Trump: Police have to go…They murder whites too? (an Intel Drop)

Trump tried to disparage Black Lives Matter. Instead he just proved the point that police violence is out of control


VT: The US has been plagued with violence since like forever.  It was those damned Indians first, thieving savages every single one of them but we wiped them out by the millions.  It was the Italian gangsters and their Jewish gangster bosses, then we invited the Russian Jewish gangsters in and then we have the real gangsters in Congress and the con man in the White House.

What police have done is push, through their incompetence and criminality, the American people to arm themselves, something VT is a part of.  Americans are armed, first against police and then against the army of monsters we have roaming this nation, of all colors and ethnicity, fueled by drugs, fed by the CIA and ignored by law enforcement who are their partners.

Oh, and we now have one more gang, the blue one, the one we pay billions and billions and billions to help us, and some of them do but so many don’t, more than a million criminal cops in the US, many trained by the brutal regime in Israel, now occupying the US and answerable only to some of the rich, who have the power to stand up to them.

We did it to ourselves.  The case below we have written of before.

As an aside I am going to discuss one case, this one is current in appeals, from Waseon County, Ohio.  It involved a young white mother from Toledo that was involved in a head-on collision on Route 20, a rural road infamous for blind hills and speeding.

The cars involved had black box recorders that log steering, braking, speed, that can be fed into a computer where advanced software has, for many years, produced “every angle” full physics animations.

These animations aren’t used in the US, it is pretended they don’t exist?  Why?  You can’t sell a crooked accident investigation when technology makes lying impossible.  This is the equivalent of banning camera phones and why in Europe dash cams are the norm.

Keeping this short, this is what my investigation on the police investigation showed, one which used the resources of Adamas Aerospace:

    • The state investigator, in fact, no investigation whatsoever, gathered no forensic evidence and asked witnesses to lie.
    • This had been done in every investigation done in Ohio.
    • This was done, in part, to cover up the fact that one surviving driving, they called “the victim” was drugged out of her mind on ambien and a massive cocktail of narcotics.
    • Police were caught trying to pass off tracks from a postal truck as representing the clients vehicle as doing a 90 degree turn with no tiremarks at 70 mph, then doing another one 50 yards later, G forces would be greater than an X 15.
    • We discovered that police got a “confession” from our client while she was on fentanyl in an ICU and, according to her medical report, unconscious with multiple broken bones and lacerations.
    • Client was denied medical care on the scene while a first responser, according to witnesses, threatened and berated her while she was dying.  Client was life flighted out eventually and survived.
    • Prosecutors were worse than police, who showed up in court unbathed, filthy and were partially incoherent due to some other issue, and I can guess what that issue was.
    • Prosecutor was asking for 15 years but the judge, after several hours of dealing with me, offered very short jail to an obviously innocent client.  He seemed terrified of the police.

This is an area where opioid and meth sales/production are totally open, where heroin is sold on every playground, this is small town America, and we find town after town, city after city, that is exactly the same. 

Making this worse, the local media, both print and “TV,” rubber stamp corruption.  They are, in many if not most cases, the worst of all.  They fuel the rush to justice, they publish and embellish police lies and they so often persecute the innocent as well, victimizing the real victims.

Now, from the Guardian: 

Guardian: When asked in a recent CBS News interview why African Americans are still dying at the hand of law enforcement, Donald Trump replied: “So are white people.” Barely unable to contain his disdain – punctuated by telling interviewer Catherine Herridge, “What a terrible question to ask” – he added that even more white people are killed by police.  See how Trump is right, how police need to be disbanded:

From the Detroit News:

“Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy plans to regularly release to the public the names of police officers who are unable to testify in court cases because they were found guilty of being untruthful.

The first list of names is expected to be released later this week, and Worthy said Wednesday she will release updated lists quarterly to allow the public to identify untruthful officers in Wayne County’s 43 police departments and Sheriff’s Office.

Worthy’s decision comes amid demands for more police transparency in the wake of the May 25 choking death of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, which has sparked demonstrations and calls for law enforcement reforms in cities across the country.

Cops who have been found guilty of lying are called “Giglio-impaired” after Giglio v. United States, a case in which the U.S. Supreme Court granted a man a new trial because prosecutors didn’t inform the defense about a deal they’d negotiated with a witness not to prosecute him in exchange for his testimony.”

The obvious distinction is that police kill Black men and women at disproportionate rates, ranging from 2.5-3 times more often than white Americans, according to numerous reports. More importantly, Trump’s assertion doesn’t undermine Black Lives Matter and arguments for police abolition the way he and his rightwing allies believe. If anything, he made the case for them. And to be fair, from the UK:

The primary argument of prominent Black Lives Matter protesters is that Black people should be the center of conversations about policing because they are killed at higher rates due to systemic injustices, white supremacy inherent to the police state, and implicit anti-Black bias among officers. The rate of these killings, and the delayed consequences, if there are any, reveals that Black lives are not treated as equally as white lives in this country.

The abolitionist argument goes a step further, arguing that we should abolish the police altogether, because the police cannot be reformed. Their fundamental purpose is controlling people and communities through violent means, and policing funds can be better allocated to social services and proven interventions that prevent crime.

Trump, naturally, did not raise any of these arguments and counter them. He did not actually dispute that police kill Black people. He essentially said: “Even more people are killed than we talk about! Gotcha!” Thanks, Trump, that’s the point!  read more..


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  1. police are scum and the criminals are scum
    disgusting country thanks to television, hollywood, the sixties movement, drugs, feminism – and who brought us all that?

