Coronavirus is Biowar!

VT's Kevin Barrett Interviews Jeff Brown


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Jeff Brown, the author of China Rising, discusses the coronavirus epidemic, which he argues looks like a US biological warfare attack on China, as explained in Jeff’s conversation with a retired US special services guy who goes by the pseudonym, Uriah Heep. Jeff is a co-founder of the Bioweapon Truth Commission, which just got handed a whole lot more work by whoever weaponized and unleashed the coronavirus.

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-Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Kevin Barrett, Host: Welcome back. This is the second hour of Truth Jihad Radio. I’m Kevin Barrett, bringing on people who tell it like it is. And it may offend you if you’re in the mainstream matrix, but maybe it’s time to step outside that matrix and get a taste of some terrible truths. And now we’re going to go to Asia, where the terrible truth about the coronavirus is – well, I’m maybe 80 percent confident that it sure looks like a U.S. sponsored bioweapon attack on China.

And there’s a long list of reasons to think that in terms of circumstantial evidence. But the real reason that I think it isn’t just because of these bits of circumstantial evidence, these various drills that have been brought out ahead of time and so on and so forth. But because of the strategic situation, China is rising inexorably.

And if the US empire wants to try to keep its position as imperial hegemon, it is going to have to resort to all-out, you know, just totally no holds barred fourth or fifth generation warfare. And unfortunately, the kind of people we have running things in our Rand Corporation Pentagon type areas. These people are psycho.

You know, we’re so lucky that they haven’t blown up the planet yet, but they’re working on it, anyway. Let’s get into some of the details about this with Jeff Brown. Jeff Brown blogs at He’s the author of China Rising. He’s had a great journalistic output from China over the past.

I don’t know, like 15, 20 years or so he’s been over there and he just retired to Thailand and he put out a recent interview with somebody named “Uriah Heep”—I suspect that’s a pseudonym—discussing the coronavirus. It’s really good stuff.

Some of the most illuminating pieces on this issue. And so let’s talk about it. Hey, welcome, Jeff Brown. How are you doing, Jeff?

Jeff J. Brown, guest: Kevin, it’s always great to hear from you again. I’m really happy to be back on the show.

Kevin: Yeah. Well, you’re the perfect person to talk about this with. You’ve already done some work on U.S. bioweapons crimes, the massive onslaught on Korea with bioweapons during the Korean War that most U.S. Americans don’t know about. We talked about that a while back on this show. And so now we have a situation where this coronavirus is behaving very strangely. There are all sorts of signs that it’s bioengineered.

And it just happened to pop up in Wuhan, China right before the Chinese New Year. That’s the main transit hub for the entire country. And on and on and on. And so maybe you could talk a little bit about your perspective on this. You lived in China all of those years, and it seems like you would agree with me that this looks like a bioterror attack by the bioterrorists in Washington, D.C.

Jeff: Yeah. Yesterday, Trump, President Trump, and President Xi Jinping talked about the coronavirus and he actually told Trump that for China, this is a people’s war. Of course, this is exactly the same language that Mao Zedong used during the Korean War when they were being attacked with biological weapons by the United States. Luckily, it failed.

So, the Chinese going back to the Japanese and Unit 731, where they killed hundreds of thousands of Chinese with biological weapons. The Chinese are probably the most experienced victims of germ warfare in human history. So they know what they’re doing. And I’m in contact with people every day in China. And they are on a war footing. I mean, it is unbelievable what this country is doing. They are mobilizing hundreds of millions of people. They’ve mobilized the army.

They have quarantined like 50 million people and hundreds of millions of people are now for the next two weeks going to be working out of their homes. Factories or furloughed. I mean, that’s why the death rate is so low and the number of incidences is relatively low, even though just like you say, the United States has the motive. They have the modus operandi and they have the means to do it.

And it just it’s just the evidence, the preponderance of the evidence, as they say in the court of law, is overwhelming.

Kevin: Yeah. Let’s go over some of that. And before we go over it, let’s also talk about the issue of how bad is this? The death rate that they’re telling us about in the media here is not all that alarming. It looks just kind of like the bad flu. So.

Jeff: Well, it depends on what color you are. You know, I can go to. I could go to that.

I could go to a fresh fish market in Wuhan and lick the shrimp. Nothing’s gonna happen to me. It’s only killing Chinese DNA people. It’s only killing the Chinese race. It is extremely selective.

Everybody that has died outside of China – I have not found any evidence that they are not Chinese. So, as best as I can tell, a 100 percent mortality rate is all Chinese. It is hard to find this information out. I finally found it in Chinese in a Chinese chat group in Mandarin. Ninety-six percent of the people that died of SARS were Chinese DNA people. So far, coronavirus, it’s 100 percent. So, go on, Kevin.

