Speculative: Introducing the Generation Z Starseed Rebels

By Michael Dargaville for VT
For those who do not know what a starseed is, this article of journalism will explain all at this critical time following the Covid19 pandemic tragedy.
Our planet earth is changing massively.
Currently benevolent and loving human ETs/aliens called the Galactic Federation are surrounding our planet in spaceships. They have been here since 1998 enmasse but have always watched over us.
They can and will stop all nuclear missiles and have radically changed the geo-political landscape of the planet because this makes China the top military power because the Galactic Federation can and will stop all USA nuclear bombs.
The Galactic Federation is also offering full military protection to any country which seeks it.
Furthermore, all children born on the planet in 2002 and after, are human alien starseeds from the Galactic Federation. A starseed is a human alien from an advanced human planet who dies on their home planet and are reborn here. Thus, all of Generation Z, are human starseed aliens from advanced Galactic Federation planets from across the galaxy.
This massive situation is critical because starseeds have high level abilities in many areas. Each starseed activates to their mission at different times but all starseeds have an encodement in their DNA to activate. It is likely Generation Z will activate widely in their 20s during the 2020 decade. 
I am also a human starseed alien but come from Generation X, or the Punk Generation, born from 1957 to 1979 (the babyboom rate, not number of births,  radically stopped in the western world by 1957). There never was a “babyboomer generation”, it was a negative media invention to divert people away from their basic history via revisionism. Many even claimed Generation X started with those born at the beginning of 1960, but it was actually three years earlier.
There is only a small percentage of Gen Xers who are starseeds. And the same for Generation Y, born 1979 to 2001. They are NON-starseeds and are not developed at the same level of a starseed, who come from a huge range of galactic human planets living ages ranging from 200 years to 30,000 years. I come from a very advanced human planet on the far side of the galaxy where we live 7000 to 8000 years.
The Galactic Federation was formed 5 million years ago after humans were first developed on the Vega star system 7 million years ago who then spread out across the Galaxy and started human civilizations. The Galactic Federation came to earth 2 million years ago and set up a colony called Hybornea. This lasted until 1 million BC but was then destroyed by Reptoid shapeshifting reptilian aliens. (These aliens have been in a war with the Galactic Federation since 4 million BC).
Now, and this is critical, galactic humans in the earth Hybornea civilization lived for 5000 years in one body before reincarnating into another. About 900,000BC another advanced Galactic Federation civilization called Lemuria was formed after the Reptoids were destroyed there. Atlantis was a “daughter empire” of Lemuria. Both of these civilizations were destroyed again about 25,000BC by bad reptoid aliens but human remnants remained who had been mutated to live just 50 to 80 years.
Thus, Archangel Michael, who is the LEADER of the Galactic Federation, with the agreement of other positive archangels, started putting “young souls” into the human remnants because it was unfair and inappropriate that the “old souls” of previous galactic earth humans who lived in a body for 5000 years come and incarnate and reincarnate into these mutated bodies.
Thus, these “young souls” reincarnated in these mutated human bodies together continuously on Planet Earth up to the present day until Generation Z, who are all starseeds with very special abilities. After the fall of Atlantas about 25,000BC, which was destroyed by bad reptilian reptoid aliens,  an increasing amount of “young souls” were created for Earth as its mutant humans increased their population up until the present day. Now, however, all those reincarnating on Earth from 2002 onwards, are all human alien starseeds.
These “young souls” of NON-starseeds have never lived on advanced human planets and are thus not as advanced. This is because these other advanced alien human planets have much longer lifespans which gave them the ability to grow spiritually and in other ways. Starseeds, of course, have always come to help but have been a small minority until Generation Z, who are all starseeds. To understand what is happening now, it is critical to understand this.
Generation Z starseeds are coming from a vast array of advanced galactic human planets. Non-starseeds will not be coming back to fuck things up. Those non-starseeds who support the Galactic Federation will be rewarded karmically. We in the Galactic Federation have the ability to take non-starseed leaders of countries, if they support us, to advanced lower level human alien planets who live between 200 to 400 years, many of whom speak English and have oxygen atmospheres. More than 500 lower level but advanced (compared to earth) human planets living 200 to 500 years have been attacked by bad Reptoids. Planet earth was also attacked by these bad reptoid aliens up until 1999 and had 6000 of them living on a moon base using psychotronic weapons (which can mind control entire cities) on the planet in a bid to destroy it. They nearly succeeded but were stopped and destroyed by the Galactic Federation who wiped the base out in 1999. Thus, the GALACTIC FEDERATION saved this planet. The boss of the bad Reptoids is Archangel Lucifer, the Devil.
A minority of Reptoids are good and work for Archangel Michael. The Galactic Federation also has good insect aliens, wonderful dragon aliens (the mightiest alien species in the Multiverse/Universe) plus others. Human aliens from the Galactic Federation make up 60% of the organisation.
The reader, thus, can see how clearly the non-starseeds of this planet, who make up the majority of Generation X (born 1957 to 1979) and Generation Y (born 1979 to 2001) ARE not helping, supporting or telling the truth of the Galactic Federation. This is despite the fact that 40% of people on the planet KNOW the ET truth, 40% BELIEVE the ET truth with just 10% undecided. Thus, these Generation X and Generation Y non-starseeds are like the Germans watching the Nazis (who seem to control contemporary planet earth in 2020) exterminate Jews, communists, homosexuals and gypsies during World War 2. Gen X and Gen Y know what is happening, but just turn their heads the other way.
