By Michael Dargaville for VT

The aliens and ETs who are surrounding this planet in spaceships called the Galactic Federation have declared they will give full military protection to smaller countries who join this extraordinary organization working for good.

This was recently announced by a major Galactic Federation alien in what is the most important new change and development for this planet.

The world lives under a huge lie that the “established” fascist media is denying by omission – that this planet is being surrounded by spaceships of galactic human aliens from other star nations within our galaxy.

These aliens want a world government based on peace, love, and socialism and have now pledged their support behind any small or possibly medium-sized government and country who supports them

It had recently been hoped the Indian Government would make a full alien announcement, maybe even around the 2012 magical time mark that has now well passed, but this has been canceled by that government.

These amazing beautiful aliens who have saved this planet from certain destruction are now urging all the small governments of the world to join the Galactic Federation and bring heaven on earth that they want.

This would mean that the bigger giant countries such as the USA, India, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, and others could not threaten or attack any of these smaller countries who join the Galactic Federation. The military offer from the Galactic Federation is also being made to the bigger countries where if a group of bigger countries attacked another bigger country, they could join the Galactic Federation and get protection.

For example, if China joined the Galactic Federation because India, the United States, all NATO countries and the newly forming “Arab NATO” countries jointly tried to attack China, China could join the Galactic Federation and get fully protected and save a lot of money. But it really critically puts huge pressure on the USA who has relentlessly attacked smaller weaker nations around the world for the past 50 years and have killed directly or indirectly more than 110 million people worldwide.

Currently, the USA has military bases everywhere on this planet causing massive world disharmony. This new situation radically changes this. Nevertheless, there are “white hat” forces within the United States Deep State military-industrial complex who are demanding that this stop so that is a good sign. And I urge all “western white hat” operatives in the western military-industrial complex to keep up your great work to keep peace alive and to show true friendship with China and other nations.

This new radical change of military protection would bring new world peace and truthfulness unseen in the history of the planet as all the larger governments are currently not telling the alien and ET truth, mainly out of fear and gross corruption. It would also mean that when the new world government is finally formed and the world capital set up in Sichuan, China, these Galactic Federation will protect all smaller countries. This means that the new world government will be nothing like the United Nations, which is a total failure. Under a new world government each country fully 100% retains its sacrosanct independence and SOVEREIGNTY.

The Galactic Federation is made up of 60% human aliens and are now in space ships surrounding this planet demanding a world socialist spiritual government based on peace and love. In the worldwide New Age movement involving tens of millions of people from many different spiritual groups – Buddhist, Hindu, and other New Age sects and religions – follow the Galactic Federation.

China’s Sichuan has been suggested as the location for the world’s first world government capital because it is centrally located for the two major governments of the world – China and India – to co-operate yet at the same time gives a central focus for all other governments, big or small. China and India are now in full military control of this planet because the Galactic Federation aliens can stop any nuclear weapons from the USA or Russia. However, aliens have now stressed that in fact the smaller countries of the world cannot be invaded by any country if they start to support the Galactic Federation.

The alien agenda is a very real agenda virtually totally excluded by the “official” fascist western media but always implied. An example of this was the recent exposure by many former USA air force officers that alien spaceships have been closing American nuclear missile sites for the past 30 years. Recently Galactic Federation alien spaceships have closed many airports in China and are claiming there will be many more closures until the Chinese Government makes an ET announcement.

I was sent into China more than 20 years ago to work with the Chinese Government because I had direct alien contact with a 30,000-year-old “walk-in” alien with superpowers. She is also my soul mate and sent me to China because I had past life history there, was committed to spiritual socialism/communism, and supported the Chinese Government.

I am also a human-alien starseed coming from a distant galactic human planet on the far side of the galaxy where we live up to 9000 years and the majority are oriental looking galactic humans yet have experienced a minor incarnation here virtually mainly in the orient to groom me for my current mission of being a Galactic Federation messenger on this planet. In the worldwide New Age movement, millions believe in the entire alien agenda with countless writers around the world such as David Icke, Sheldon Nidle, Babara Maciniak, Jelaila, David Wilcock, Cory Goode, Dr Michael Salla to many, many others, having outlined what is happening.