Kevin: You know, go to Chinatown, you know, in Madison, Wisconsin or wherever nothing’s gonna happen to you. But if you have Chinese DNA, you better be worried, because it’s pretty obvious that it is that that it was engineered to target people that have Chinese DNA.

Wow. This sounds like what Project for a New American Century said in their notorious Rebuilding America’s Defenses manifesto that famously called for a new Pearl Harbor to mobilize U.S. assault on the Middle East. And they got one year after they published it in their manifesto, Rebuilding America’s Defenses. One of the things that they seemed to be calling for alongside a new Pearl Harbor, that is a massive surprise attack on America, as they were calling for bioweapons. They said that ethnic-specific bioweapons could become a potentially useful political tool. I mean, that’s almost like a smoking gun to have these neocons coming right out and saying that just like the new Pearl Harbor smoking gun.

Jeff: Yeah, I didn’t know that about the PNAC. I knew about of course about the Pearl Harbor. I’ll have to go back and reread it about the bioweapons. You know, we’ve been doing this for so long on people and on our own people, as you well know. Which is one of the reasons that a group of journalists and authors, we got together and created the Bioweapon Truth Commission,

It is the largest repository of documentation, film and sound publications about the United States’ and the West’s. long, long, long, sordid, demented – and as you said in your introduction – psychopathic racism against all non-white races, especially the Yellow race and Slavs.

And so yeah, they collected you know, they got caught collecting Slavic DNA in Russia and got kicked out and they were collecting Chinese DNA here. And Uriah Heap, yes, that’s his nom de plume. He prefers to remain anonymous. But, he does exist. We do communicate by email and I do know his name. I asked him to send me the links about the Chinese DNA. he said that Harvard was also involved using fake NGOs, you know, take blood samples from Chinese and stuff. So, this is what we do.

Kevin, I mean, you know, we are not nice people. And now that you mentioned the PNAC thing and they even mentioned bioweapons, I mean, what…

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah. That’s a direct quote. It could become an ethnic-specific bioweapons, which could become a politically useful tool. It’s like, I’m pretty sure that’s a perfectly accurate word for a direct quote from that PNAC document. You know, the alignment of so many things going on here.

Jeff: And, you know, after you flip the devil’s coin, you know, five or six times and you keep coming up with forked tails, I mean, at what point do you finally have to admit that this is a diabolical plan? It’s hard. You know, my wife’s a nice lady and she’s a reasonable lady. As I was explaining this to her, she just said, “But, I just have such a hard time believing that we could do something, the West could do something like that”.

Well, hey, honey, sorry to tell you, but it’s true. I mean, it is the way we’ve been… I mean, look at the Crusades. Look at Alexander the Great. Look at what we’ve been doing since colonialism. I mean, this is what we do. We’ve exterminated billions. Oh, atomic weapons in Japan. I mean, we are just like that. We are the earth. the human race’s, you know, psychopaths.

Kevin: I’m just sorry to say it, but sometimes it seems that, well, I mean, there’ve been a number of sorts of psychopathic outbreaks in human history. The Mongols in Asia, for example, building temples of skulls of the people that have total exterminations of entire cities and things like that.

So, but I think in a way, it’s gotten worse since the collapse of Christianity, which at least kept a little bit of a moral lid on some of this unsavory stuff. I mean, yeah, I’m sure the Crusades were done in the name of Christianity. But, you know, the commercial narrative has gotten better since Christianity receded, I think is wrong. I think it’s gotten worse and this bioweapon stuff is a good example. I mean, I got to experience.

I got… wonderful bioweapons programs firsthand with a very bad case of Lyme disease. Not as bad as some people have, thank God. But it turns out Lyme was, in fact, a U.S. weaponized bioweapon. It’s a bioweapon that we don’t know exactly how it got out. But this said, Bergdorf, the guy whose name is on the mainline organism, broke down crying when he confessed to the… Oh, what’s his name?

The fellow who did the Behind the Eight Ball film, who was on my radio show maybe 10 years ago. And so, I’ve had the pleasure of living with a bioweapon. Maybe get total hip replacements at age 50. So, I kind of feel for the people who were suffering under this. So you know, we get it.

We step back and say, OK, if this really is a Us bioweapon attack on China, it follows closely on another completely insane declaration of war on much of the world, which was the assassination of Major General Qasem Soleimani, the most popular man in Iran, the top Iranian military commander, and the man who probably would have become president of Iran in a few years – assassinating that guy.

This is like Archduke Ferdinand’s stuff. And then following that up with the coronavirus by a massive bio-attack on China. What are these people thinking today? Have they already started? Well, because if this is the case, obviously China is within its rights to retaliate. And just as Iran is going to, you know, not only be raining down rockets on that one U.S. base but now they’re going to be looking for their pound of flesh on the Soleimani thing for a very long time.

