by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy

From the pandemic to a world catastrophe from China to Iran to Italy for a dramatic toll of more than 4thousands deaths, 5 times the 813 of SARS in 2003. Meanwhile, the suspicion that was spread by the CIA with a Cyber ​​Insect or other type of nano-drone, as claimed by intelligence sources.

Pandemic Bio-Weapon – 9. Supervirus Created by US during Obama’s Govt: 89 CoVid Strains in CIA’s Top Secret Tests

Although CoronaVirus appears absolutely lethal only to older people or those with a weak immune system, its spread is growing exponentially due to the ease of contagion between human beings (saliva, breath, hands) and its resistance of indefinite duration on surfaces and objects. It is true that with a splash of ethanol or another domestic disinfectant the virus can be killed but what is worrying is its easy return.

OMS: CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIA! Come previsto dal forum Bill Gates con ex-CIA. Contro Italia e Iran “BIO-GUERRA ANTI-UMANA” dopo l’accordo AI

In fact, he was able to kill both the Chinese hero doctor, Li Wenliang, the ophthalmologist who first raised the alarm in China last December (this is the reason for the code number Covid-19), but also the director of the Wuhan hospital, Li Zhiming.

The first was only 33 years old, the second 51, both of whom were obviously very exposed to this violent respiratory disease but both were also equipped with every necessary medical tool available so far to combat it. About a thousand doctors are infected in China and among them, there are already 6 deaths confirming that prolonged contact with infected people can be fatal even for individuals with good antibodies, adequate protections, and efficient treatments.

Dr. Liu Zhiming, director of Wuhan hospital, who died in recent days

All this highlights the power of the virus which, despite having a mortality rate now around 2% and therefore lower than the respiratory tract syndromes SARS (7%), has a contagious rapidity in some tragically high and, above all, unstoppable areas. It is a viral strain of the large CoronaVirus family: that of simple “common cold”, the upper respiratory tract disorder including cold, cough, maldigola, which, however, can degenerate into pneumonia so severe as to paralyze the lungs thus blocking the blood oxygenation.

The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) has already renamed it Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) given its dangerousness already attested in a detailed article published by some Chinese scientists in the February issue of “Science China Life Sciences ”which highlights biochemical anomalies such as to induce the Chinese Communist Party to consider it without a shadow of a doubt a biological weapon.

According to other American experts, it is a war instrument that got out of hand in Wuhan, Chinese second and independent analysts were built and spread by some enemy of Beijing. Among the number one suspects are the United States that all over the world, especially in the countries bordering Russia, China, and the Middle East, have at least 25 laboratories for the production of biogenetic weapons, that is, calibrated on the genome of some ethnic groups. And some 007 confirm that it is a widespread epidemic with nano-drones …

In addition to having started studies on the genetic manipulation of insects such as viral vehicles as defense or attack tools (officially against pests in agriculture), the US has already created DragonflEye, the light-guided cyber-dragonfly for reconnaissance flights, targeted pollination and delivery of “payload”. We will see later in detail the Pentagon partner laboratories that developed the project, started by the CIA in 1970 with the first Insecthoper.

This was the first prototype of “nano-drone” which has also evolved today in the Black Hornet 3, the 10 cm UAV helicopter already in use by the American army and other NATO countries, whose kit can fit in a military backpack. Or a tourist visiting a foreign country…



The increase in the number of deaths and infected with COVID-19 (where “CO” stands for corona, “VI” for virus, “D” for disease and “19” indicates the year in which it occurred), as called by the Director-General of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on February 11, 2020, it is so dizzying that now no health institution or media in the world is able to provide a real-time update, therefore, the data we are reporting will already be exceeded half now after publication.