Many of these writers exposed the USA Government’s deal with the little grey aliens, on which Hollywood ‘s most famous film ET was based upon. The grey ETs live for only 200 years.  The American involvement with the grey aliens has created a culture of secrecy so high that other governments do not know how to deal with it.

At the beginning of this century, the USA ‘s official release of information in this area is called the Disclosure Project led by an American medical doctor called Dr. Steve Greer. Their public website has 400 former USA generals, CIA spies, and soldiers publicly testifying to working with aliens. The fact that these former military officials have come forward and are now declaring they worked with grey aliens is the most declarative outline of a country’s deep involvement with aliens from other star nations. When their program was first announced every grey fascist media outlet made announcements and then – poof – nothing again.

A vicious worldwide information war is now happening with the major fascist media newspapers and organizations such as the BBC to many, many others, deliberately suppressing any alien information. This information war is utterly unflinching in its procurement of lies, deceit, and deception. Even shitty two-bit local media newspapers and rags follow the official government line although, of course, thousands of excellent small local village and town newspapers scattered around the western world and throughout the ENTIRE world, report the full truth. Usually, these newspapers are owned locally.

Yet the alternative, counter-culture, and New Age media has countless newspapers, magazines, zines, journals, websites, pirate radio stations and internet TV stations, churning out the truth. Thus, an information war unseen in the history of the planet is now taking place.

As the crazy fascist control systems such as the western allied governments and especially the American Government continue to work closely with the American billionaire families that control most financial infrastructures around the world, a plea from the Galactic Federation has been made for the smaller governments of the world to make announcements, joining the federation and get military support from Galactic Federation spaceships which would stop nuclear missiles and other weapons of mass destruction hurting these countries. This gives the smaller countries total strength.

The Chinese Government now clearly realizes it is in control of this planet with its military might and the biggest army on the planet and it is also aware now that the Galactic Federation will protect smaller governments and countries. Smaller countries are now being urged to take advantage of this unique offer, join the Galactic Federation, and retain their unique sovereignty.

The Chinese could destroy America in possibly a few months in a land war using its range of Dong Feng “East Wind” missile technology and the Americans would be utterly helpless to use nuclear weapons because the friendly aliens surrounding this planet would stop them. The Chinese Dong Feng missile system could take out every American aircraft carrier in 20 minutes. Thus, Beijing is currently the de facto world capital and President Xi Jing Ping is the most powerful man in the world.

In New Age theory millions believe that we earth humans were originally part of the Galactic Federation and that earth was in fact a Galactic Federation colony. The first humans who developed in the galaxy was on the Vega star system nearly seven million years ago. They were a primate who was developed by powerful creator forces and then developed to a very high sentient level and then developed space technologies and started exploring and colonizing the Milky Way Galaxy. Earth was first colonized about 2 million BC by the Galactic Federation in a civilization called Hybornea.

These humans lived for 5000 years on average. This was destroyed by negative aliens called Reptoids, lizard, or snake looking type aliens who can shapeshift into human form but not their pupils. The Galactic Federation has been in a giant galactic war with these aliens for four million years. These reptoid aliens have attacked thousands of galactic human planets across the galaxy causing havoc and we are just the latest round in this terrible war.

When Hybornia was destroyed about 1 million BC another advanced human colony was started called Lemuria by the Galactic Federation. Again, galactic humans could live for 5000 years. Atlantis was a colony within Lemuria. Both of these famous earth civilizations in our history were advanced but both were destroyed, with Atlantis finishing around 30,000BC. And very importantly, and this is critical for the reader to understand, a remnant of humans from these civilizations remained but had been mutated and lived for just 50 to 80 years. Archangel Michael, who is the leader of the Galactic Federation, with other positive archangels, then decided to put new “YOUNG SOULS” into these mutated earth humans as it was inappropriate and unfair to put “OLD SOULS” who live for very long ages into these humans.

These mutant humans on earth then reincarnated collectively on this planet until now. However, all of Generation Z (those born 2002 and after) are all STARSEEDS, and they will utterly change the planet to join the Galactic Federation. Generation Y, those born 1979 to 2001, are NON-starseeds and are the last of the generational cycle. Thus, their lack of good music, poetry, science, art, medicine, left-wing and socialist consciousness, New Age awareness, and much else.

