After-Report on the Nuclear Attack on Beirut, an Intel Drop (vital update)


The video above settles this once and for all but also it establishes the Beirut missile strike as both nuclear and 10 times larger than what was seen elsewhere.

To note, on the smaller explosion, providing this is a confirmed Israeli missile strike (not investigated by VT), then either it was a massive conventional weapon that could only have been carried by a “heavy lift” space launch system (equiv. Saturn V) or was “something else.”  Note, VT is NOT responsible for the non-Beirut video.

A few minutes ago, it was announced that the radiation monitoring site used by the IAEA that detected the nuclear attack had, in actuality, been malfunctioning and that the report we received, from the IAEA was “no longer valid.”

What is it Jim says…”You just can’t make this stuff up?”

Beirut isn’t built on sand, its built on rock.   Today, there is a 593 foot wide crater through the solid rock of Beirut’s port. Nothing can do that, almost nothing.

Even a standard nuke won’t do this kind of damage.  12000 tons of ammonium nitrate wouldn’t have done it as well but, when making up a story, someone forgot to ask demolition/explosive/physics experts.

We recommend that curious readers take advantage of the wealth of material on nuclear test craters rather than take our word for it.

Where does one begin.  Disgust is a good place.  Lebanon asked Russia for help and aid has been offered.  Let us be clear, Israel had, only 5 days before, threatened to blow up Lebanon’s ‘infrastructure.’  The Port of Beirut is now gone.  End of story there.

A drama has been created, a story from Russian and Israeli intelligence, of a leaky ship and a forgotten cargo that represented the largest explosion ever to hit the Middle East, even bigger than the 2013 Damascus nuke or the multiple tactical nuclear attacks on Yemen.

But none of it really happened, there wasn’t a leaky ship, there was no warehouse of fertilizer, certainly not in Beirut where, if it existed it would have been stolen in hours, for car bombs or even used, wait for it, as fertilizer.  Nothing is safe in Beirut, a place where Israel has bombed over and over, where people live decades in bombed out homes while skyscrapers go up next door.

This is Lebanon, the ultimate failed state.  Want to get at Hezbollah?  Nuke Beirut, just bombing them is “so 2006” and all those other years Israel has bombed as well.

In fact, Israel flies its war planes over Lebanon, over Beirut, 24 hours a day while unleashing missiles at Syria, using Lebanon’s undefended airspace to protect them from retaliation, that and the ass kissing relationship between Netanyahu and Putin.

Oh, one more reason, there are over a hundred permanent demonstrations going on in Israel, their version of BLM, demanding “criminal Netanyahu” stand down.  His answer, of course is to nuke Lebanon.

Now Russia is claiming that they had abandoned a fertilizer ship that exploded, reported on both Sputnik and RT with interviews with the crew.  No such ship exists or existed.  One ship was damaged, but not vaporized, just damaged.  Russia ran to the help of Israel just the way, for the past many months now, they blame Biden and George Soros if it rains.

Soon thereafter, photos of one ton bags of ammonium nitrate began appearing, the same photo, first from trolls and now in papers across the country, the imaginary 2750, not 2700 or 3000 mind you, but 2750, lies need to sound exacting, stash of 7 year old fertilizer kept in a food storage facility where such a thing would be illegal.

Our first call came from Lebanon, a Lebanese general telling us they were attacked, first by an Israeli patrol boat that hit the port warehouse with an anti-ship missile, then from an F 16.  They term they used was “tactical nuke.”

Then we went to the IAEA who reported a “fission event” in the “Eastern Mediterranean.”  We published their data as well.

We know that Saudi intelligence in Beirut, and they are very powerful there, a huge embassy close to Ground Zero, reached out directly to Donald Trump for reasons we all know all too well.

He reported the truth, leaving out the word “nuke” out of fear of the press.

He has stuck to this. And so it goes….


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  1. I am NOT surprised by these events, BUT I am SHOCKED that the confirmed Israeli missile strike, was even planned…

    WHO in their right minds in Israel, thought this to be a good idea?

    This EVIL act, is an act of desperation, by Israel. It shows how weak Israel really is…

    Condolences to ALL those who have suffered in Lebanon.

  2. I admit to puzzlement; This story is running in VT but nowhere else? Not only not running elsewhere but on RT, for instance its not even a headline. In fact its been scrubbed from all the media I usually visit.
    Various state actors must know what happened here, but it is as though all of them have agreed to bury this story completely.
    So this story has been wiped from the entire media landscape globally?
    I would (it now appears naively) have expected at least some state actors to have been making a big issue over the fact that someone nuked a capital city of another country.
    And yet there is nothing, and any reference to anything but fertiliser blowing up has been wiped at lightning speed.
    My question is, why is it in everyone’s interest to shut this down, when someone nuking a city should be causing six inch headlines all over the place?
    Military infrastructure maybe but a city full of civs??

    • Yesterday, the government of Lebanon asked me to write a letter to the Secretary General of the UN for them. If only I were making this up. Think about that for a minute.

  3. “…the imaginary 2750, not 2700 or 3000 mind you, but 2750…” – Gordon Duff

    Surprised they did not go with 3,000 tons as that would be 6 million pounds, and we know they like that number.

    So now we have come to the point in the world that Israel can use nuclear weapons on cities and everyone is too chickenshit to even call them out on it? Do not Nasrallah, Assad, and Khamenei understand that they must do enough damage to Israel in response to this, or they well be destroyed bit by bit over the next few years?

  4. Lavrov did publicly refrain from using nuclear weapons just the other day (coincidence or not), in reference to Hiroshima, but if Russians and their media bury this story in present 2020, then there is not much hope whatsoever to stopping these abominable maccabean lunatics.

