Venezuela: Guaido’s Friends ParaMilitary Narcos Tied to Italian Mafia but Trump charges Maduro

Suspicious suddenly surrender one former general wanted by US DoJ and coup supporter. Caracas Foreign Minister: “A DEA plot with Columbia”. Italian police DIA investigative dossier on 'Ndrangheta affairs.


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT iTaly

Donald Trump is a fool! As such it can be almost appreciated because it is a splinter gone mad in the Big Bang unleashed by the Deep State and therefore it can explode beyond any planned plot that has turned against the same conspirators. Unfortunately – enslaved by his narcissistic vainglory of omnipotence which was already fatal to the biblical king Saul, Alexander the Great, Napoleon and Mussolini – he surrounded himself with fraudulent advisors who compete to praise him to earn his esteem and thus impose his routes and functional targets to their principals in the Weapons’ Lobby.



That’s why I find hard to think that he was the limited and coarse intelligence of the American president (one of the reasons why he is less dangerous than other US heads of state or his candidate rivals) to suggest that he put a bounty on Nicolas Maduro, legitimately elected president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, for the heavy charge of drug trafficking.

Even more because this happens in the middle of the pandemic that is threatening the state but is already overwhelming North America making it the nation with the most cases of CoronaVirus in the world and over a thousand deaths.

Pandemic Bio-Weapon – 9. Supervirus Created by US during Obama’s Govt: 89 CoVid Strains in CIA’s Top Secret Tests

Instead of concentrating on understanding how he can dealt with this biological weapon and who triggered it, given that the clues to its possible responsibilities are few and weak while those against its political rivals are much more serious and numerous, as we have shown and we’ll show in the next report (subscribe on Gopa News for previews).

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 7. NWO-CIA-DEM Top Secret Military Missions in Ukraine, Fort Detrick, Sigonella, Wuhan, Modena

This is why Trump, in the face of the tragedy of contagion, appears really pathetic today, indulging his bad advisers in an attempt to divert the attention of the Americans with his favorite target: the usual Venezuela!

The charge of narcoterrorism with a bounty on the Venezuelan president and his collaborators is ridiculous but very dangerous: because it could provoke the bounty killers triggering an unprecedented spiral of violence as reported by Maduro himself. The Venezuelan Head of State is accused of trafficking with those Colombian terrorists whom he himself did arrest for accomplicity in the regime-change’s project and they were even photographed with his coup supporter Juan Guaidò hold up by the Americans.

To better understand the situation, we will analyze various episodes that occurred last year in the field of terrorism together with the dossier of the Italian investigators of the Counter-Mafia (the Mob) Investigation Directorate (DIA) who clearly highlight the important links between the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta’s mobsters and the Mexican cartels that today control the Columbian criminal gangs very active in Venezuela’s borders and iside the country too, due to is one of the transit areas for drugs from Colombia before its worldwide distribution.


The United States Department of Justice has accused the Venezuelan president and some of his close associates of conspiring with the Colombian rebels “to flood the US with cocaine”. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo added that the state department will offer cash rewards of up to $ 55 million for information leading to the arrest or conviction of Maduro and the other offenders. In particular, up to $ 15 million for the Venezuelan president and up to $ 10 million for each of the others.

The Venezuelan minister is right to define this latest US strategy of the “desperation” of the White House that we cannot afford the luxury of challenging it with an armed attack for the protection that is guaranteed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his military forces as per those of China, Cuba and Iran.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in December 2018 in Moscow by Russian President Vladimir Putin

«By holding key positions in the Maduro regime, these people violated public trust by facilitating shipments of narcotics from Venezuela, including by controlling planes departing from a Venezuelan air base, as well as on routes through ports in Venezuela» he said. Pompey.

For political analysts, Maduro’s indictment could increase the chances of re-election for President Trump in Florida, where he won by narrow margin in 2016 and where powerful Venezuelans, Cubans and Nicaraguans live who have fled their countries and regimes.

