Trump and Netanyahu’s Race War Begins in Minnesota

Race war is exactly what Trump is ordered to foster, exactly what Netanyahu needs


VT wants all 4 officers arrested for murder.  

Frankly, we are sick of this and recognize the hand of an American police state, trained and supplied by the same thugs and killers that have raped the Palestinian people for over six decades.

RT/Moscow: A massive crowd of demonstrators descended upon a police headquarters in Minneapolis to protest a recent killing of an unarmed man. They were met with an arsenal of riot control weapons, including stun grenades and rubber bullets.

Today began with Amy Cooper, a Canadian transplant.

Thousands of marchers could be seen around the 3rd police precinct headquarters in Minneapolis on Tuesday, demanding answers after a local man, George Floyd, was killed by an officer’s chokehold, despite repeatedly stating that he couldn’t breathe.

In the video, Floyd is heard begging for his life, at times calling out for his mother, as an officer pins the man to the ground with a knee on his throat. While police insist Floyd “physically resisted officers,” footage of the incident appears to belie their story.

As for Donald Trump, he now thinks insulin can cure COVID.  I say “give him some,” give him all the insulin in the world.


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  1. LeBron, Carmelo and the rest of the NBA heavyweights, there is something they could do besides tweets. They could say tommorrow: “look guys, here we are, 50 or 100 of the finest most prominent franchise players and teamsters; we are transfering overseas during the next presidential term (of either Trump, Biden or Mother Mary) and we will be monitoring the racist society from the outside, and after 4,5 years we will evaluate if there is basis for our return.”
    They could leave tommorrow, sign for rich Asian leagues (China alone would give them bigger contracts!), or highly competitive Euroleague, strong basketball traditions of Lithuania, Russia, Serbia etc.whoever they please. They wouldn’t lose a penny, only some statistics like most playoff mvps that are bs anyway and are not important when lives are at stake.
    That would be a great thing for basketball, USA, an the world, and would put perspective on racism literally overnight. Sometimes you have to leave to make an impact and drive the change of hearts. They have scored so many things, but such move would be a true Hall of fame score, like Muhammad Ali fighting the planes and bombs. Tweets are for sissies like Trump.

  2. Don;t forgget their is a Chief of Police who is responsible for the actions of his subordinates ???
    He also should be charged ???

  3. Straight outa Compton N.WA. had their hearts in the right place. beyond brutal and they tortured the onlooker as well.

    • Amy was way too silent when they dirtied up Al Franken! The best Senator since Paul Wellstone and Al seemed to be the only Democrip standing up to Bitch McConnell and his so called judicial nominees!

  4. All those racism and terrorism sensitive superstars from show business or sports are just not bothered. Hashtags, Twittering and Frenchflag painting Facebook profiles will not change things. For starters they should put big chunks of their money where their mouth is, not where their mansions, boats and heliodromes are, or into some UN drag queen missions or CIA fake humanitarians. They would still remain well off, far from poverty horrors. Why stop NBA for Covid and not for police brutality?

  5. A slave’s collar is always lighter than a warrior’s armor. So we have to choose whether to wear the slave collar humbly or take the path of struggle. With all the consequences that follow.

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