CoronaVirus SOS by Wuhan’s Student Girl in Italy: «My Family’s Tragedy Banned on Socials»

If we examine the current number of dead people, we see that the second most affected country is another historic enemy of the United States, Iran, at the center of recent military clashes over the killing of General Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Forces, of the Iranian Pasdaran, in an operation by the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency, the missile attack by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards of Tehran at two American bases in Iraq with 109 soldiers seriously injured for brain damage, and the plane crash of the CIA Flying Command in Afghanistan, still shrouded in mystery …


Iran’s revenge starts from Qom. Thanks to Fordow’s nuclear bunker plant


The main outbreak of infection and deaths in Iran would be in Qom, the place of the main mosque where the Shiites hoisted the red flag of revenge for the death of Soleimani, where it is the most important central, as highlighted by Gospa News in a previous report. nuclear uranium enrichment that resumed working at full capacity after the exit of Washington from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action agreement, acronym JCPOA, and even more after the killing of the senior officer of the Pasdaran (another name of the Revolutionary Guards IRGC). An underground bunker that cannot be attacked with missiles but not with a virus…


Given the enormity of the contagion, for an independent information body, it is now not only lawful but also a duty to report all the sources that describe SARS-CoV-2 as a biological weapon.

These curious coincidences about its geographic spread in China, a rival of the USA on the commercial level for the battle over tariffs, overcome by an agreement on a few days before the outbreak of the epidemic, and Iran, antagonist on the military and energy front, have been reported to justify the credible validity of the affirmation of a source with important relations with Russia and contacts with the intelligence of various foreign countries which obviously we take care to keep anonymous.

General infected. Pandemic BioWeapon & GSK Golden Vaccine’s Ring with Bill Gates, Pentagon and Zionist’s BlackRock

CoronaVirus is a biological weapon spread by a CIA agent in China with nano-drones. The US already has the vaccine» an international subject told us. Disturbing words to be taken with caution at least as much as the official press releases of NATO countries now accustomed for years to declaring lies for the alleged good of the West.

Few words for a huge pandemic that increasingly takes on the contours of a criminal military attack day by day and which confirms the alarm launched a few months ago by the United Kingdom highlighted in the previous Gospa News report on the suspicion – now almost certain – that epidemic was caused by a biogenetic weapon.

The Center for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) of the University of Cambridge in an August report highlighted the dangers of technology in the war field because «a bio-weapon could be built to target a specific ethnic group based on its genomic profile »Defining this eventuality« extremely harmful and potentially unstoppable.



In the same previous reportage, we also reported on the first world expert who said he believed CoronaVirus to be a biological weapon.

Francis Boyle is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law. He drafted United States national legislation to implement the Biological Weapons Convention, known as the 1989 Combat Terrorism Weapons Act, which was unanimously approved by both chambers of the American Congress and promulgated by President George W. Bush. In an interview with the American website Geopolitics and Empire, he said this war instrument got out of hand at Wuhan’s biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) laboratory.

To believe the bio-weapons theory there is Jeff Brown, China expert, founder with other journalists and international authors of the Bioweapon Truth Commission, (, an independent organization that has created the largest archive of documentation, films and audio publications on the United States and the West. In fact, Brown began to study the phenomenon since the US biological weapons attacks on China during the Korean War (1950-1953) and on Japan’s infamous “Unit 731”.

His story is well presented in an article in the British newspaper The Guardian:

Formed in the mid-1930s in Harbin, north-eastern China, Unit 731 conducted lethal experiments on an estimated 3,000 prisoners, who were mostly Chinese and Korean. According to historical accounts, male and female prisoners, named “logs” by their torturers, were subjected to vivisection without anesthesia after they had been deliberately infected with diseases such as typhus and cholera. Some had limbs amputated or organs removed.

«As Japan headed towards defeat in the summer of 1945, the unit’s leader, Lt Gen Shiro Ishii, forbade researchers from discussing their work and ordered the demolition of the unit’s Harbin headquarters. At the end of the war, US authorities secretly granted unit officials immunity from prosecution in return for access to their research. Several former Unit 731 officials went on to have successful careers in medicine, academia and business» reads in post.

Coronavirus is Biowar!

This is why Brown, author of China Rising website, himself today, in an interview with Kevin Barrett, international terrorism expert, and host of the radio broadcast Truth Jihad Radio, accuses the US of being the manipulators of the epidemic:: «I’m in contact with people every day in China. And they are on a war footing. They are mobilizing hundreds of millions of people. They’ve mobilized the army.

They have quarantined like 50 million people and hundreds of millions of people are now for the next two weeks going to be working out of their homes. I mean, that’s why the death rate is so low and the number of incidences is relatively low, even though just like you say, the United States has the motive. They have the modus operandi and they have the means to do it.

