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The right-wing, just like the left-wing, has been hijacked by a cadre of globalists who cannot tell enough lies or inflict enough pain to fill the hole left inside of them by their vacated souls. The newest lie from the right is their historically untenable position that police departments are indispensable to Western civilization. The facts say different, in fact, they say nothing could be further from the truth. 

Here is a brief summary of the historical reality of the police in America and the tremendous contribution they are now making to the dismantling of everything sane Americans hold dear. Like the song goes “everybody’s talking but few of them know.” Well, I know and I know from personal experience unlike these faggot newscasters spewing their prefabricated talking points. This is an open post, consider it a community service, a service most of you have never paid a dime for… – Jack Heart

It’s the morning of July 8 in Fort Salonga New York, an affluent Long Island community about twenty miles outside of N.Y.C. It’s hot and I’m hungry. Last night I couldn’t eat dinner because of yet another disturbance by the absurdity that has become Black Lives Matter. Black street toughs being led around by the nose ring by White Jewish Lesbian school teachers. B.L.M. is like Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront: “You don’t understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let’s face it…”

They had the organization; they had the issue and they had the floor but once again Blacks find their voices overdubbed by their own oppressors. It’s hard to imagine that the Black intelligentsia that organized B.L.M. did not notice everything they had worked for, and many other Blacks had died for, was being co-opted by the vicious dyke disciples of Howard Zinn a few years ago when it was happening. I’m inclined to believe that just like Marlon Brando’s character in On the Waterfront; Terry Malloy, they took a dive for the mob and now find themselves an ugly circus sideshow, “a bum…”

Speaking of bums I digress. I’d eaten a light breakfast and lunch and figured I’d get something heavier in a place called Relish about a mile east of me on Main Street in the center of Kings Park. You can get a good meal there for twenty-five dollars. To the west is Fort Salonga and Asharoken where the price of restaurants goes up with the price of real estate. When I got there I found the town cordoned off by police. We were diverted down a side street where we found all access to the town of Kings Park, the sight of at least a half a dozen other substantial bars and restaurants, denied by a swarm of Suffolk County Police.

We could see over the police cars that there were about fifty to a hundred people sitting and standing in the intersection at the center of town. This so said demonstration had begun at three in the afternoon when a bunch of eighteen to twenty-year-old local kids carrying American flags and awaiting B.L.M.s arrival were told to go home by the Suffolk County Police Inspector Romagnoli or face arrest themselves.

Playing stupid we asked a sheepish-looking Black cop what was going on. He explained to us that it was a B.L.M. rally and they should be finishing up soon. We asked him if B.L.M. had permits and he said: “no we’ve got to work with them with all that’s going on. This is the fifth time we’ve had to do this for them…”

The Suffolk County Legislator Steve Bellone is of course a Democrat, as is party zealot and governor of N.Y. Andrew Cuomo. Right now it is in the democratic party’s interest for the mayhem to continue in order to make Trump look as bad as possible before the elections, damn their constituents. All across America in areas where democrats control the police department, like Suffolk and Nassau Counties along with N.Y.C. under the stewardship of Mayor Bill de Blasio, an even more radical democrat than Cuomo, the police are being used as security to enable unlawful B.L.M. “rallies” to terrorize the very communities the police say they “protect and serve.”

Six months ago I was on the other side of Long Island in Long Beach, N.Y. when the democratic party on behalf of their globalist overlords in London recklessly decided to politicize the biological attack of unknown origins that is COVID. Helplessly I watched in horror as they closed down the beaches and boardwalk, all local commerce ground to a halt, and hypochondria was inculcated into pop culture. I watched the police in black uniforms on big black horses ride up and down the street and the boardwalk enforcing “social distancing,” and the ridiculous mask laws, while planes from every COVID infected corner of the world passed slowly overhead awaiting clearance to land in Kennedy Airport a few miles away.

What COVID has really done to the N.Y.C. economy won’t be felt till the unpaid rent for six months comes due at the end of August. But it’s safe to assume N.Y.C will be returning to its late seventies and early eighties ambiance when parts of the Bronx were known as Fort Apache, and the city had a higher murder rate than most war zones. New Yorkers, of which half a million have already fled the city, can thank their “brave” men in blue who have served their democratic masters well.

