…by Sami Jadallah

Never in my 58 years of living in America, I felt so sad that I to want to cry. As I watched the news and read the stories coming from home and watch the number of deaths rising every day and on occasions watching the president recommending people drink chlorine and expose themselves to the sun as a cure, it does make you cry.

I want to cry for the tens of millions of workers, wage earners living on a minimum wage, and working two jobs to survive left out of the big corporate bailout. With Secretary Steven Mnuchin suggesting $1200 should last a family ten weeks.

I am sure he pays that for one dinner at Ruth Christi, a corporation that got $20 million in bailout when last year it earned $20 million in profits.

Maybe the Democrats should have their say so insisting on a monthly subsidy of $2,000 per family until this whole thing blows away. It is only a few billions they could have asked for, but they too chose to give away $6 Trillion incorporate social welfare.

I want to cry for the tens of millions of small family-owned businesses owning a little Vietnamese, or Chines, or Indians, or Falafel or a hamburger place where the entire family work over 15 hours’ day to cover their monthly expenses without the need to go on welfare or food assistance.

The millions of service employees in grocery stores and delivery services who to are cheated out by the likes of Amazon when one-day stock appreciations could pay for the healthcare and paid sick leaves to all of Amazon’s employees for a year.

I want to cry as I watched thousands and thousands of cars lining up the streets of every American town and city waiting for hours to pick up a food basket for their families.

And as I look at it, we are the most potent (military nation) in the history of the world with our ships and aircraft carriers and soldier are all over the globe, ruling the seas. Yet we look back on our own Homefront to see an army of millions of unemployed, lost their jobs with no health care, no sick leaves, and no paid lay off.

Tens of millions of families are only days away from being evicted by the big landlord like Jared Kushner and Secretary Mnuchin. These two wealthy New York Jews, during the last financial crisis, picked up tens of thousands of rental units on the cheap as a special favor from their banker’s buddies. How is it possible that the wealthiest country in the world allowed millions of its citizens, hard-working citizens, to be a few weeks if not days away from starvations and evictions from homes.

I do not blame the corrupt “bought” political institutions and political parties. Still, I do blame the very citizens who have lived for decades on the margins by not taking the few minutes to cast their votes and vote out the entire members of both House and Senate and reclaim Congress for the people and away from big donors and big corporate cheaters.

It is not so surprising to see the Senate full of financial crooks who cheated the government out of billions in fraudulent billing of Medicare. And to view members of the Senate shedding tens of millions of stocks based on private briefing and confidential information of what is coming with this Coronavirus.

One needs and must cry to see that when discovered, we did not have the most basic medical supplies and gears and have to wait for China to send up what is needed for our medical staff to care for the hundreds of thousands of patients. It is such a shame to see nurses using garbage bags as medical gears while we are waiting for shipments to arrive from China.

Our reckless, self-serving Congress wasted two years investigating “Russian” intervention in the presidential election. But did not spend one day or one week to look at our This November, there are no more excuses.

It is time for those tens of millions who became unemployed overnight, living on the handout, and in total poverty humiliated by Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleges to rise to the occasions and vote all the bastards out of office.

This November it is time to give Congress a lesson of a lifetime, vote them all out the office, and make sure that Mitch McConnell (Ali Baba) and his gangs never return to public office. This guy who channeled over $180 billion to his state, now wants the rules to go bankrupt in favor of bailing out greedy, corrupt Wall Street.

The question is will our people do it this November?


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  1. What has loving Israel and Zionism brought to America? Would you say blessing or curse. Regardless of what you or I think, the truth shown it is curse! Because, Americans are aiding the antichrist. I do think that its too late to save your country, but why are you trying to destroy our world too. Who’s fault is it if your leaders are working against your country? Your dreams have shattered, but you still will do what you did before and keep hoping that the results will be different. I feel sorry for you and your country and would do anything in my power to help you get it back… but first, you have to get back on the “Right” path.

