Trumpster Occupiers: Only 8 percent of Minneapolis Police live in City

Patches set aside for Minneapolis police cadets. Of the department’s 873 sworn officers, only about 8 percent — or 72 officers — live in ZIP codes that cover most of Minneapolis, according to a Star Tribune analysis of city records. — Richard Tsong-Taatarii - Star Tribune file

Star Sentinel: While its police force may be on the smallish side, Anoka is arguably one of the most guarded places around.That’s because the suburb about 40 minutes north of the Twin Cities is home to 27 Minneapolis police officers, nearly outnumbering the town’s 29-member department.

Another 29 Minneapolis cops reside in nearby Andover, which doesn’t have its own police department.

In fact, Minneapolis police officers living outside of the city is more the rule than the exception. Of the department’s 873 sworn officers, only about 8 percent — or 72 officers — live in ZIP codes that cover most of Minneapolis, according to a Star Tribune analysis of city records. Not that times have changed all that much: in 1989, about 70 percent of the police force lived elsewhere.

Today, you’re more likely to run into a Minneapolis cop after hours and out of uniform in Hudson, Wis., (home to 10 officers) or Elk River (12) than in parts of the North Side, the records show. One officer commutes about 60 miles each way to the city from his or her home in Deronda, Wis.  read more…


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  1. Vets talk so tuff on a website,,,yet do nothing to effectively change anything. Informing people is a good thing,,,unless your are just preaching to YOUR choir! Do something,,,,,,aint you guys supposedly TRAINED in taking out the bad guys. And dont give me this rule of law BS,,,,,,,Barr removed that months ago!

  2. Trump is really losing it. His team needs to take his Twitter phone away from the OCD president we have, who never misses a chance to exaggerate or make a fool of himself. I think that due to Trump’s actions, it is time to review the chain of command to the president being commander in chief, with his being a perfect example of who dangerous and ineffective that can be when they have neither the skill or the knowledge required much of the time. This was the man who thought he had a black outreach program, with the goal of getting a few percent more black votes in swing state that could make all the difference. Meanwhile, “Sleepy Joe” Biden hands out in his basement and watches Trump burn himself down, and becoming more and more dangerous if the polls move against him more. You can just imagine what the Republican convention will be like.

    • Well said, Mr. Dean. Putin never uses any gadgets and social networks. This is what a head of state must be.

    • Seriously,,,LOL! Trump and Barr are in complete control, They have switched the channel from the virus to now the “left wing controlled rioting and looting”. Trump launched a bio weapon against his own citizens to justify giving Wall Street $4 TRILLION. That money will buy him anything he needs to get reelected,,,,,and Biden and the Dems dont care if he is reelected. Its all about the Benjamins!

    • I agree, though it must remain in civilian control, there should be a council, that must reach a majority vote for executive actions involving the military.
      3 would be better than 1, but 5 or 7 would be better than 3.

  3. Excellent point. Having the people you serve know where you live as their neighbor has a tangible affect on how you will conduct yourself. Direct community involvement and being a part of a community is integral to good policing.
    And there is no reason any of our law enforcement should be getting training from a foreign country. That boggles my mind. Particularly one we know is prone to constant violence and racism. I see no wisdom in this, and have never seen justification for it.

    • David, and are there any Police Academies left in the USA? Because it seems that their police is like Private Police Contractors. They differ from state to state. I watched one interview of ex-soviet Russian, who moved to LAPD to work. He said they have so many mess in their service and that their chiefs are terrible guys, mostly.

    • Andy, yes, every community college has programs and each Sheriffs department has training.
      Outsourcing, has risen with the number of ex-military forming “security” firms to make money.
      I can find no reason why we would go to a foreign country for training other than religious loyalties that lie outside loyalty to ones own government.
      At one testing session where a city was hiring 30 new officers, there were 300 applicants taking the test. School shootings raised the outsourcing also. Recidivism for police from certain families is high in many areas.

  4. I am not happy with the turn of events around our Suffering Nation! 9/11! COVID-19! Now this Police Brutality/Murder! But why is our Police Forces are getting Training, Equipment, Advice, from the Zionist Apartheid Terror State of Israel?? Remember June 8, 1967!!! The, attack on our ship, the “USS LIBERTY”, the Zionist Terror State has Murdered 34 and Wounded 200 of our fellow citizens, Sailors! They are MURDERERS, they are GOOD at IT! Do we want our POLICE, to be that GOOD-Professional, in the process, of Murdering their Fellow Citizens?? What happened to the, ‘LAND of the FREE’???

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