The Galactic Federation, who surround our planet in spaceships, want a world government based on utterly sacrosanct independent SOVEREIGN countries with a world capital in China’s Sichuan province, which is near India. This is perfect because China and India now lead the world, as they are the most populous and powerful countries on the planet. The western world is no longer the centre of power, although they still think they are.
The Galactic Federation want to see hydrogen engine power plants to create electricity to power electric cars, jets and ships plus hydrogen engine cars, jets and ships and the end of all oil. The Galactic Federation want to see massive non-fossil fuel energies utilised ASAP such as solar and wind and others. Oil is the blood of Gaia and taking it out of the planet destroys our planetary plates and grid system. This is critical and top of the Galactic Federation agenda.  A more socialist world is strongly encouraged by the Galactic Federation.
Highly advanced human planets have no need for ownership or materialism, living in perfect spiritual communism. A more loving, kind and socialist world, ecological and humane, working closely with the Galactic Federation is what is required. I was sent into China by the Galactic Federation, where I worked as a university lecturer and journalist for 20 years, because I had a strong affinity to the Chinese Communist Party and communism in general and also on my home human alien planet, there are lots of oriental people, so they are my people.
I love China and love to help it. China is now increasingly mixing its egalitarian communist culture with its ancient roots of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism with astonishingly positive results. In 2009 two Galactic Federation spaceships hovered over Jinan city, capital of Shandong for four days. This was reported widely by all Chinese media and seen at close range by more than one million people. Shortly after, Beijing sent me into cities in the region to teach and tell the Galactic Federation alien truth.
Many western people are given a daily diet of anti-China propaganda and I am here to say, after years of teaching and being a journalist there, I had more freedom there than living in the western world. I want to stress I was in fact raised in the radical western hippie punk New Age socialist counter culture and have the highest regard for these amazing and cutting edge cultures of the western world that have now become seriously global. The New Age movement itself, which flourished in the western world from the 1960s, and especially from the late 1980s (with the alien disclosure movement),  indeed sparked the consciousness of the worldwide New Age movement. From groundbreaking poets such as the American gay Buddhist socialist Allen Ginsberg, to the Galactic Federation channeller and spokesperson Sheldon Nidle, the best of the West has been remarkable. However, this has been primarily a counter culture phenomenon, as the western mainstream narrative has pushed global western fascism, militarism, western hegemony, super capitalism, the goals of the Illuminati (the 13 corporate bloodline families behind 911), big pharma, and disinformation in general.
So what happens to the non-starseeds? There are a number of options. Non starseed leaders who do bad will pay karmically and so will others, who have done negative things. There is this possibility of putting them on a new prison planet, the lowest of the low. Currently earth is the lowest level human planet in the Universe. So this new planet will be even worse. The non-starseeds have to go somewhere. Many good ones could reincarnate UPWARDS to high level Galactic Human planets. Some may even have the opportunity to leave the planet IN THEIR PHYSICAL BODIES ON OUR SPACESHIPS. We could resettle non-starseed planetary leaders who start helping us on advanced human Galactic Federation planets living 200 to 400 years and who use English and oxygen where they could have wonderful lives.
Thus, I make a call to all non-starseed leaders to change your ways, help the planet, work for good with immediate Galactic Federation truth, and we will look after you, take you to a wonderful life and planet. We can also do this to non-starseed humans who are not leaders. On our spaceships we have very advanced rejuvenation machines to keep you alive a VERY long time. We in the Galactic Federation, as I said before, want a world government based on absolute sacrosanct nation sovereignty with a WORLD CAPITAL in western China’s Sichuan province. Sichuan is perfect because CHINA is the new leader of the planet, yet India is now number two leader, and SICHUAN is near the border or China and India. This is our future. I make a call to all non-starseeds, do we have to wait for the Generation Z starseed ALIEN generation to make these changes of a world government working with the Galactic Federation or can you non-starseeds do this for your OWN KARMIC BENEFIT. And maybe a free trip on our spaceships to a better life living on an advanced human planet living for 300 years where everyone speaks English and breathes oxygen.
Readers must be made aware that Generation Y, born 1979 to 2001, are in fact the last of the non-starseeds to be born on this planet. They are the very end of the reincarnational cycle on this planet and in fact the MOST non-evolved compared to their older Generation X, born 1957 to 1979 and also the Hippie Generation, born 1934 to 1957 (with the babyboomers born 1945 to 1956 being the second half of the hippie generation). Gen X and the hippie generations who are also non-starseeds are/were more evolved than Generation Y. Many Nazies have reincarnated into white Generation Y people, thus their fascism. Generation Y, as a whole, have little advanced science, medicine, philosophy, music, poetry, left wing and spiritual communist empathy and virtually NO New Age awarenes despite knowing the ET truth. That is how corrupt they are. This is to our planet’s great detriment because they love killing the planet willingly. And they don’t give a fuck. They are the new “planet fuckers”.
