by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy

The authoritative website specializing in Medicine has just published the conclusion of the “Recovery Trial” tested by a research group of the Oxford University who has confirmed the effectiveness of an easy and cheap therapy with Cortisone to defeat Covid-19 (or SARS-CoV-2).

This method was initially tested by a brilliant Italian neurologist, but both the government of Rome and the World Health Organization neglected it because first, in March, the French minister Olivier Veron and then the WHO itself had advised against the use of this drug for the treatment of infected patients.

How many deaths could have been avoided between March and June? An international inquiry should answer this question…

This is the abstract of the research just published.

«Background: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is associated with diffuse lung damage. Corticosteroids may modulate immune-mediated lung injury and reducing progression to respiratory failure and death. Methods: The Randomised Evaluation of COVID-19 therapy (RECOVERY) trial is a randomized, controlled, open-label, adaptive, platform trial comparing a range of possible treatments with usual care in patients hospitalized with COVID-19. We report the preliminary results for the comparison of dexamethasone 6 mg given once daily for up to ten days vs. usual care alone. The primary outcome was 28-day mortality».

«Results: 2104 patients randomly allocated to receive dexamethasone were compared with 4321 patients concurrently allocated to usual care. Overall, 454 (21.6%) patients allocated dexamethasone and 1065 (24.6%) patients allocated usual care died within 28 days (age-adjusted rate ratio [RR] 0.83; 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.74 to 0.92; P<0.001). The proportional and absolute mortality rate reductions varied significantly depending on level of respiratory support at randomization (test for trend p<0.001): Dexamethasone reduced deaths by one-third in patients receiving invasive mechanical ventilation (29.0% vs. 40.7%, RR 0.65 [95% CI 0.51 to 0.82]; p<0.001), by one-fifth in patients receiving oxygen without invasive mechanical ventilation (21.5% vs. 25.0%, RR 0.80 [95% CI 0.70 to 0.92]; p=0.002), but did not reduce mortality in patients not receiving respiratory support at randomization (17.0% vs. 13.2%, RR 1.22 [95% CI 0.93 to 1.61]; p=0.14)».

The Oxford Recovery0s research just published – click for reading research

«Conclusions: In patients hospitalized with COVID-19, dexamethasone reduced 28-day mortality among those receiving invasive mechanical ventilation or oxygen at randomization, but not among patients not receiving respiratory support».

This conclusion highlights what has already been explained in our interview with the Italian neurologist Roberta Ricciardi who first experimented with the drug on his patients with Myasthenia who have already been treated with corticosteroids habitually and remarked on by Professor Piero Sestili, Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Urbino: Dexamethasone treatment works best if initiated at the first symptoms.

In fact, Oxford reaffirms its effectiveness but not without artificial ventilation and therefore with the need for hospitalization. While the experiments carried out by Dr. Ricciardi and then adopted in other hospitals have demonstrated their effectiveness in-home care as we will illustrate in the next interview with a cured patient from Lombardy.


THE ITALIAN DISCOVERY (posted on June, 24)

«I was in Intensive Care Unit for 7 years, I studied Medicine breathing thanks to a tracheotomy (incision of the throat with the insertion of a cannula – ed). I struggled for a long time before going back to breathing normally. For this reason, I cannot accept that a patient dies suffocated by Myasthenia gravis which thanks to Cortisone, with an ad personal cure created by me because there is no effective formula for everyone, I was able to “switch off” in myself and in other 7 thousand patients I follow. This is why I experienced the CoronaVirus pandemic with concern, fearing that their fragility could expose them to serious risks. So I decided to intensify the treatments with my beloved Dexamethasone. All the cases cure are healed, none died».

An interview is not enough for Dr. Roberta Ricciardi, a commendation is not enough. A monument would be needed: to your patience. Her shy and modest character as a pragmatic and volcanic Tuscan people, in doing more than appearing, during the emergency kept her away from the spotlight under which her namesake Dr. Walter Ricciardi preyed, before resigning as president of the Superior Health Institute of Rome (ISS) after an investigation by Le Jene on its at least suspicious relations with some pharmaceutical companies and with a lobbying company (link at the bottom of the page).