Using the police as a political weapon is hardly unprecedented. The democrats are simply following a long-held precedent of the republicans who have been using the police for years to enforce illegal land grabs and break strikes. The Floyd incident was not just randomly staged in Minneapolis. The city has a tradition since the days of Al Capone and even before that of being an open city. Minneapolis was run for decades by Mayor A. A. Ames, a thirty-third-degree Mason, and a Democrat until it suited him to become a republican at the turn of the twentieth century. Ames Police Chief was his brother and Chief of Detectives his pimp. The police were his salaried thugs who ran his brothels, gambling parlors, and opium dens.

By 1934 under the Citizens’ Alliance, an organization of local business leaders, Minneapolis was a notorious anti-union city. But its recently elected mayor was an ineffectual actor turned politician much like America’s current president. “By May of 1934, General Drivers Local 574 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters had organized members of the trucking industry into a union with 3000 members.” All that summer there were violent clashes between police, who were no more than the goon squad for the Citizens’ Alliance, and the teamsters. It culminated on July 20 when police opened fire on unarmed strikers, wounding sixty-seven and killing two, in a day still known as “Bloody Friday.” (1)

The police force itself is hardly the time-honored and indispensable American institution that right-wing pundits would have their audiences believe. “The first publicly funded, organized police force with officers on duty full-time was created in Boston in 1838. Boston was a large shipping commercial center, and businesses had been hiring people to protect their property and safeguard the transport of goods from the port of Boston to other places.” According to the right-wing propagandists it was good business that these “merchants came up with a way to save money by transferring the cost of maintaining a police force to citizens by arguing that it was for the “collective good.” (2)

Boston was quickly followed by N.Y.C. in 1845, Albany and Chicago in 1853, New Orleans and Cincinnati in 1853, Philadelphia in 1855 and Newark and Baltimore in 1857. “By the 1880s all major U.S. cities had municipal police forces in place.” (3)

Not then, not now nor ever have the police been for the collective good of anybody except the elite. The “thin blue line” propagandists like to use as a slogan is only to divide the public from those who fleece them for a living. Slumlords, usurious moneylenders, environmental plunderers, sweatshop proprietors and indeed all those who parasitize the urban infrastructure, all love the police.

In N.Y.C. as chronicled in Gangs of New York, the book and movie, the police were immediately put to work as a private army of skull crackers by the criminally insane Tammany Hall political machine, and later the infamous Boss Tweed. In the nineteenth century, street gangs stole everything from N.Y. harbor that wasn’t nailed down and extorted shopkeepers at their leisure, but the gangs were in turn extorted by the police.

In 1894 some of this was exposed by the Lexow Committee. So lucrative was it to be a cop in N.Y.C. that the price of promotion was sixteen hundred dollars to become a sergeant and up to fifteen thousand to be a captain. This is nineteenth-century currency…

The Lexow Committee was followed by the Curren Committee in 1913, the Hofstadter Committee in 1932, then a Brooklyn grand jury investigation into gambling payoffs in 1949. The Knapp Commission of 1972 was the result of the career of Frank Serpico, spanning from 1960 to 1972 as a whistleblower and an undercover cop.

Frank Serpico

The rampant corruption of the N.Y.C. police department is vividly chronicled in the 1973 book and movie Serpico, with iconic movie star Al Pacino playing Serpico. Afterword got out of his whistleblowing activities, Serpico was set up by his fellow officers to be murdered in early seventy-one, taking a bullet in the head in a deliberately blown drug bust.

Serpico lived to become a legend, but nothing changed in the N.Y.C. police department. In 1993 the Mollen Commission exposed pervasive drug corruption, organized theft by police officers of drugs and money, excessive use of force, and the cavalier use of drugs by the police department itself. In October of 2014, Serpico did an interview published in the well-known left-wing journal Politico. The title was The Police Are Still Out of Control… I Should Know…

In Chicago, after the fire, the police department would fashion the city into the underworld capital of America and be instrumental in forming the Outfit, supposedly Al Capone’s gang. Although the never solved Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre is blamed on Capone, witnesses all saw uniformed cops entering the garage which was the site of the legendary machinegun slaughter. Fifty years later detectives Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito would set up shop murdering people all over N.Y.C. for the Italian mob.

