Calvary of Success: Jordan Peterson and his 12 Rules of Life

The professor was the victim of prolonged intoxication with Benzodiazepines, the strongest psychotropic medicine designed to relieve anxiety.


“The most influential public intellectual in the western world right now.”

– The New York Times

Dr. Galima Galiullina For VT

 Jordan Peterson is the lone warrior in a world without rules


In the December of 2019, a seriously ill patient, Canadian professor Jordan Peterson, was admitted to the clinic in Moscow. He was in a state of medical coma, he was accompanied by his daughter Michaela and Russian son-in-law Andrey.

The professor was the victim of prolonged intoxication with Benzodiazepines, the strongest psychotropic medicine designed to relieve anxiety. Since 2016, the star of his glory has risen rapidly and attracted millions of fans and followers to him around the world. But the higher his star rose, the more tensed and miserable the professor himself looked.

At one point, he admitted: “I am now open to other people’s troubles much more than when I worked as a clinical psychologist.”

There were tears in his eyes at the moment of recognition. I think he was in a clinch in a battle with those whose attempts to completely demoralize Western men and women he condemned to lose, and on the other hand, millions of fans longed and waited for new and powerful messages from his guru, and every time the professor had to go up to Calvary success, while being stuffed with psychotropic brain killers.

Drug addiction in a person who taught others to be strong, responsible and striving for a better life – this secret drama of mental overwork turned into months of unsuccessful attempts to get rid of psychotropic dependence, the refusal of American doctors to continue treatment and a desperate bold decision to trust Moscow doctors.

Russian medicine did not disappoint! A skeleton covered with skin, immobilized, in a coma – this is how Jordan Peterson ended up in Moscow, the capital of the country, whose experience in building socialism he studied from the position of rejection of totalitarian control and violence traditional for Western humanities.

But something allows me to assume that somewhere deep in the scientist’s subconscious, a grain of doubt sprouted. I’m even sure that his belief in the need for order in a person’s life and the society around him has generated in him secret sympathies for society, where morality and virtue still hold an honorable place in the hierarchy of values.

He arrived in Russia  dying, and no one gave any positive predictions about the outcome, but the doctors took up the hopeless patient and cured him. In the photo on Red Square we can see almost the same Jordan Peterson, in any case, he even was smiling!

The life of Jordan Peterson is a drama of an intellectual who dared to refuse to serve the postmodern circus. His first book, The Map of Meaning, became a manifesto of common sense. Understanding the dangers of gathering chaos in the postmodern carnival, he offered readers maps using which they can independently get out of chaos. The directions in these maps were the meanings of human life, as ancient as the history of mankind and inspirational, like a ray of light in a gathering darkness.

Human life usually moves between goals and attacking surprises of the outside world. I am not talking here about those who are not striving anywhere; their changes occur only under the influence of the outside. Therefore, their life is always suffering. They are deprived of the joy of overcoming and the happiness of victories.

Jordan Peterson argued that in human life and society, chaos and order fight each other with varying success. Meanings give a person and society the energy of desire, desire for the best, so it is so important to be aware of them and learn to fight for them. The stability of the psyche is largely given by the meaningfulness of each day of life.

One of Peterson’s theses was a refutation of the values ​​of a consumer society. The very idea of ​​success in this society is always associated with possession. Success will not be recognized unless you prove to the public the extent of ownership. The more you earned, the more comfort you can provide yourself, the more expensive things to fill in your palace house, the most beautiful females or males will long for your closeness and friendship, money can give you unlimited power over people and events.

In this sense, the stories of Jeffrey Epstein and his fighting girlfriend Gislane Maxwell are very revealing. The former teacher, not limited to successful financial operations on the stock exchange, went into a profitable business in the pedophile network, at the same time working for foreign intelligence.

Feeling the omnipotence of money and connections, he lost his caution and the chain of rape of little girls with the help of his girlfriend Gislein Maxwell eventually ended for him with death in a prison cell.

The multimillionaire could not understand the simple truth: billions cannot be carried away, forbidden pleasures are not a substitute for happiness, tireless sex with girls will never replace family and true love. Living in hopeless mud, feeling the limitlessness of his own evil, he had to hate himself.

Death in a prison cell was his deliverance. Although something else is possible, they helped him escape and he and he is already basking in the sun in a luxurious villa and laughing at those who believed in his death. But this will only prolong his agony.

The life of Jordan Peterson upon close examination causes shock by an incredible, simply enchanting line of fate. Having started his career as a clinical psychologist, he simultaneously developed as a deep social philosopher. His analysis of meanings is incredibly deep in the degree of immersion in the secrets of the influence of myths on human consciousness and he was very close to discovering the key to creating meanings. With his book “12 rules of life.