Mark my words. And likewise, obviously, China, which now has a bigger GDP, it’s ahead technologically and in so many other ways, is not going to take this lying down. So, you know, it’s just beyond stupid. Where is this going to go?

Jeff: Well, just to interject. I don’t know if you saw, but about 10 days ago, the top CIA commander in Afghanistan, his jet was shot down in Afghanistan.

Kevin: Ayatollah Mike.

Jeff: Yeah. And full of all of their top-secret equipment in this specially designed plane. So, whether that was Iran or not, we don’t know. But they sure had a motive. Well, you know, I think people need to understand that the Ebola virus is owned by, patented by the U.S. military. The Zika virus is patented by the Rockefeller Foundation. I just learned that the coronavirus, our favorite friend these last four weeks, is patented by the Pirbright Institute, which is funded by Bill Gates.

And of course, we had all this foreshadowing with this event where Gates and neocons and according to Uriah, I’m trying to find the link and get it, but he said that John Bolton was there, you know, going through a scenario of a coronavirus epidemic, a global one, an estimated sixty-five million deaths.

And of course, their takeaway was government bad, private… This should all be handled by private companies and private company vaccines. And, of course, you know, a month later, it happens, t happens in China, the big outbreak, just days before Chinese New Year.

So this is, it’s all out there for people to see. I mean, this is just business as usual, which is eugenics. You know, they go back to the late eighteen-hundreds, with billionaire families in the United States, who said that 90 percent of Blacks should be eliminated, 70 percent of Native Americans. They had it all worked out. You know, Yellow, Black, Red. And so you know, this is a long-standing issue.

Our founding fathers in the United States were all Aryans. They all believed in the Aryan myth. You know, Whites marching towards the West, towards the sun. It’s very much, you know, grounded in Whites, white supremacism. You know, White Christian evangelicalism, anti-Islamic hatred, the infidels, etc. This has been going on for a long time, Kevin.

Kevin: Well, wait, wait. How do you see this sort of backlash in the educated classes here in the United States, in the colleges and universities? There’s a kind of an anti-white feeling. It’s if, you know, anybody who tries to say anything nice about white people, in the same way, that the Hispanic Club supports Hispanic culture and the African-American Clubs supports black culture and the Jewish Club supports Jewish culture and Zionist genocide.

But, if some guy says, I want to start like a, you know, White Guys’ Club on campus, he gets lynched. So, I don’t know if this white superiority of white supremacy is really everything it’s cracked up to be these days. But I hear you. The thing is that these crimes of White Europeans in the last two centuries are quite real. And I think that the educated people have found that out. And then, they’ve developed a big guilt complex, which, there’s something to be said for that, I suppose. But I don’t know if it’s really a racial thing, Jeff.

I mean, I think that you know, all human beings have both good and bad motivations and inspirations. And they can choose to follow their conscience, or they can choose to violate their conscience. In a few cases, they’re born without a conscience. And it does seem that I think as two percent of White male US Americans are said to score high enough on the psychopathy test that they would be categorized as psychopaths, whereas in China, it’s like 0.1 percent, a tiny, minuscule fraction of Chinese test that way. So maybe there is something to this,

But in any case. John Hopkins and Bill Gates, the economic forum, Johnson & Johnson organized that event, the one that you were mentioning that studied something that looked exactly like this coronavirus. And it was last October and there were other drills like that, the Lockstep drill from 2010, envisioning a coronavirus like a pandemic that kills eight million people in seven months, devastates the world. But that is, they envisioned bringing in more government control rather than privatizing everything.

They were saying that China’s police-like state and they said China would do well because China is such a police state. China would be able to deal with this better than anyplace else.

Jeff: So, the police state. But it is an authoritarian government. It is definitely not a police state compared to the United States. But yeah, and pointedly, the Chinese were not invited to the event, obviously because, you know, the Chinese, they have their Ministry of State Security, which I think is at least as good as the CIA in terms of just – I’m not talking about, you know, killing people and assassinating people and exterminating people.

But I mean, just in terms of intelligence and reconnaissance and signal intelligence, human intelligence, you know, the Ministry of State Security here is at least as good, if not better than the CIA and the MI6 in the UK. And so, you know, they’ve got all the information that’s coming out of these, you know, activities that foreshadowed the event.

And I think that is why they are treating this, you know, as Xi Jinping said to Donald Trump yesterday, a people’s war. They know this is a bioterrorist attack. They know. They know this is an engineered virus.

But, and I’m going to write about this, they can’t declare it, because if they did, the outrage among the people would be so great that they would, in order to even maintain credibility, by what I call Baba Beijing, the leadership, Baba Beijing would have to respond in some way because it is an act of war.

