Finally! The impeachment nonsense is over and President Trump has been triumphantly acquitted.

Like the Russia collusion hoax, it has been politically motivated nonsense from beginning to end. The Democrats have made themselves look like idiots. Not being able to count the votes in their primaries hasn’t helped. Not content with one Russia hoax, the CIA is now trying another. Why doesn’t John Brennan just enter the Democratic primaries?

I appreciate that the impeachment acquittal is now old news, but I have been battling with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, who report to the Cabinet Office and have banned me from working for solicitors. It’s not always possible to get my column out each week. By the way, since my livelihood is under continual attack all reasonable offers will be considered!

I’ve had to put up with all sorts of nonsense since I discovered the existence of the DVD, something the Germans were no doubt hoping to keep secret for the rest of the century. Just earning a living means overcoming one obstacle after another. Shrimpton & Associates has just acquired one client and is looking for more. Once you try smart you’ll never go back!

The Senate trial was something of a formality, but since there was no case to answer that was just about inevitable. The Democrats had enough leverage on Mitt Romney to get him to cross the aisle, but they were no other defectors. There was an amusing moment during the trial when one British newspaper reported that two “Republicans” might vote against the President. It turned out that they were only referring to Mitt Romney and Susan Collins! The paper hadn’t heard that they were RINOs. To describe either as a ‘Republican’ is laughable, frankly. They probably voted for Senator Clinton in 2016.

I have no sympathy whatsoever for Lt-Col Vindman. He chose to involve himself in a coup against an elected president and failed. His role in relation to Ukraine is highly suspicious, ditto that of the National Security Council, a.k.a. the CIA. The NSC has been pursuing German strategic objectives for years.

For those who have not had the misfortune to deal with the NSC, I should explain that its role is to hold vital information back from the President, produce misleading intelligence forecasts and do its best to ensure that America, like Britain, staggers blindly from one disaster to the next.


Speaking of disasters this one looks like a ChiCom home-grown one. I freely confess that I owe an apology to that nice lady Kerry Cassidy. I was initially dismissive of reports that COVID-19 (strictly the name for the disease – the virus itself is called SARS-CoV-2) was a bioweapon, partly because neither you guys nor ourselves go in for biological warfare attacks. Bugs are just not a Good Guy thing. I was also off-put by the theory that the Chinese government wanted to cull their own population.

They’ve gone in for mass-murder before, indeed they shot down MH-370 and helped the Ukrainians shoot down MH-17, but the world rate of population growth is slowing down. The planetary population is expected to stabilise by about 2075. There will be plenty of food, water and raw materials for everyone. Concern about overpopulation is for neurotics, Sir David Attenborough and journalists, or should I say ‘Sir David Attenborough, journalists, and other neurotics’?

Then I learned about the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which up till now has not been on my radar. Turns out it’s a Level 4 facility with lousy security and is China’s main biological warfare center. It has also emerged that they were working on Coronavirus, in bats, in particular from the family Pteropodidae, a.k.a. your friendly fruit bat. Whoops.

Then we had the strange case of the dead Canadian virologist, Frank Plummer, who seems to have been murdered in Nairobi on or about February 3rd. He wasn’t the first doctor to die in suspicious circumstances since the outbreak began – Dr. Li Wenliang, who first blew the whistle on COVID-19, sadly died on or about February 7th.

I have no doubt that he died, as announced, of COVID-19. Given that the virus has a low lethality and is mostly killing off the elderly or those with underlying health issues like diabetes or a compromised cardiovascular system, Dr. Wenliang’s death was comparatively unexpected. If he knew about the release of the virus from WIV then Chinese internal intelligence most certainly would have a motive for bumping him off.

Given that he had already caught the virus giving him a ‘booster shot’ was an obvious way of eliminating him. No journalist would ever suspect a thing, not that pulling the wool over journalists’ eyes has ever been that difficult, no offense intended. They still think that MH-370 went down in the Indian Ocean, for heaven’s sake!

