Disgusting Pig: Joseph Bolognia, 54, Philly Police Inspector off the streets, facing possible attempted murder charge


The Senior Editor

When we thought we had seen it all, we then get this pig faced motherfucker and his Trumpist Nazi friends. Watch him bash the head of a teenage (white) girl during an attack on peaceful demonstrators. This guy has a lifetime history of far more than the complaints on record, it goes much further with allegations yet to be proven of a police “special squad” working with human traffickers and drug dealers, keeping them safe and protecting them from prison for cash. Time that was looked into and a couple of dozen Philly boys in blue sent to do a few decades of federal time including for felony murder, what they do when the camera’s aren’t out.



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  1. Being of partial Italian ancestry myself I am especially ashamed of what Italians have done to America, from this monster to Pompeo and everyone in between. One of my cousins was a policeman and he thought it hilarious to joke about how clumsy black men were in custody. As soon as they arrived in handcuffs at the station they’d just up and tumble down the main flight of stairs. Some fun. My mom said her immigrant parents were horrified at how badly they saw black people treated in this country. There is no obsession with skin pigment in Italian culture, but the ones who came here had to adopt America’s racism to pass for white themselves. Seriously: in 1924 the Immigration Act allowed no more than 4,000 immigrants from Italy, to encourage “homogeneity” of the white population.

  2. As they say “Time flies when you have fun”.

    This is the original report turned in to the MPD. There are 9 minutes missing since someone was having fun:

    “Man Dies After Medical Incident During Police Interaction

    May 25, 2020 (MINNEAPOLIS) On Monday evening, shortly after 8:00 pm, officers from the Minneapolis Police Department responded to the 3700 block of Chicago Avenue South on a report of a forgery in progress. Officers were advised that the suspect was sitting on top of a blue car and appeared to be under the influence.

    Two officers arrived and located the suspect, a male believed to be in his 40s, in his car. He was ordered to step from his car. After he got out, he physically resisted officers. Officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress. Officers called for an ambulance. He was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center by ambulance where he died a short time later.

    At no time were weapons of any type used by anyone involved in this incident.

    The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has been called in to investigate this incident at the request of the Minneapolis Police Department.

    No officers were injured in the incident.

    Body worn cameras were on and activated during this incident.“

  3. My guess is that his Israeli training led him to respond to this young girl as if she was Palestinian…

    “There has been particular concern expressed over the Israeli “us-versus-them” dual track mode of policing where the 20% of the country’s citizens that are Arab are regarded as an enemy while the settlers who prey on the Palestinians are automatically protected by police solely because they are Jewish. Selective policing based on race or ethnicity might be another gift from Israel that visiting American policemen bring home with them. In Israel, lethal force is frequently resorted to on a “shoot-to-kill” basis in any incident involving Arabs and Jews, even when there is no serious threat.”


  4. Elite Exceptitionalist Extremists ( E^3 ) = Milititary Manipulated Media Industitrialized Imperial Intitelligence Corpwhorational Crapititalistic Control Complex. E^3 = M^3 I^3 C^4 aka �Mickey…They’ll Eat Everything before you knew there was something. Then tell you there was nothing…move along.�

    Corpwhorational Crapititalistic Control Complex the new C ^ 4

    All are Satanic Masonic Zionists Nazis Elite Ego Extremists

    CIA = #CockroachesInAction

    #GiggleGestapo, #FakeBoobies, #YouPeepers, #TinFoilHats, #MEANSTREAMMedia

    Some cops DO become Drug Crime Syndicates through the CIA. Similar to the CIA funding since 2005 the Corono19 Virus was a PUBLISHED documentation is HERE at VT…read it..save it..spread it wide and often. Iran-Contra was SMALL potatoes compared to the amount of OPIUM coming from Afghanistan and ONE of the MAJOR reasons Israeli NUKES were used on 911. That information is also here at VT. The CIA was also at the CENTER of the Kennedy family from, JFK, RFK, another brother, Martin Luther King and so many others. Clinton likely had Seth Rich killed as he used a WHITE USB stick to download all those emails. There were NO … NOT A SINGLE.. piece of web VIP address data interrupted as the data FLOWED stream lined with NO interruptions of writing the data to the usb stick.

    There’s a video put there of a “SWAT” dressed man wearing full WWI mask with full face covering and also carrying a black umbrella so that he cold not be identified from drones or helicopters. Also how does a “Fed-Ex” truck able to tilt from behind Driver Cab and DUMP pallets of bricks, frozen bottles of water, 2×4’s wrapped and strapped. What type of “Fed-Ex” truck can do this? NONE !!! Now how many trucks that the DOD have that do EXACTLY that. So do CIA, DIA, Homeland Security and also Mercenaries Companies ready to hired and disguise who they really are.