The neurologist Roberta Ricciardi head of the Myasthenia and Thyme Surgery Unit of the Pisan University Hospital

He was among the gurus who in Rome suggested the guidelines in the emergency from Covid-19 for his role as representative of Italy on the Executive Committee of the World Health Organization. That same WHO that in mid-March had rejected the treatment with Cortisone except to exhume it in recent days. The scientific anticipation of June 16 on the 2,000 patients cured by Oxford University with Dexamethasone, a steroid anti-inflammatory of the cortisone family, has re-launched therapy in the Italian media that previously massacred it on a WHO input (Fanpage 17-3.2020). Few of the newspapers, however, remembered to remember that the Italian specialist had arrived at the same happy intuition …

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesussaid, WHO General Director

Since the other day, Dr. Walter became scientific director of the Maugeri Scientific Clinical Institutes while Dr. Roberta, neurologist, at 65 years old, with the health marked by her “off” pathology but destined to accompany her throughout her life as in all other ills, it has been waiting for 30 years for its excellence clinic of the Myasthenia and Thymus Surgery Path in the Pisan University Hospital, confined to two rooms, to have spaces and staffing facilities adequate to treat the over 10 thousand Italian patients of this pathology. A disease as rare as potentially life-threatening if not treated in time, just like the infection of the new CoronaVirus strain.

Democratic Party Minister of Health Roberto Speranza

But above all, the specialist Ricciardi has been waiting for exactly two months for a response from the Italian Minister of Health Roberto Speranza (Democratic Party) to the appeal she made with 33 other Italian doctors «on the need to promote suddenly and early adoption (at the beginning of the symptoms suspected respiratory) compared to today’s practice, of a simple effective anti-inflammatory therapy such as medium or high dosage associated with Cortisone, with drugs with probable anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity such as Chloroquine and Enoxaparin to prevent serious thrombotic complications like CID. This therapy, it should be emphasized, can be carried out in the home environment».

That’s life! Especially in the healthcare world engulfed and piloted by Big Pharmas which, after repeated sentences of condemnation in the world, can be candidly defined as “habitual offenders”. Now in Italy we can begin to wonder about the mystery of dexamethasone used by very few doctors and to ask ourselves if the absent-minded Dicastery of Health has not named the “wrong Ricciardi” in the WHO. In fact, between April 24 and June 23, 8,706 positive people died at Covid-19 in the Italian peninsula.

Italian toll of deaths in the last two months

The causal link with the deaths will have to be validated by the ISS thanks to the medical records since autopsies were carried out in very few cases although they proved to be fundamental to discover those hyper-immune reactions with thrombosis and massive pulmonary embolisms that led to new healing choices. How many of the victims could have been saved with cortisone therapy?

This question should take sleep away to the Italian health authorities and to Minister Speranza who is gloating over the European agreement signed with other countries on the imminent vaccine: it will be distributed in Italy in collaboration with a pharmaceutical giant company controlled obviously by Bill Gates, as we will reveal very soon in reportage 15 of the WuhanGates cycle.

WUHAN-GATES – 13. New Pandemic: Merkel’s Forecast & Suspicious Bet on Big Pharma’s German Bonds

«I’m not interested in politics, I’m so committed to treating my patients and responding to patient emails» replies the Pisan specialist to our provocation on this huge delay in response that becomes macroscopic by rereading her first interview on the anti-Covid cortisone published on April 2 from the newspaper La Nazione of Florence. N

or does he want to linger in the story of his dramatic story of a victorious patient against Myasthenia, a pathology that for an auto-immune hyper reaction invalidates the connection between the nervous system and muscles compromising their mobility, on which he wrote various books. In the past, she was also invited to talk about it at the Costanzo Show (Italian historical top talk-show) and was the protagonist of the beautiful Italian TV’s TG2 report that we propose.

Doctor Roberta won her war for herself and then for her patient’s thanks to the prodigious cortisone formula she herself created as in “Lorenzo’s oil”. This is the famous film with Nick Nolte and Susan Sarandon referring to the true story of the Italian-American child sick of ALD, the adrenoleukodystrophy that devours the myelin destroying the nervous system and leading to death, surviving up to 30 years thanks to the mixture of monounsaturated triglycerides discovered, tested and produced by his father Augusto Odone.

In a long telephone chat about the medical battles of yesterday and today, we manage to steal a wonderful secret in reference to Dr. Roberta’s devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes. «Faith in God and in Jesus Christ has always been indispensable for me to endure my terrible ordeal as a young girl. And then to always find the strength and love necessary to help the infinite sick who needed to be treated by me».

The curtain of personal privacy falls here as the spotlight on the therapy against Covid-19 comes on which she has been shouting at all the health authorities for months, although unheeded with the exception of a few health facilities. «Coronavirus involves the respiratory system and the most serious complication is represented by pulmonary fibrosis and respiratory failure. That’s why I thought that using cortisone could slow down this dangerous process» says the neurologist».