As presently advised it looks as though COVID-19 is a Chinese biowep, over which they lost control. It’s arguably the biggest own-goal since Lee Dixon chipped a back pass into the Arsenal goal against Coventry in 1991. (He felt bad about it, but at least he didn’t kill thousands of people.) Exactly how the virus ended up in the live animal market in Wuhan is unclear, but there are a number of possibilities. Bats can fly after all, and if you’re a bat I would advise against flying to China, else your mind end up on the menu.

I’m discounting a deliberate release at the moment. If new information emerges then, of course, I may revise my opinion, but I can’t see anybody with both the motive and the means to organise this. You can forget CIA or MI6 – both agencies are so heavily compromised by Jerry that any black op would have been betrayed before the boys left the ground, never mind got near a Chinese bat.

Mossad have hardly any presence in China at all, besides they’re far too nice for an op like this. Mossad is quite cuddly really unless you happen to be a Hezbollah terrorist or another species of scumbag. No, this looks like an accidental release.

Containment is one of the biggest issues with biological weapons development. Losing control and killing your own side on an industrial scale is one of the more powerful arguments against having these idiotic weapons.

I am not buying the gloomier estimates of a worldwide pandemic. The ChiComs are starting to exert control and the rate of growth of new cases appears to be slowing. I would, however, put a marker against the official lethality rate of around 2.4%. There are reports of heat signatures and atmospheric data in China consistent with large-scale cremations. There’s more going on in Huabei Province than the Chinese are prepared to admit, although it may just be infected animal carcasses going up in smoke.

As presently advised (this may change) I think we will see large-scale deaths in China, South Korea, and Japan only, with most of the deaths occurring in China. There will be some deaths in the West, indeed the Chinese managed to knock over a few Italians over the weekend, but not that many. If the virus hits Africa in any numbers there may be trouble, however.

Is it airborne?

Yes, absolutely. That’s why we’ve had so many cases aboard MV Diamond Princess. Passengers were confined to their cabins and the idiots left the air-conditioning on! Effectively they turned a modern cruise-liner into a plague ship. This is the danger of acting on faulty intelligence, in this case by buying into the Chinese and WHO version of events.

Airborne and asymptomatic transmission are indices of weaponization. These are the two factors that make COVID-19 particularly dangerous. In my opinion the widely-adopted 14 day quarantine period is too short. I would go for 28 days.

The West needs to be particularly careful about admitting Chinese nationals. One idiot Chinese woman, assuming that she wasn’t a ChiCom agent spreading the virus deliberately, got on a plane (how?) with flu-like symptoms then apparently booked an Uber taxi and headed straight to Lewisham hospital in south-east London. That was ridiculous.

Limiting the entry of Chinese nationals and banning flights to China will harm the Chinese economy but this is something the ChiComs have brought upon themselves. They wanted thousands of deaths in the West. Instead, they’ve got them in China. Tough.

Developments in the UK

As predicted, poor old Boris Johnson is running into trouble. He’s a great campaigner, but he can’t deliver. Not firing Kabinettratsführer ‘von’ Sedwill after the General Election was a huge mistake, which may yet cost Boris the premiership. ‘Von’ Sedwill is waging war on the government and winning.

Ministers are starting to look like house-trained idiots. The hapless new Environment Secretary, George Eustice, doubtless soon to be known as ‘Useless Eustice’ is presiding over a series of disastrous floods. I should explain that whilst government policy is to stop floods Cabinet Office policy is to cause them, the idea being to generate maximum distress and economic disruption. It also makes the Tories look stupid.

It’s all done through control of the rivers. This was centralised some years ago in the Environment Agency, which then cut back on dredging. This caused the rivers to silt up, hence the floods, which the Environment Agency then blames on ‘global warming’, like the planet is hotting up. Government ministers promise to do something after each lot of floods then get told by officials that nothing can be done.

This isn’t the Cabinet government, it’s Cabinet Office government. Since the Cabinet Office is effectively part of the German government, not the British, because of penetration by Germany’s covert GO2 intelligence agency, it means that Britain is largely being run from Germany. Brexit has only solved part of the problem – we need to shut down G02 and the German eavesdropping center in London.

