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I don’t know Stephen Greer but I am familiar with MJ efforts to separate goat and sheep and to who has alien contact and who hasn’t.  They are tasked with controlling or reining in.

Some are so convincing, or so I am told, that they can’t figure it out.  The fear, or so I am told, is that the wrong humans will influence the wrong aliens to fuck us all in the ass.

Introduction by the Senior Editor

In 1979, I was invited to apply for a special US government program related to UFO research.  I believed I was applying to join Project Blue Book, a USAF effort to debunk using childish stories and denialism, observations and experiences of those who encountered real extra-terrestrial life.

I had just spent 2 weeks sitting in my office, playing with my inbox and outbox and looking for cockroaches with my new nightvision googles.  I was going stir crazy and looked forward to bullying farmers and padding travel expenses driving around Iowa and dumbfuck Oklahoma.

I was wrong, it wasn’t Project Blue Book at all…In the few times I have spoken openly, once on Coast to Coast with George Noory, I seem to have broken a vow of some kind as though I were a Trump relative.

What is the truth?  I know what I have seen.  I know what I have been told.  I am not one to believe, I don’t do ‘belief.’  What might one reasonably surmise?

What is kept from us is incomprehensible.


Rebel Gene, Secret Space Program and the Hidden War

[ Editor’s note: In 2012, Kerry Cassidy wrote on her website that Gordon Duff had written about mysterious events in the Pacific ocean off the coast of California. Before that, I had not heard of VT and reading Kerry’s comment was a stroke of luck that led me to discover VT, as I view VT as being one of the last pillars of classical journalism.

In another stroke of serendipity, I emailed editor Jim Dean who lived in Atlanta and three years later, after much talking and social meeting, I moved from New Mexico and we had a small group of MOWW friends over for our wedding on the 4th of July. This is our 5th anniversary. In some small way, I thank Kerry for starting a chain of events.

Rebel Gene reflects Kerry’s solidly optimistic outlook about humanity’s future and is a fast and entertaining read. I found myself reading a chapter and musing about it for days as it brought to mind the many Project Camelot interviews, then going back for another page turner feast after a period… Erica P. Wissinger, Mrs. JD ]

Rebel Gene

Kerry Cassidy wrote,

This book is the story of my journey down the rabbit hole to discover the truth behind the Secret Space Program, ETs, UFOs and conspiracies of all kinds. To research this book, I interviewed about 1000 individuals worldwide from high level military (both retired and current), intelligence agents from the United States and other countries, law enforcement, physicists, scientists of many kinds, former employees of NSA, NASA, CIA, NRO, and aerospace corporations, abductees, contactees, self-proclaimed super soldiers (enhanced physically and/or mentally and psychically), and the list goes on.

Some have gone on the record and been filmed in person and via Youtube and others have stayed in deep black and are known as secret sources. This book is a distillation of the information provided in those interviews combined with my own experiences and investigations as an investigative journalist and interviewer. It is an exploration into the nature of consciousness and the future of humanity.

Excerpt, page 340,

“William Tompkins: Design of bases undersea and underground, command-and-control centers, spacecraft and motherships, witnessed Battle of Los Angeles firsthand. Testified that we bult spaceships kilometers long that could travel four times speed of light. Worked for Hughes Aircraft Company, NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech, RAND Corporation, Douglas Aircraft Company, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, Northrup, and TRW Inc.

Claimed among other things that various alien species have been dominating our planet and fighting wars over control of our planet for millennia. Reptilians and Nordics have been fighting for control over our Secret Space Program since the beginning and assisting us as well. Alien and Human DUMBs.

“Solar Warden patrols the solar system and we monitor incoming craft, likely including asteroids, planetoids and Dyson spheres.”

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  1. There are many mysteries in this world of ours, and sometimes the process of seeking answers is too narrow. People show up. This has been known for millenia across the world.
    There is a process to make contact and it is benevolent. If there is interference with free will, I have not seen it. The earth is alive and has many capabilities, and certainly communicating with the things that grow from her is a well established fact. What that looks like and how it works is flexible and continuously changing. I remember one statement by a person who was very experienced, ” Something beautiful is going to happen, and there is nothing you can do about it”. I concur

  2. From an earlier article it was suggested that many of the indigenous accounts of our origins on this planet were actually correct. Furthermore it was said in the beginning of the last century that there was an attempt to seek a parity with our “overlords/landlords” if you will. This en-devour had actually been successful which led to an alternate space program which conflicted with our original intent, as a species, thus the secrecy. One obvious clue was the derivatives within our economy which could “siphon” the necessary resources to fund such a gargantuan task. I’m paraphrasing from what I can remember. There are some inconsistencies within our basic understanding of our “laws” of the universe.
    We could very be at a sort of hub on “our” 3rd planet where different races were spawned from different ancestral off world species. Like how royal families interbred to promote their longevity and settle conflicts amongst them.

  3. Very few escape the need to sell their souls. This is why VT is last man standing and we still have one or two misguided souls around here as well. VT readers, however, should know the difference.

  4. comment:
    I think that ship sailed long ago.

    Michael Horn
    “It’s unfortunate that the interviewer, Kerry Cassidy, has to insert liberal doses
    of unsubstantiated, delusional nonsense about imaginary Reptilians and other
    foolish things. Fortunately, Adair gracefully deflects these erroneous irrelevancies.

    Cassidy, of course, could have long ago done an interview with me as Billy Meier
    suggested to her when she contacted him for an interview but she was more interested
    in a personality piece, than in the harsh truth that she has actually contributed to
    suppressing and concealing, in favor of sensationalism and disinformation.”

    And also this:

    Michael Horn
    “The interview it was included in was with notorious con man, George Green, as
    conducted by Kerry Cassidy, of Project Camelot. True to form with the UFO disinformation
    industry, Cassidy has gone out of her way to give charlatans like Green plenty of
    opportunities to spew his delusional lies and disinformation.

    She wasn’t interested in interviewing me about the case when she learned that Meier
    wouldn’t do an interview with her. So, rather than creating an opportunity for her
    audience to learn the truth, and for her to pose questions and challenges, she
    perpetuates the betrayal of the truth for whatever profit and celebrity status she seeks.

    Anything for the proverbial buck.”

  5. Just like with 9/11, do you want to believe what you’re supposed to believe, or your lying eyes?

  6. I dont know whether to laugh or cry…I guess my green ears will give away who I really am…

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