America, Israel and the New Holocaust (2011)


Two Nations Destroyed

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor (August 9, 2011)

VT: There are times I think working at VT is almost worthwhile.  The hours are long, most of the work boring and the pay non-existent. 

We are singled out on enemies lists by both Jewish and White Supremacist/Neo Nazi groups for “hate pages,” many addressed to me personally.  The Tea Party hates me, the Democrats don’t trust me, Christian Zionists look on me as Satan and I have a higher approval rate, by over 15 points, than any politician in the United States.

Years ago, before I went into politics and lobbying, I thought of myself as an underachiever, lacking focus, someone “sliding by.”  In Washington, I was a “wunderkind.”  There is such a thing as setting the bar low, then there is Washington…where they bury it.

What we did, VT, was hit a nerve in the majority of Americans.  We simply tell the truth here.  We don’t advocate anything, don’t organize, we function as a simple news organization.

‘Dying by the Thousands’

Americans are dying for the truth, literally, by the thousands over the past few years.

9/11 was just a door opener, maybe a false flag nuke attack, another major ground war, perhaps Iran, normally inconceivable considering America’s collapse but such realities as survival of America seem to count for nothing anymore.  America is the sacrificial lamb, whether we recognize it or not.

Now it seems Americans will be starving for the truth.  If you aren’t aware that congress passed a death sentence against any American without a paid off home and $400,000 cash in the bank, you have not been paying attention.  They are our new “lower class.”

Everyone else is destined for years of scraping by, watching their children suffer, no dental care, no money for gas or car repairs, minimum wage jobs until the minimum wage is lowered, that’s in the plans also.

Americans Pay Each One – $30,000

Funny thing, despite the fact, a fact that doesn’t exist as it is unreported, despite the fact American gives Israel $30,000 dollars apiece to every Jewish man, woman and child, Israeli’s are doing much the same.

Americans believed, and some idiots still do, that Muslims were involved in the Bush false flag coup called “9/11”.

Israelis, the dumbest at least, believe the 5th rate puppet dictatorships run by oil companies, the CIA and “unnamed” international organizations, you can guess who runs these, have been trying to kill off the Jews in a new “holocaust” for 60 years.


A short note:  Iran has no ability to project military force further than 300 miles to sea, defensive entirely.  They have no aircraft carriers, no long range aircraft to speak of.  They could certainly bog America down in a thousand year war were we to invade, were there any reason to do so, which there is not.

They have minimal political influence in Iraq, Shiites there don’t really like them, stories to the contrary are lies, like all American news.  I have met with Shiite leaders there and know how things work.  Any academic or “analyst” knows this but will lie on cue when a dollar is put on the table, just as with journalists.

Iran has secret spies in Afghanistan, a country where  there are over 200,000 “secret spies” from a dozen nations.  They are also accused of “causing trouble” in Bahrain.  More honestly, a vicious dictatorship is butchering people there with full complicity of the United States and nobody will help, not Iran for sure.  They are terrified of being accused of “supporting terrorism.”

Recurrent theme:

Rupert Murdoch – Media Puppet Master?

Controlled journalism is treason.  Journalists working for Murdoch and his cronies, including the financed internet, slush funded by Koch and Amway and Scaife and the corporate types have to go.

The term I use is “clear and present danger.”  Call me “Cass Sonnenstein,” Obama’s Censorship Czar” in reverse.

The systematic control of all media, all history, all reporting, continual hate mongering, pulpits, the airwaves, TV dramas, the highly organized and sinister emails that do the rounds, the heavily financed “best sellers” are all attacks on the American people as much as any war.  They are pure terrorism.

I don’t suggest a solution. Should you turn the TV off, unsubscribe to newspapers? It is past that.

There is no basis for freedom left, not when the history you were taught and retaught is fiction.  There is a game here, one used to sell you broken cars, kitchen refacing or, of late, we are told we need to spend billions of dollars to give homes to the remaining “holocaust survivors.”  Let me digress here.

This is the cover story.  As for the truth, some say the holocaust never happened, in many countries those who ask questions go to prison, we know of hundreds doing as much as 15 years for teaching history based on real documents, proven history that disagrees with “popular culture.”

