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Blockbuster: It wasn’t Wuhan, despite Rand Paul’s ‘Lie Soup’, COVID’s Home...

A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence

COVID-19: Still Out of Control

Self-Quarantined at home; angry, depressed, and pissed, I wrote this song called OUT OF CONTROL as a way to deal with all of this disruption.

Evolution of Viruses

Pathogens that switch to a new host species have some adapting to do. How does that affect the course of a pandemic like COVID-19?

Emergency Tribunal Hearing: Corona Pandemic and the Planetary Shutdown (3rd Sitting)

Led by Sir John Walsh of Brannagh as Chief Justice, a group of jurists, experts, and citizens reflect on the insanities of the day.

The Military And Coronavirus: How Bad Is The Problem?

It's right that we all take a moment to praise and support our healthcare workers and doctors - but spare a thought for soldiers and their families, too. It's going to be a rough few months.

#UNRIG Video (8:44) Former Spy Tells President Trump Truth in Nine...

Robert David Steele summarizes over 50 posts on the real virus fake pandemic, adds new information.

Helpful/Accurate: CV19 Prevention (audio)

Helpful/Accurate: CV19 Prevention (audio)

How to Keep Veterans Entertained During Coronavirus Quarantine Period

The 2019 coronavirus pandemic is keeping people indoors as governments all over the world are urging and even ordering people to quarantine and self-isolate to avoid the further spread of the virus.

What Next? Former Spy Reflects on How President Trump Can...

Robert Steele provides a final overview of the fake pandemic and outlines five specific things the President can do to escape from is clearly very thin ice.

VIDEO (28:27): Sacha Stone – Virus is a Deep State Detox

Robert David Steele has obtained an exclusive right to share an especially prepared extract from an epic recent interview with Sacha Stone on the demise of the Deep State and how the corona virus plays into that end game.

Cheers! (If Only We Knew…)

Cheers! (If Only We Knew...)

COVID-19: An Engineered Pandemic?

The current coronavirus, COVID 19, is disrupting economies, travel and daily life across the entire planet. It has erased up to 10% of the financial liquidity of nations like the United States, albeit temporarily, and the worst is yet to be seen.

COVID-19: Confused Note from French Government on NSAID-SAID in Ibuprofen Ban

Ibuprofen blocks inflammation, which is an immune response.  Immune responses aid in fighting disease.  The other factor is that inflammation also causes Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, the swelling that stops breathing and kills people.

VIDEO: Spy’s Message to President Trump on Coronavirus, 5G, Hybrid War,...

Robert Steele migrates his memo to the president on defeating the biowar attack on US, China, Iran, and Italy to video, for all those who prefer new age channels.

MEMO FOR THE PRESIDENT: The Continuing Hybrid War Against You, the...

Robert David Steele, the first person to evaluate Wuhan as a hybrid warfare event combining biological, electromagnetic, and information campaigns, provides an update for the President whom all Veterans love and wish to see triumph.

COVID-19: Italian Army Chief Infected, Whole Italy in Quarantine

In Italy, there was the fourth victim in Bergamo and the fifth in Albettone (Vicenza), a 60-year-old farmer. In fact, the pandemic hit first of all China, the uncomfortable economic rival of the USA, with almost 80 thousand infected and over 2300 dead: useless to write the exact number because it grows every half hour.

An Ethical Intelligent Appraisal of the Fake Pandemic

Robert Steele provides the same eleven point briefing he was just asked to provide in support of a request from a Prime Minister on the virus, 5G, medical misdiagnosis, and the need for a FIVE EYES truth commission that uses NSA against Bill Gates and his co-conspirators.

COVID-19: A Weapon Against China

COVID-19 Coronavirus: A bio-engineered bio-warfare Trojan Horse for a “pacific” transition of a paradigm shift into a future of Protectionism.

CDC Update on COVID-19

Health Editor's Note: Take time to listen to the telebriefing or read the transcript. This is an update released today, Friday/February 29, 2020...Carol CDC Telebriefing...

Corona Virus: Fake Pandemic is OVER, Praise for WHO

Robert David Steele provides a holistic analysis of the fake pandemic and information war against China calling for a full US-China investigation of Bill Gates

Why Coming Economic Collapse Will NOT be Caused by Corona Virus

With Monday's 1000 point stock market plunge the internet has been set ablaze with a discussion of a new crash looming on the horizon.

Rip Holmes Report: Extraterrestrials, Bio-Weapon CoronaVirus Inside Job

Outreach to VT & Kevin Barrett. My informal Polling of 7,000 people,

U.K. Musings: Trump Not Guilty, Chinese Bio-Weapon Out of Control

Michael Shrimpton comments on President Trump's triumphant acquittal and accuses China of lax security in its flu virus weaponization program.

Bio-Genetic Weapon Catastrophe: Virus spread by CIA with nano-Uav as...

From the pandemic to a world catastrophe from China to Iran (6 dead) to Italy (3 dead and more than 130 infected) for a total of 2461 deaths, 4 times the 813 of SARS in 2003

Laura Eisenhower Interviews CIA Spy on Grandmother Groupies, False Flags, Coronavirus...

Robert David Steele is interviewed by Laura Eisenhower on what it was like to be a spy, high and low points, John Brennan as a traiitor, and current events including coronavirus and 5G pandemic.

UPDATE On Coronavirus, 5G, ELF, Apirin, Mismanagement — the Perfect Storm

Robert David Steele, who wrote the only coherent "all source all cause" article on the Wuhan China illness, comes back with in update the shows how many factors are interacting to take the challenge to a new level.

FOUR MINUTE VIDEO: China, Wuhan Virus, BioWar, 5G, InfoWar

Robert Steele, former spy and co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, provides a four minute executive summary of the triple whammy on China: bio-war, 5G electromagnetic war, and a massive global information war to enable massive insider trading based on advance knowledge of the three-way attack on China and how it would impact on the global economy.

Coronavirus: Unstoppable at this point? (video)

Scientific research on covid-19 (the new name of the Wuhan coronavirus) continues to reveal what a huge challenge containing this virus is.