  2. Of course, I do remember the 60s and the fight for the Civil Rights, and I do remember segregation and centuries of slavery that never found an apology or reparations; I do remember the endless wars we engaged in and I do remember the Israeli take over of America after the 67 War. But I also remember when Congress was still the people’s house though many stayed on for life. Perhaps I remember the simple life, working in the steel mills, going to college, and enjoying the simple things in life a hot cup of coffee and Dunken Donut after a freezing night in the steel mills. What makes me cry is the tens of millions out of jobs with no food having to wait for hours at food banks. I just don’t get it. We are the wealthiest economy in the world yet with over 30 million below poverty lines, with tens of millions having to use credit cards just to break even at the end of the month. I want to cry because our economic and political institutions became under the total control of the Shysters of Wall Street with the Oligarchs. Too bad Wall Street is destroying America. I know so many owners of small businesses who, for sure, will go out of business with the much needed $2000 month to cover food and rent. Hard to imagine this is happening to America. But then apathy and indifference to what is going in Washington got to where we are. No doubt, the international Zionism alliance, and partnership with Evangelical Christians are taken the country down to self-destruction. There is an urgent need for the massive public movement to take back our government. Time to dumb and get rid of the Democratic Party for a Social Democratic Party like they have in Nothern Europe where free enterprise, not neoliberalism, thrive and serve the people.

  3. My late dad, who grew up working poor in England in the 1930s, was particularly bemused by the sight of overweight Americans lined up in their cars, their expensive, air-polluting automobiles, at food banks, so they could get something to eat for free, while feeling so very sorry for themselves at just how unfair life had been to them.

    Overweening pride like this cannot help but go before one hell of a great fall.

    • I’ll bet he wasn’t as “bemused” by the sight of all those Allied Expeditionary Force yanks impregnating all those lonely English girls before Operation Overlord.

  4. The agents, AIPAC, ADL and dozens of other Zionist/Jewish Organizations, the enemies within, have turned the, “Land of the Free’, into their PLANTATION! We are ENSLAVED, because our PROSTITUTED Federal Leadership and our, BROTHEL of a Congress doesn’t serve the interests of the American people, but that of an Alien/Sinister/Demonic Entity, The Zionist Apartheid Theocracy( Talmudic-Supremacist) Terror State of Israel! Remember June 8, 1967! On that day the Zionist Terror State have unleashed a, “False Flag”, attack, that failed to be successful, on our surveillance ship the “USS LIBERTY”. The Zionist Criminals have murdered 34 and wounded another 200 of our fellow citizens, Sailors! That, terrorist attack was covered up by ‘LBJ’ the Traitor and have been ignored ever since! The 9/11 ‘False Flag’ attack, by THEM, was successful, and we, and the World, has been suffering ever since! DOWN with ZIONISM!!

  5. A quote From Netanyahu’s infamous “Fink’s Bar diatribe” of 1990:
    “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” Target practicing in your backyards for decades should’ve prepared you to face the real enemy, stop f**king around, and NO… crying won’t help.

  6. Sami, It was Nuttyahoo that was overheard saying he wanted to see America dry up and blow away in the wind, America is slowly being swallowed up by the Atheistic Zionist Bolsheviks, slow motion like, taking over every facet of Govt, dictating which countries to attack in the name of freedom, until it’s complete, then it will be our turn to die in the millions, like the white Russians/Ukrainians. Rise up Patriots, before your guns are taken.