  5. Was asked to leave a bar (no service we were sober @ 3pm) outside of Philly not long ago, urban area, 4 lanes of traffic, stores lining the streets, because the person I was with was the wrong color. I asked the bartender if she was joking, and she threatened to call the police. I think the place was called the red lantern.
    Systemic racism is alive and well in police departments across the country. Guys who never grew up, play with toys, like figurines and model cars or airplanes. Spot em a mile away.

  6. I think this is a good time to remind everyone that both sides…the police and protestors …are having psychotronic weapons used on them to inflame and stage these events. The real cause is Khazarian and Chinese meddling with the help of the Satanic Elite..don’t drink the Koolaid…Remember there is a long term plan to make the USA a welfare state…moving money from the police force to social services is one of the insidious steps..

  7. The lack of restraint and the irresponsible behavior shown by this adult man in his 50’s given this environment is unacceptable, and the support shown by other officers given his behavior is even more disturbing.

    There are good cops and there are bad cops, and this guy has shown himself to be a bad police officer, who has no business being a senior officer. My God, if he can’t handle an adolescent girl being disrespectful and acting out in a non-physical and non-threatening manner he’s not even much of a man.

    If every adult beat the hell out of every young person that was disrespectful.. most of us would be in prison, women and parents included!

    My father was a good cop and I have great respect for officers who serve their people and communities but most of our officers today are being subverted by Israeli training to view everyone as the enemy and it’s kill or be killed.

    If you buy into this.. you are literally a useful idiot in their eyes and believe it when I tell you that you’ll be the enemy once you’ve helped them destroy your country and your people.

    If you’re a good cop and you think this is bullshit, I have a question for you.. how many Jews do you have working the beat in your precinct?

    If you’re a bad cop and you don’t think you’re expendable once you’ve served your purpose.. How are you trained to perceive our military veteran’s? Were you instructed to treat them with respect for their service or instructed to perceive them as an enhanced threat?

  8. “…a couple of dozen Philly boys in blue sent to do a few decades of federal time…” – GD

    How to get sliced Bologna? Send this guy into the general population of a Pennsylvania state prison for violent offenders and he will get sliced with a shiv in a matter of days.

  9. Most of the “protesters” starting the rioting and looting are intel/deep state/police asset agent provocateurs. Please pay attention.

  10. I knew they’d circle the wagons. If he threatens to ‘sing’ about protecting drug dealers and whatnot, they’ll need to get messy and feed the Chesapeake crab population. (Mobster-fed crabs are delicious! I wonder if Bologna-fed crabs taste the same.)
    Back to Philly. In the long-notorious K & A district of North Philly, there’s the case of Indiana Ave where several, short blocks were converted to ‘one-way-traffic’ for two-lanes creating an ideal environment for ‘drug-slingers’. Lots of them; including 8-10 year-old’s on bicycles counting how many times a car had circled the block(s) et cetera.
    Periodically, possibly in response to empty, taxpayer-funded jail cells and other more obscure reasons, that short stretch of Indiana was ‘raided’ as with “Operation Sunrise” in the 90’s.
    About 100 jail cells became occupied and, in less than 2-weeks, it was business as usual.
    Where’s Andy of Mayberry? Oh shit! He was just a gay actor!

  11. I have seen so many videos of these pig-faced motherfuckers attacking completely innocent kids who are protesting the human condition in America.

    When did protest become a crime?

    Where do all the Americans supporting these pig-faced motherfuckers with the mantra of how violent the protesters are……where are they coming from?

    These pig-faced motherfuckers have cognitive degenerative mental illnesses that need to be diagnosed.


    • NOT ENOUGH antifa communist terrorists R getting the shit beat out of them…it stopped being an innocent protest after 90 secs & then turned into orgies of looting, torching & anti-white assaults…He shouldn’t have struck a girl when there R so many worse antifa scum that NEED beatings…you people w/o religion have been given a new one; the Worship of the Innocent Black Lambs…Floyd & the ” cop” in the video both did porn, bounced @ the same club…the “paramedics” didn’t even check Floyd’s pulse…the cop arrested doesn’t look like the guy in the video..why the closed casket. This has Soros’ clawprints all over it..Floyd was/is a despicable person who isn’t mourned by me…if this felon, porn actor is dead the poor crisis actor didn’t know the whole script…Deep State? Duff, the Deep State is owned by the Rothschild Khazar Mafia that hates whites & wants them vaxxed/poisoned, replaced even in their ancestral homelands, subjugated & terrorized….Now wanting to call the police during a home break-in comes from ” a place of privilege” & is racist…that’s where we’re at after just 2 wks of this hellish shit…Thanks Duff, you’re the same guy who told us the people destroying Libya w/NaTO
      air support were “freedom fighters”….haven’t really trusted you since..

    • Duff, as you call him, isn’t hopelessly racist and bigoted like you.

      That’s the one and only time your hate speech will be allowed here so either drop the incredibly shitty attitude or go elsewhere to spread your disgusting bile.

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