OF all people on the planet, comprising all generations, 40% of people know the ET truth, 40% believe the ET truth, and just 10% undecided. You can see how utterly corrupt and bad Generation Y are because they KNOW the ET truth but just turn their heads the other way in selfishness. In fact, the older punk generation, or Generation X, (born 1957 to 1979) and the HIPPIE Generation (born 1934 to 1957 with the babyboomers comprising the second half of this generation with the baby boom rate, not a birth number, dropping by 1957) were and are much more advanced than Gen Y, although the hippies and Gen X are NON-starseeds, although a small minority were starseeds such as me.

Humans have first formed on the Vega star system 7 million years ago and then set up human civilizations across the galaxy. Around 4 million BC they started having wars with bad reptilian reptoid aliens (whose boss is Archangel Lucifer) so they banded together and formed the Galactic Federation. Earth is the lowest level human planet in the multiverse/universe. Above earth, there are tens of thousands of advanced human planets living from just 200 years to 30,000 years.

More than 500 human planets living from ages between 200 to 500 years, many of whom speak English and use oxygen, have been attacked by bad reptoids. Above them, there is a vast range of advanced human planets who are part of the Galactic Federation ranging in ages from 500 years to 30,000 years. This is explained more further down.

In the Galactic Federation, there is a minority of reptoid reptilian aliens, who live 30,000 years, and who work for ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, the boss of the Galactic Federation. There are also loving insect aliens, DRAGON aliens (who are the most powerful and advanced ETs in the universe and are Archangel Michael’s top soldiers)

This is our true history, believed by millions in thousands upon thousands of different alien and New Age groups scattered around the world, but always denied in the “official” fascist tightarse media.

I have had direct encounters with aliens for more than 20 years and was sent to work in China to help the people of this country understand the truth of the New Age. I love China with all my heart and have the highest regard for the Chinese government who is clearly showing world leadership through its Belt and Road project and by not starting or acting in any wars. It has been a truly peaceful country and at the same time has developed its economy to be a world leader.

The Galactic Federation destroyed a Reptoid base on the moon in the year 2000 which used psychotronic weapons (mind control weapons which most earth governments have and use) on the planet which was causing a lot of wars and disharmony and which destroyed the former Soviet Union in the late 1980s. Psychotronic weapons are used by governments around the world in a gross human rights abuse never revealed by the fascist media.

These weapons use electromagnetic frequencies to change brain wave patterns and can change the way people think. The reptoid moon base could cause wars and disharmony anywhere in the world. Anyway, the Galactic Federation destroyed this reptoid base in the Year 2000 and provisionally brought in the New Age by virtually saving our planet. Prior to this the likely event would have been nuclear destruction. That had been our planet’s future had not the Galactic Federation intervened. It was what the BAD reptoids had hoped for.

Recent great disappointment occurred when it was realized the Indian government was not going to make a formal alien announcement yet a wonderful new geopolitical opportunity now exists for all the frail, weak and small countries of the world to now shine and tell the truth in the face of the voiceless fascism from their big brother and sister nations. If those smaller countries start living in the truth, adopting positive infrastructures based on peace, love, friendship, equity, equality (ie, no privatized water and massive other privatization measures that decimate their cultures) truth, justice, freedom, and socialism, then those countries will be totally protected by the most powerful aliens in the Universe. Galactic Federation aliens have the ability to repel any army on this planet who comes near these smaller countries.

Thus, new world geopolitics based on truth and freedom and genuine hope now exists so that these smaller countries can now engender the true principles of the New Age. It means those countries willing to give their support to these aliens will never again have to worry about negative fascist policies given to them by such fascist institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund which is used as an organ of the USA to put through negative policies.

Currently, 40,000 children die every day as a result of World Bank and IMF illegal loan repayments to these smaller countries yet this new alien announcement would mean that these countries could now join the Galactic Federation and start saving these children from the certain death and ravages hoisted on them by the billionaire Illuminati families that control these international banking bodies. These billionaires have caused massive world disharmony and dictate the policies of the government.

400 billionaires control and run America and keep their wealth as a collective and have vast control around the world. Aliens have said they caused September 11 in New York and have started many wars.

