Abandonment of Hajj Pilgrimmage Signals Approach of World War 3 (Islamic Prophecy)

Is Netanyahu Antichrist?


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

The minor pilgrimage to Mecca, the Umrah, has already been cancelled. The Great Pilgrimage, the Hajj, scheduled for July, will likely also be shut down.

In the above video recorded years ago, the world’s leading Islamic eschatologist, Sheikh Imran Hosein, cites a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) that the Hajj would be abandoned during the End Times (akhir uz-zamaan). Sheikh Imran suggested that it would be canceled during a period of extreme geopolitical tension between Zionists and their enemies (Iran and its friends?) due to manufactured hysteria over a pandemic.

Sheikh Imran has been issuing disturbing warnings of the imminent approach of the Malhamma (nuclear World War III) for around seven years. The likely shutdown of the Hajj this year, under conditions very similar to those Sheikh Imran has been predicting for years, is another unsettling portent lending credibility to his interpretations.

For those interested in end times prophecies, I cannot recommend Sheikh Imran’s work too highly. His seminal work Jerusalem in the Qur’an lays out the basis for understanding Zionism as a manifestation of the Antichrist (Dajjal).

He has also written extensively on Gog and Magog (Yajuj and Majuj), two extremely barbaric and destructive nations or tribes who break through the barrier built against them and lay waste to humanity, paving the way for the events of the End Times. Many scholars have speculated on the identity of Gog and Magag. Was it the US and USSR? Zionism and Western imperialism? Christian Zionism and Jewish Zionism?

It occurs to me that rather than being literal nations or tribes, Gog and Magog could represent the two great spiritual deviations of our time: Those who abandon religion (the atheists) and those who invert it (the satanists). Those two false religions are the basis of the two great heretical-Jewish messianic millenarian movements: (atheistic) communism and (satanic) Zionism.

By erasing true religion (worship of and submission to God) atheism/communism paved the way for the triumph of Satanism, represented by the forces of Antichrist/Dajjal. The Zionist Antichrist will attempt to “rebuild” a blood sacrifice temple in Occupied Jerusalem. From that spot he intends to rule the world and enslave the goyim.

Is Bibi Netanyahu the Antichrist? His father, Benzion Netanyahu, was a leading scholar of satanic proto-Zionism in general, and the world’s first real Zionist, Abarbanel, in particular.

Historian Christopher Bjerknes appeared on my radio Friday night and stated that Netanyahu is a leading candidate for Antichrist. Is he right? Listen, watch events unfold, and decide for yourself.



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  1. I don’t think there are many out there who disagree ! Its been building up in severity since 1900, and its fast approaching a peak……………………..Is this the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end ???? I believe the latter. Thank you Kevin for featuring the learned Imam Sheikh Imran Hossein, I am not a follower of Islam, but I have always been drawn to this mans down to earth style of oratory, and his immense worldly common sense and wisdom. I fear he is correct in his prediction.

  2. No, Bibi could not possibly be the AniChrist. Here are my reasons for stating this:

    Bibi is too stupid to be the AntiChrist.

    The AntiChrist will arrive on the global scene mysteriously and with great power.

    The Bible says “all the world wondered after the beast..” (they were amazed and dumfounded)

    The AntiChrist ” will not regard the desire of women” (Bibi is married and has a family)

    The AntiChrist will have a fierce face (Bibi’s face is more the face of a lunatic)

    The arrival of the AntiChrist on the world scene will be an incredible act, causing people to “open their eyes wide” with shock and amazement. As the Bible says: “And the Dragon (Satan) gives him his political seat and great power..”

  3. I think that the sheikh is confused about the chronology of events in Islamic prophecies. Hajj will one day be abandoned because there will be no Muslims left in the world. That is supposed to happen a long time after the Great War, the coming of the Antichrist and Jesus. After the defeat of the Antichrist at the hands of Jesus, Jesus will become the ruler of the Muslim world and, presumably bring about reconciliation between Christians and Muslims. Then the Golden Age of mankind will start during which there will be immense prosperity for all. Over a long period of prosperity belief in God will diminish and will eventually be reduced to zero, including among Muslims. Hajj will be abandoned and the Kaaba will be demolished. When the end of the world comes there will not be a single person on earth who believes in God. That, I believe, is a long way away.

  4. An example of manifest destiny. you get what you ask for or expect of the universe. Let us collectively switch it up and seek abundance. All past,current and future religions are an abomination to the god they profess to represent. This is true because they are made up by man and one man can and will corrupt the whole. The simple saying about power should inform you of this. Just as all governments are corrupted, some more than others. This is why we put as many checks and balances into them. Eventually though, with out careful diligence they will succumb too bad players. Our societies of the world have not learned to rise above warring and fighting. It is a dream to think there is a solution to all suffering. That is due to the often violent, powerful and distructive forces of nature. The opposite is true as nature provides the greatest beauty, creativity and abundance imaginable as well. But hey you can keep praying for me, us and those little devils you implicate!

  5. Not all religion is from the middle east. East Asia has totally different concepts of religious meaning and philosophy. There was no singular ‘god’ based system. They dont have ‘end times’. Also many atheists are atheists fro reasons of science not political systems.

  6. What do you think of those who believe the state Israel will end in 2022 based on interpretations of the Holy Qur’an? It seemed ridiculous a few years ago, but times are changing real fast.

  7. Armageddon is the end goal of all three Abrahamic myths, with a vengeful “god” raining destruction on “his” planet is not only the longest running, demonic PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING on the planet, but is useful cover for Earth’s self appointed gods to exterminate 90% of all humans, on “their” planet, regardless of “belief” systems. If we are successful at avoiding their planned Apocalypse, we must remove the BRUTALITY aspect of “faith”. Humans deserve better.

    • Humans deserve better, but what they will get is death. The end game IS the end times. The complete and utter eradication of all Huumans (that is not a misspell). Leaving only hominids, without compassion, reason, and most especially without soul. Huumans have to understand, this is not their planet. The planet belongs to the homicidal hominids. Huumans are a small minority, and have been a thorn in the side of the hominids for millenia.

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