes Piedinovi on the CESI portal.

Eurofighter Typhoon of the Italian Air Force in the evocative shot of the photographer Andrea Fumagalli

Leonardo spa, the new name of Finmeccanica after the scandal on bribes on the supply of helicopters to India, is the defense corporation owned by the Italian government at 30% but participated by the American investment funds Capital Research and The Vanguard as well as the Scandinavian one Norges Bank.

In March 2018, the Qatari Defense Minister Al Attiyah and Leonardo’s top management signed a contract for the acquisition of twenty-eight NH-90 helicopters, of which sixteen in TTH land configuration and twelve in NFH naval configuration, with anti-war capability. som and anti-ship, intended for the defense of both coasts and offshore gas platforms. Logistical support and training for pilots and technicians will be handled by Leonardo, the Italian Army, and the Italian Navy. The value of the entire job order is around 3 billion euros.

Also in 2017, Fincantieri had instead entered into a contract with Qatar Emiri Naval Force for the construction of seven military naval units to be produced in Italy, for a value of approximately € 5 billion, including four “Doha” class corvettes, armed with a anti-ship system based on the EXOCET missile, two 30 mm MARLIN machine guns, a 76 mm cannon and sixteen vertical launch systems for long-range air defense missiles. The construction of a first patrol boat started at the Muggiano shipyards in February 2019.

In 2018, the Pietro Beretta Arms Factory set up the BINDING joint venture with Barzan Holding – a company headed by the Qatari Ministry of Defense – through a contract worth approximately $ 200 million. The new company will open a production facility in Doha, dedicated to the manufacture under license of 92 FS pistols and the ARX 160 and ARX 200 assault rifles.


Beyond these important synergies in the field of defense, the bonds in the energy field remain.

“The Italian company Eni and Qatar Petroleum signed an agreement on 11 March 2019 to allow Qatar Petroleum to acquire a 25.5 percent stake in the A5-A block, in Mozambique offshore. In Italy, Qatar Petroleum has developed the Adriatic Lng liquefied natural gas terminal, located in Porto Levante di Porto Viro, in the province of Rovigo, which since 2009 has insured 10% of the country’s gas consumption and contributes to the energy transition towards the most sustainable sources” reports the NOVA agency, specifying that the volume of commercial exchange in 2018 amounted to € 2.642 billion, an increase of 23.2 percent compared to the 2017 figure (€ 2.145 billion). Specifically, the volume of Italian exports in 2018 stood at 1.093 billion euros.

President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella in Qatar at the recent meeting with Emir Tamim bin Hamad al Thani

Dizzying figures that indicate an “economic subjection” with respect to the Emirate of the Persian Gulf, obviously of a geopolitical nature as well: as confirmed by the recent trip (20-21 January) of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella to Qatar where he met the Qatari Sultan Tamim bin Hamad al Thani also to discuss the incandescent Libyan situation: where the Muslim Brotherhood of Turkey and Qatar are allies in defending Al Serraj from General Haftar, supported instead by France and Russia.

During his visit to Doha, Mattarella was accompanied by the Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Ivan Scalfarotto, and by the heads of some of the main Italian companies that participated in the breakfast in honor of the Italian President offered by the Emir, including Leonardo’s CEO, Alessandro Profumo and the president of Elettronica group, Enzo Benigni, who supplies defensive systems to the armed forces of Qatar and works on the design of the codes for the Dass self-protection systems, mounted on the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft.



All this happens a few weeks after the publication of the book Qatar Papers in which two French journalists, Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot, reconstruct the rounds of money and large sums that the small emirate overlooking the gulf is continuing to rain on Europe through Qatar Charity to finance Islamic mosques and cultural centers in the old continent.

“In the book of the two French journalists, there is a chapter entirely dedicated to Italy. This is the tangible sign of how our country is the main recipient of Qatar Charity investments. Altogether, some € 71 million is being disbursed from Doha in five years to finance Islamic cultural projects of all kinds, including the construction of new mosques. Of this sum, Italy receives the largest share: 22 million euros. Beneficiaries include associations linked to Hamza Roberto Piccardo, who in 2016 affirmed the need to recognize polygamy in the Italian legal system” wrote InsideOver.

In the book of French journalists, the close relationship between the Piccardo family and Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi is highlighted. The latter is the true spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, the one who from the broadcaster Al Jazeera launches his radical vision of Islam to the whole world. It is the same person who in 2007 opened, as we read in the book of the two French, to the possibility for the Muslim world to conquer Rome without fighting».

The intertwining revealed by this investigation by Gospa News only confirms and reinforces the strategy applied by the Qatariot Sheikh al-Qaradawi. While no one seems to care about the US Defense Intelligence Agency’s report on Qatari funding to Islamists Al Nusra, an organization included in the UN list of international terrorists.

Turkish papers: 21 Erdogan’s jihadist militias supported by Cia, Pentagon and armed with TOW missiles

On the other hand, why be astonished?

The list of terrorist groups does not even include numerous fierce Sunnite jihadist factions, 21 of which armed over the years also by the CIA and Pentagon, which President Erdogan, Turkish leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, simply calls combat militias of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (TFSA), the moderate newspapers describe as pro-Turkish mercenaries and the globalists define only “Counter-Assad Syrian rebels” …

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