The “Deal of the Century,” and “Oslo Accord” relegate Palestinian as subjects under Israeli colonialism, time to jump-start the OneState for ALL of its People initiative, hence the Palestine Agency.

For over 56 years, the Palestine Liberation Organization with its past chairman (Yasser Arafat) and present Chairman (Mahmoud Abbas) have done irreparable harm and damage to Palestine and the people through incompetence, stupidity, corruption, and mafia-like organization, leading to the crime of the Century Oslo Accord. If Balfour made a promise to the Zionists, then Arafat and Abbas delivered on that promise.

The “Deal of the Century” announced by Bibi Netanyahu and his sidekick Donald Trump began in Oslo when the PLO entered into negotiations leading to a;

  1. full unconditional recognition of the State of Israel.
  2. relinquished East Jerusalem,
  3. rejecting the rights of Return to the Millions of Palestinians exiles
  4. relinquished and ceded full rights to Areas B, C with limited sovereignty over Area A,
  5. agreed to manage, fund and protect the Israeli Occupation
  6. waiving the rights to protect the lives and properties of all Palestinians under Israel and PLO Occupation.

I am acknowledging the fact that the PLO, through the Palestinian Authority, is a partner in the Occupation of what remained of historic Palestine providing administrative and security support to the Israeli military governor in Biet El. The PLO has no future in the OneState.

Palestinians that continue to claim the PLO as their representative under Israeli Occupation or in Diaspora must accept the consequences are legally bound by all agreements entered into between Israel and the PLO. Including full unconditional recognition of Israel and all the implications, the acceptance means for the millions in the Diaspora.

Oslo accord ceremony

The PLO has failed to protect and advocate the interests of Diaspora Palestinians in Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and other nations is unfit and unqualified to be the representative of Diaspora Palestinians.

The Palestine Agency is the accelerator of the OneState for the millions of Diaspora Palestinians. To join and work toward such a goal. The Palestine Agency is their agent for the fight to gain legal representation and a seat at the table in deciding the future of Palestine and Palestinians and act the facilitator of the Rights of Return.

The Palestine Agency, established in the State of Virginian for the sole and exclusive purposes to:

• To represent the political, legal economic, property, and civil rights of Palestinians living outside the areas occupied by Israel and managed by the Palestinian Authority/ PLO/Fatah/Hamas.
• To represent the legal, political, economic, property, and civil rights of all Palestinians forced into exile during the 1947-48 war and the 1967 war.
• To formally secure the legal representations of Diaspora Palestinians and represent and advocate their political, civil, and economic rights in the host country.
• To establish the Palestine National Land Fund to sue and recover all Palestinian properties left behind in 1947-8. To represent Diaspora Palestinians in any negotiations for the Rights of Return and to reclaim their properties as is the case with the Jewish Agency and American Jewish Congress whether properties confiscated, abandoned because of the war or occupied now.
• To assist in the repatriation, facilitation, and absorption of Palestinians returning from exile, to inure the integration in the new and future society. (Similar to the Jewish Agency).
• To file the necessary legal actions in local, national, and international courts to protect the legal, social, economic, and civil rights of Palestinians living outside of historic Palestine.
• To organize Palestinians Diaspora communities around the world around “ONESTATEMOVEMENT” to achieve the goal of the One State for All of its People in Historic Palestine.
• The organization will be a membership organization to allow for full legal representations before the tribunal and international organizations.
• To organize and facilitate documentations of Palestinians and their properties in the Diaspora. Organize the communities to elect their representatives to serve on the board of the Palestine Agency.
• To sue in local and international courts former and present PLO leadership for all missing, misappropriated and stolen funds and to recover such funds and assets illegally gained.

The Palestinians must finally recognize the PLO as a fraudulent organization all along. It secured the support of Palestinians, failed to liberate, end the Israeli Occupation, and was unable to establish an independent sovereign state. By giving full unconditional recognition to Israel, it legitimized the State of Israel and its Occupation. Oslo will always be the biggest crime committed by Arafat and Abbas far more damaging than the Balfour Declaration harmful than Trump’s “Deal of the Century.”

Now it is up to the people under the joint Israeli/PLO occupation to decide what to do next? The Palestine Agency is a clear choice.


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  1. I did not see any reference to the (reportedly) vast gas fields off the coast of Gaza. Will Palestinians control these fields and receive all the revenue from them?

