COVID-19 Coronavirus: A bio-engineered bio-warfare Trojan Horse for a “pacific” transition of a paradigm shift into a future of Protectionism.

By Claudio Resta VT Italia

The fact that COVID-19 Coronavirus could be possibly a man-made bio-engineered virus had been supported by such authoritative sources, Chinaxiv among others, that I don’t want to waste my energy in the effort of trying to demonstrate it. So let me consider this fact as a postulate.

Just let me add the very interesting fact that according to bioRxiv this virus appears to be an ethnic weapon, in the sense that is engineered to attack preferably even if not exclusively Asian people. As the Chinese and Korean people.

And in some way, if it is spread elsewhere, it “works” also against all human beings, like those living in other countries that for some other different reasons in these times are creating any problems to the United States. Like Iran or nowadays Italy.

All places where the rate of epidemy spread is higher than the average. Spread is indeed a keyword: as the past participle of the verb spread. Possibly intentionally.

But if we intend PRC as the main target of such epidemy for its size, population, and economic power we must consider globalization itself as the real target.

And possibly even to interdict or at least to delay the chance of an imperial shift, a change in the political, military and economic leadership of Western Countries in which China could/should succeed to lead to the United States.

But to keep better my feet on the ground it is obvious that the spreading of COVID-19 Coronavirus in PRC doesn’t allow or at least makes more and more difficult the pursuance of delocalization and concentration of manufacturing industry in one country or in a very few Far Eastern ones like China, South Korea, and Japan.

As it is the snapshot of the present.

In the meantime, the spreading of COVID-19 Coronavirus favors and makes it more appropriate a return back to Protectionism by making dangerous the circulation of people and even of goods.

With a crash and a long term very depressive effect on sectors like transports and present logistics as well as Asian Stock Exchanges and investors portfolio more eastern oriented.

With the additional advantages by means of such epidemy of avoiding a conventional war between China and the US and/or an extremely dramatic crash of Stock Exchange followed by a period of Depression, two possibilities that would have been nearly necessary in the case of such a paradigm shift like that from Globalization to Protectionism.

But China is not anymore that of Opium Wars: a Chinese reaction and/or countermeasures may be expected, possibly…


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  1. I take issue with China could/should take leadership of any kind in the world. It’s a totalitarian regime short on human rights that has condoned the “globalized” exploitation of its own people for the benefit of corporations, as a means of propelling its stature economically and militarily. In this regard, it is directly complicit in driving down the standard of living in all other industrialized nations. Get back to me when we see international organized labor allowed to unionize all Chinese workers. This is what Walter Reuther and his brother envisioned for the entire world: globalization of trade and labor unions, not the multinational corporations exclusively.

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