In 2009 Khadaffi Told the World About the Pandemic Business, He had everything right


Scroll forward to minute 9 please and hold onto your fucking seat, thank you very much


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  1. The FACTS about Libya social structure (before the “benevolent humanitarian” US intervention) tells tales about its leader. To discredit him today makes me wonder about one’s motives and goals. Gaddafi had then THE most evolved and modern African society that would have even made the envy of many so called modern societies.

    Free education, free medical services (it WAS a SERVICE and not… a commercial activity), almost if not free housing for new-wedded couples, distributed most of oil profits inside the country for the benefit of its people… and more ! I would prefer a hundred times that king of leader than a charismatic democratic leader that wreck apart countries for domination.

    His plan to institute a unified African global economy based on the dinar and gold was his doom in the eyes of US and EU but the hallmark of his character. Also the fact that he nationalized the satellite communication system (or something alike) in order to free his people of the burden of their racketeer fees was another hallmark of the leader.

    Throwing stones at the person and hiding its achievements isn’t quite honest IMHO.

    • What isn’t quite honest is the nonsense you just spouted about Libya under Gadaffi. It was a brutal, cruel totalitarian police state.

    • Really ? Hum… I can’t talk about what I don’t know but only what I know. I would like to have more info of your claim, but my claim is well known and documented and I will let the reader to chose which side is more important.

      IF you are right, I wonder if that situation is somewhat akin to Saddam Hussein situation : he was also considered a thug and brutal dictator and would brutally kill resistance at the height of couple of hundreds (at the most) per year to achieve a stable society. Do we prefer OUR WAY of dealing with these situations, or were we better to keep our hand off and refrain from intervening ? Is it intelligent to *impose* our way of life to radically different cultures than ours and moreover at the opposite side of the world on top of that, the way we do (militarily) ?

      I do loathe the way Afghanistan and like countries treat wimen but… what can we do ? destroy their country and still deal with the remain of their culture without end ? Can we, are we ALLOWED to enforce our way of life to foreign archaic cultures ? Or is it better to let them live as they fit, let them get modernized the most as they can and let them wake up by themselves, like a bit what is happening is Saudi Arabia nowadays ?

      Destroying countries because of their leaders is… STUPID !

  2. We live in an inverted universe and Gaddafi had the understanding of how to turn it right side up. Given the chance, he would have changed our world.

    I knew a Dutch man in Australia, Sir John Meyer RIP who was one of Gaddafis students. Gaddafi was his mentor. John absolutely adored and honoured Gaddafi.

    • Khadaffi was not a nice man in any way shape or form, the CIA inserted him into power in 1969 and the man was a typical brutal despot. If Meyer admired hm, he must have been very naive or knew and approved of his CIA supported dictatorship.

    • John started “New Dawn Magazine” in Australia (he lived in Melbourne) if you want to have a look at his legacy.

      All I know is that Gaddafi was very good to his people. I think he was here on Earth as a benevolent Being.

    • He was not very good to his people at all, he was a brutal dictator and Libya was a police state. A benevolent being does not order his bodyguards to murder an innocent young girl so her corpse can be paraded in front of the world’s media as ‘Gadaffi’s daughter’. At least try to have some actual knowledge of the subject before you make bold statements.

    • The facts about Libya under Gadaffi are clear, that book bears no relation to the brutal subjugation of an entire population which Gadaffi enacted; it tells you nothing about Libya in the Gadaffi years..

    • Facts, that is all there is, of which, you appear to be in ignorance of.

    • Totally. Facts are not my thing.

      Can you just do this, please? Breathe. Breathe deep and admit that we do in fact live in an inverted universe.

      And then admit that there are Human Beings who come here to correct that inversion and make this universe a place of love, and not chaos.

    • Qaddafi was not a benevolent being in any way, shape or form. Accept that plain, simple fact and you may have a valid point to make.

  3. Jeff Prager’s book is out. Free pdf. GZM Ground Zero Model. I suggest all of the doubters read about the destruction of the 3 Towers and about the many who developed cancer from the nuclear devices used. I’m ready to skin those bastards alive who did this. Maybe that would be too easy for the “evil doers”. Stick a chunk of Uranium up their ass.

  4. The Nubian Sandstone Aquifer in northern Africa contains 150 000 cubic kilometers of FRESH WATER. Think about that for a few minutes. Now for the real reason the jewish owned Democrats murdered Gaddaffi. Creating a gold backed Dinar currency for Africa angered the Federal Reserve on wailing Wall Street Jew York. Turning Libya into the Food bowl of the World was just not going to happen. Gaddafi spent 33 billion dollars criss-crossing Libya with wells and giant pipelines[see images] to turn it into a giant greenhouse foodbowl that would have lifted Africa into first world status. Notice that libya is a seething cauldron of chaos as opposed to stability that Gaddaffi maintained with cheap housing, free medicine and education and jobs for all. When Gaddafi was raped to death with a bayonet by CIA mercenarys, Hillary laughed[see interview] “We came, we saw, he died.”

    • You are right, Oakwood. What beats me is why the Libyans swallowed the bait of the so called ‘democracy’ of the West. The same ruse is being used in Syria, but it seems the Syrians did not fall it.

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