An antidote to chaos ” he appeared to the world, which had long lost interest in any rules, except, perhaps, the rules for drivers, like Prometheus, who brings to his brothers in misfortune the life-giving fire of faith in order in the era of robber chaos.

His lectures, which attracted a multimillion audience to the professor, sounded extremely simple and aroused in the audience a desire to raise their heads and straighten their backs, to shake the leaden load of cynicism and unbelief from their shoulders.

He returned to the male half of the audience the man’s desire to protect the weak and improve the world by fighting against evil. He aroused in women an understanding of their incredible power, thanks to which any woman can inspire a man for a feat or become an example for the inspiration of millions, devoting daily life to the service of love.

Remember your feelings when you took the first steps in the direction of the found meaning and the built purpose. This is a feeling of joy and even glee. Remember these feelings in the interior of a particular place and time, you may need them when you suddenly feel a gray blanket of fatigue or a cold snake of doubt. If the meaning coincided with your character, your choice of the taste of life, the reproduced sensations will help to throw off the gray blanket and strangle the snake of doubt.

 The Rise of the Lone Warrior and Calvary Success

Peterson rebelled against the main pillar of postmodernism – the denial of hierarchy. The destruction of the hierarchy inevitably leads to chaos, the eternal enemy of society and the individual. In Russia, people realized this truth from their own experience of three revolutions and living on the ruins of an empire.

With all due respect to order, Peterson speaks of the importance of change, but change must be for the better in both man and society. When the goal of change is chaos, suffering comes to everyone except those who organized chaos. The experience of the twentieth century is an absolutely convincing example of how destructive can be the meanings in which the passion for absolute power is embedded.

The life of Leo Trotsky, Hitler, his followers, adherents of the new world order are the examples of the ministry of passion for power through the organization of unimaginable chaos on an unlimited scale. The suffering and death of millions for them is not a cause for regret, all the same, these people were not enough people. The evil of absolute power lies in the denial of individual rights to create their own meanings, and the more people feel their rights violated, the faster total control of absolute power degenerates.

Perhaps the adherents of liberalism would not have noticed Peterson as a perturbator of the foundations, but he touched on the topic of hierarchy in gender relations. And this is the “third rail” in the system of liberalism and postmodernism. A strong and responsible man – that is who can give happiness to a woman, dared to affirm Peterson.

Feminists who have long achieved recognition of gender equality, transgender people who have won the right to choose their own sex — all this public furiously attacked the professor and the aggravation of the confrontation reached the point of bullying.

Photo:Donovan Farley. Portland July 2020.

The persecution was so cruel and painful that a professional clinical psychologist could not independently cope with deep mental injuries. He correctly diagnosed the psychic deviations of modern Western society, but turned out to be unarmed in front of furious ideologists and propagandists, adepts and victims of psychological experiments on social construction.

It should be noted that Professor Peterson is not the first victim of postmodern experiments on humanity. In France, which is the birthplace of postmodernism, the writer Dominic Wenner committed suicide right at the altar in the Notre Dame de Paris, realizing the complete disastrous events taking place in France. In his suicide note, published May 22, 2013, Wenner urges the French to “wake up from a lethargic dream”:

The prevailing discourse is headlong in double standards, and Europeans will have to deal with the consequences of this ambiguity sooner or later. Having no tribal religious system, which is a reliable anchor in the abyss of inconstancy, from the time of Homer we are all united by a common tribal memory, a storehouse of eternal values ​​that will serve as the basis for our future revival in a metaphysical separation from the realm of quantity – the causes of all the ills of the modern world. ”

In addition, a few hours before the suicide, the writer posted an emotional record on his website:

“New spectacular symbolic actions are needed to awaken the sleepwalkers and shake the consciousness drugged by anesthesia and remind us of our origin. There comes a time when deeds should follow the words.”

His death at the altar, where couples are traditionally crowned, has become a symbol of the struggle against the death of traditional values. But just two hours later, a concert of supporters of legalization took place on Bastille Square, they celebrated the tragic departure of Dominic Wenner with music and dance.

A desperate act of will against the cultural, civilizational, religious, moral self-destruction of Europe was not in vain. “Yellow vests” continued the struggle of Dominic Wenner.

