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Cardinal George Pell’s comment on the acquittal at bottom of the article

For years it has been painted like a monster. Suspected, accused and finally imprisoned after a 6-year sentence of imprisonment, which took place without evidence, for a terrible and doubly defamatory crime for a Christian priest: pedophilia. To report it was a man who thirty years late claimed to remember an abuse, suffered by him and another chorister of the church when he was still a minor.

The accusations turned out to be false of the self-styled victim, in contemporary society built and governed by the atheist / deist ideologies of the Masonic Enlightenment, were enough to beat an eminent Australian cardinal in jail for 400 days.

The Australian High Court had to intervene on Tuesday, April 7, to quash the judgments of previous judges who had condemned the emeritus archbishop of Melbourne, George Pell, believing the story of his accuser: an alleged violence he claimed had been perpetrated – but this was not the case according to the sentence of the chief judge Susan Kiefel – in 1996 in the sacristy of the Cathedral of St. Patrick, just after the Mass, in ways that immediately seemed improbable for the presence of many faithful still in the temple. As swown by the Sky Australia video (at bottom of page) last year.

Cardinal George Pell insulted by the crowd at the exit of one of the hearings

Pell at 78 years of age returned to freedom leaving the maximum security prison of Barwon where he was locked up in solitary confinement in the special surveillance arm reserved for pedophiles. But, due to the absurd judgments of the first degree and Appeal, his story remains an indelible stain on the Holy See in the chatter of the ignorant populace of social media that comments without even reading the facts.

In fact, he was the first cardinal to end up in the media pillory for that crazy charge without even detailed indications and based only on the complainant’s testimony, being the other alleged victim died of an overdose before the investigation.

He was “abducted” by the secular mainstream and used as a scapegoat for all the abuses on children of which many religious were blamed, often unjustly, sometimes, unfortunately, fundamentally, although the percentage of truly guilty priests is infinitesimal compared to the global number of cult ministers and considerably less than that of other social categories that work with minors such as teachers.


That neo-pagan world knows no other divinities outside of its satanic triple economic, political and epicurean power, in which homosexuality, transsexuality and pedophilia itself are answers to the boredom of unbridled lust instead than to authentic and procreative love, he delights to point the finger at what he does not believe, thinking of delegitimizing with an occasional demonstration of hypocrisy artifact that truth of Jesus Christ which survived centuries of martyrdom of his apostles and saints.

That same society that contemplates for the rich serial rapists the loophole of a large compensation to negotiate the penalty, which gives a sometimes modest price to the virginity of a young boy or a girl, which also idolizes the pedophiles themselves if they are artistic geniuses like Woody Allen, who allows the use of drugs to upset the sexuality of even autistic children, has unleashed the witch hunt against consecrated Christians.


He feels right and duty to do so to avenge the victims of some Inquisition Tribunal which, in the Middle Ages marred by a rampant diabolical occultism, killed many innocent people or those really guilty of bloody evil who certainly did not deserve the stake.

Of this and more Pope John Paul II asked forgiveness from humanity, which instead does not feel the slightest remorse for the bloody shame of mass political crimes, which still justifies massacres, beheadings, hangings and rapes even against children in early age committed on the wave of the revolutionary movements of Jacobins in France, Bolsheviks in Russia and communist partisans besieged in Italy. Or the holocaust of native Indians in United Stated, founded by illustrious masons.


From June 24, 1717, the official foundation of the Grand Lodge of England of Protestant origin in defiance of John the Baptist who took off on that day is celebrated by Catholics, until the Third Millennium of the sexual promiscuities preached by the Lutheran Modernists, sin has become a relative concept established time to time by the potentates just like the crimes associated with it.

St. Pio’ Prophecy on Christians’ homelands, NWO Rockefeller’s abortion law and Masons war

Western secularism if it could immediately burn Christian religious accused of pedophilia at the stake so that they do not even have the opportunity to try to exculpate themselves, but it is the same that winks at the freedom of sexual opinion thanks to which someone in the US has already founded created the pedophile movement, also drawing the flag and sweetening the sinful concept with the soft MAP term “people attracted by minors”.

Pedophile flag presented by supporters of the MAP movement “people attracted by minors” (who wants to free pedophilia)

In this ethical drift and rottenness softened by millions of schizophrenic contradictions of increasingly imperfect democracies and increasingly corrupt judicial systems, every now and then, in the very human story of a follower of Christ ready to face martyrdom triggered by false accusations, as happened for the crucified Jesus can resurrect the truth that makes him free.

«We have seen how the doctors of the law have raged against Jesus, how they have judged him fiercely. I ask to pray for all the people who suffer an unjust sentence for fury» Pope Francis I said well in the homily during the Mass in Santa Marta on Wednesday 8 April as the only reference to the episode.