  2. NYC police budget 6 billion. Check out the chief wearing general stars both layers.
    The need for police and the appreciation of the good things are not the issue, it is the authoritarian march to tyranny. If he described the injuries to protestors by police, he would have needed a couple more hours.
    New York Police Chief Responds To Being Attacked By Anti Police Protesters!

  3. Much progress has been made by our police departments. Not too many years ago, these same departments were killing unarmed suspects at alarming rates, sometime racking up 5,000 kills a year. Well, today it’s different. According to USA TODAY there were 13 unarmed black killed in 2019. This works out to 1.5 per million of the black population. This is a very small number. And, when you look at the circumstances some of the 13 were justified.
    Compare the US number 1.5 per million to Israel’s 110 Palestinians killed per each million of Palestinian population.
    Our nation is not suffering under systemic racism. The problem, what ever it is, is no longer race. At some point, after doing all one can for a friend, enough is enough and you expect your friend to actually do something to help himself get better.
    the country needs to stress the importance of God, morals and family. It must take measures to insure marriage between a man and a woman is the seen as sacred and protected. We should encourage it with financial rewards for having children. As James Brown sang “Get on the good foot.”

    • Say it ain’t so Joe…

      Religion is how we got here, racism, Nazi extremism, totalitarian shit, denial of science, all due to idiots susceptible to superstition and the clowns that fleece them

    • Morals ? You mean those things that act as boundaries between right and wrong ?

      Pretty sure police and churches are the patients who need that treatment. They can go first, we have been waiting.

  4. I was surprised to see he gave an interview with Herridge, and my first thought was, this ought to be good.
    It is an easy thing to bait Trump into anything, and that is just one reason he should never act on our behalf with foreign countries.
    The grass roots is where our police will be reformed or eliminated. The auditors on YT are a great example of citizen journalists holding police accountable and exposing their tactics of escalation and crime creation. “Battousai” is one example. “Clash with Bao” another, Big Nick South Florida Police Accountability, many of these guys are also veterans, and they are using their training on the ground as civilian activists. Everyone who drives should have a body cam and dash cam.

  5. Just to be clear, are we advocating the complete abolition of armed police law enforcement, or, for an end to IDF police training tactics, and the removal of criminals and abusers from policing ranks? It wasn’t a crime to murder someone before a statute was created designating it a punishable crime. I’d like some clarity here: are we so against Trump, and so for the upheaval of this cultural revolution going on, that we just abolish the rule of law? It’s irresponsible for “journalists” and politicians to carte blanche politicize and demand defunding police and at the same time disingenuously pretend that crime will magically cease to be.

    • Ending the “majority of people in jail, who do not belong there”, will not make the crime go away. What happens to the recidivism rate if you do that? Unless, you’re talking about the complete decriminalization of illicit drugs.
      “Defunding does not mean completely dissolving into anarchy,…”? That sounds like some vacuous activist talking point. Do you have actual experience as a city budget planner, with input from a police commissioner? There are good police out there who are demoralized, and who deserve public support.
      Unlike you, I won’t dance around the “self-perpetuating system of crime” left open to interpretation.
      There was a 72% out-of-wedlock birthrate in 2010 in the US for African Americans.. We have a black lives matter problem, but we also have a black fathers don’t matter problem. It’s an inconvenient truth that doesn’t fit the narrative, and is verboten to talk about in the Mossad controlled US media. It’s not just blacks. That same year the out-of-wedlock
      birthrate for whites was 24%, and I don’t need to “check my sources”, that straight from the 2010 Census. I can only imagine these numbers have gotten worse. The state has become the dad. It all starts with the family.

    • Police are historically fairly recent. They were always defacto private cops working as enforcers for the banks, for organized crime and for store owners, who they regularly shook down.

      This is a fairly simple problem. When do police help? Can you trust them? Do they save lives? Do they cost too much and do they make our lives better?
      First of all, they don’t protect us, they just take reports. what would work better?

      Separate traffic police for sure. Police who are employed by and screened by each neighborhood, not city, not state, certainly not Barr’s prison guard supremacist militia.

      Always, the right tool for the job. Someone tell me when an Israeli thug with a tank is needed? Anyone?

    • The issue is obvious, and while the end result remains unknown, there are some things which should be obvious. Defunding does not mean completely dissolving into anarchy, that is the talking point of the opposition and anyone who falls for it, should check their sources.
      The self perpetuating system of crime creation is the issue, where the majority of people in jail, do not belong there, and the benefit to society derived from this is negative.
      Defund, and reallocate to demilitarize police, and replace thugs with a quality enforcement that is equally applied to rich and poor alike. You cannot chart a course if you do not know where you are.

    • “Do you have actual experience as a city budget planner, with input from a police commissioner?”
      I work alone as an individual, but yes, I have advised many different people in various positions in towns and cities, and sometimes taken action to uncover corruption, racism, and fraud. Some say thank you, some send goons. The one thing that is common in all departments, authority has replaced service. We need to get back to a service based constitutional government BY the people. I would not consult a city budget planner, I would direct them to apply the budget as directed. I would not consult a police commissioner, I would consult the public. Police are not constitutional.

    • As for the video Ed, that is what we call NY tough. The police started it, and they need to know they cannot just walk around beating people up because they fight back sometimes.
      Gordon is right, that is a gang fight. Go watch ‘Copland” for an inkling of how things work.
      Probably the only movie Stallone did that I liked.
      When the bully gets punched in the nose finally, nobody complains, that is why the mayor responded the way he did. If you don’t get it, then you have no experience in these matters.
      It is that simple.

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