And there are only two things they could possibly do to, you know, to avenge a publicly declared attack, and that is sinking the dollar, to dump their trillion dollars in U.S. Treasuries, which would cause a world depression, or they could have a hot war. And neither of them are in the interest of the Chinese people and neither are, you know, in the interest of their long term goals to be a highly advanced, economic, military, scientific and technology, rich communist country by 2050.

So they’re stuck. They can’t say anything. Now, if you go into the Chinese media and read in Mandarin, there’s some speculation and stuff and people are talking about it. So, I think they’re getting a little bit of the pressure off of the steam valve.

And not even that, Kevin. If they did it, can you imagine the nationalist reaction and the outrage in-country? They would be attacking Apple stores, McDonald’s and could wreck the country with this damn thing.

The people would be killed, they would be killing White people, even if they weren’t American. They would be attacking the US embassy in Beijing. The outrage would probably be difficult for them to control. So, they can’t admit it. But you can just tell by the way they’re handling this, they are treating this is as an act of war. So that’s a given.

Kevin: And you know, that raises a lot of questions about where do they go from here. And normally, you know, if I try to think myself into the position of the strategists who deal with these things, with, you know, the rise and fall of great powers and how to strategize for one’s own nation or whatever empire they’re in right now.

Well, first, I can’t quite figure out what they’re thinking in… You know, killing Soleimani and declaring basically a long term, if not practically, endless war with Iran, that’s going to be simmering under the surface forever.

And then this, which has to ultimately bring some kind of retaliation, whether openly declared or undeclared. And, you know, at one level, you can imagine the hardline militarist chauvinist types who are absolutely dedicated to maintaining the primacy of American power in the unipolar world.

And in their minds, they would be thinking, well, we’ve got to fight it out sooner rather than later. So, let’s provoke the Chinese. Let’s get this thing on. Let’s get it on. Just like those crazies who wanted a nuclear war with the Soviet Union in 1962 and practically got it, If Kennedy hadn’t stood up against that, they would have got it.

So that’s one group. But then I have to wonder whether some of the folks who might be a little smarter than the members of that group wouldn’t recognize that this is going to set off an endless cycle of potential tit for tat retaliation, a BioWare, an arms race that likely would decimate the planet and its population.

And there are a bunch of very wealthy, well-placed people who have gone on record saying things like, it was Prince Charles who said, I would like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus that could kill off most of the planet’s population. And there are many of them who spoke out and can laugh like that.

And so one way of looking at this would be, you know if you were that type of person with a vast amount of money and resources and intellectual power, that you could trick the chauvinists and get them to launch their attack. Let’s get the war on now while we can think we might still win it, knowing that nobody is going to win it. It’s just going to reduce the risk population. This is very frightful.

Jeff: But, I know this goes back to the old eugenics from the 19th century. I mean, Ted Turner talked about, you know, how the world would be a wonderful place – Ted Turner from CNN – it would be a wonderful place if we could just only have 200 to 300 million people.

I mean, even Robert Malthus is, you know, the Malthus guy who wrote the book about the population explosion, I think was in the 1850s, he wasn’t worried about the elites and the, you know, the aristocracy. He was worried about Blacks and Browns and Reds and Yellows. That’s always been their concern.

Bill Gates had a TED talk, talking about, you know, how vaccines can be used to reduce the population. I haven’t seen it yet, but I saw the hyperlink on it. He’s also made other claims that there’s a lot of people who, you mentioned Prince Charles who would love to, would love to basically harvest the 99 percent and leave the planet, you know, for the 1 percent.

So now I honestly do not think, I’ve been in China for 16 years and I know these people. They didn’t respond with, you know, germ warfare after Korea. I think they didn’t respond with that on the Japanese after Unit 731, killing hundreds of thousands of people there. And the Chinese are not going to put, you know, anthrax in the water in Washington, D.C., that is not their modus operandi.

Kevin: But wouldn’t they be tempted, though, to create a kind of a flu type thing like this that targets White people?

Jeff: No, I don’t think the Chinese would do that. I mean, they will have to do something, you know, probably asymmetrically. But I think they are so focused on their development plans, you know, in 2020, eliminating extreme poverty, 2025, Made in China, to have 80 percent of all of their high technology made domestically, 2030, to be a moderately prosperous socialist country, which in Chinese is Xiaokang.

And then by 2049, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, to become again, as I mentioned, a wealthy, militarily undefeatable, scientific and technological behemoth. And so, you know, they’re very Confucian. They’re very Buddhist. They’re very Daoist, you know, Laozi and the Dao, you know, just let… I think the Chinese will just take these punches because they realize that…

Kevin: And, you know, that sounds like a rope-a-dope strategy, like at The Rumble.

Jeff: I think you’re right. Uriah, he made a very good comment. The United States and the West think that the only way that they can succeed is to put people down. Push him down, destroy them, exploit them. And it does this long term. It does not work.