Over the four years from 2016 to 2019, Jordan Peterson became the most popular intellectual in the West, speaking of simple things, truths, without which they were not correctly understood and their lives built up without comprehending these truths, life turned into senseless suffering and slow suicide, stretched out over time. He said that replacing human nature with a postmodern circus and social constructivism is darkness and horror. An atomic society is a chaos society, it is an absolute disaster.

If any hierarchy is declared tyranny and violence, it destroys the very concept of values. In such a society there is nothing unifying, everything is overthrown and everything is ridiculed and denied. In the postmodern world there is nothing to fight for, because there is nothing to strive for. There are no ideals, no authorities, no values. But how will you determine the direction of your life? – Professor asks the audience. After all, you will always have to evaluate and analyze the motives of your choice.

“If you have no goals, there is nothing that you want to fight for, achieve, the only thing left for you is to suffer!” (speech in the Trump Tower) – this is the professor’s verdict regarding the lifestyle of the millennium generation.

And now this is a suffering generation, tired of sitting at endless computer games in the cellars of their parents’ houses, going out to smash houses and shops of those who did not toil about the arrogance of the denier of meanings and worked day and night on simple tasks – to create a family, get an education, raise children, be useful to society.

Peterson severely criticized the ideas of identity politics. Following the new radicals, the ideas of the Enlightenment that previously built our world, especially in the field of law and academia, are a hoax that white men created to promote for their own purposes to increase their power. Those who disagree with them are not only blind, but also intolerant.

Accusations of not tolerance have gained strength and scope of nuclear weapons. By declaring that the decision to not give black students an assessment is not tolerant, you can dismiss a professor who has decided to show integrity that is inappropriate at the present time. An attempt to protect their own house with weapons in their hands from plunder and destruction brings the owners of the house to the dock.

Companies are obliged to employ necessarily transgender people, LGBT people, African Americans, and the issue of competencies is in last place. The main thing is tolerance. In Oxford, the second university in the history of mankind, students demanded to demolish the statue of Cecil Rhodes, who contributed a lot of financial support to the creation of the university.

All these bursts of activity of experimenters on the basis of tolerance occurred in the midst of a pandemic and quarantine, but social distancing was not part of the rules of conduct at mass demonstrations. In June, a crowd of heated people smashed and set fire to the Church of St. John, where all American presidents went to pray from century to century. There were many overthrowers of shrines — about half a million, and Washington was a small city, so everyone walked shoulder to shoulder, even mothers with children in their arms.

Moms are so publicly concerned that they are ready to risk the lives of their own children. At the same time, everyone already knew that George Floyd, whose death caused unrest throughout America, was not a moral person, he was a recidivist and a drug addict, a porno actor and a robber. In the last robbery, he placed a loaded pistol on the belly of a pregnant woman.

The heavy mourning of the victim of police brutality took on the character of a buffoonery. The brothers of the murdered Floyd did not hide happy smiles, riding a luxurious limousine and taking a selfie on the day of the funeral. The brother gave them a magnificent gift with his death – more than $ 14 million was collected by sympathetic citizens to the Floyd’s Relief Fund.

Lessons from the personal drama of teacher millions

Was Jordan Peterson able to avoid a head-on collision with the machine of fascist postmodernists and liberals? I think no. If he manages to recover, he will return to the stage as a hero and a prophet.

“The sexual revolution,” writes Pat Buchanan, in his prophetic book, “Will America Live Until 2024?” “devours our children. Statistics of the abortions, divorces, falling birth rates, single-parent families, teenage suicides, criminalization of schools, drug addiction, pedophilia, marriage assault, serious crimes, cancer incidence, extramarital cohabitation and a drop in education show how deep the crisis is in a society affected by the cultural revolution … And, spreading, this infection drags our entire civilization to the grave.”

“What kind of power can withstand the seductive song of the sirens of the hedonistic culture, a song so seductive and inviting, a song that almost everyone who speaks to young people repeats. – Hollywood, MTV, soap operas, television shows, glossy magazines, popular music, ladies’ novels and other bestsellers? How to help parents when even teachers and priests give condoms to teens?

How to encourage Americans to remember the values ​​of their mothers and grandmothers: a good husband, a house in the suburbs, a bunch of kids? ”- Jordan Peterson tried to resist, and was even successful in attracting millions of hearts. But he was too lonely. And if the adherents of hedonism called for enjoying life, then he called for hard work on yourself. Peterson needed to unite an army of followers around him, namely an army, not a crowd. The crowd is powerless against the army

The irresistible individualism of a Western thinker doomed Peterson to fatal loneliness in front of a pack of hungry wolves. Journalists pounced on him, knowing that any material about Peterson, presented to the public as an appetizing dish with a scientist who’s heart crushed with sarcasm, would be pleasing to the world behind the Looking Glass and well paid.