With a Cabinet so ill-informed that not a single member apparently realises that their NHS medical records and tax records are available to the German government sorting this mess out isn’t going to be easy. The PM is clearly compromised, no offense intended.

As word spreads throughout the Tory Party that nothing can be done whilst ‘von’ Sedwill is Cabinet Secretary and he can’t be fired so long as Boris Johnson is Prime Minister so the latter’s position will be undermined. He won’t go this year, and he’ll be patted on the back rather than stabbed in it, but go he will. He can win elections alright, but sadly he can’t do anything with the win.

Sajid Javid MP
Not to be confused with the Hood.

Sajid Javid

The PM’s problems were underlined with his first reshuffle, which saw him lose his Chancellor. Generally, speaking Chancellors of the Exchequer last longer than six months in office. Indeed Sajid Javid was the shortest-serving Chancellor since the late Iain Macleod, assassinated in July 1970 by GO2 on Prime Minister Edward Heath’s orders in order to help force Germany’s conditions of EEC entry onto Britain.

At least Saj is still alive. Boris Johnson is a nice chap (we’ve met) and unlike Heath doesn’t go in for assassinations. Even if he did, GO2 wouldn’t work for him as he’s not a German asset, unlike the Oberstleutnant. The problem with Sajid Javid was that he’d become house-trained, to the point where he swallowed Treasury advice that raising tax rates increases tax revenues. Once Chancellors fall for that old nostrum you may as well take ‘em out and shoot ‘em, nicely of course. Like rabid dogs they’re no longer any use to anyone.


As if he doesn’t have enough problems the PM allowed himself to be bullied by ‘von’ Sedwill into building a silly high-speed railroad line, called HS2, which will go from Old Oak Common in the west of London to a long-abandoned station called Curzon St in Birmingham, which last saw a scheduled passenger train in 1854. The time saved on the train will be lost in getting to and from Old Oak Common of course, indeed passengers will be lucky to find it.

HS2 is bitterly opposed by many Tories and rightly so. It’s also opposed by the PM’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings, who’s highly intelligent and therefore the subject of a Civil Service whispering campaign. (Civil servants tend to give dumb advice, ministers, being elected, are almost by definition dumb and the last thing any civil servant wants is for their dumb advice to be scrutinised by an intelligent adviser.)

MPs all along the proposed HS2 route will be looking for a new leader before long. Thankfully, if the idiot scheme is stopped before the end of next year the damage won’t be too great.

The HS2 project has been tainted by fraud and corruption from the beginning. In a classic example of Civil Service deception, the costs of the scheme were grossly understated, sucking people into supporting it. The potential income was then exaggerated by using an unattainable number of trains per hour.

HS2 will absorb cash which could much better be spent elsewhere. Once it’s underway the answer to every infrastructure proposal will be ‘HS2 has priority.’ The Civil Service will do its best to neuter the manifesto promise to reopen the Beeching lines, inflating costs estimates and exaggerating the difficulties. I predict that no more than 25 miles of lines will have been reopened by the next election.

The fraudulent methods used to close the lines in the first place did huge damage to the credibility of nationalised British Railways and the Civil Service. On the Buntingford branch, BR laid off six signalmen in 1960 as an economy measure in an effort to cut costs. In 1964, in order to show that that the line was running at a loss, BR included the wages of the men it had made redundant four years before (Welbourn, Nigel, Railway Treasures, Manchester: Crecy Publishing, 2018, p.101). That’s just one example – the fraud was blatant, deliberate and widespread.

Sir Philip Rutnam

Not being a house-trained idiot the able and highly competent Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has come in for a whispering campaign, probably directed by her controversial Permanent Secretary, Sir Philip Rutnam. Known to be close to the Cabinet Office Sir Philip was the mastermind of the Home Office’s Windrush strategy, but remained in post, probably because the Home Office strategy had been agreed with the Cabinet Office when Amber Rudd was forced to resign.