And (they say) the Chinese are all the same. They’re just as bad as everybody else and that moral equivalence is BS because the Chinese really do believe and win-win cooperation. They were two to three hundred years ahead of the West in military and seafaring technology. Heck, even hundreds more, five or six hundred years ahead in seafaring technology, they could have easily, easily taken over the world back in the 15th century when they were sailing all over the place.

They had grenades. They were so advanced. They could have taken over Africa. They could have taken over Asia. They could have taken over Indonesia. They didn’t do it. They could have taken over India. They could have, they didn’t do it.

They just went to all these places. And I can’t think of the guy’s name who wrote 1424. But I think they also went to the United States and got there way before Christopher Columbus. But they didn’t do it. They said, here we are.

Here are our books. Here’s our stuff. Let’s make a deal. Let’s exchange information. Here are some of our concubines. How about that? Let’s do an exchange with concubines. And, you know, they brought back diplomats and princes and scientists back to China for further cooperation, brought them back after three or four years.

That’s the way the Chinese operate. If they had Western DNA, we’d all be speaking Chinese instead of English today. But we don’t, because that’s just not in their socioeconomic geostrategic DNA, it is just not there.

So, they may do some stuff back door, you know, frustrate Trump on the trade talks and the trade deal and all that. But they are so focused on 2049, you know, they think so long term. They don’t think like for the next quarterly report, as Americans do. They don’t think about the 24-hour news cycle.

They are so focused on their 2049 centennial goals that I think that they will just lump it and survive it and keep pushing ahead and try to avoid a hot war that would destroy that plan and try to avoid a global depression which would destroy it too.

Kevin: You could almost imagine that somebody kind of like Trump, somebody who shares Trump’s characteristics, but who’s actually in charge of decision making would be making these insane decisions to do things like murdering General Soleimani or launching a biowar on China with the notion that, well, if we really hit them hard, then they’ll have to come to the table and give us good terms. You know, this seems to be Trump’s attitude and it’s kind of a mafia attitude.

Jeff: It’s just gangster mentality, Kevin, it’s just gangster. And Kevin, it’s not just the US. Of course, Israel, they’re scared, you know, scared to death, pisses in its pants at the thought of trying to confront Iran.

But it’s not just that. I mean, they have been going after the Chinese, they have been going after the Chinese in Tibet. In Xinjiang, they’re having all the fake color revolution crap. And Hong Kong since 2014. They worked hard to get a separatist president, Tsai Ing-wen in Taiwan to fan the flames there.

I mean, it’s not just that. It’s not just the flu virus. Uriah Heep and I talked about how they were obviously attacked with a swine flu virus, African swine flu, which leapfrogged from the area of Georgia, with the Richard Lugar Bioweapons Lab right to China. And then it leapfrogged all over the country, wiped out 40 percent of the country’s swineherd, in the largest swine industry in the world.

And then they also did the same thing with the avian flu. When you track the way these two viruses, you know, spread across China like wildfire. I mean, just like on a highspeed train, there’s no way that that could have happened naturally, through the normal movement of livestock and poultry.

So, they’re coming after China with everything they’ve got. Tibet’s the only one that they’ve kind of given up on. But they’re still giving it heck, you know, with Xinjiang and the supposed organ harvesting. But, you know, China pretty much took care of the terrorism their vocational education, schools, and educated people, really.

Kevin: You know, one has to wonder, too. One has to wonder to what extent the Chinese may have overreacted and actually carried out some abuses against the population there.

Jeff: Maybe that’s possible. But you know, they don’t have any interest in it… And yes, sure, there’s always gonna be a local guy who overstepped his bounds. But, I’ve written about this. The national policy, I mean, the fricking minorities in China are treated like royalty. They get away with murder there.

I’ve written about this. You know, they get the most money per capita, the most social programs per capita, the most of everything per capita. And so, there could have been someone locally who overstepped their bounds. But as a national policy? No. And there’ve been no terrorist attacks there now for what, three or four years now. I guess maybe three years.

Kevin: So I guess is it why I thought the strategy of the Chinese is smart, trained Chinese strategy would have been to emphasize that these people are being weaponized against us by the same people who weaponizing ISIS and al-Qaida, (could) come right out and say that and then did.

Jeff: They did. And at least, I think they really put it in the Chinese media. Yeah. They didn’t say the United States, but they talked about outside extremist influences infiltrating the country. That border out there, you know, with Kazakhstan and Russia and Afghanistan and Pakistan. I mean that is no man’s land out there. There’s no way it can guard.

And so, yeah, they were bringing in from Pakistan, you know, shipping, you know. America has all the air bases in Afghanistan. They can fly in these ISIS types and then infiltrate them through the Khyber Pass and over through Kazakhstan, etc. So, yeah, they were sending in a lot of terrorists.