Thus, the planet’s future is being seriously destroyed by Generation Y. And time is running out for them as they are clearly showing how utterly brain dead, materialist, and anti-New Age, and importantly, seemingly committed to the Right Wing and anti-socialist/communist ethos. And they are telling the Galactic Federation everyday to “FUCK OFF” by this cheezy fascist gross reaction during this massive planetary upheaval.
Non-starseeds have always had the opportunity to grow spiritually on Planet Earth. In fact, there is an Ascension process developed by this planet’s Spiritual Hierarchy which is comprised of Ascended Masters (great Spiritual beings who have evolved out of human bodies). This process allows non-starseeds to fast track their spiritual evolvement. Christ Maitreya, the returned Planetary Christ who has been based in Europe since 1977, is threatening to leave the Planet if governments do not allow him to come forth. That’s how fucked this planet is.
Sai Baba, a world famous Indian guru who died earlier this century, was a “Cosmic Christ” coming from an advanced human Galactic Federation planet. He had super powers such as teleportation, bilocation, bringing people back from the dead plus much else. He comes from a human planet where they live for 25,000 years in one body before reincarnating into another. Many on his planet have these powers. That is your future but you must tell the GALACTIC FEDERATION truth.  My best friend on planet earth is my soulmate, who is a 30,000 year old human  “walkin” Galactic Federation alien with vast super powers. There are also other top level human aliens living secretly here on Earth, much much more advanced than human aliens from my planet (my special “starseed alien” skills are in quantum physics, philosophy, medicine, spirituality and spiritual Marxism) or Sirian planets or from the Plaiedes.
Above those human planets living between 200 and 500 years there are a huge range of human aliens who live from 500 years to 30,000 years. The hydrans, who look African, live for 500 years. Plaiedians live for 700 years. Sirians, who look European, live for 5000 years. My home planet has life spans of 8000 to 9000 years. Above my planet there are far more advanced human planets where they can live for up to 30,000 years. The Arctureans, who look Oriental and Chinese, can live a massive 30,000 years. The reptoid reptilian aliens have a lifespan of roughly 30,000 years.In comparison, the grey aliens who did a deal with the USA, live for just 200 years.
Aliens travel in super energy, which is mind faster than light. Physics has shown that consciousness or mind produces matter (energy) but mind is also faster than light and produces super energy (or plasma energy as aliens call it). This was invented on this planet by a British New Age physicist called David Ash. This explains how spaceships can teleport space/time via the speed of light using super energy, or mind faster than light. I spent 10 years writing my PhD in philosophy specialising in this theory which explains inter stellar space travel. Human alien Galactic Federation  Pleiadian level ships and under use this technology with bio-crystal energetic computers that telepathic captains use to send the ship into another solar system. Super energy also explains angel power and complementary and alternative medicine (C.A.M). Our spirit body, or etheric body, is just super energy (or mind/spirit faster than light).
The first things we starseeds will do when we get control on the planet if the selfish evil non-starseeds keep their capitalist “planet fucker” attitude, is plant bamboo trees to create bamboo forests and also to use evaporated crude waste oil in deserts to grow trees. This will radically lift the oxygen rate of the planet from the current 7% in cities to above 50%. And this will allow humans on this planet to radically lift their lifespans to 300 or 400 years. Even now, for starseeds and non-starseeds, 150 is the new 100. So living to 400 years on this planet within a generation is feasible. That is another reason those dying of Covid19 is so sad because they make up a lot of the elderly, and they actually had a chance to live much longer.
Michael Dargaville is a Galactic Federation human alien starseed, physicist, philosopher, punk poet, novelist, journalist, teacher,  mind/body medicine expert, pioneering skateboarder and singer/musician who spent 20 years teaching in universities in China. He grew up in the Sydney hippie punk socialist counter culture of the 1970s and 1980s. Michael has been a professor at seven universities and did three major master’s theses and spent 10 years on a PhD called THE NEW IDEALISM. This can be read in his website called michaelmagicblog.wordpress.com More than 200 million people worldwide have read his journalism, poetry and philosophy via the internet in the past 25 years and he has been published in thousands of alternative, New Age and independent media outlets and websites. During this time a huge number of his stories went outright viral on the internet. Michael was one of the first major global alien-ET/New Age internet writers/journalists getting massive global exposure as early as 1999. By 2009 he had saturation internet exposure. Since then his internet presence has declined radically as powerful censorship forces are purging the internet of a lot of truth, especially on the alien/ET scenario and New Age movement. The once radical and open “alternative” internet media has become increasingly corrupt and controlled by negative forces. Before becoming a campaigning international investigative New Age socialist counter culture journalist, Michael worked widely as a fulltime staff journalist for many newspapers including the Melbourne Sun New-Pictorial (now defunct) and the China Daily (where he worked in Beijing on the newsdesk and as a features writer). He has published more than 100 books, pamphlets and chapbooks of poetry, journalism, fiction and philosophy in hard copy also since 1982. His novels include the New Age punk cult classic KATHY ACKER IS AN ALIEN GHOST WRITER IN SHAMBALLA.