Caroline Flack

Almost unknown in the States, Caroline Flack was a prominent reality TV host in Britain. Sweet but somewhat unstable, sadly, she decided on 12th December to have a peek at her new boyfriend’s smartphone whilst he was asleep. This is rarely a good idea, although it doesn’t usually have fatal consequences.

Caroline convinced herself that the new boyfriend was cheating on her, which he probably wasn’t. There was a row, she ended up cutting her wrists and the police were called. On 13th December she was charged with common assault, a summary offense, which meant no jury trial and the almost certain prospect of conviction. (Magistrates’ courts rarely acquit – I think the last fair trial in a magistrates’ court was in 1964.)

Last Saturday the deeply corrupt Crown Prosecution Service, which reports to the Cabinet Office but fraudulently claims to be ‘independent’, told Caroline’s lawyers that her trial was going ahead. This was despite the alleged victim, her boyfriend, having pulled out. He was clearly a key prosecution witness. The CPS was no doubt banking on the well-known propensity of magistrates’ courts to convict regardless of the evidence, as happened in my case, no offense intended.

The CPS continued with the case in the full knowledge that the defendant had mental health issues, was highly vulnerable and on the verge of suicide. In American tort lawyers’ terms, this was the intentional infliction of emotional distress. Sadly but predictably, terrified at the prospect of the two upcoming trials, one by the District Judge at Highbury Corner Mags and the other by the media, Caroline hanged herself, within hours of receiving the dreadful news.

Hopefully, the coroner will convene a jury, who may well have some harsh words to say about the conduct of the CPS. Whitehall is doing its best to hush the scandal up, but the future of the CPS is now on the line. The decision to prosecute Caroline Flack was unjustified and brutal in that it risked serious, foreseeable harm. The CPS wanted a trophy conviction and were willing to risk human life in order to get it. Caroline’s blood is on their hands.

Ironically the CPS and the judiciary, who went along with this tragic farce, are opposed to capital punishment for murder, but not apparently for common assault. Consistent with the organisation being under ultimate German control, given GO2’s stranglehold over the Cabinet Office, the CPS is conducting criminal prosecutions in a manner that would not have looked out of place in the Third Reich or the Soviet Union. Not even the half-crazed Department of Justice is as brutal and callous.

In the name of Caroline Flack, the CPS must be hammered to organisational destruction. In going after them we should take inspiration from RAF Bomber Command and US 8th Army Air Force Bomber Command, who between them so brilliantly blew Dresden apart 75 years ago this month, inflicting such a crushing blow on the mortal German enemy that our community partner Dr. Goebbels wept when he heard the news. There’s only one way to combat evil and that is to hit it and keep hitting it.

If the above seems harsh I should perhaps explain that in 8 years of dealing with the CPS over my two cases I have yet to encounter a single official who has shown even the slightest interest in whether I was guilty or not. They had their orders and they carried them out, with the fanaticism of a concentration camp commandant.

Kirk Douglas (1916 – 2020)

This great actor has sadly passed since my last column. Hugely popular in the UK he was one of the finest actors of his generation. His first movie was in 1946, his last in 2008, some years after a debilitating stroke which would have finished off a lesser man.

Kirk Douglas is perhaps best known for Spartacus (1960), but he had a wide range as an actor and there were many fine performances. My personal favorite is Heroes of Telemark (1965), where he played Dr. Rolf Pedersen. Set in Norway in World War II it’s probably the finest movie ever made about any of the European resistance movements.

By all accounts he was not an easy man to get along with, but whenever I hear that I always wonder how hard people tried? This is a man who left his entire fortune, the best part of $100 million, to charity. He was a towering talent. Inevitably lesser talents got jealous and some of them probably got mean-spirited with it.

When you get to work with a human being as brilliant as Kirk Douglas just accept that it’s a privilege and try and learn something. He was an actor for the ages. He was good enough to stand out in any era and his movies will be watched with enjoyment and talked about for centuries to come.

We’ll miss him. At least we can be thankful that some of that tremendous talent rubbed off on his son Michael.


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