This makes me suspicious but, you know what, I am still looking.  What has been proven to me is that the holocaust became a business.

Here is what I was told:

German Mother and Daughters – Raped and Murdered

At the end of the war, several thousand Jews survived death camps.  Most of those died of typhus before they could leave Europe.  During the last days of the war, the Germans ran the ovens 24 hours a day and spent their last few rounds of ammunition shooting every Jew in the camps.

Photographs of camp liberations don’t show thousands but hundreds.

Small children didn’t survive the camps, we were told that, they were gassed immediately.

Based on normal demographics, people put in camps in 1937 or 1940 or whenever, only kept alive because they were of prime working age, they would have been 32 years old in 1945 when liberated, and, as I have been told over and over, most of them died in the weeks after, as backed up by the photographs of the living skeletons I have seen 10,000 times.

The average age of one of these survivors would be 98 years old.  Not just that, but they would be 98 year olds who suffered years of brutality and disease, malnutrition and starvation.

Comparing them to the only similar population I know of, one I belong to, is Vietnam veterans.  As a Marine combat vet, I suffered malnutrition, bone loss, tooth loss, Agent Orange poisoning, vitamin deficiencies and decades of poor health.  There were nearly 3 million of us, 10% combat vets, yet recent figures show only 700,000 of us have reached 60 years old.

Night Ambush Over – Day Job Begins – Gordon Duff

I have a list of friends who have been treated for a cascade of cancers for decades.  Few of us are alive, in fact I have, according to doctors, been on borrowed time since 1995.

Worse still, the same demographics apply to Gulf War I veterans and our current group, supposedly fed 6,000 calories a day, average cost of their meals as supplied by Haliburton, an oil supply company, is $38.00 each, well above the gross pay of the average working American.

Problem is, tens of thousands of our current military are also being fed medications, some experimental, that cost even more.

Anecdotal reports, as real figures are “top secret,” show military and vets, young men and women, killing themselves in record numbers, continually ill despite billions spent to keep them healthy, hundreds of billions to, supposedly, keep them safe from harm, they are dying like flies also.

Americans are being told that they have to financially “back away” from their veterans, their old, their poor and spend billions to take care of 200,000 holocaust survivors, more money to add to the billions channeled to Israel, $3 billion in foreign aid and 6 to 10 times that in different “financial packages” and “trade subsidies.”  It is all money taken from the US.

…by Norman Finkelstein

You do know that for 65 years, the German government has spent tens and tens of billions compensating holocaust survivors.  You may not know that as many as 2 million Americans, I come very close to qualifying myself, can, according to a bizarre set of definitions, call themselves “holocaust survivors.”

I’m not going to begin to say the holocaust didn’t happen though I couldn’t prove it did without using materials that are highly speculative.  This just isn’t my job.

I simply know that dozens of countries have passed laws outlawing discussion of the holocaust, laws pushed through by huge financial payoffs from powerful organizations, laws that run totally contrary to UN human rights and freedom of speech initiatives.

In fact, the moves against those who attack the holocaust, right or wrong, it isn’t the question here, are, in fact, technically “war crimes.”  There isn’t a shadow of difference between putting a college professor in solitary confinement in Austria or Canada for saying only 5,999,000 Jews were killed, and this really is a law in these countries, for up to 15 years, than what the Nazis were accused of.

There isn’t one shadow of a difference.

Now planeloads of congressmen are heading to Israel where the people are in the streets claiming they live in a dictatorship, demanding the removal of their Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu.

Didn’t see it in the papers?  Suppressed news?

Here is a story about Israel.

Rachel Corrie – After the Bulldozer Treatment

Israeli young people can’t get jobs and can’t afford food and housing.  They say their lives are being destroyed.  I saw a young man on video two days ago saying he was ready to sacrifice his life for his country.

My first thought, was he going to kill Palestinian children or perhaps run down Rachel Corrie with a bulldozer then I remembered I burned down villages in Vietnam.

I am not in a position to make accusations like these.

All war is pure financial scam, generally based on some form of race hatred peddled by media and phony history.  How long has this been going on?  What do you think the Old Testament is?  This is pure propaganda, pure race hatred, an invented g-d that advocated killing, theft of land, apartheid and race extermination.