  2. Every good American young adult who is thinking of joining our totally corrupt Military or working in an offense plant producing weapons of mass destruction as an engineer or physicist or chemist or other highly educated individual, just say NO. All you are doing is aiding in your own destruction and the destruction and take over of your own country by Israel which is already a work in progress, aided and abetted by the 535 traitor whores in Congress and the whore President Donald Adolph Hitler. All of you will be thrown away like garbage as soon as you are no longer needed especially when the bottom falls out of the economy which could happen at any instant without any warning. Your most honorable duty to your country is boycott. Deny your services. In fact we and you and all of us may be forced to create a new country to return to what was stolen from us by the thieves in Israel and our own lying cheating cowards in Congress who stole our former country from us. Wake up American fools and idiots. Just say NO. Who did and is responsible for the crimes of 9/11/01? Israel, a mountain of evidence and facts proves it!
    A parallel crime was the fake Sandy Hook Shooting under the criminal Obama in order to abridge the 2nd Amendment. America is almost gone now.

    • Quote: Sept 3, 2014

      Governor Dannel P. Malloy
      State Capitol
      Hartford, Connecticut

      Dear Governor Malloy –

      I don’t mean to be disrespectful, Governor, but this is getting to be quite tiresome. When are you going to take our questions about Sandy Hook? I wrote to you on July 21. You were just here in New London the other day. But did you call?…
      We at Sandy Hook Justice can now prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Sandy Hook Massacre was actually a FEMA-HOMLAND SECURITY NATIONAL LEVEL EXERCISE CAPSTONE EVENT run by Obsidian Analysis of Washington, DC. The lawsuits will probably be on the order of $100 billion against co-conspirator terrorists in government and media. You can’t hide behind National Security and immunity in a civil suit.

      Before I go… when I wrote to you in July, I asked for your assurance that our research team and families would be protected. You never responded to my request. Perhaps that’s because you know that’s part of your job?

      However, the constellation of deaths and accidents befalling people related to events at Sandy Hook paint a picture of the most hideous form of gangsterism. (First we have banksters from the Obama Boys, now we have gangsters?! LOL!) Why are you not protecting us, Governor?

      • Jennifer Sredzinski, 41, of Monroe, a 911 dispatcher from the Southwest Regional Communications Center, is dead. Her ex-husband, J. P. Sredinski, also works at the Center and is …
      William Shanley

    • Quote from above:
      “Jennifer Sredzinski, 41, of Monroe, a 911 dispatcher from the Southwest Regional Communications Center, is dead. Her ex-husband, J. P. Sredinski, also works at the Center and is Chairman of the Monroe Town Council, and is running for State Rep from Newtown/Monroe’s 112 District on the Republican ticket.
      • Michael Bellmore, 27, of Hamden, a former New Haven Register reporter, died after going to work for the City of Hamden, where Mayor Scott Jackson is chairman of the Sandy Hook Advisory Committee you appointed.
      • Major William Podjorski, 49, of Farmington, CT State Police Western District Commander, a lead investigator of Sandy Hook, is dead.
      • JoAnn June Egletes, 53, a secretary to Attorney Irving Pinsky who filed a $100,000,000 lawsuit against the State of Connecticut for terrorizing his client, is dead.
      • Douglas Cottle, 62, actress Alissa Parker’s father, is dead.
      • Tobias Smith, 28, my former roommate, drown after jumping from the Gold Star Bridge in New London and swimming toward a barge after a Professor of Psychiatry at Yale-New Haven Medical School told me I might be in danger.
      • Connecticut State Senator and Deputy Majority Leader, Andrew Maynard, 52, a gun control opponent, was in a coma after a fall from his balcony
      • The odds against chance of these Sandy Hook-related events occurring randomly in such a narrow locus of space and time are virtually non-existent.
      • And then we have the plethora of disappearing

  3. Makes my blood boil when I see that skinny, effeminate, Chabad-Lubavitch, Kushner with such a prominent role in directing US policy.

  4. Israhell has no future. King Bibi declared that money will be taken from social programmes to increase military spending. Israhell will collapse without the shekels it’s getting from the US and European nations, it’s a pauper state that only exists because of blackmail (the Epstein affair has proven that that isn’t effective indefinitely) and their Samson project. But threatening heads of state with total nuclear annihilation (the ambassador of Italy telling Rome that Rome is within reach of their warheads) also only works so far and we have seen that that time is long past with the way Iran retaliated against the US.

  5. One State Solution is the only possible viable solution for Palestine, as long as the deal that is made in the future isn’t anything like the one that the ANC made when they conceded everything to their minority white rulers.

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