To make understand the gravity and absurdity of the indictment even to the most ignorant Europeans of geopolitics, who reading only the mainstream media supported by NATO think-tanks believe that Maduro is worse than killed Libyan dictator Muhammar Gheddafi, I give an example using the rhetorical figure of the hyperbole: an absolutely unreal and paradoxical similitude like the classic camel in the eye of a needle.


This accusation of US narcoterrorism against the Bolivarian Head of State is comparable to the eventuality in which Venezuela himself should indict the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella because the mafia, historically rooted in the Mediterranean peninsula, through the synergies between the Sicilian Cosa Nostra and the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta manages almost all drug trafficking from the Caribbean to Europe.

And this obviously increases the affairs of the Colombian cartels without the Italian police authorities being able to nip, once and for all, the gangster’s clans which, indeed, also proliferate thanks to the synergies between the mafia, lawyers, investigators and parliamentarians, many of whom arrested in the 2019 were of the same Democratic Party in which the Head of State, Sicilian born, played as deputy.

ITALIA MAFIA X-FILE: Dagli atti parlamentari la storia dei milioni dati dall’affarista di Riina a Mattarella: assolto per “modica quantità”…

It is common ground that, although Mattarella had a trial many years ago in which he was acquitted for taking petrol vouchers from a member of the Cosa Nostra in Palermo, he cannot be held responsible for these international crimes from a legal point of view.

Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez with Donald Trump and the NYT article

On social media they cleared the matter with a memorable grotesque picture posted by Anya Parampil (@anyaparampil) on Twitter: the image of an eloquent NYT title close to Trump’s with Juan Orlando Hernandez, president of Honduras accused by the New Prosecutor York for taking money to protect drug traffickers.


As a direct consequence of the indictments, Clíver Antonio Alcalá Cordones, former great general of the Venezuelan army, surrendered to the Colombian national intelligence directorate in Bogota on Friday and is now in the custody of the American federal drug agency DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration ) in a way so fast that it seems designed for his collaboration.

Former General Clíver Antonio Alcalá Cordones

Alcalà is among the 13 senior officers affected by the “size” of the New York Court of the Southern District because they are considered members of the Cartel de Los Sole (of the Suns), the phantom organization of Venezuelan soldiers implicated in drug trafficking reported so far only by the US and their countries allies since the revolutionary uprisings of 2014.

But he left the army in 2013 and In fact, he left the army in 2013 and was suspected during the week of being at the center of an arms trafficking for his past contacts with the communist terrorist narcos of FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia), but in the past he had also admitted to having orchestrated a plot against Maduro.

He therefore represents the ideal “repentant” to accuse the Venezuelan president of anything. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza called these US charges “desperate”.

Il ministro degli Esteri venezuelano Jorge Arreaza ha definito queste accuse degli Usa “disperate”. «The DEA has been the key international actor in the protection of drug production and processing in Colombia and the guarantor and vigilante of its transfer to the minds of young people in the United States» Arreaza said.


Gospa News knows very well, without justifying them, the embarrassing “indispensable” relations with the United States with ambiguous countries such as Turkey and Colombia itself, and therefore is not shocked much for the photo of Trump with the President of Honduras indicted by American justice for alleged aid to narco-traffickers.

While we remember well those of some paramilitaries narcos together with Juan Guaidò, the parliamentarian who in January 2019 proclaimed himself interim president of Venezuela, with the recognition of Washington and their other allied countries.

Lebanon-Iraq: Christian religious leaders bless US-CIA, Zionist and Sunni coups under CANVAS acts

The self-proclamation of the opposition leader came at the end of a plan well piloted by the Americans through the Central Intelligence Agency and some of its action tools: CANVAS, Belgrade’s self-styled anti-violence center for democratic revolution where hundreds of people die as in Ukraine and Iraq which deals with propaganda and demonstrations, and USAID, the government agency for International Development that physically finances the coup leaders.