The fact that it was butchered in the kitchen of angry liberal fascism is undoubtedly because the cutting was done according to their classic recipes: blame the desire to impose ideas of male superiority, deny the right to freely choose sex, intolerant of gender diversity, refuse to follow and obey innovations in the lexicon, in a defiant deviation from obediently following the ideas of postmodernism.

What can we learn from the tragic experience of Jordan Peterson?

  1. No rules, even the most correct, built on the experience of many thousands of years of mankind, are a reliable antidote in a society without rules. Each of us will have to create our own rules of survival in the entire roaring fog of destructiveness, but these own rules should help keep the soul alive. Everything else will follow.
  2. Do not allow yourself and others to turn themselves into a machine for making money. For 4 years, a whole factory for making money was rapidly built around Jordan Peterson. There is nothing new or surprising in this, money is the easiest way to earn money in capitalism – a talented figure is promoted (it doesn’t matter in which sphere – cinema, music, sports, journalist, television), promotion attracts the hearts and wallets of millions, an entire team of people is urgently formed whose wealth directly depends on the active communication with the public of the new star.
  3. The brighter the star shines, the more furious the speed of the money-making machine becomes. These people do not care how long the star has enough strength, patience and protective mechanisms of the psyche. The example of the death of Michael Jackson has not yet lost shocking pain.

In the case of Jordan Peterson, the situation was particularly exhausting. His communication with the public has always been a stream of consciousness without any memorization of the same texts or ideas. For this class of intellectual embrace of all the afflicted, a huge supply of protective forces and a spiritual aura is required. But look at the Jordan Peterson website You will find a huge information Mont Blanc with a mass of commercial sections where training and consultations can be continued by individual communication with the doctor, work is being carried out simultaneously on several countries and continents. This is probably a necessary job in a world where people feel lost and desperate without moral guidelines and moral choice maps. But in scale it should be a whole institution, the basis of which may be the main ideas that drive the preaching activity of Peterson.


  1. If your ideas are radically different from the generally accepted rules in this society or at this stage of the development of human civilization, get ready for a real information war against you. Professor Peterson was not ready for war, being a lone warrior without an army. Even if the New York Times announces you to the whole world as the most influential intellectual of our time, do not relax and do not expect that you will recklessly rest on the laurels of glory and relevance. While crowds of your fans enthusiastically applaud your lectures, evil ideological opponents will send you hateful journalists. They will have one goal – to expose you a neurotic, obsessed with dangerous retro illusions.


  1. Jordan Peterson did not become the star of the intellectual horizon in the West at the expense of speculation by radical ideas or the invention of a shockingly new departure from Being extremely sensitive to the suffering of modern Western man, he unraveled where Gordian’s knot of his suffering lies and tried to put a self-cleansing sword in the unmanly hands of reflecting lost souls. For which he was immediately brutally stoned and hunted. But he found the right path and the right ideas. His work should be continued. The very atmosphere in a society tired of panic attacks and fear, from the despair of the unknown, calls for him to be the savior.


  1. He tried to pull the lost souls out of the trap of evil infinity – the ladder leading to the netherworld. But in a society thoroughly infected with destruction, the lone warrior of the Spirit cannot survive. Therefore, the rise of Jordan Peterson to the pinnacle of success became his Calvary. The higher he climbed to the top, more heavier his cross became. The atmosphere of hatred thickened to a poisonous fog. Could he survive in this fog? Appeal to Moscow doctors helped him survive physically. This indicates that, intuitively, Peterson knew that Russia was a country of the space of the Spirit. Perhaps he will be able to build new strategies for the struggle for man in man in the future, relying on the great Russian literature and biographies of the great Russian heroes.

The sin of arrogance, which for centuries gave Western intellectuals false grandeur, is now crumbling to dust under the pressure of the angry masses. The recipes for well-being, created to please the adherents of the consumer society, have been spontaneously replaced by narcotic oblivion. Hopes that the storms shaking the most “progressive” American society in the world will subside by themselves immediately after the elections may not be justified. The burden of problems accumulated by society over the past 30 years of “dizziness with success” is too heavy.

The Russians survived the collapse catastrophe in the 90s of the twentieth century, losing nearly 20 million lives in this catastrophe. They were saved by the fact that at the beginning of the new millennium God sent them a strong and intelligent leader, and millennial roots of traditions and values. I hope that the American people will be able to revive their true values ​​from the quagmire of decay, clinging to the roots of tradition.


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