But now this new edict from the Galactic Federation would mean that these smaller governments would be able to avoid Dark Cable fascism and control and to start genuinely working to save their own people’s lives and to lift their living standards. This will herald in a new world, a world based on genuine freedom and economic prosperity. Currently, world super capitalism run by these billionaire families and the governments that support them has caused massive disharmony that is destroying the fabric of families and societies around the world. New technologies such as the hydrogen engine, which is what the Galactic Federation aliens want, could start to be implemented quickly now that these smaller counties can be protected.

I make a call to all world leaders that the Galactic Federation, which is surrounding this planet in spaceships, to join the Galactic Federation and make announcements. We can take you on our ships to advanced galactic human planets living between 200 years and 500 years. These human planets, many of them, speak English and use oxygen. So if you planetary leaders support the Galactic Federation, your leaders could have wonderful new lives living for up to 400 years. We have rejuvenation machines on our spaceships to keep you alive for a long time. We also can do this to good NON starseeds who are not leaders on this planet who do good.

NON starseeds will not be reincarnated back on Earth. A new “prison planet” is possibly being established for the NON starseeds. So if you do badly this is where you are going. But if you do good and work for the Galactic Federation, we take you to new advanced human planets. I make a plea, do we have to wait for Generation Z, who are all starseeds, to bring about this new change or can the NON-starseed generations X and Y do this. You will be rewarded both karmically and physically. Many good non starseeds can reincarnate UPWARDS but it is up to you.

Above those 500 galactic human Galactic Federation planets, some of whom use oxygen and speak English, (and all of whom were attacked by bad reptoid aliens similar to earth) there is a vast array of GALACTIC HUMAN Galactic Federation planets living from 500 years to 30,000 years. The Hydrans, who look African, live for 500 years.

The Pleiadians live for 700 years. (At Pleiadian level and under our spaceships use bio crystal energetic computers and captains must be telepathic to connect the ship to super energy, or plasma energy, which is mind faster than light. This is how the ship teleports through the speed of light because MIND is faster than light, or can be.) The Sirians, who look European, can live for 5000 years. My home planet, on the far side of the planet, we have humans living 8-9000 years. Above my planet, there are tens of thousands of much higher human civilizations such as the Arcturians, who look oriental and can live for 30,000 years. Sai Baba, the world-famous Indian guru who could teleport, bilocate and bring people back from the dead, comes from a human planet where they live 25,000 years. Many on his planet have these abilities.

The Galactic Federation wants the end of all oil ASAP as taking oil from Gaia destroys the planet’s plate and grid system. THIS IS CRITICAL. We want to see the immediate use of HYDROGEN ENGINE POWER plants to create electricity for electric cars, planes, and ships. Plus hydrogen engine powered cars, planes, and ships on top of that. On top of that, we want to plant massive bamboo forests and use evaporated crude waste oil for deserts to create forests to radically boost our oxygen levels to 50%. This will increase our lifespans hugely possibly to 300 years quickly. Current oxygen rated in cities is nearly as low as 7%. 150 is the new 100 already for non starseeds and starseeds even now. DO WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE GENERATION Z starseeds to do this or can you corrupt non starseeds get off your greedy bums and do something.

The world stands on the brink of extraordinary times. Never before in our contemporary human history has the choices we face been so stark. We either start working for peace, truth, and love, which will only benefit every citizen, or we maintain the current status quo that brought us to the brink of world destruction. The Galactic Federation is in dialogue with governments so the change will start happening, giving the small and weak a voice that will change every level of society.


By Michael Dargaville

Now is the time to change your life and discover mind/body medicine and learn to cure and prevent disease using meditation.

Never before in our history has the amount of scientific study confirmed that meditation is healing and curing virtually most major diseases, especially the big two – cancer and heart disease. As we have now well and truly passed the special year of 2012, which was a major time in our planet for change, now is the time to break away from our current paradigm, which is deeply unscientific backed up by a corrupt infrastructure that is now a major obstacle to alternative medicine.

Meditation and diet is not only curing cancer but also all forms of mental illness, diabetes, MS, all auto-immune diseases, AIDS, high blood pressure, to many other diseases. The famous American cardiologist Dean Ornish now has a diet curing acute heart disease through diet, unblocking 95% blocked arteries. How’s that for a revolution. The diet has no fat, no meat, no nuts, no oil, no cheese or eggs, just fruit, vegetables, and grains. This little article will teach you a complete meditation technique you could learn quickly that will utterly change your life forever. I have given my life to alternative medicine having been trained professionally at famous and established public universities in philosophy, where I did three masters degrees involving the philosophy of alternative medicine to the philosophy of quantum physics.