“It is incorrect to say the late 19th and early 20th-century police were corrupt, they were in fact, primary instruments for the creation of corruption in the first place..” Three of the more flagrant abuses of the police force are listed by Dr. Gary Potter, a renowned professor of Justice Studies, who is extensively quoted in the previously cited Time Magazine article:

“(1) the formation of a prostitution syndicate by Los Angeles Mayor Arthur Harper, Police Chief Edward Kerns, and a local organized crime figure, combined with subsequent instructions to the police to harass this syndicate’s competitors in the prostitution industry;

(2) the assassination of organized crime figure Arnold Rothstein by police lieutenant Charles Becker, head of the NYPD’s vice squad; and,

(3) a dispute between the Mayor and District Attorney of Philadelphia, each of whom controlled rival gambling syndicates and each of whom used loyal factions of police to harass the other…” (4)

No constitutional traditionalists ever wanted the police, not in America, and not even in Great Britain from which America imported the idea. In America, we have Sheriffs elected and answerable to the people who gave them the job. This is how the most lawless land the world has ever seen; America’s Wild West was tamed, not by police. The sheriff has deputies, and if need be they can deputize their entire constituency. If that’s not enough through the governor they can call in the cavalry, now rapid response federal troops.

Law enforcement unanswerable to the people it is supposed to serve leads to the excesses we are seeing now, with civil servants playing dress up as if they’re ready for the eastern front, rolling down the streets in tanks, and thinking because they got punched in the nose they now have a right to shoot an unarmed man.

I am so weary of cops, their psychopathic unions, and all their apologists rationalizing the cavalier use of deadly force by the police department that I really just want to punch somebody in the nose myself. For years I was a bouncer at some of the roughest clubs in N.Y., Gaslight and Bogarts when they were the clubhouse for the infamous Pagans Motorcycle Gang, to name a couple. From machetes to baseball bats, to some drunken Latin King pulling his pistol from out of nowhere and capping off a couple of rounds not a foot away from my ear, I have seen it all. I do not recall anyone ever having to be shot or stabbed, and nobody ever was, not on my watch.

According to the online dictionary Wikipedia, American police killed 1,536 people in 2019. In India, a country with four times the population, wracked by desperate poverty, and readily available state of the art firearms from Pakistan and Afghanistan, police killed 1,736. That’s 12.54 people killed by police for every ten million in India. America works out to 46.6 for every ten million, about one more per ten million than Iraq. Clearly there is something very wrong with both the police and their supporters who feel their badge entitles them to go around killing people like they are in a war zone.

B.L.M. unfortunately for Blacks who bear a disproportionate amount of this assault on human decency, has lost the narrative. They have allowed calculated divisive globalist rhetoric to hijack a platform that could have united every economically downtrodden American, all those who know what it’s like to fear the police more than criminals. Which should be every sentient American in days where now even just not wearing your mask to appease the ready to stampede herd is enough to get you thrown in prison.

No self-respecting White man is going to sit there and listen to a Black man chanting White privilege at him, just like no self-respecting Black man is going to tolerate being called Nigger by a White man. There is nothing you can say more racially insulting than telling a White man who has worked himself up from poverty, as many have, to a financially tenable situation that he has been privileged.

In fact the term “White privilege” shows utter contempt for impoverished Whites who, when the rust belt is factored in, make up a greater percentage of America’s poor than Blacks. These two words make everything B.L.M. says after that of no consequence to any serious discussion of a new America for Americans…

As someone who identifies as white European, I have my own White Privilege story. One where I get tagged with a felony and end up spending four months in jail for trying to help Black people. It takes place in the mid-eighties when I was in my mid-twenties and living in Suffolk County about twenty miles outside N.Y.C. The “block,” at the time, was a notorious hub run by Blacks for wholesale cocaine being funneled into Queens and the Bronx.

