The Coronavirus exposed naked the corruption in our Congress and administration and that this Congress, like all other Congress before it, is not the “People’s Congress” but the “Corporate Congress.”

With more than 40 million workers deemed “essential” to the economy expected to be out of a job in a few weeks, and are without health insurance, and paid sick leave. Now is the time for them and members of their families to take total revenge on members of Congress, both House and Senate who for years stood in the way of mandating full universal healthcare, paid sick leave and minimum wage, with no mercy for Democrats before Republicans.

For too long, Congress hijacked by big money, big corporations, big donors. Who not only wrote the tax codes but were able to fleece the Treasury out of trillions of dollars in corporate give away and tax breaks while leaving tens of millions of Americans without a guaranteed minimum wage, universal healthcare, and paid sick leave.

It also exposed the shameful if not a criminal failing of our Congress in representing the interests of the general public, those who vote them in office, not those who pay for them to get into office.

We are the only Western “democracy” that does not afford its citizens “universal healthcare,” “paid sick leave,” and minimum wage.” To our shame and disappointment, we are the only nation in the world, its representatives in both the House and Senate, are privately “closed corporations” owned by Wall Street oligarchs, but not by the people.

Congress always find easy ways to bail out corrupt, incompetent, even criminal management of Wall Street, as it did many times during the last 40 years. With no sense of shame, find excuses after excuses for not passing legislation to provide universal health coverage and paid sick leave for the tens of millions of workers now deemed essential to the national economy. If our Congress can easily find trillions in financial aids and tax breaks to corporations and with tens of billions in subsidies to Israel, yet could not find money to fund and enforce universal healthcare for its citizens.

A lifetime opportunity to take revenge and vote out of office both Democrats and Republicans who stood in the way of mandating universal healthcare, minimum wage, and paid sick leaves.

If these tens of millions of workers are deemed essential for our economy, why does our Congress denies them fundamental rights? Besides, it is our money, tax payer’s money that goes out to bail out corporations, yet while denying our people such fundamental rights. This November takes revenge with no mercy. Don’t forget, even with the tens of millions of dollars these Oligarchs spend to own Congress, only with our vote, your vote, and mine can they take office.


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  1. Thank you, everyone, for your comments and contributions. Let us keep in mind members of both House and Senate will do everything to retain their seats even if they have to sell their families and inlaws. What we can do and given the problem that some states put obstacles for third party candidates or even a write-in candidate is to force the candidates to write and sign a pledge to support and vote for such legislation and keep their feet and heads to the fire. Let us make sure we take these issues serioulsy otherwise there will be a recall if they dont keep their written promise which becomes a contractual agreement between citizens and members of Congress. Not easy but very doable. Just them we do mean business.

    • Oh no, thank you, and I agree that a pledge of promised policies followed by recall elections if representatives do not keep their promises would increase accountability. It is doable, but not under current business-as-usual political processes. One reason many representatives “sell their families and inlaws” is because when the NWO “mean[s] business,” people get JFK’d or RFK’d.

      Do not get me wrong, sir: We should stand for something better. But don’t the world oligarchs wield more threatening strategies than vote-the-bums-out…?

  2. You’re a good man, Sami.
    But between gerrymandering and hack-able Diebold machines, it’s so-close to hopelessness. And who really selects are which candidates are on the ballot? AIPAC?
    As Samuel Clemens said: “If voting made a difference, ‘they’ wouldn’t let us do it.”
    “They” by the way are criminal, war-mongering, Zionist Banksters.

  3. Completely agree…vote every incumbent out. Wall St. getting $ trillions in bailouts again. Joe Blow getting a $1200 check.

    • “Vote every incumbent out” to what end? If it’s a Democrat, vote in a Republican? If it’s a Republican, vote in a Democrat? And if somehow your district gets major support behind a third-party or independent candidate, what makes them any more resilient to the lobbyists, intelligence agents, assassins, etc…?

    • That’s right, Poppadop! Every incumbent. If the government won’t pass term limits, the voters must. I don’t care about political parties. Under Barack Obama, after the last crash, banks got bailouts and got to keep their bonuses, while 5 million American families lost their homes, which those same banks got to resell.
      Same thing this time around; banks are getting bailouts while Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are proposing low-interest loans for small businesses that have been forced to shut down.

    • Yes, Ed: I know that both corporate parties are corporate. Yet this is precisely why vote-the-bums-out is not a viable strategy. Other parts of the political and monetary systems would have to change first; otherwise, what keeps us from getting different bums and having little de facto change…?

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