    • Just a little behind the curve, the Zionist Khazar pretend Jews have already done all these things, and more to this country, and the people. Their PsyOps were outrageously successful. The illusion of a two party political system has the people so mindlessly divided, their ready to fight each other, and the Zionists are encouraging it. The problem with PsyOps is the brainwash doesn’t always stick. It’s never 100%, and there are stressers that cause people to snap out of the programming. What causes this to happen is unpredictable, and varied by individual.
      Something like this “social distancing,” isolating people, job loss, followed by the inevitable asset loss, and the outright theft of the people’s savings, Social Security pension, disability, and other benefit funding, unemployment benefits, the sorry ass Obummercare, ultimate surveillance program the Congress exempted itself from, that in, and of themselves attracted no attention, but should’ve set the warning claxons off in everyone’s head have done nothing to move the people.
      Execpt the lockdown.
      People are social, same as wolves, and other animals.
      Isolate any of these social groups, and it drives them crazy. Insane, most everyone knows someone, or themselves had say a German Sheperd pup. It was all good until the pup grew into a 100 pound dog. Then they’re banished to the backyard fenced in, or chained up, they see someone once a day long enough to check water, and bring food. Most anyway. They get so excited to see someone they once played with, jumping around, up on them, but there’s no time for the big dog anymore. Not long after that the isolation makes them crazy. Often turn mean, resenting being neglected, and no family, or even interaction at all. It’s taken a bit over a month, our beloved Government has done everything with regards to this man-made Bio-Weapon influenza exactly wrong. 180° degrees from all known healthcare practices. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out the Government is doing everything it can to spread the virus. When letters are found signed by the President, and other high ranking leaders directing Doctors to falsify Government documents, or else, (death certificates) to inflate the number of people that died of the virus, something ain’t quite right. The virus, (3 different types) is found in the countries that are at odds with US Government/The City of London, and in the case of US, on schedule to be
      de-populated by 2025.
      The virus is fizzling fast, yet Government is increasing restrictions, extending lock down, deliberately causing businesses to fail. But conveniently already had the big Corp bailouts ready, and a whopping 1,200 “stimulus” to resolve all the peoples needs should be been enough to shock people, but the lockdown is the only thing, so far that’s moved the sheeples towards awakening.
      The Globalist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal are a group of lunatic arrogant sociopaths that have a penchant for blundering. In their unshakeable belief they’re superior. The Cabal is consistent in grossly underestimating their chosen enemies, while grossly overestimating their own capabilities, and proof doesn’t deter their actions. The City of London believes itself above the law, given no country, or Coalition lifts a finger to put a stop to this criminality.
      The laws US Government has passed in the last 15 years, 99% are illegal, usually in several levels.
      Is it not strange that healthcare in US is governed by DHS, FBI, NSA ? WHO, CDC, and all other UN alphabet agencies are a joke.
      September 2015 Putin was leaving US for home, after Obummer blew him off again on the subject of fighting terrorists in the Middle East, to avoid fighting them at home.
      A very exasperated Putin climbed the steps to board his plane, he stops at the landing, turns to the press and says in perfect English, “Don’t give up your guns.” Turned, boarded his plane. I was fortunate to have been watching the news when that happened. That clip evaporated right after that.
      About 2 weeks later, September 30 2015 Putin held a press conference announcing Russia’s next actions in detail. Advised US/NATO it had one hour to clear Syrian airspace, or risk being caught in a crossfire.
      US Government gasps…
      The Cabal blundered many times since then, the biggest was the assassination of Iran’s IRGC General, and the Iraqi Generals in Bagdad. The release of COVID-19, then attempting to blame China.
      There are two countries US military undisputedly cannot defeat in conventional war, Russia, and Iran. Neither can US military win a nuclear war.
      Russia’s strategy, and advanced military technology, and capabilities may well be able to stop nuclear war, while not completely destroying the world. Russia has announced publically every time it’s changed it’s defensive strategy. The last change can stop US military dead in it’s tracks.
      It’s doubtful US military can prevail in Venezuela. The people are against US, it has a large well trained, and equipped military. With the latest upgrades from Russia, in training, too.
      Iraq, Iran, Syria are now allies in commerce, and military. All are allies with Russia, as is Venezuela. Russia has a horse in the Venezuela race, as well as Syria, Iran, and now Iraq.
      Also Hezbollah, if not Lebanon, which has entanglements with the City of London it can’t seem to shake.
      The Headcutters don’t appear too formidable, but are Zionist Khazar pretend Jews hiding in plain sight as Arabs, and Wahabbis. Israel is 60% owned by Rothschild, as is The Vatican. Zionist Khazars, the lot.
      Russia, and Iran don’t answer to The City of London, and are the only things between The City of London, and WWIII.
      As long as Russia refuses to be provoked, and US Government doesn’t get even more stupid, and attack Iran, or N. Korea, WWIII will stay contained. China is backing up Russia with a military alliance, it may, or may not act against US Government on it’s own over COVID-19. China is really pissed off about this shit.
      Despite US grandiose claims of superpower, that time has passed. Besides, China can still walk right over the top of US, just like it did in the Korean war.
      If the people can actually unite in US, which is currently very much in doubt, outside military assistance will be necessary, Russia is the best, and most likely choice. US military veterans will be in high demand, someone’s gotta’ teach the people how to stay alive in a firefight. Fast, too.

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