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US President Donald Trump is presiding over what amounts to a kind of low-grade simmering World War 3 on several fronts, not just with Iran, but also with China on behalf of neoconservatives,  an American scholar has said.

During a White House press briefing on the COVID-19 pandemic on April 20, 2020, Trump confessed to the stupidity of US policy in the Middle East. Referring to the trillions of dollars spent on America’s never-ending wars, Trump asked, “How stupid have we been?” Yet two days later, he ordered the US Navy to “shoot down and destroy” Iranian gunboats allegedly harassing US warships in the Persian Gulf.

Analysts have argued that the US president’s recent threats fly in the face of his frequent claims that he wants to end US wars in the region and also contradict his acknowledgment that America’s military campaigns have been “stupid.”

Iran Naval forces have orders to target US vessels if harassed: IRGC chief cmdr.Iran Naval forces have orders to target US vessels if harassed: IRGC chief cmdr.

The IRGC says Iranian naval forces have been directed to target American “terrorist” vessels or warships should they harass Iranian civil or military vessels off the Persian Gulf.

Speaking to Press TV, Kevin Barrett, an author, journalist, and radio host with a Ph.D.  in Islamic and Arabic Studies said, “Trump says he wants to end the forever wars … but he has been dragged into a war situation by his neoconservatives’ team.”

He said that “Trump is continuing to make a reputation as somebody with a big and uncontrolled mouth with his threats to destroy Iranian small boats that have been involved in some confrontations with big US military ships in the Persian Gulf.”

“How are we supposed to interpret this? Well, Trump says he wants to end the forever wars. He recently talked about how stupid US wars on the Middle East have been since 9/11. And he’s of course right about that. But he’s been dragged into a war situation by essentially his neoconservative team. He’s representing the war party. He doesn’t seem to realize that; he’s not the brightest bulb in the pack,” he added.

“And so Trump right now is presiding what amounts to a kind of low-grade simmering World War 3 on several fronts; not just Iran, of course, where the murder of General Qassem Soleimani was very much the equivalent of the murder of Archduke Ferdinand, but also in China, because he is the tool of the anti-China war party in the United States,” he stated.

“The same people that sent anthrax to US Congress in 2001, sent coronavirus to China, to Iran, and to the entire world as part of an attempt to stop the rise of China by destroying the interconnected globalized economy that is the engine of China’s rise,” the analyst noted.

Operation Eagle Claw was ‘absolute catastrophe,’ stands as warning to US president’: AnalystOperation Eagle Claw was ‘absolute catastrophe,’ stands as a warning to US president’: Analyst

Operation Eagle Claw was an “absolute catastrophe” and “stands as a warning to the president of the United States” against initiating war with Iran, a political analyst says.

“And also, as Whitney Webb points out in a recent article on techno-tyranny that recently, a national security agency put out a document pointing out that the only way the US will have a chance to prevail over China in the coming fourth industrial revolution is if the US somehow turns itself into an Orwellian dystopia like China, by going all out for Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Fifth Generation Telecommunications, marketing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics and the Internet — in all of these areas, China has a huge advantage because of its controlled society,” he said.

“And the only way the US could possibly hope to compete with China is by having a huge crisis, a pandemic, in which suddenly the government is allowed to intrude on the lives of ordinary Americans in the way China’s government does,” he observed.

“So the COVID-19 crisis was manufactured in a US biological warfare laboratory as part of World War III, which is ongoing. Currently, the US is now clashing with China in the South China Sea. The Chinese have arrested US agents in Hong Kong, and the world is supposed to look the other way and not even notice what’s going on. I guess World War III will not be televised,” the scholar concluded.


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  1. “China has a huge advantage because of its controlled society,”…..more do do with China’s approach to technology and its being the foundation of economic wealth. In contrast U.S. business decisions focus on the short-term manipulation of money for quick profits. By contrast, China’s long-term strategy centers on exploiting evolving technology. The US still myopically “chases today’s dollar” by typically skimping on production process, quality of output, outsourced jobs for cheaper low skill labor costs etc. Meanwhile, China works to secure long-term competitive advantage through technological innovation.

  2. Kevin, China is NOT an Orwellian dystopia, it is run literally by the people. Whitney Webb is good on alot of fronts but not that. We are already in WW3, just not too many bombs (except the Middle East)…so far.

  3. Again, Trump is irrelevant, US Government is a wholly owned subsidiary of The City of London, and it’s puppet. Trump can say whatever he likes, but he will act as he’s directed by The City of London. Running over this same old ground is burning daylight, and unbecoming to journalism.
    COVID-19 was developed at University of North Carolina with Gates funding. Samples of the virus, and cure were sent to Pirbright Institution in London. (Rothschild is Lord Pirbright)

    • On the contrary, Trump is very far from “irrelevant”; he’s irreplaceable. He’s perhaps the most evil “president” so far (and therefore probably the last). He is exactly the demon-possessed scumbag that the Satanic cult needs to deliver their ultimata to the world.

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