Hecatomb Italy! In Lombardy region only More Deaths than Whole China. Dead in the Streets

In the italic peninsula 7.503 victims! In Spain 3.434


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT iTaly

The CoronaVirus hecatomb continues in Italy where in the last 24 hours there have been another 683 victims and leading to more than 6 thousand the total of the dead.

CoronaVirus – 8. Exclusive: “Russian Mission for Cleaning Italy and World from a Bio-Weapon”

For understanding the tragic situation is important highlights that the 4.178 deaths toll in Lombardy region only, where live 10millions persons, overtaked that of China in which Covid-19 killed 3.245 but where live 1.3 billions people.

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 3. GSK Golden Vaccine’s Ring with Bill Gates, Pentagon and Zionist’s BlackRock

The situation in Spain is also very serious, where the death toll has risen to The death toll to 3,434, surpassing that of China too.

Among the hypotheses that can explain this great massacre there is the violence of the viral genotype, as a biological or chemical weapon, and the lack of health facilities for a suitable emergency. Only at the weekend will be ready the 200 places of the new hospital built inside Fair City Milan.

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 7. TOP SECRET Military Missions in Ukraine, Fort Detrick, Sigonella, Wuhan and Modena

Like the plague of 1630 in Milan described by the Christian writer Alessandro Manzoni in his masterpiece I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed)! In Italy, unfortunately, dramatic videos of people who died on the street begin to circulate. As if they had been struck by hard respiratory crisis with fulminating cardiological collapse.

It is obviously that we cannot be sure that these deaths were caused by the CoronaVirus but the footages are reliable because comes from authorative sources and now the pandemic across the country is turning into a cata strophic massacre.

As we haven’t certain that all the other 7.503 dead are died for this reason because the autpsies have been made for a few of the  dead due to the big number of corpses and the high infection’s danger.

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 2. Intel sources: «Spread by CIA with nano-Uav» as Cyber-DragonflEye. Alert in Iran and Italy

The point of the Civil Protection of March 24 is really a war bulletin: 57.521 sick in Italy, 3..491 more than the day before, the recovered rise to 19.846 with 3.396 in intensive therapy. The healthed people are now 9.362 instead the deaths mark another record: 683 more than yesterday rising the toll to 7.503. Meanwhile the dead people worldwide are over 20 thousand and the infected 450 thousand.

The total cases of the positive at Covid-19 since the outbreak of the pandemic in Italy are now 74.386. So the bacteriological weapon theory appears increasingly well founded.

Military trucks with many coffin starting from Lombardy for going to crematories in other regions

Another military column had to bring 70 coffins from Bergamo, the province most hit, to the crematories of other cities. No funeral, no farewell ritual by relatives. Too much fear of infection!

Only one person who dies and is quickly locked up in a wooden crate for eternity. In these terrible moments, those who believe in God and the Risen Jesus Christ are truly fortunate!

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 5. Cardinal Blames: “A Rich Country Sowed This Poison. UN must Investigate”

In the face of these disastrous numbers, the prophecy, on wich we wrote the last report below, about the pandemic and the need for an ”international order” made in 2018 by the former CIA executive and White House National Security former deputy Advisor during the administration of President Barack Obama and his deputy becomes increasingly disturbing Joe Biden, today Dem candidate in the 2020 presidential primaries.

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 6. Prophecy on Pandemic and NWO by Obama-Biden CIA’s Queen

The message is clear: only the New World Order can provide security.

Orwell’s Animal Farm is becoming a reality in a murderous criminal and world conspiracy. In the previous reportage all the disturbing indications of a global conspiracy …

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio



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  1. Dear Fabio
    First of all I’m not a ghost! Second, I’ve access to resources from different departements, but I love to keep a discreet profile, while you don’t, you want seem a great person and so you claim a lot of relations. You say only part of the story, and you have a big weakness to redirect a true news to a FAKE making things different and bigger that they are changing details. The fact that you have 2.500.000 access to gospanews (with a lot of fake news) don’t means anything, is easy and all we can do that easily, but this do not means that we are doing real good journalism or telling the truth.
    So better you talk to me of wine, I’ve seen your profile (I’m curios to ask at some newpaper how many articles you have published in first page in these years), why today don’t write for a big newpaper? If you are on the field from so many years? Why you use a personal site?
    The reason is that in this way you can publish also thing that real newspaper will never publish.
    So thank the fact that you are italian let me say “Co ‘a vocca chiusa nun traseno mosche”.
    Tu fai il grande, non sei grande!

