VT, working with Russian military police arrange hostage release in Syria

…by Nahed al Husaini, VT Damascus
VT Damascus Today, VT working with Russian forces in Syria negotiated the release of the following individuals held hostage within Syria.  This was an internal hostage exchange tied to a very strange story.
VT met with Russian officials and outlined the release, on prisoners held by Damascus and 9 held by militants. The released were: (translated from Arabic)
 1.  Lt. Gibran Samir and Nous
 2.  Colonel Muhammad Ali Mualla
 3. Lieutenant Ali in the name of the star
 4. Lt. Moayad Hasan Hasan
 5.  Corporal Maher Molly Khalil
 6.  First Lieutenant Ahmed Saeed Al-Kardoush
 And two Hezbollah members whose names we did not know
 And a taxi driver from As-Suwayda, Maad Sari Yunus.
A week ago, in Suwaida province, South of Damascus, a strange story began to unfold.  A British aircraft evacuating an SAS team operating with a local militia there was hit by anti-aircraft fire but may have been able to land at an American base inside Jordan.  Stories on the fate of the mysterious SAS assassination team vary but it was an assassination team and it had bought its way into Syria with hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Was President Assad the target?
During the operation to expel the SAS, the Damascus government arrested Raad Bali, a reputed leader of the militia faction working with the SAS.  In retaliation, the group that refers to themselves as the “Dignity Militants,” and no one really knows who they are or much about them, captured a number of Syrian military officers and two members of Hezbollah who were simply driving through the region.
One person in the car was the driver of the taxi.
VT wants to thank the Russia Military Police who organized the exchange without bloodshed.
Militant groups around Syria are currently taking advantage of the conflict in Idlib and have become a defact Mafia, stealing cars, looting businesses and engaging in widespread criminal activity against the Syrian people.
This, quite probably, is the only lasting result of the American incursion into Syria, the creation of a Mafia much like the one that is so powerful within the political organizations of the US.


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  1. What an extraordinary story!!
    I read of the wounding of one or two SAS in S Syria last week on the morning following the incident ….. possibly al-Maydeen, and then ……. NOTHING until now! So thank you VT and thank you Nahed Al-Husaini!! What I wondered most about was the presence of SAS in S Syria so very close to Damascus. Now that I know they were laden with cash, I suspect the truth is as indicated by you : Assassination of President Assad. Clearly there was an exchange of fire between Syrian Armed Forces and SAS and at some point, I hope VT will be able to tell us all a lot more about the background to this story.
    I’m delighted to learn of the release of Prisoners but wonder at the nature of the persons who were swapped with the Syrian Gov’t with the assistance of Russian Special Forces. Were American, British, French and Israeli captives swapped? or merely mid-level-ranking “Terrorists” …… the real Terrorists being those American, British, French and Israelis who deserve nothing less than to rot forever in Z-Grade Prison accommodation unless and until they are willing to go in front of cameras and tell the world the reality of what they inflicted upon the Syrian State and Syrian People and the identity of those responsible for the entire mess ….. by that, I mean the real culprits like David Cameron, Hillary Clinton, BiBi, Nicolas Sarkozy, Joe Biden and the Washington Cabal of psychos.

  2. The SAS are forbidden to act against iran , iranian allies or their interests.
    If they do … they die .

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