The interview, published in full on the VT website, run by veteran Marine officers from Vietnam and military intelligence experts and former CIA agents, was released a few days ago before the news of the 6 dead in Iran came. This fact, however, does not contradict Brown’s reasoning but simply extends it to another ethnic group, the Islamic one of Tehran.

Map of the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) bio-laboratories in the project unveiled by the journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva

The existence of specific genetic bioengineering studies tested on insects and bats (among the first suspects as an animal carrying the infection) revealed the same Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the arms research agency of the Pentagon which officially opened the biology sector in 2014.

To confirm that in at least 25 laboratories controlled by the US Department of Defense there were experiments in the development of biochemical weapons with interactions between viruses and insects was the Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva in her investigation into the activities of another even more specific Pentagon entity: Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

Turkish papers: 21 Erdogan’s jihadist militias supported by Cia, Pentagon and armed with TOW missiles

As posted by Gospa News, the reporter, the first in the world to discover the conventional weapons delivered by the CIA to ISIS terrorists before the Turkish SETA dossier revealed all the jihadist formations supplied with TOW missiles by the American counterintelligence agency, discovered the existence of research in the field of bio-genetics in reference to the Chinese and Russian genomes.


Well, the suspicions of biogenetic manipulation of Gaytandzhieva, a member of Brown’s Bioweapon Truth Commission mentioned above, are now partially confirmed in scientific research disclosed by a video by some exponents of the Chinese Communist Party (CPP) that the Sino-English dual language site GNews (close to communication expert Stephen Bannon, former coordinator of Donald Trump’s winning election campaign) translated from the original language.

«On January 21st, three researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences published a joint paper in the “Science China Life Sciences” journal, written in English. They revealed the truth about the novel coronavirus, so please watch this news closely» reads.

There were three researchers who found this information — Pei Hao, a researcher from Institute Pasteur of Shanghai and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wu Zhong, a researcher from National Engineering Research Center for the Emergence Drugs, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, and Xuan Li, a researcher from Key Laboratory of Synthetic Biology, CAS Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences.

The researchers were shocked when they compared the SARS S-protein with Wuhan CoV’s S-protein and found that it doesn’t alter the structural composition of the virus even though four amino acids were replaced.

This research points to an important discovery that the Wuhan CoV S-protein supports strong interaction with human ACE2 molecules, which can lead to infecting the epithelial cells in the upper respiratory tract. This discovery also told us that Wuhan CoV is highly contagious by design. This research has laid a theoretical foundation for China to develop control, test, and intervention of Wuhan CoV in a scientific way. After reading the research report, people are outraged in disbelief. The key point of all these findings is that “four of the important S-protein have been replaced in Wuhan Coronavirus”.

First, the purpose is to disguise Wuhan CoV as SARS to make it more difficult for medical researchers and doctors to differentiate it from SARS. This misleads them into taking SARS-like prevention measures, which can result in the delay of treatment and increased spread of the virus. Secondly, it is so contagious that it spreads rapidly by design – further Chinese Communist Party blamed – Can this type of crime through biotechnology against humanity being committed by bats or bamboo rats? Ten thousand years of evolution cannot produce this type of precise altering of four important S-proteins! The fact that the Wuhan virus was created in a lab under human influence Is indisputable. This is inhumane to the extreme».

In 2010, China won the battle against the SARS virus. In 2015, the PLA hospital won battles against the Ebola virus in Africa. This time, our enemy picked Chinese New Year for a new viral outbreak. We are facing a new challenge. All medical research and epidemic prevention personnel in our country have entered a war-ready state. All the people in the country are on high alert and are combat-ready. The Chinese people will win this war added CCP.

The researchers in the synthetic document called ” Evolution of the novel coronavirus from the ongoing Wuhan outbreak and modeling of its spike protein for risk of human transmission” published in the scientific journal as “letter to the editor” are more cautious but highlight the same concerns.

The scientific article on Science China – click to read the document in English

According to the crystal structure of SARS-CoV S-protein RBD domain complexed with its receptor ACE2 (PDB code: 2AJF), the 3-D complex structure of the Wuhan CoV S protein binding to human ACE2 was modeled with structural superimposition and molecular rigid docking – biochemical doctors wrote – So to our surprise, despite replacing four out of five important interface amino acid residues, the Wuhan CoV S-protein was found to have a significant binding affinity to human ACE2. Looking more closely, the replacing residues at positions 442, 472, 479, and 487 in the Wuhan CoV S-protein did not alter the structural conformation.