Don’t like hearing it?  Of late, there has been a lot of talk about the dangers of Sharia law, the stonings, the craziness.  You are aware, of course, that the worst of Sharia law, and I don’t care for it much, comes from the Old Testament?  Like the new one?

Think of the Spanish Inquisition or 60,000 Huguenots burned alive in one day in Paris or 1 in 3 older women burned as witches for 500 years or the use of religion to subjugate the Americas, Africa and Asia, hardly colonialism but centuries of slavery that, to an extent, continues.

Karl Marx – Formerly with the New York Times

If you don’t think Islam has been bent to serve the will of the oppressor, you aren’t paying attention either.  Why do you think damning Karl Marx was so important?  Anyone speaking up against war for profit, against propaganda, against destruction of human culture, against eternal slavery had to be a threat.Thank goodness the Soviet Union was such a poorly run rathole country.  They made killing off socialism easy.

The hell on earth we are enjoying now, a planet raped, destroyed, irradiated beyond measure by the Japanese plutonium pits, the hopelessness felt around the world because of financial gangsterism, unrestrained, unbridled,  controlling all major governments, all banks, using armies and police forces, news media…..

Picking up the pattern here?

A second of more “Israel.”  Young people there ask why, but don’t ask very loudly, not really.  Years of being lobotomized has left most indolent, like, well, like Americans.

How do they, the young of Israel, expect to live?  They have to compete for housing with rich American Jews who see Israel as a new Miami Beach.  A group that controls up to 40% of the world’s wealth can really screw up a real estate market.

Hell, they managed to have a couple of million Palestinians thrown into concentration camps and still manage to arrange for the news to and popular culture to label the victims as terrorists. Now Jews notice they are victims too.  Welcome to our world.

Guest Worker Kids Protesting in Israel

Stop for a second.  Do you know what a “guest worker” is?  This is someone from Bangladesh or Thailand or Indonesia that comes to your country and takes your job.

They don’t have to be paid, not much, they have no rights, they just have your job. Israel has a million of them.  It was easy bringing them in.

After all, young rich American Jews, sent to Israel on vacation were not going to be able to support Israel’s agricultural export economy by picking cucumbers with those Ivy League hands. Someone had to do the work in the world’s 4th largest arms export economy.

And, when the Palestinians had to be removed forcibly, angry people sick of having their homes bulldozed and their rights taken, people who no longer fit into the “Catskills” on the Med” version of Israel, they had to be replaced by young Jews working for minimum wage or foreign workers.

Thai Agricultural Workers in Israel

And, of course, when you remove 3 million people with strong commercial and agricultural roots from an economy, your only other hope is to become a beggar nation.You are stuck in an eternal cycle of US foreign aid, bribing and blackmailing congressmen like the new planeloads heading over now and lying on the news, led by Zionist extremist Rupert Murdoch.

The Israeli people?  They will do better than Americans and are but they don’t know it.  Homeless, unemployed but they have free medical care, they have social programs, all paid for by American taxpayers while American kids will do without.

Is it their fault?  Actually no.

Uri Avnery – Mr. Peace in Israel

Fix it?  Peace and justice work.  Rebuilding Israel or, more rightly, Judea, as a home for everyone there, no special religious laws, no sectors with more rights than others, this would be an answer.  What would it take?

Humanity, righteousness, honor and hard work, an end to manipulation, a cleansing of crooked politics, an end to apartheid and the police state, not just in Israel but dozens of countries also.

Egypt tried it and is fighting for its life, the last vestiges of their brutal dictatorship holding on, maybe even winning.

Worst of all is America.  You can’t imagine how hard this is for me to say.  When I hear mention of the constitution, invariably the money behind the message is pure “police state.”  “Tea Party” means “police state,” dictatorship.

But it goes further.

Grab Your Stones Folks – May be all You Will Have Left

America has failed.  It has become a feudal nation with a dwindling middle class, dead political traditions, a threat to the peace of the world, an economic debacle, the center of lies and filth, not even a nation at all.

America is, increasingly, the brothel for a global conspiracy clearly designed, as “conspiratorialists” are now raving about, to depopulate the world and bring about decades of civil unrest.

The end goal will be a world dictatorship.