And China dropped the ball. I mean, basically that was their policy for years and years just kind of… OK, let’s let the minorities be minorities. We don’t want to be accused of having a heavy hand in how they organize their lives and then they realized, well, by taking a hands-off approach, we have let that created a vacuum and that vacuum got filled by, you know, extremists. You know, the Saudi Wahhabis, you know, filled that gap. And ISIS came in and al-Qaeda, which are, of course, America, American proxy armies train these guys and, you know, infiltrated back in. So, yeah. They are coming after China with everything they’ve got.

And it’s not even just that. It’s commercial. They imprisoned the CFO, Meng Wanzhou, daughter of the CEO of Huawei, she’s imprisoned in Canada on trumped-up charges about, you know, supposedly violating Iranian sanctions that even the Canadians don’t agree with. The fine (companies). They’re attacking, trying to crush Huawei. They fined ZTE, billions of dollars in fines. I mean, you just said it. You said the word of the day. Kevin, it’s gangsterism. That’s all it is.

Kevin: Yeah, it sure seems like it. Well, in your interview with Uriah Heep, you and he said some things that made me wonder about this coronavirus. And you know, what we’re hearing here is that has a very low death rate. And that’s just you know, that’s China. That’s not just with non-Chinese people or anything. Official statistics seem to show a very low death rate. So, what’s that.

Jeff: Oh, Kevin, I can’t hear you anymore. Kevin, I lost you.

Kevin and Jeff: Sorry. OK. Yeah, I can hear you fine. Maybe we need to… OK, can you hear me now? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. OK. Yeah.

Kevin: So, in your discussion with Uriah Heep, you were where he was describing how people were coming down with this coronavirus very quickly, suddenly feeling weak in an elevator collapsing and dying.

Jeff: Yeah. And fortunately, and I’m losing you damn. You’re dropping off. I don’t know what to do.

Kevin: Ok. Yeah. Well, I wish we could find it. Maybe we can get a new connection with you. I don’t know if Mr. Rho happens to be listening. If we could, maybe I could even do this. Let me see if I can find a way to get a different connection. You know, call you back. All right.

Jeff: Fine. Yeah. The two. Yeah… The reason that the death rate is so low is that the Chinese have gone to such extraordinary extreme. I mean, they built a hospital in like five days and they’re building hospitals now in Wuhan in a matter of days. They imported hundreds of millions of masks from all over the world. I’ll tell you how. I’ll tell you why. I have friends that I talked to there in Shenzhen, which is not even close to Wuhan.

This is true all over China. You cannot leave your compound, your little apartment complex, or if you happen to have a house, a freestanding house in a community, you cannot leave that community without proving you have a mask on. They check your identity. They’ve got 24/7 guards, neighborhood guards.

And every neighbor in every neighborhood and every compound, they register who you are. They check your temperature. And if you have a temperature, you are immediately escorted to the hospital. They allow only one person per household. And of course, they have a list of all the households in that neighborhood.

Only one person per household can leave the house every two days to go buy essentials, food, and medicine or whatever water, etc. And then I’ll tell you how I tell you how thorough they are attacking this.

Our daughter goes to Beijing Normal University and she’s stuck down here. They canceled her flight. She can’t go home. And they’ve canceled flights for, I don’t know how many hundreds of thousands of people who now cannot get back into China. She’s a White girl. You know, she’s not even Chinese, although she speaks fluent Chinese.

And she is down here and she has to report to Beijing Normal University every day before 12 noon. And she has to tell them her temperature, her health status, how she’s feeling and where she is her location. And they are doing that for every student in that university. And I can guarantee they’re doing it for every student in every university in the country. Can you imagine that? I mean, it’s just… And if she doesn’t call, they call her. If she forgets to call. They call her.

So, this is just incredible organization, coordination and heroic devotion that the Chinese are showing and working 24/7 to limit the death rate and the sick. What’s it called? The contraction rate or the sickness rate in China? Because they are on a war footing. And I think they know it’s a bio-attack.

Kevin: Well, it’s ironic that China is doing such a good job of dealing with this emergency through its ability to get so insanely organized. And that is exactly what was envisioned in that simulation from 2010. The Lock-Step Exercises that the Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network pulled out and at that time they envisioned that China would do well in the case of a worldwide epidemic that killed 20 percent of the global population, including young people and so on.

So, in that exercise they described, a few countries did fare better. China, in particular, the Chinese government’s quick imposition and enforcement of mandatory quarantine for all citizens, as well as its instant to near hermetic sealing off of all borders, saved millions of lives, stopping the spread of the virus far earlier than in other countries and enabling a swifter post-pandemic recovery.