In summary, our analysis showed that the Wuhan CoV shared with the SARS/SARS-like coronaviruses a common ancestor that resembles the bat coronavirus HKU9-1. Our work points to the important discovery that the RBD domain of the Wuhan CoV S-protein supports strong interaction with human ACE2 molecules despite its sequence diversity with SARS-CoV S-protein. Thus the Wuhan CoV poses a significant public health risk for human transmission via the Sprotein–ACE2 binding pathway.


American researchers try to dismantle the hypothesis of a laboratory virus in the discussion with various profiles on the specialized site where the debate is focused on the genome and its animal origin (the genetic profile is close to 99% to that of a virus grown in the Malaysian pangolin). One of these scientists, at the end of his digression in which he categorically excludes human manipulation with quirky biochemical arguments, thanks Wellcome Trust for the contribution.

This shows an evident relationship with one of the main financiers on the experiments on the CoronaVirus family before the epidemic. As reported in the previous article, in fact, this foundation was born after the transformation of the American pharmaceutical holding Wellcome taken over by the Glaxo SmithKline group, the notorious GSK, leader in the production of vaccines in the world but also repeatedly investigated and convicted of countless criminal violations on the subject of corruption and health laws, already formally charged with contributing to the search for a vaccine together with the Australian University of Queensland (see previous article).

According to the last news, in record time, the Australian vaccine would have already passed the first tests and its experimentation on animal guinea pigs would have already begun. It must not be forgotten that the intelligence of Australia SIS is part of the international group of secret services of the so-called “Five Eyes” together with the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand.

Therefore the patent of a new vaccine by the Australians with the help of the British big pharma GSK which is a partner of the Darpa agency of the Pentagon in multiple projects is certainly another reason for suspicion …

Wellcome Trust is instead among the financiers of the Pirbright Institute depositary of patent no. 10130701 in the USA for a ConoraVirus research on avian chickens. The name of this British research center is mentioned in the context of the radio conversation between American journalists Kevin Barrett and Jeff Brown.

«Well, you know, I think people need to understand that the Ebola virus is owned by, patented by the U.S. military. The Zika virus is patented by the Rockefeller Foundation. I just learned that the coronavirus, our favorite friend these last four weeks, is patented by the Pirbright Institute, which is funded by Bill Gates».

«CoronaVirus, Bio-Weapon Massacre» (update). Us Expert blames China but forgets Pentagon’s Secret Labs for “Ethnic Attacks”

Pirbright Institute has obviously immediately denied any involvement with the “human” type of the virus by reiterating that the studies were only on chickens. But it is also clear that if he had really enlarged the field of research he would be careful not to declare it in these days of world emergency.


Brown himself confirms that he had received information on an estimated projection of 65 million deaths worldwide from an intelligence informer who presented himself with the curious nickname of Uriah Reep.

«Uriah Heep and I talked about how they were obviously attacked with a swine flu virus, African swine flu, which leapfrogged from the area of Georgia, with the Richard Lugar Bioweapons Lab right to China. And then it leapfrogged all over the country, wiped out 40 percent of the country’s swineherd, in the largest swine industry in the world. And then they also did the same thing with the avian flu. When you track the way these two viruses, you know, spread across China like wildfire. I mean, just like on a highspeed train, there’s no way that that could have happened naturally, through the normal movement of livestock and poultry».

In fact, due to the severity of the human pandemic, the swine epidemic has completely gone into the background. This puts pressure on the Chinese financial system due to inflation induced by rising pork prices. The GNews media highlights a very suspicious circumstance: China’s African swine flu came from imported Russian porks as China attempted to stop buying American products to hurt the American farmers.

On Feb 1, 2020, the most influential Chinese military website published an article to acknowledge that the Wuhan coronavirus is manmade accusing the U.S. of creating such bioweapon against china» Gnews reported that then quoted in full some sentences taken from the Chinese portal.

It is possible that our enemies want to destroy our productivity. It is the so-called unrestricted warfare affecting all aspects of our economy. The CIA can infiltrate China through propaganda warfare and provoke “color revolution” in Hong Kong, why can’t it initiate a biochemical attack in China through manipulation?.

