Alert Reader (refined by Robert Steele and as related in the video above):

Alert Reader proposes the following inter-active combination of factors to be considered — and remediated — in relation to the Wuhan mess.

  1. Since Spanish Flu (actually, severe radiation sickness compounded by lower immunity from processed foods) an electromagnetic “soup” has been building up across the “civilized” world.
  2. 5G leads to electromagnetic overloads within some high electromagnetic areas (such as Wuhan) ripe for a radical reduction of human immunity and the emergence of the pandemic of radiation sickness.
  3. Entire populations but particularly the older elements and not the young, experience a group drop-in immunity to all forms of attack including biological.
  4. An opportunistic virus whether man-made (more likely) or by natural processes exploits the new favorable “petri” dishes (i.e., vulnerable humans).
  5. The two in combination (5G “trigger” for an already toxic electromagnetic soup and biological pathogen) lead to a mixed epidemic.
  6. The early government refused to recognize a confusing problem exists leads to misdiagnosis including aspirin overload that makes things worse.
  7. Subsequent government over-reaction to a problem that is still not understood leads to the ill-being crowded together in a buffet of “petri” dishes and there is a mixing of a multitude of viral, bacterial and fungal organism inhabiting the patients together with the much larger majority who are not suffering from viral or biological but rather electromagnetic radiation sickness. This makes it possible for the viral and biological pathogens to spread rapidly across the herded group that has very low immunity associated with its radiation sickness.
  8. Through recombination (the exchange of genetic material between the organisms) new forms are created with hosts without any resistance.
  9. A new super-organism never intended by nor invented by any biowar laboratory )whether Chinese, US,  Zionist, or Bill Gates or other) emerges to ravish an EMF impaired global population.
  10. Cruise ships and the new unmodulated satellite-based microwave Internet ecologies turn into kill zones but only for sickness, not for death.
  11. This loop will repeat for as long as governments refuse to share information and examine the bio-electrical recombinations that appear to be occurring.

Robert Steele:

I intuited some of this but Alert Reader has done a very fine job of setting up a logical sequence of propositions for the governments of China, Japan, and other countries to consider.

The truth at any cost lowers all other costs. The truth in time is much more valuable than the truth delayed. . .

. . . and that is where we are today.




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  1. There are an estimated billion forms of viruses, but researchers insist on creating Gain-in-Function hybrids, then develop antiviral treatments for these hypothetical threat vectors. In a recent interview, Francis Boyle said that Wuhan Uni purchased bioweapon corona virus from UNC, BSL-3 which was doing illegal BSL-4 research. BeforeItsNews(.)com reports a near 100% death rate and massive cremation efforts.

    Pandora has some ugly pandemic box surprises.

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