The White House’s goal for a regime-change over the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for oil, gas and gold deposits dates back to many years ago and materialized in 2002 in Caracas when mysterious snipers fired on protesters, as in Kiev in 2014, in a clandestine operation attributed to the CIA following which the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was later arrested by the American special units, later freed with the mediation of the local cardinal for the mass counter-revolution of the population loyal to him.


These actions culminated in the economic sanctions approved by Obama in 2015 and then exacerbated by Trump since 2017 which have brought the country to its knees causing a serious shortage of basic necessities such as food and medicines that are reflected above all in the poorest states despite the Indices Human Development Agencies had identified the nation up to then in a phase of high development.  According to some sociological studies, these measures indirectly caused the death of about 40 thousand people including many children and babies.


The current Venezuelan rebel, dismissed from the presidency of the National Assembly in a parliamentary meeting in January, grew up in the footsteps of Leopoldo Lopez, believed to be an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency and founder of the Voluntad Popular party a few months after the election of Barack Obama to president of the Usa.

After Lopez’s arrest and conviction for the Guarimbas, protests with incendiary barricades in which numerous pro Maduro Venezuelans were burnt alive with Molotov cocktails by protesters, Guaidò, also like his mentor graduated from expensive North American universities, led protests culminating in the electromagnetic sabotages of March 2019 that left the country in black-out for weeks and for which he himself is still under investigation.


In this disturbing picture of occasional urban guerrilla clashes, not degenerated by the government’s controlled use of force, in September 2019 the image of the leader of the protesters alongside prominent representatives of one of the many had caused a stir in the South American media Bandas Criminales who manage drug trafficking.

Juan Guaidò in Cucuta, Colombia, with El Minor and El Brother, two bosses of the bandas criminal Los Rastrojos

«Human rights defender and executive director of the Progresar Foundation, Wilfredo Cañizares, ratified his complaint for the bond of Venezuelan deputy Juan Guaidó, with the Colombian paramilitary group Los Rastrojos, who, as indicated, collaborated with his entry into Colombia» reported TeleSur in reference to when the coup supporter attended the Venezuela Live Aid concert in the border town of Cúcuta.

The images show Guaidó at the intersection of the Colombian-Venezuelan border on 22 February 2019, together with Albeiro Lobo Quintero, known as El Brother, and John Jairo Durán, alias El Menor, belonging to the Los Rastrojos group. In those days, the scandal of trucks set on fire with humanitarian aid sent by the USA also broke out in Cucuta.


At first the New York Time blamed the Bolivarian National Guard then, after the publication of the full footage of Russia Today, he was forced to correct the news by highlighting that it was the Guaidò protesters who set fire to the Molotov cocktails to blame Maduro.


CCañizares also reported that El Menor was later captured in Venezuela in the state of Carabobo in June: «They are two extremely dangerous criminals. This group, Los Rastrojos, has been operating in the Colombian municipality of Puerto de Santander since 2002».


These subjects have been identified as responsible for massive murders and forced disappearances, acts perpetrated in that location on the banks of the La Grita river. And these paramilitary organizations are a product of Colombian exports to Venezuelan territory, necessary for drug trafficking but also useful for flanking the coup…

The fake identity card of the Colombian criminal Wilfredo Torres Gomez wanted by Interpol nicknamed Neco and arresed by Venezuelan Sebin (Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional)

This has been confirmed by numerous important arrests made by Sebin, Bolivarian intelligence, including that of Wilfredo Torres Gomez, the Colombian super-fugitive killer wanted by Interpol.

And it is precisely from international investigators that an account of Venezuela arrives, which in fact partially dismantles the accusations of narco-terrorism against President Maduro, revealing a network of well-known and organized criminal consortiums.

The Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate of Rome, the police, Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza task-force for investigating on organized crime, wrote it in the first half-yearly report 2019 to Parliament within the paragraph on the underworld ramifications abroad… (read more here)



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