HONG KONG: US-CANVAS MOLOTOV’ PACIFISTS: campus and subway burning, man set on fire, lawmaker stabbed

Since its birth in July 2018, Gospa News has elaborated multiple investigative reports on the attempted coup in Venezuela, when in 2019 the country was brought to its knees by continuous blackouts caused by electromagnetic sabotages that left the USA which, in addition to destroying various power plants, killed several people in the hospitals left without light.


We wrote about the civil war in Ukraine caused by the orange revolution that culminated in the massacre in Kiev’s Maidan square caused by Georgian mercenary snipers, on the conflict in Syria, where the White Helmets financed by London and Washington was accused of serious crimes including that of children killed with chlorine in Douma to stage a fake chemical attack by the Damascus army, and on American drone attacks on the Houthi separatists in Yemen which caused thousands of civilian casualties.


Therefore, at this moment, it is easier for me to believe the accusations of the Beijing Communists rather than the NATO silences or denials that come from the White House.

SARS-CoV-2 has all the characteristics to be considered a biogenetic weapon designed specifically to target some ethnic groups, certainly the Chinese but probably also the Iranian Muslims in light of the latest deaths, and it has manifested itself as a perfect viral storm: right in the Chinese New Year period when Asians scattered all over the world return home to celebrate with relatives, and a few weeks before the election consultations for the renewal of the Parliament of Tehran (this weekend), another moment of great movements and contacts between the population. What has happened elsewhere may be the so-called “collateral damage” of any military mission.

According to our source close to foreign intelligence, the virus was spread in China (and probably elsewhere) by a CIA agents equipped with “nano-drones” that are easy to hide during transport and to be used without giving attention to the transport of contagion material in capsules or vitro to be spread or detonated with electromagnetic discharges at the right time.

The technology developed by the Pentagon’s DARPA agency and put at the service of the US Army or the National Clandestine Service, the CIA’s killer operations office, is among the most sophisticated in the world as reported in the previous report on biochemical weapons. Among the possible means available to the American military for the spread of mass weapons are two brand new micro-engineering jewels.

The first goes beyond any human imagination for those who are not in the sector and starts from a rudimentary project.


CIA created a nano-sized drone of their own back in the 1970s. At a time when the government required a miniature listening device, they invented a mechanical bumblebee. Their initial design was too difficult to control, so they ditched the idea and invented the Insectothopter, a mini dragonfly drone reads on Globaldroneuav’s website, a Chinese company specializing in the supply of spare parts for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and administered by the retired Beijing army colonel Qin Ren-ping, as CEO.

Insectothopter experienced problems with flight control whenever crosswinds were apparent, so it was unused on the field and is now stored at the CIA Museum.

dragonfly, the genetically modified cyber-insect-spy, piloted with light

According to Popular Mechanics, DragonflEye is a genetically modified dragonfly with light-sensitive “steering neurons” implanted in its spinal cord. Insects fitted with a custom backpack filled with sensors are capable of being controlled, but it’s still in development. Flashes of light are used to make the insects fly or move» reads on the same website.

It now appears that the project overcame the first hurdle after some of the genetically modified dragonflies took their first flight. The idea was developed by researchers from the Charles Drak Stark Laboratory and the Howard Hughes HHMI Medical Institute, which specializes in biomedical research and partners in various DARPA projects. In the summer of 2017, their first positive tests had great visibility in the media and on YouTube also with the interview with the researchers.

This system pushes the boundaries of energy harvesting, motion sensing, algorithms, miniaturization and optogenetics, all in a system small enough for an insect to wear J. Wheeler, a biomedical engineer at Draper and Howard Hughes Medical Institute and principal investigator of the technology said in a press release, according to Us TomoNews.

The cyborg dragonflies could be turned into tiny surveillance systems. Other applications of this technology may include guided pollination, payload delivery, and precision medicine and diagnostics is specified.

For two years now nothing has been known about DragonflEye and its possible use in the military field given the consolidated collaboration between the Hughes Institute and the Pentagon. However, it is clear that if a dragonfly can be genetically modified and remotely controlled for pollination in the same way, it can be easily piloted for the spread of a virus.

