‘Can this be for real?’ Trump weighs in on SHOCKING VIDEO of 75yr old being brutally beaten in Detroit nursing home

…from Russia Today, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note:  His name is Jaydon Hayden, a part time amateur boxer. The perpetrator here appears to have been misplaced into this nursing home for temporary care were he prayed on its elderly patients, the man in the RT video and then the additional one victim at night in the second one.

This guy has obviously got a screw loose, but the incident appears to have been a huge goof to place someone this crazy in a facility with no security to monitor them, not even the economical baby cams that are widely used.

The claims by the facility not to have even known about the event seems strange as you can see the perp wipe blood off the old man’s face with a sheet, which the staff should have noticed. This screams of a suspected cover up by the facility.

But could the incident be part of the Covid-19 overstretched nursing home staff, where corners were being cut. It is too early for us to know, and I suspect there will be a number of parties wanting to bury this story quickly. Other than a boxing video there is not other background on him turning up so far.

In following the original twitter feed I found a black man having his say about black on white racism, something that is usually swept off media in a heart beat. He did not appear to be a self promoter, but angry at what he has seen.

Fortunately no one seems to have been severely injured. The nursing home will have a big legal bill for this tragedy. Who would ever think a mentally unstable person could roam around a facility like this.

I was also surprised to see our President on what appears to be on nursing home Twitter patrol as part of his duties. I thought he had staff to do things like that. We will try to follow up on this to see if there is a story behind the storyJim W. Dean ]

– First published … May 22, 2020

A disturbing video showing an elderly patient being punched repeatedly in the face in a Detroit nursing home until he bleeds has made waves online, leading to the suspect’s arrest and attracting President Trump’s attention.

The video, which has gained traction across social media, shows a young black male punching an elderly white man who’s lying in bed. The beating continues until the victim, who is unable to put up any resistance, is bloodied.

As the incident unfolds, the attacker starts hurling a barrage of insults at the elderly resident, calling him the n-word and telling him to “get the f**ck off” what he says is his bed.

After the gruesome video sent shockwaves and concern for the elderly man’s well-being online, the Detroit Police Department confirmed on Thursday it made “one arrest” in connection with the incident. The suspect’s identity has not been revealed.

“Thank you to everyone for your assistance in bringing the senior home incident to our attention,” the police said on Twitter, responding to a message from Code of Vets, a non-profit assisting American veterans. WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE

The incident apparently caught the attention of US President Donald Trump as well, who tweeted late Thursday: “Is this even possible to believe? Can this be for real? Where is this nursing home, how is the victim doing?”

The attack, which appears to have been recorded by the assailant himself, took place at the Westwood Nursing Home in northwest Detroit, the facility confirmed. The care institution told police that it was blindsided by the video, having been completely unaware of the attack until they were shown the footage, reportedly taken on May 15.

The facility later revealed that both men were patients under its care. The 20-year-old suspect, who now faces assault and battery charges, was in the facility on a temporary basis, after being brought there to undergo rehabilitation and recovery. The man’s ailment was left unspecified.

The 75-year-old victim of the assault, meanwhile, is now at a local hospital where he is recuperating from non-life-threatening injuries.


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  1. Jadon Hayden either:

    – Belongs in an institution for the criminally insane;
    – Needs a difference class of white person to throw punches at – Tyson Fury would be a start.

  2. “But could the incident be part of the Covid-19 overstretched nursing home staff …”. No it’s just another example of racist hatred and black on white crime, which is much more common than the other way around. Still waiting for CNN to broadcast it. Oh by the way, there’s a couple of other videos out there that show the real face of Ahmaud Arbery. He wasn’t an innocent jogger. He was known to the cops as a thief. After crucifying the character of the father and son who were arrested for murder, after being attacked by Ahmaud Arbery, it would be fair of VT to air them, and do a little honest reporting on that case.

    • We are of course busy to the max with all that is going on, but please post any news links if you seen them so we don’t have to go hunting. This story is going to be with us for a long time. We are more focused on the people that don’t have to die due to the lunatic we have running the Covid show…

  3. Just bring that kitchen-fighter to Russia for 1 day to me and i’ll kick all stupidity from his black ass. No jail would be needed. Disgusting video. Unfortunately, it is just one of the hundreds that happen all over world. In my country such shame happens, too… One of the quality of the mature and compassionate society – is the attitude to old people. Cursed be the hand of every douchebag who have ever raised his hand to any old people!

  4. Heinous for sure. Looks more like a case of mental illness, and I wouldn’t chose nursing homes as a place for others to “rehabilitate and recover”.

    As for the video commentary, definitely not the most racist thing even of this year. The kids in cages being farmed out to evangelical cults for assimilation takes that one.

  5. They are handled as “Persons” a thing, not a human anymore. And this is the crux we all face in this world w our birth Certificate at the beginning

    • They have stolen our godgiven birthríghts, declared them to human rights and sold it back to us as “privileges” they can take or give at will, because a mad pope said so. For those Pirates of the “Holy Sea(t) who flooded the world w Admirality Law, were we are just “freight”

  6. young white person you would probably say well what was he doing there or what did he say? if the police do it to us then we should have listened….

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