So 10 years ago, the Rockefeller Foundation was envisioning China doing very well against a pandemic. And now it’s actually happening. And that does raise the issue of if there were a parallel pandemic in, let’s say, the United States. I don’t think the U.S. could get as well organized in dealing with it as China has.

Jeff: Well, just look at the H1N1 epidemic in 2009 in the United States. It was started in America. They didn’t do a damn thing. You know, free market, you know, market forces, you know, freedom, liberty above all. And by the time it was all over, one million six hundred thousand people contracted H1N1 around the world and two hundred eighty-four thousand people died around the world from H1N1. And I might bring up who was killed as you know, all races.

So, although there is also a lot of evidence that that was also a bioweapon, to test these things. But, there is a difference. America is less safe, you know, neoliberal. Let the markets take care of it. Let the private sector take care of it.

You know, one million six hundred thousand people around the world contracted H1N1. Two hundred eighty-four thousand people died from it. And here you have in China, you know, incredible heroic organization, the sacrifice of the people. Hundreds of millions of people starting on Monday are going to be working out of their houses, factories are furloughed. I mean, the sacrifices that the people are taking are just amazing.

So that’s the difference. And if people want to call the China police state for doing it. Well, OK. I’m sorry. They’ve… As a result of this, they are probably going to save thousands and thousands and thousands of lives in their own country against a virus that was, in my opinion, patently developed to kill Chinese.

Kevin: And so what would you do if you were cheating? That’s the question. Well, yeah, obviously, they’re going to have to use the tools they have to try to stop the epidemic. That leads to speculation that conceivably one of the purposes of this biowar attack on China would be to unleash something that will ultimately, as this process continues down the line, people in the west are going to be facing these problems.

And me, for this 2010 Rockefeller War Games study of this global pandemic suggested, that people would be willing to give up some of their sovereignty and their privacy to more paternalistic states in exchange for greater safety and stability.

And they will be tolerant and even eager for top-down direction and oversight, things like tighter biometric identification and stricter industrial regulation. So, that sounds like one of the benefits of getting involved in a global biowar for the Western elite, is that they can grab more power and organize more of a top-down society.

Jeff: Well, Kevin, you are the planet’s expert on false flags. And, you know, the Boston Marathon bombing and they declared martial law and they’re rampaging through people’s houses, you know, no questions asked. I mean, all of, every one of these false flags that is going on in the West, needs to clone, just goes to Las Vegas on and on and on. 9/11, you know, anthrax scares, that this whole thing is again.

You’re exactly right as to condition the Western world to accept that they’ve already lost their freedoms. I mean, the National Defense, the NDAA, the National Defense… What is it, authority, whatever…

Kevin: Authorization, Authorization Act.

Jeff: I mean, there is no American constitution. There is no French constitution. They’re gone. We have no civil rights or voting no human rights in our countries. And so, you’re exactly right. And I’m sure that this is also (Western) conditioning by seeing the success of the Chinese doing what they’re doing to stop a biowar, bioterrorism attack, makes it easy, as you just said. That’s a good point. It makes it easier them for the oligarchs in the West to say, “Well, look, China did it. We have to do the same thing. So there’s something to be said for that.

Kevin: And it does underline how the West has declined to the point that there really isn’t much of a virtuous elite left. You know, the platonic guardians of the city who are supposed to be people of virtue who’ve devoted their entire lives to protecting the city or the state from enemies, foreign and domestic, and promoting the welfare of the citizenry and perhaps the general welfare of humanity.

Ideally, such people have existed one way or another in many, if not most societies, not necessarily consciously following Plato’s recipe. But it’s just in the nature of complex human societies. And religion has played a part in this. I think the West had guardians who were motivated by religious ideals and then post-Christianity, there was to some extent a virtuous elite that was public-spirited, but it seems that that’s gone.

And now we have a vicious elite that’s totally self-interested. Trump is a perfect embodiment of that. He’s an avatar of the vicious nature of today’s Western, especially U.S. American elite. Whereas China, ironically, with its Communist Party, devoted to what I see as a false ideology or a false religion, to worship something other than God, knows it has. It certainly has its positive aspects.

Ironically, by this Confucian tradition of selecting the best people to become the platonic guardians of China and then a wedding. that with communist ideology, it seems that the Chinese may have managed to produce a new kind of virtuous elite. Certainly, the Iranians have that with their theocracy, quote-unquote. And that these are really the future.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I totally agree with you. Iran, Iran is a socialist theocracy. And if you read Ramin Mazaheri’s work, you know, he’s an Iranian living and working for  Press TV in Paris. He talks about that, too.

Kevin: Yeah. The Westerners love to, you know, poke fun at China.