If this appears to be the most futuristic solution for all its implications, obviously to the detriment of the poor insect completely distorted with suffering that no one will ever know, there is a much less science fiction and more pragmatic alternative already widely used by various NATO armies. It is the nano-UAV Black Hornet produced by the Norwegian Prox Dynamics and already ruthless by the British Armed Forces in Afghanistan since 2012 as a surveillance and reconnaissance drone.

Adopted also by the US Marines, Australian Army and the special departments of the German Army Bundeswehr and the Norwegian Forsvaret, it is the smallest remote-controlled flying device existing since it measures only 10 cm in length with a rotor diameter of 12 cm.

Black Hornet 3 nano-drone that can fly even in GPS-denied areas

The Scandinavian company was then acquired by the American corporation FLIR Systems, Inc., a leader in the design and production of infrared cameras and one of the main suppliers of the US Defense Department. In June 2018, the updated Black Hornet 3 version was presented which to the personal reconnaissance system (PRS) of the original nano-drone added the possibility of navigating in GPS-denied environments, allowing the fighter to maintain awareness situational, threat detection and surveillance wherever the mission takes him.

Having the ability to fly without a GPS connection can, therefore, escape detection of the radar in view of its microscopic size. It is in the fingers of the hand of a soldier, it has an empty weight of 18 g, a cruising speed of 36 km / h, an autonomy of 25 minutes (but in case of problems or insufficient battery it returns to the base autonomously) and a range of 1,600 meters. It is piloted through a monitor connected to the camera installed on the aircraft. The control kit with two devices weighs less than 1kg and can fit in the backpack of a military man as in that of any tourist visiting China…

With these references, we have therefore shown how the spread of a biological weapon via nano-drones supplied by international intelligence sources is perfectly conceivable and practicable. Who could have implemented it, how, where and when mysteries obviously remain.

CIA Middle East chief, Soleimani Killer and Bin Laden Hunter, dead on Jet in Afghanistan. Tasnim & Mirror told after VT & Gospa News

“Dark Prince” was certainly aware of these mysteries, Michael d’Andrea, commander of the Central Intelligence Agency’s special operations in the Middle East, who disappeared on the Bombardier / Northrop Grumman E-11A spy-plane crashed – or downed – in Afghanistan a few days. before the virus turned out to be a tremendous epidemic in China and many countries around the world. The 007 American bosses suddenly disappeared along with all his secrets …

© 2020 – Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio – no reproduction without authorization – versione originale in italiano



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  1. I spoke with an eccentric old neighbor of mine. He was a scientist with knowledge of nuclear weapons engineering and worked in that field. He was over 100 when he passed. Many “tall tails” he told me. A good friend of Howard Hughes, worked with Nicola Tesla, a man in Utah who built a black box that could shut down prop planes remotely and a neighbor friend of Warren Jeffs.
    I passed on to me what He thought was the best means to overcome pneumonia after watching his 80+ year old brother die in the hospital. He himself contracted pneumonia after breaking his ribs in a fall. He checked himself out of the hospital when they said they were going to treat him for pneumonia. Instead he bought an inversion table and hung himself upside down causing fluid to drain. He didn’t die of pneumonia.

  2. Great article lots of good research.

    I suspect you will also find that 5G & 4G spectrum of EMF “Electrosmog” covertly/silently weakens the human immunosuppressive system using MagentoBiology (suggested research if not aware) which is clearly under constant attack in this multi-tiered silent eugenics agenda. There has also been an recent uptick in Psoriasis (suspect the Lithium spraying that NASA has been doing under the guise of Scientific Experiments). Notice a recent uptick in TV commercials pimping Pig P-HARM-a Psoriasis snake oils.

    Rockefeller Foundation at the head of the Snake as this doc link below poignantly lays it all out.

    Notice the term “LOCKSTEP” (read as MIBC FASCISM) Scenarios & Methods for Government Control over populations in this Rockefeller Foundation doc.

    Bill Gates recent Pandemic Exercise “Event 201“ (recommended research) also dovetails into the total scope & magnitude.

    At this point there are no coincidences or accidents as all roots connect & meet underground.

  3. I suppose it’s more difficult to bring people together and discuss via rational thinking, how to coexist instead of killing each other. But there would be no profit in peace for the military industrial complex owned by the international bankers. They need killing and bloodshed to boost their wealth and control by the NWO and reduce the population according to the Georgia Guidestones

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