More than 25 years ago I knew my research was at the cutting edge but I was not getting the support of my former homeland of Australia. So I left. I went to China and ended up living and teaching there for 20 years in 21 universities teaching my research and holding professorial positions. I loved doing this hugely. China is just a magic country with magic people and a haven for alternative medicine with Chinese medicine having massive state support. So here is the technique. I urge you to change your life and find the peace, truth, and happiness that lies within you just waiting to come alive.


This form of meditation was founded by a famous Melbourne psychiatrist called Ainslie Meares. He developed this technique while in his Melbourne clinic during the 1960s and wrote many influential books including RELIEF WITHOUT DRUGS. He was a psychiatrist with a passionate interest in eastern religions and meditation and traveled and lived in India and Nepal studying various systems. He was a maverick of a man. Meares’ technique was first used to fight mental illness, especially anxiety, and has been taken up by some leading Victorian therapists.

In the 1970s this meditation technique gained wider recognition when Ian Gawler, a young Melbourne vet, cured his lung and extensive bone cancer. Gawler at the time had been given just two weeks to live. He went on to attain extremely wide public recognition and wrote two best-selling books, including Peace of Mind and YOU, CAN CONQUER CANCER. Gawler lost one of his legs prior to coming across the technique because doctors in those days thought surgery would be his best option.

Unlike other meditation techniques, which Gawler calls active such as mantra meditation, this form of meditation is passive. The difference between the two forms is that active meditation increases the secretion of the hormone cortisone from the adrenalin gland, which is the cause of stress throughout the body and immune system. However, this form of meditation does not cause the secretion of cortisone and is passive. Thus, it is called HEALTH meditation.

The technique that Ainslie Meares taught is simple. For the first 10 days, you progressively relax your groups of muscles from your feet up by flexing each muscle group for 5 seconds and then relaxing them for 5 seconds. After 10 days of this, you change the routine and instead use a wave of relaxation over all your muscles at the same time, instead of physically doing each muscle group by tensing them and then relaxing them. Simplify the technique by cutting out the actual flexing of the muscles and just use the wave of relaxation This is the essence of mind/body medicine because by simply using the wave leads to deeper stages of meditation.

All you have to do from here is sit in an armless chair. Just be a passive observer and allow YOUR thoughts to come and go and just use and APPLY a WAVE of relaxation over all your muscles every time a thought comes. DON’T FORCE THE THOUGHTS AWAY. Just let them come and go and don’t fight them off. They will go by themselves if you apply the WAVE of relaxation of your muscles. Remember just be a passive observer, don’t fight the thoughts, allow them to come, use the WAVE of relaxation over your muscles. Simple. If a particular section of muscles in your body keeps being tense concentrate the wave on that area. It’s that simple. (You can in fact just observe the thoughts without doing the wave and not getting caught up in them and the same process should happen yet using the wave can also be done.) If you allow your thoughts to come they will eventually go, just be AWARE of them, non-judgementally and passively and not to fight them and NOT to get caught up in them.

You can meditate up to three hours a day. One hour in the morning, an hour before lunch and an hour before dinner if you have a chronic disease such as cancer. Gawler in fact has further perfected this technique with his latest book called MEDITATION: AN IN-DEPTH GUIDE and says that as you scan and relax your body, you could also think of your breathing. He calls this process “mindfulness” which is just another word for putting your attention to your breathing, your centerline, and emotions for a couple of minutes. This is optional but helps to relax the body further before using techniques to acquire stillness. Another technique, Gawler says, is that in the periods of stillness between your thoughts as you meditate PUT your attention. And the gaps between the thoughts and the stillness of NO THOUGHTS will get bigger and lead to peace, contentment, silence, calm And eventually there just will be pure stillness. This is Stillness Meditation. It is that simple.

I wrote my 50,000 word MA thesis at the famously radical but now defunct Department of General Philosophy at Sydney University from 1988 to 1990 on Ian Gawler, Ainslie Meares and the foundations of mind-body medicine, which is what using meditation and diet to fight disease is called.