Dr. Roberta Ricciardi with the Brescia patient recovered from CoVid-19

«A patient of mine in Brescia fell ill with an important form of Coronavirus, so much so that I needed a respirator and I immediately collaborated with colleagues from the Brescia hospital. At my request, they shared the idea of ​​increasing cortisone therapy in progress and the improvement was rapid, with the patient who was transferred home yesterday» she declared to La Nazione on 2 April in an article later taken up by Il Giornale.

«The Lombardy Region has included Methylprednisolone, mainly used in the ASST Papa Giovanni XXIII of Bergamo, in the protocol of guidelines to support clinicians who have adapted them to the specific needs of individual patients. At the same time, cortisone therapy was also included in the Coronavirus treatment protocol in Crema, San Giuseppe in Milan, Spallanzani in Rome, and Trieste. I would prefer to use Dexamethasone in medium-high dosages but Methylprednisolone is also an excellent cortisone. I also believe that those who have cortisone therapy are ill and that they can act as protector».

But in Italy, as in the rest of the world, it was preferred to direct clinical trials on the anti-viral Remdisivir, experimented (unsuccessfully) to cure Ebola by Gilead, the big pharma to which we dedicated the WuhanGate 5 reportage because it was participated by George Soros ( donors Dem like Gates), foraged by the US Department, CIA partner in USAID projects and accused by Russia of causing the death of 79 human guinea pigs for alleged experiments on bacteriological weapons in a top-secret military laboratory in Georgia run by the agency DTRA of the Pentagon.

WUHAN-GATES – 12. MI6 British Intelligence former Head: “SARS-2 Built in Bio-Lab”. Pics and Proofs of HIV Tests

It was one of the 24 reports made by Gospa News to highlight the murky world of bacteriological research with “dual-use” potential, ie vaccine-therapeutic but also virus-military, in the light of the now 15 scientists who claim that SARS-CoV -2 was created in the laboratory with molecular biological engineering as lastly also supported by the former head of British intelligence MI6.

In Naples and other cities, however, the Tolicizumab had been tested which Gospa News had revealed to be as effective as it is dangerous for the high risk of hepatitis such as to require liver transplantation and even for the possibility of anaphylactic shock (test data clinical).

CORONAVIRUS: In Italia dilaga l’uso di un farmaco anche se può uccidere: per anafilassi

«I think that monoclonal antibody, used mainly in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, could, in my opinion, be replaced by cortisone therapy, but specialists will have to evaluate» declared Roberta Ricciardi always on April 2 Tocilizumab, while very few hospitals they followed his suggestion and many did it only for ICU patients when according to the neurologist it is now too late …

«Once hyper inflammation develops, patients cannot have adequate support: earliness is the winning weapon because cortisone must be administered at the first symptoms of cough, fever and other symptoms typical of CoronaVirus» she repeats several times as if it were an SOS to be kept in mind in the unfortunately already foreseen eventuality of a second epidemic wave.

The neurologist Roberta Ricciardi in the operating room

«We have proposed a different use strategy compared to that practiced in Oxford» specifies Piero Sestili, Professor of Pharmacology of the University of Urbino and inspirer of the appeal to the Minister of Health sent by the Pisan doctor and other medicals.

«That English Recovery research, conducted with clinical tests in a study under review by a specialist journal before publication, was approved, like others, for ethical reasons, only for the seriously hospitalized. But this is precisely the condition that we want to avoid. We believe it is necessary to anticipate their use before hospitalization, we believe that this is the time to turn off inflammatory reactions. I heard today that some highly-rated scientific journals are preparing special articles dedicated to early care». Gospa News reported one with a herbal drug suggested by an illustrious pulmonologist.

CORONA VIRUS, Italian Pulmonologist: «Herbal Medicine May Help Prevent and Treat Virus»

Professor Sestili, Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Urbino, also has a long past spent as municipal councilor of the PD in Urbino and is therefore the “political” soul of this appeal, the one capable of pointing out the critical issues in an analysis both health and administrative.

Piero Sestili, Professor of Pharmacology of the University of Urbino

«Covid-19 is a disease faced with an emergency: first we didn’t know it, plus we let it overwhelm us. We trusted the ability of the Chinese to contain the virus thinking that it did not arrive in Europe. Instead, it was already in our house. We were overwhelmed by a tsunami and we had no alternative but to focus on the care of those who were dying rather than on the therapies of those who had just contracted a virus».

«As far as I know, the Ministry of Health has finally taken over our report, it is also evaluating. It because it is clear that it would be appropriate to deepen it in the light of the Oxford study».


«I don’t feel like blaming governments while I believe that scientific responsibility should be placed on the WHO, on ECDC (European Center Diseases Control) which have the task of coordinating and directing international and European health policies, and many national authorities of the West», the professor of Pharmacology says… (read more)


Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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