The manager of municipal councils of Israel’s illegal settlements says Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of US President Donald Trump, has stabbed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the back.

David Elhayani told The Washington Post on Tuesday that Netanyahu’s supporters have grown increasingly frustrated after alleged pushback from the White House over plans to immediately annex the illegal settlements.

‘Deal of century meant to protect Trump from impeachment’
Deal of century meant to protect Trump from impeachment

“Kushner took a knife and put it in Netanyahu’s back,” he said. “Kushner misled the prime minister. He misled everybody. He knew for a long time that Netanyahu wanted to declare sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea — he said it many times over the last year. Gentlemen just don’t act this way.”

Elhayani further claimed that the move by the White House senior advisor could cost Netanyahu the upcoming March 2 elections in Israel.

After Trump and Netanyahu unveiled the pro-Israeli “peace plan,” the latter told reporters that he intended to bring a vote on annexation before his cabinet within days.

US ambassador to Israel David Friedman also told reporters that, “if Israelis apply Israeli law to the settlements and territory allocated to Israel under the plan … then we will recognize Israeli sovereignty.”

Trump plan for Palestine ‘booster shot' for Netanyahu ‘desperate’ campaign
US President Donald Trump’s so-called peace plan is aimed at saving Netanyahu’s “desperate” campaign, a report suggests.

Elhayani further complained, “But something happened after that; they changed their minds!”

The so-called “deal of the century” amounts to a violation of the fundamental rights of the Palestinians by disregarding UN resolutions and international law.

Rejected by Palestinians and the world’s Muslim population, the deal recognizes Jerusalem al-Quds as the “undivided capital” of the Zionist regime.


Deal of century meant to protect Trump from impeachment: Palestinian PM

Trump plan for Palestine ‘booster shot’ for Netanyahu ‘desperate’ campaign


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  1. “…and forgive them their debts”.

    Year of our Lord, meaning the Jubilee Year.

    “But then, while I was studying Israel, I realized that there were hints of an earlier tradition of debt cancellation in Babylonia and Sumer in Bronze Age Mesopotamia. So I began to read the literature on Sumer and Babylonia. The word “debt” almost never appeared in the index. I had to read through the whole book in order to find out about debt and its context.”

    “People think that the Lord’s Prayer is all about forgiving sins. But in the time Jesus spoke, there was a fight over the debt issue just as there was in Rome. There also were riots demanding debt cancellation in Greece and indeed a long war with Mithridates in the Near East over debt cancellation. That is what Jesus’s first sermon was about, and that is what the Lord’s Prayer was about.”

    Equilibrium Theory and Near East Economics – Michael Hudson

  2. I am expecting to read any day now that he awarded the Medal of Freedom to himself. I doubt anyone ever thought to prohibit such an act.

  3. Would be nice if recent VT article by RD Steele comes true, and Trump is stringing Israel along playing the friendly mafia boss but at ready to stab Israel in back at appropriate time, with Trump knowing full well Israel had prior knowledge and instigated the twin towers bombing using mini Israeli ukes in basement and wirh support and under watch of half of the USA spy agencies, the military and government as well. Trump also knows the Saudis paid for by it, supplied the patsy agents and necessary bribes and coercion in cover up and execution..

  4. Anybody else completely burned out of the non-stop twistory of lies, deceptions & continual Psychodrama that plays out w/ Trump, Kushner, Satanyahoo & the whole paradigm system ? Looks to me like the world’s #1 sociocultural Pariah’s of Doom, have worn themselves out of any credibility or trust ever.

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