Using the WAVE of relaxation and allowing stillness of mind and body leads to higher stages of meditation. Gawler has written a chart of the level of the body’s mental/physiology goes through during stillness meditation. This chart says there are six to seven stages of meditation when doing this technique and as the body goes through these stages sees it relaxes until it finds peace and calmness. I urge everybody to buy Ian Gawler’s books by contacting the Gawler Foundation, a natural healing hospital based near Melbourne, via

If you are interested in a total physical transformation adopt a strict diet of vegetables, grains, and fruit and walk at least 2-3 hours a week if possible. Also, basic yoga and breathing correctly could help any chronic illness. Make sure you supplement Vitamin B12 if you become a vegan vegetarian. You can also meditate lying on the floor, not on a bed, as being slightly uncomfortable supports you to relax your body. You can even meditate in the lotus positions. But an armless chair with a back is excellent, simple, and widely used. Some Buddhist schools of meditation are similar to this technique, and ultimately, all meditation techniques share a similar process. I have personally learned many other meditation techniques yet the Gawler technique is my daily base. You can contact the Gawler Foundation, a natural healing hospital near Melbourne, Australia, where they teach this meditation technique and have had thousands of cancer remissions since

1981. Their email address is and their web address again is I urge anyone with serious illness to contact them and perhaps even do a retreat with them. People from all around the world fly in and do their retreats.

I do want to stress that I am committed to alternative medicine and have been for most of my adult life. In the past 25 years, I have done some of the most advanced work in mind/body medicine in the world. Mind/body medicine uses meditation to treat disease, something that Indian Ayurvedic medicine also uses. Also, as I said, I did a major MA thesis at the now defunct but famous Department of General Philosophy at Sydney University, Australia, on the entire Gawler revolution in 1988.

I was the first person in the world to do this. No academic has done the amount of research I have done on Gawler and that revolution. Yet I still get treated like shit in quite a few places where I travel, especially in western countries. This MA thesis was done in 1989, as I said before mind/body medicine had attracted worldwide attention and this work is now seen by some as a major pioneering work in the area. Meditation is at the core of mind/body medicine. Mind/body medicine is now a pivotal region of alternative medicine and is perhaps the most powerful form of alternative medicine on the planet because it is curing cancer, heart disease (the big two western killers) plus much other life-threatening diseases, including AIDS. This new form of medicine is now sweeping the world.

My MA thesis, now nearly 30 years ago, examined the world-famous mind/body medicine pioneer Ian Gawler in depth. He comes from Australia, and, as said before, used meditation to cure his own cancer and then set up his own world-famous hospital near Melbourne and has subsequently had thousands of cures from incurable cancer using meditation. They are also curing MS completely which is a medical marvel. Meditation of course is the core of mind/body medicine. Gawler promotes a form of “mindfulness-based stillness” meditation that is revolutionary that I very briefly outlined to you previously. I am an expert in this technique and the theory behind it, especially science. I believe it is here that we could develop important breakthrough research. I have backed my research up using the latest in quantum theory looking at physicist David Bohm’s theory of implicate order, systems theory, Geoffrey Chew’s bootstrap theory, and Paul Davies’ superstring theory. My PhD

is called The New Idealism, which is located on this blog, and interprets quantum theory from a philosophical idealistic notion, or the philosophical premise that mind produces matter. And this was done to back up the massive scientific revolution of mind/body medicine.

In America now there are even public accredited mind/body universities with hundreds on the staff. But because I dislike a lot of what America stands for especially politically I will never go there and teach. Plus I felt it was important to help poor countries and poor people with this research because I am committed to socialism. America, being the capitalist shithole that it is, does not deserve my research I thought at the time. Yet I do respect America hugely in the areas of using mind/body medicine to treat mental illness and using transpersonal psychology instead of the evil materialist psychiatry that is used in New Zealand, Britain and Australia. This is where America is truly way ahead of the other Anglo-America countries. In America, you can do an accredited Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology using meditation to treat and CURE all forms of mental illness, including psychotic disorders. But in all the Anglo-American countries such as Britain, Australia, and New Zealand materialism and behaviouralism rules. I believe this is a gross human rights abuse.