Watch the last years, look at everything that has happened.  I so much hate hearing conspiracy theory about AIDS and vaccinations, about “chemtrails” and “HAARP.”

90% of ‘conspiracy theory’ is paid for by the police state.  Which are the real conspiracies?  When the corporate media peddles press releases, junk science and a mythology clearly serving an agenda of political indoctrination and human slavery, in reality, when studied, very much both “brain washing” or “mind control,” no one is left to differentiate anything.

By today’s journalistic standards, the rising of the sun could be considered conspiracy theory.

Japan Nuclear Problem Growing – But No Coverage

I am now expecting, my guess, and, as I say so often, check my track record, more diseases to pop up.  Like any spineless journalist, I can predict the London riots days after they start.

Better people predicted this and Norway and the yet unrealized worldwide disaster of Japan that continues as I write.

Look around you, whether you live in Britain or Germany, Norway or Poland, Israel or the United States.

You are lied to and lap up the lies like a dog at vomit?  Are you ready to stop?

You are ruled, not governed.

Look around you.  Open your senses.  Do you feel free or do you feel something, something I describe as a worldwide criminal conspiracy that knows no borders and respects nothing?  Do you, on more than a rare occasion, suspect your “government” hates you and would be happier if you and your children were buried and forgotten?  This is a common theme.

We have all reached a point where there is no amount of death, no amount of war, no amount of hopelessness is enough.  We are being taught to feed off the suffering of others, taught to take pride in living on our knees.

We are being educated, conditioned, we are raising our own children to be things we all should be ashamed of.

Will We Be Able to Look Ourselves in the Mirror? – Norman Rockwell Museum

Listen to how our own children talk, what they learn, what they believe, not just the religions increasingly steeped in race hatred and cheap politics but the “moral flexibility.”

In the end, an inexorable end, we will have bred generations, Orwellian generations, capable of endless cruelty. Watch the news, what news we have.  Nothing can hide it.

I will close with a very symbolic music video, one that raised the bar communicating on another unpleasant subject, one which most all of us like to feel can/will never happen to us. It you haven’t gotten this piece yet, this should put you over the finish line. Our thanks to REM.    Gordon


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  1. Criminalizing the possibility to discuss or challenge the official government story of historical events by logic and historical facts is… by definition… proof that the official narrative IS… *UNSUSTAINABLE* !!! and paved with lies, and exposes the dictatorship nature of the so called democratically free society we live in.

    You mentioned Austria and Canada. Add to that also Germany and France, two country ferociously forbidding and condemning challenge of official narrative on… you know what. Poor Dieudonné !

  2. I really enjoy reading your insightful articles, I just wish they were a bit longer.
    Please Mr Duff, write a Book.

  3. Israelis, the dumbest at least, believe the 5th rate puppet dictatorships run by oil companies, the CIA and “unnamed” international organizations, you can guess who runs these, have been trying to kill off the Jews in a new “holocaust” for 60 years.
    Mr. Duff I follow your stories specially the ones concerning israhell and I find this comment out of your own logic against these mad men called zionist,bolcheviks…who are the real cause of all this world wide havoc,chaos, death and destruction delivering including of course your country, USA…they are not dumb much less the victims here…they are the the apocalipsis deliverers, the antichrist legions…USA’s govt is them, totally them…you need to expell them from all levels of government and ban them from politics…they are using your country to detroy the world, to asassinate in cold blood, to carpet bombing countries just to plunder on their natural resources…to STEAL from them through your US military…9/11 it was them zionists and you are not able to bring them to justice…are we really doomed ? time for wakening up is long over due…expell zionists from your government including mainly presidency and congress…you are going to have bills punishing you for criticizing israhell…???? in USA, unbelievable !! another Germany, another country destroyed by them zionists…greetings and with all due respect a brotherly hug…

  4. oh, gordon
    i am much younger but… …grown up.
    this IS tragic. and its REAL. all the valid prophecies are here around us about the end of times. it is unfolding before our eyes.
    the only way is up, but before that, we have to reach the bottom.

  5. American people are waiting for exactly what the Soviet people experienced when the United States through its “moles” staged a bloodbath in the expanses of the USSR.
    And you, my friend, will see it with your own eyes.
    You have to pay for everything…

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