Jeff: But, you know, Mao Zedong’s motto still rings true, “Serve the People”. And so, yeah, you’re right. They are taking that, you know, that Confucian, the Daoist, the Buddhist precepts and combining that with, you know, Mao’s mantra of serving the people. And, you know, do good for the masses. And it’s working. I mean, we were back in France last summer and then the summer before… No. For Christmas. Yeah. For my mom’s funeral. And I go back to American and Europe.

Europe’s obviously a lot better, but especially the United States. It’s like going back to the 20th century. I mean, it is so dilapidated and so tired and just so brutal, you know.

And when we were living in Shenzhen, we would walk across the bridge, the Shenzhen River to Hong Kong. And we would turn around and wave to Shenzhen and say, “Bye-bye 21st century”. And I’d turn and face Hong Kong and say, “Hello, 20th century”. I mean, as far as I’m concerned, it’s game over. China is so far ahead of the United States in infrastructure technology. I think their education system is better.

Kevin: It’s meritocratic. But look at the kind of citizens they are. They are graduating. You go to work, work in the country. You know, that’s the biggest secret of its success, I think. Is that meritocracy. Yeah

Jeff: Yeah. And the leaders, I mean, Xi Jinping had lice and fleas for eight years during the Cultural Revolution, you know, living in a hovel in the deserts of West-Central China, Shaanxi. Li Keqiang, Hu Jintao, these guys, all these guys, they start out, they manage a local committee and…

Kevin: Oh, yeah, we hit the bubble music at the end of the show. But yeah, it’s that elite which is created in a pretty effective way and it’s led to a relatively non-corrupt society, guided by people with some public spirit. So, may they recover from just a horrific pandemic and come back stronger than ever. So, thank you so much, Jeff Brown. Keep up the great work. Look for talking again.

Jeff: I love following you. Bye-bye.


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  1. A Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network whitepaper published in May of 2010 reveals a planned scenario in which governments around the world would be able to more easily take over society and institute a total and complete Orwellian police state by locking down the remaining few humans that survive a contrived pandemic outbreak.

    Corona Virus Pandemic Scenario Rockefeller Foundation.pdf

  2. South Korean Psychiatric mentally ill as diagnosed by the state and forced into treatment facilities are about to become the guinea pigs for virus vaccination experimentation,
    this is going to be interesting,

  3. From Reuters now (February 19, 2020:
    “DUBAI (Reuters) – Two Iranians have died in hospital after testing positive for the new coronavirus in the holy Shi’ite city of Qom, the head of the city’s University of Medical Sciences told Mehr news agency on Wednesday. ”
    Should be interesting to know their “racial profile”: Lots of somewhat East or Central Asian looking facial features here and there in Irân and in Afghanistan — and to some extent in Turkey too.

  4. As for this statement, I beg to take the opportunidy to differ:
    “So, they can’t admit it” (That it might very possibly be a premeditated biological attack.)
    Or as north Korean diplomats are prone to put it: “That’ a lie!”
    Because both within and beyond the Chinese Communist party and spread out beyond state organs too, a major portion of China’s citysens are organized in discussion groups that reciev “internal” (nèibù) reports, briefings and materials. Such is probably also the case these days pertaining to this threatening decease.

  5. “And so, you know, they’re very Confucian. They’re very Buddhist. They’re very Daoist, you know, Laozi and the Dao, you know,..” exactly, no ‘communes’ in sight. That ended with Deng Xiaoping.
    china is a centralized bureaucracy, just as it has been for millennia, even under the Emperors.

  6. Apart from the gathering of their DNA there was no mention of Russia in the discussion but they must be aware that they are similarly at risk.

    Is there the possibility that when there is a reaction it will be with the combined might of Russia and China. Maybe the two of them getting closer together as military and economic partners will be the revenge China extracts, together protecting those under assault from the US.

  7. I listened to this; about 30 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. That’s all I could tolerate to before I chucked it. Thanks, Kevin! This guy, Jeff Brown came off like an assclown with his “evil whites” meme. He’s long on opinion and short on facts. The couple of times you tried to point out the fallacy of his narrow view(Mongol invaders, PNAC) he ignored you and carried right on. The guy never mentions or acknowledges the Zionist crime cabal occupying the US government, or that little criminal state on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean at the heart of the chaos, just white people. He name drops the low-hanging fruit; Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Charles Windsor, Malthus. Waste of time!

    • Yes, I know that. Kevin Barret brought it up in the conversation. Otherwise, Jeff Brown probably would have never mentioned it. It didn’t fit his evil whites of the west narrative.

    • Anther asinine comment where he corrected Kevin Barrett: “China is not a police state”. No, they just have 500 million people locked down in cordon sanitaire!

    • It was Prince Phillip not Prince Charles who made the comment about coming back as a virus to lower the population. Prince Phillip is Price Charles father.

  8. Good article, accurate to a “T” in my estimation.
    Filled in many gaps my sources hasn’t addressed as yet. This is good work.

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