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  1. “Physics has shown that consciousness or mind produces matter..” that in itself is contradictory hokus pokus.
    The brain is made of baryons, if consciousness can be expressed as the functioning of brain cells then it should be made up of bosons. Bosons can only travel at c (3×10^8 m/s)!

  2. I say the same thing to the Abrahamics and the new agers, the wonders of this world, in the spiritual sense, have been nearly utterly destroyed from our knowledge base, and the rebuilding process is full of speculation and discovery. Correlation is not causation. So, if a person says, I am from the seven sisters star system, that can be interpreted as a mothers womb in the study of time and the visible sky. Spirit speaks this way. Also, people can be made to see what is efficacious. The wonder and speculation is of that individuals design. It is irrelevant in the moment and efficacious in a larger purpose. Larger views such as planning seven generations and ancient knowledge has never been so far from touch for the average person. Living people can call the wind and make it rain. They can do many things. A concert , can do even more. Unimaginable to the modern person. But steady through time nonetheless.
    Much is written and little is known. People can bi-locate, chew on that. You will not find them in military or government now.

  3. Why did you publish this kid Gordon?..He is cutting and pasting from anther web site…He got Shang-Haied living in China by their AI…

    The one useful take-away from his ramblings was that he was pretty set on demonizing the generation Y individuals who hold all of the good paying jobs and political positions…a Chinese shill…did you have web space to fill Gordon?..

    • Duff did at one time mention publishing things that appeal to the “crazies”.

      P.S. Why do the Starseed people like a gray font?

  4. Love is the most important thing in the Universe. Love is not selfish, greedy or self seeking. It is eternal and the true secret behind all things both material and transdimensional. Unfortunately it does not exist here on the Earth plane in any significant quantity. The Eco-Village, decentralization, Love of Nature movement growing rapidly in Russia and Europe is based on Families[Male-Female + children] reconnecting with a living environment as being backed by the Russian Government is THE ONLY HOPE FOR THE FUTURE OF MANKIND ON THIS EARTH. Read Anastasias vision for this Earth in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series. This is not a cult or Religion but a Re-emergance of something that once was that resides deep down in the souls of all of us. All subjects are covered including aliens and flying saucers and the Russian mafia international money making racket. Everything.

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