Nietzsche’s most famous maxim is “what does not kill me makes me stronger.” Freebase cocaine did not kill me. It became inevitable that I would give it up. When I did kick the habit, I was angry. I had sat in a front-row seat and watched sorrow and human misery be distributed in a highly addictive and smokable form. At the time I was naive and blamed the Suffolk County Police Department. I was streetwise enough to know that cocaine could not be sold that cheap, illegally, for a profit. I knew it was coming in at the Chinese restaurant on the south corner of the Block, and I thought I knew who was bringing it there.

I contacted Geraldo Rivera through one of my mother’s clients; Dr. Frank Fields, who was the Science Editor for WABC, the network Rivera was working for at the time. Having grown up in Babylon, the neighborhood adjacent to the notorious “Block,” Rivera took an immediate interest in the story. After confirming that there was an open-air drug market in the middle of suburbia, Geraldo set me up with his brother, Craig. In those days they were a team. Craig did all the fieldwork, principally the filming and Geraldo took care of the production and presentation.

I took Craig into Jonathon and Renee’s house, where we placed a duffel bag rigged with a camera in a prominent position on the dresser. One of the crackheads became fixated with the duffel bag and started asking questions about it and Craig’s abstinence. Craig started stammering an answer that he had to keep an eye on the bag, but I put an end to the whole matter by telling the crackhead that if he was going to smoke and get paranoid he would have to leave. We stayed for hours, and when we finally left Craig talked incessantly about all the great footage he had and how none of it would have been possible without me. Craig asked me to go for dinner and drinks, but I declined. I was there to do a job not socialize.

Craig spent days filming the Block and the Chinese restaurant with a film crew hidden in a van in the parking lot of the Social Services center across the street. He was very excited about the footage he had acquired of the police ignoring blatant transactions as they sat in a squad car next to his camera crew across the street. He had also caught some of the mysterious comings and goings at the Chinese restaurant. The restaurant was frequented by two or three middle-aged Black men who seemed incapable of dressing without finishing off their ensemble with some off-white raincoats they had purchased from the central casting of the Pink Panther. One of them had a large birthmark on his face that made it impossible for him to go unnoticed. We figured the raincoats had to be from a precinct in the city that had worked a deal out with Suffolk County PD.

Craig seemed to think we had the story of the year. He said that this would be a one-hour special, but when the show finally aired it was less than fifteen minutes and used none of the footage I had got them and never even mentioned the Block. I was told that’s just the way the TV news business is. The studio made the final decision on what would be aired. The next time I saw Geraldo it was on TV as I watched along with the rest of America, and he failed to produce the ‘hidden treasure of Al Capone.’ He made a fool out of himself and the station, which had relentlessly promoted the one hour special before it aired.

By then I was already charged with second-degree assault on a police officer. My life would never be the same again. I remember how much I enjoyed watching Geraldo tarnish his career forever on national TV. At the time I did not know that he had been fired from his job at ABC over his criticism for their refusal to air investigative journalism that was critical of the government. All I knew then was that I needed to get my teeth capped.

When the show had not aired I had not been disappointed. I picked at least half of my labor up from the Block every morning. I had enjoyed living in Suffolk County and still did some work there even though most of my jobs were in Nassau County. I continued living my life as if nothing had happened because nothing had. I pulled into the Block one day and I was stopped by Suffolk County PD. Two cops about thirty-five years old each got out of the squad car and I got out of my International truck.

The two of them belligerently asked what I was doing there, and one climbed into my truck and started fumbling around. I really had no answer for them. I was there every day frequently mingling in the crowd. It was as if I had shown up for work and was suddenly asked what I was doing there. One of them began poking me with his nightstick. He poked me quite a few times before I decided to disarm him, wrenching the club from his grip, and tossing it away. His partner came around behind me and grabbed me in a chokehold with his nightstick. I grabbed the club and used his grip on it to whirl him over my back at the same time dislodging the stick and taking possession of it, which I dutifully tossed away.

I was well aware that they could shoot me. All the while more cops and people were arriving. The crowd was becoming openly hostile witnessing the police assault one of the few reliable employers in the area. They had to be forcibly restrained by the arriving cops. Suddenly a guy comes running out of the crowd and starts throwing powder-puff punches at me. It was none other than birthmark still wearing his raincoat.