    • Dear little ghost-man that need a fake profile to comment.
      Your insane personal aggression explain to each person your human qualities. There aren’t a single news without source in whole my newsmedia. My journalistic history is a private affair reserved only for my firends.
      You can read my post on Reseau International, Sputnik Italia, Maurizio & Blondet, or re-published on State of the Nation, Orwell, Open Mind and i many other COUNTER.INFORMATION media in greek, chinese, farsi, bulgar…
      It’s a very idiot question for a reader of a counter-information media as VT ask why i don’t write on important mondialist newspaper of mainstream.
      Scherza coi fanti ma lascia stare i Fanti… Non ho mai preteso di essere grande. Però scrivo dove tu piccirillo puoi soltanto scrivere nei commenti e rosicare… ah ah ah. Per cortesia evita un’altra risposta perchè ho di meglio da fare che stare dietro a stupidate e offese gratuite…

  2. My condolences to Italy and Italians. The news from there is terrible. Russia sends military chem-bio specialists to Italy. We must help each other. Fabio, take care yourself.

  3. Some have wondered why they would go after Italy. The overwhelming majority of Italians are Roman Catholic.

  4. Please don’t say foolish! First of all is not said that that woman have been killed by Covid-19, and also if was, the greatest part of the homeless is helped and assisted as better we can do. Often they die for other reason, in each case ALSO AN HOMELESS IN ITALY receive free INTENSIVE CARE aganist Covid-19.
    Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio (https://it.linkedin.com/in/fabio-giuseppe-carlo-carisio-75352a74 for what we can see he has more experience on wine and art than real life) do not seem a person that live in Italy and seems more oriented to FAKE NEWS making a single episode like a massacre (https://www.gospanews.net/en/author/admin/ seem more a site of FAKE NEWS!).
    So SITUATION IS HARD BUT UNDER CONTROL, don’t say stupid things on my country if you need to be famous try with other methods not using FAKE.
    Dear Fabio begin to do a serious work a real work as we do to make ITALY GREAT and able to pay debt!
    Why a real newpaper don’t ask to you to write for it? You need a personal site to publish news because no serious newpaper publish this garbage!

    • Hi ghost, you’re so rude that you prefer read my other professional history in Linkedin than the journalistic specific one in my biography on “VT author details” in wich there are all info about my country and city in Italy too. You’ve so implied malice that you forget all my previous reports about DOSSIER OSINT (may be that you don’t know even the meaning of this word) on Italy, Syria, Lybia, Afghanistan thanks my INTEL sources, the same that sent me these disturbing footages in wich we can see that the first persons worried are the military cops of Carabinieri.

      In Italy at the moment, as I’ll explain in the next post with interview to my friend Medical Doctor in Disaster Manager and NCBR (Nuclear Bactheriological Chemical Radiological) expert and teacher yesterday at work in hospital, the Health System is in total collapse because there aren’t even enough ambulances to rescue the sick persons at home or in the streets and so they arrive alone or with friends to Emergency Room already with serious respiratory distress. As you can read in my post we haven’t yet the certain that the person are died for COVI-19 as we haven’t certain that all the other 4.825 dead are died for this reason because the autpsies haven’t been made due to the big number of corpses and the high infection’s danger.

      So, according to the source that envoied me the footages, is highly likely that this persons are died for CoronaVirus shocking respiratory attack as my INtel source told me. Please first learn reading before enjoying your-self to denigrate a professional journalist (since 30 years) who try to expose not only the official version of his catastrophe.

      For repect to Italian dead people first!

      if the newspapers in Italy and in the world were really serious there would be no need for VT in the US and my site Gospa News in Italy which has exceeded 2.5 million unique visitors in the space of a year and a half. Aafter voluntarily interrupting the collaboration with two national newspapers I can say it with extreme serenity.

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