There were very few people in that courtroom in Brisbane, Australia, listening to the judges’ judgment at the end of the trial against Cardinal Pell. There were very few journalists ready to celebrate the triumph of truth: since during the hearings they had already noticed that the house of cards of the lies about the scandal they themselves had magnified for who knows what hidden conditions (or prizes) was breaking up day by day.

While few reporters, including the Catholic journalist Marco Tosatti (link at the bottom of the page), they scrupled to dig into the judicial investigation to reveal the inconsistency of the accusatory system despite the first and second degree sentences that brought a prison Conservative exponent of the Catholic Church, unpopular with the liberal and progressive political world, former head of the Vatican Secretariat for Economy and Finance.

Vatican released an official statement: «The Holy See, which has always expressed confidence in the Australian judicial authority, welcomes the High Court’s unanimous decision concerning Cardinal George Pell, acquitting him of the accusations of abuse of minors and overturning his sentence».

«Entrusting his case to the court’s justice, Cardinal Pell has always maintained his innocence, and has waited for the truth to be ascertained. At the same time, the Holy See reaffirms its commitment to preventing and pursuing all cases of abuse against minors» wrote in Rome.


Just in the days when a terrible virus became a greedy sickle in the hands of death, unleashed by hidden conspirators of that same New World Order planned by the financial and Masonic lobbies, and it evoked the plagues of the Book of the Apocalypse of St. John the Evangelist, the cardinal of the Catholic Apostolic Church founded in Rome on the blood of the martyred saints Peter and Paul, persecuted by power for their faith, opinion and word, sees the light of divine justice also pierce the darkness of human injustice on earth.

Just in Holy Week, in the days close to the commemoration of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Messiah of the revealed God of Abraham and Israel, hope rises to Heaven with the festive flight of that Easter dove which is a symbol of the Holy Spirit capable of every prodigy.

Even that of forcing the misery of the neo-pagan Freemasons to reveal the malice and perfidy of their plots against Christianity for which Pell was slandered and pilloried today, tomorrow it will be someone else’s turn.

Until even this cycle of devilish losers will be swept away by the power of God as it has been for 7 thousand years, as the splendid Magnificat prayer of the Virgin Mary recalls …

«The Almighty has done great things for me and his name is Holy: from generation to generation his mercy extends to those who fear him. He unfolded his arm’s strenght. He scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts; he overthrew the mighty from the thrones, he raised the humble; he has filled the hungry with good things, has sent the rich away empty-handed».

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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“I have always maintained my innocence while suffering from a serious injustice. This was remedied today with the unanimous decision of the High Court. I look forward to reading the sentence and the reasons for the decision in detail.

I have no ill will towards my accuser, I don’t want my acquittal to add to the pain and bitterness that many feel; there is certainly enough pain and bitterness. However, my trial was not a referendum on the Catholic Church; nor a referendum on how ecclesiastical authorities in Australia dealt with the crime of pedophilia in the Church.

The point was if I had committed these terrible crimes, and I didn’t. The only basis for long-term healing is truth and the only basis for justice is truth, because justice means truth for everyone. Special thanks for all the prayers and thousands of letters of support. I want to thank my family in particular for their love and support and for what they have had to do through my small team of consultants, those who have spoken for me and have suffered and all my friends and supporters here and abroad.

In addition, my warmest thanks and my gratitude to all my legal team for their firm determination in making justice prevail, shedding light on the fabricated darkness and revealing the truth. Finally, I am aware of the current health crisis. I am praying for all those affected and our front line medical staff”.

Cardinale George Pell





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  1. this guy with the red cap is the 2nd in charge to the pope himself. this guy knowingly was complicit even if he personally didn’t do anything with the thousands of abuses of the catholic based institutions of pedophilia since 1940 all whilst he was a senior member of the catholic institution. to say he didn’t cover up or not know due to the volumes of cases between 1940-current is obnoxious catholicism at best. good luck (not)

  2. Pell was exonerated on a mere technicality via a High Court ruling referable to a definition of “reasonable doub after mere hours “reviewing” the previous judgement.
    There was no jury in this instance
    The previous trial found Pell guilty after several months of sordid travail.
    The 10 jury members completely exhausted by this time, unanimously found Pell guilty after dissecting the evidence in excruciating detail
    A number of these were Catholics.
    One of these jurors has written a book about this twaudy matter and is campaigning for change.
    Subsequently several more victims have come forward.

    • Apologies for the typo (as above) – We know of one of Australia’s most incisive and articulate authors who subsequently interviewed Pell at great length, attended all the trials without missing a day, and spent hundreds of hours deep diving into witness interviews.
      His forthcoming book will make compelling reading.

  3. “Of this and more Pope John Paul II asked forgiveness from humanity,” – FGCC

    Did that include an apology for “Vox in Rama” leading to genocide of cats in Europe?

  4. It’s ludicrous to suggests there is an ‘anticlerical plot’. Simple fact is, the Catholic Church is and has always been, riddled with paedophiles and child abusers and the Vatican has actively covered it up.

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