Anyway, I was the first person on the planet who did legitimate academic research on the entire Gawler alternative medicine revolution when it first came into prominence in Australia in the 1980s. This is now becoming so “establishment” that Australia ’s Monash University ’s Bachelor of Medicine students must undertake a course in mind/body medicine based in this area. My book A PHILOSOPHICAL STUDY OF HEALING IN NEW TIMES, (which was the MA thesis from Sydney university based on Gawler) is now regarded as a classic in alternative medicine (and using meditation) and has been continuously published (by alternative publishers and in self-publishing format) for more than 15 years. After that MA degree, I subsequently did another major master’s degree in the philosophy of quantum theory concentrating on world-famous New Age physicist Fritjof Capra to validate the science of alternative medicine and that of Indian and Chinese medicine in particular.

I have been highly critical of western medicine and the current war that is raging seems to have found a degree of peace. My later Ph.D. examined this war in more detail. A major book of my Ph.D., called THE NEW IDEALISM, has now expounded more fully on the worldwide implications of mind/body medicine, transpersonal psychology, and other areas such as the alien agenda and the quantum theory of alien space travel. I left Australia more than 25 years ago to teach in Asian and Chinese universities and colleges because they are much more open to this new area than materialist based Cartesian-Newtonian-behaviouralist western universities whose very science is now in serious doubt. The worldwide implications are staggering and I have devoted part of my life to this area of medicine. I meditate, of course, every day up to three hours, know many meditation techniques, and have learned many, many other alternative medical healing modalities. And continue to learn new ones.


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  1. I agree with Odell that wisdom in this age is nearly non-existent, and saviorism reveals a fraud. The ability to reason, too, is nearly non-existent.
    So, the Chinese have been chosen as the new global government because they have the biggest standing army and supposedly can invade & wipe out any other country, with the ETs serving as their ABM shield to insure that they can’t be stopped. And the elite politicians, most of whom have risen to that status by selling out their own people to the interests of the dark cabal, are the ET’s contact people and the first ones who get a ticket to Eden. And individual countries will be sovereign, but pledge allegiance to the global socialist government of China and their worker-drone, fast-track-to-the-Borg culture or die and have your soul sent to a prison planet. And that’s all highly enlightened? Wow!
    Some of the starseed souls on this planet, Michael, have been bright enough to see that both the New Age philosophy and the academic/scientific establishment are 100% stale, dark-ages delusion, just with different packaging. Please tell your ET friends that I’m calling them out on their BS, and if they want to de-program from their leftist college brainwashing and actually start letting some divine light fire up some authentic reasoning to lift them out of the Earth-consciousness fog then I’m willing to listen.

  2. How is China going to get it’s army over to the States…? We have a submarine advantage…The Dong Feng is rubbish…heh.

  3. NEVER believe at face value what an alien tells you without proof ! REGARDLESS of the marvel they mirrors in front of your eyes. Remember Cortez ! Remember what “aliens” did to Native Americans ! Remember what US did to other counties. Remember the Patriot act… As below, so above !!! Lies and profit…

    • Never sign an alien contract for gifts in you hands. Look at the chains at your ankles BEFORE signing…

  4. Again, this is such a radical departure from your typical content and article style, I feel completely jerked around. You may well lose my readership if this persists.

    • If this thing parked itself over your house for three or four days, your butt will be in BIG Trouble for the rest of your life. Roight and roight again, so be be careful of what you wish for, these days.

    • Until That Day, When All This Has Gone Away,
      And What Comes Down Is Here To Stay,
      On The Big Universal Graduation Day.

  5. A lot of great facts, yet a lot of 100% pure and pure BS! As usual, the source is an anglophone so be wary of what comes out of the mouth of these forked-tongued devils. The task is for you humans to decide in your soul what resonates and what doesn’t.

  6. With the ongoing change in the world gravitating away from archaic religions, there is a process where replacements are sought and wisdom is nearly non-existent. It is in this environment where the less capable find power and followers by saying almost anything at all.
    There is always a progression when being deprogrammed from cults. The Evangelical will join a Methodist church and so forth. People take comfortable steps to something familiar to find belonging. Offering,… Saviorism, is always dangerous and fraudulent. It is no different than the predatory religions. Greer was charging oodles and knew the crop circles were commissioned.

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