I brushed him aside and looked around. I thought about letting Mr. Hyde loose, but I knew it could only end in my death, so I let them handcuff me. The two cops I had disarmed took me in their squad car and, as we pulled out of the parking lot, the passenger cop said take a long way and with that turned around and proceeded to knock almost every one of my front teeth out. He struck me viscously as many times as he could and with as much force as he could generate with the nightstick within the cramped quarters of the car.

Every time he smashed me in the face I would sneer fuck you and spit blood and teeth at him. When we finally did arrive at the station house I figured the commanding officer would want to know how my face got like that, but instead, I was taken to his office and the door was shut behind us. He mocked me as the beating continued all night hidden from the view of the other cops.

I was bailed out the next day. When the case went in front of the Grand Jury, I chose to testify. By now my regular lawyer, Sidney Chase, had been disbarred for accepting stolen merchandise for his services. Chase had sued the Amityville Police for me, and he had sued a lot of other cops during the course of his career. I guess they got tired of him and set him up; at least that’s what I heard. He was steering all his clients to a legal lightweight named Bruce Torino. I believe it was under Bruce’s advice that I did not mention Geraldo Rivera at the grand jury hearing. In retrospect, Bruce was probably Sidney’s brother-in-law.

The two cops showed up looking only slightly less gay than Don Johnson in Miami Vice. Charlie Bartle, the one that had done most of the clubbing, was even wearing Topsiders with no socks along with some kind of theatrical plastic caste. Many of the people in the grand jury were Black and made it obvious that they did not believe either the cops or the heavy hitter District Attorney who was assigned to prosecute me. They were deadlocked for hours, which I was told is very rare at a Grand Jury hearing. But she did finally get the indictment.

The Reagan administration was perhaps the most corrupt in American history. Gary Webb chronicled the drug dealing in his 1996 expose book; Dark Alliance. The CIA was trading guns for cocaine with the contras in Nicaragua and bringing the coke into America for distribution as crack cocaine in America’s cities. In response to Webb’s book, Reagan’s successor Bush senior appointed an Inspector General to the CIA. The newly minted Inspector General Frederick Hitz issued two reports in 1998 containing devastating admissions about the CIA’s knowledge and protection of contras known to be active in the cocaine trade.

In Volume Two, published on Oct. 8, 1998 Hitz identified more than 50 contras and contra-related entities implicated in the drug trade. He also detailed how the Reagan administration had protected these drug operations and frustrated federal investigations throughout the 1980s. The reports were ignored by the media in favor of now-President Bill Clinton’s sex life. Webb ended up committing suicide by shooting himself twice in the head.

Me? I had four signed statements from witnesses, all of whom were Black and all of whom would be forced by corrupt Suffolk County cops to recant their statements. I would end up pleading guilty to a felony and doing four months in jail rather than face certain conviction from the equally corrupt Suffolk County Court and do seven years in prison.

It had never made sense to me that a police department, even ones as well-heeled as SCPD or NYPD could shut a reporter of Geraldo Rivera’s statue up. At the time he was the biggest thing on television. Only after reading Webb’s book around the turn of the twenty-first century did I realize what exactly had happened to me.


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  3. Jack is right on it in this barnburner of an article. Way back in the 80s I researched the matter and realized what cops really are. Their shoulder patches say, “To Protect and Serve, adroitly leaving out … the Corporate Fat Cats, Banksters, and Super Rich.” Cops were originally private and formed as goon strike breakers and to keep the exploited and abused masses from the enclaves of the wealthy. Then the scumbags got smart and figured, “Why should we pay for this? Just convince the stupid public that cops are for them and let them spring for it out of their taxes.” Jack brilliantly flashes the light on this atrocity and outrage. Well done, Brother. (Gordon is right, judges are even lower swine. Black robed wind chimes, anyone?)

  4. As Mr. Duff has just pointed out the judges are even more corrupt than the cops. Not only can they indict a peanut butter and jelly sandwich they can convict it as long as they set it in front of the slobs on Americas judicial benches. Of bigger concern still is the idiot right wing who would salute that peanut butter and jelly sandwich as long as its garnished with an American flag toothpick. Then we have our priests, rabbis and imams who demand we pray to it. Is it wrong that I want them all dead?…

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