    • Dear Gordon,

      the video above has been scrubbed from YT. Perhaps consider posting your videos (or backup videos) on another more friendly video-sharing site like BitChute,, or

  5. Curious what Jeff Smith might think of the “malfunctioning” explanation of the IAEA background radiation monitor at Pedara?

  6. Gordon, I got a piece of info today that a Russian explosives expert ( i can get you the name if needed) estimates around 300 tons of ammonium nitrate to cause that damage, and not 2750 as reported, and makes him think the rest were stolen. this goes in line with your earlier reporting about the crater size and amount of damage…

  7. Interesting how, immediately after the tragic blast, there was an army of posters on social media attacking anyone posting about any possibility of an attack.

    There has also been a volley of fake images and manipulated video, purporting to show an incoming missile. I suspect this is being done on purpose to create a “boy who cried wolf” effect, so as to prevent real footage/ images (like the one VT claims to have analyzed) from being published and accepted.

  8. Lebanon has no government. We got our information, initially, from the Lebanese Army. Lebanon is not like a country, not anymore. It needs fixing and Israel nuked it to keep it ‘broke.’

  9. Don’t forget Project Greater Israel…Subsume Lebanon and there is only war-torn Syria stopping Khazarian-run Israel from connection their coastline with their original home state of Turkey…Khazarians are a Turkic tribe…The coastline is the prime real estate…Lebanon is in the process of asking the IMF for a 13 billion loan..Are the Russians going to help rebuild the port..or will Chinese offer aid..Should the US propose a joint-venture to gain influence? Stay tuned!

    • I was told this attack destroyed much of Lebanon’s available food supply and this was the purpose of the attack as announced by Benny Gantz on July 31. This was an attack on Lebanon’s food infrastructure.

  10. Israel now is launching nuclear missle strikes into Arab/Christian cities.

    Note most news outlets report this as just a nail in coffin of the Lebanese failed-state and economy.

    Just what Israel wants to have be spun; “those stupid Lebanese, storing fireworks next to a huge fertilizer bomb – somebody must pay for this!”

    Does a big pile of fertilizer ignited by nearby fireworks morph into a white-hot plasma ball, carving a giant bowl shaped crater the same size and curvature as the plasma ball into solid rock? Of course not, it’s a nuke.

    My theory on it; this was an underground/underwater Hezbollah missle storage facility, safe from the usual bunker buster missles, and a nuke was needed in order to destroy it, and also to send message to Iran that Israel can penetrate any super deep bunker that Iran might build to protect their missle stockpiles.
    Probably missles delivered from Iran and sent out to locations in Lebanon by ship and submarine to and from this particular storage bunker there at the harbor.
    Lots more targets in Lebanon to hit, probably hundreds, and the Lebanese government which cannot control Hezbollah, just wants no more nuclear strikes like this again to happen, (same with Putin!) so they go along with how Israel wants the story to be, in hopes Israel will not use nukes again in populated cities.
    If truth gets out, and admitted to, there will be some serious retaliation and counter retaliation.
    Sometimes better to just lie to keep some relative world peace is how the thinking goes.
    Trump an idiot, thinks it is somehow, and must be, an “attack” by Iran (or China!) Wait and see, somehow it will get even more twisted….maybe Venezuela and Cuba involved!

  11. Appreciate the update. I once had hope for Putin, but his playing both sides, vis-a-vis Assad and Netanyahu, reminds me of a Rory Calhoun line from the film, “Pure Country”(1992): “You know that white spec in the middle of chicken shit? That’s chicken shit too”.

  12. Wow. The “official” version of the Beirut attack came into being almost as fast as the official narrative of 9/11, that 19 Arabs armed with box cutters knocked down 3 skyscrapers in New York City with 2 airplanes. Even Trump was initially dubious of that fairy tale, but he quickly came around to supporting the official version when his Kosher Nostra pals told him to keep his mouth shut. It’s odd that he hasn’t walked back his initial comments on this event… yet. The next few days will be pivotal. Trump is the most dangerous man on the planet, for sure.

    • So True! All I could think of after reading Gordon’s article were those swirls of molten granite beneath the WTC on 9/11. Those images were captured by a lead FEMA photographer who would later become a fugitive asylumed in Argentina. All because he wouldn’t turn-over his copies.
      Those towers were slated for demolition and the tribe came up with a cheaper method.
      As a reward for their creative thinking, Bldg 7 was ‘thrown in’ as sanctified insurance fraud. Zy0ni$t Silverstein had recently doubled #7’s insurance coverage. #7’s near-free-fall drop is called a ‘pull’ by persons such as myself who’ve worked in the dismantlement sphere. They ‘found landing gear’ in #7? Hilarious! (In a dark way)
      Wondering what that crater in Beirut looks like and how deep it is.
      Dismayed by the total control Khazar Kosher Nostra exercises over DC, CoL and the Vatican, here in Floriduhh, one can witness the county-by-county take-over by Chabad. And that’s from the PTA’s to Tallahassee’s legislature not to mention numerous counties in targeted states nation and world-wide.
      “The Future Sure Ain’t What It Used To Be.” POGO (Walt Kelly)

    • You have to remember the swirls, they come from an ice age lake that the WTC was built over but that was never shown on any map of new york dating from 1640. How cold water melts and swirls granite is another thing, especially since it only had a few years to do it, for those out there who study geology. You see, where there was an ice age 12,000 years ago here in Michigan, in New York the last one was 2.6 million years ago.

    • A glacial lake has a lower probability of causing swirls in igneous intrusive rock (e.g., granite, diorite, gabbro) than the flatulence of a single chihuahua has of destroying the WTC complex.

      But the too stupid to live people will believe anything so as to avoid the discomfort of cognitive dissonance and having to change set beliefs, and they will bring everyone else down with them through sheer mass of imbecility.

  13. The amount of damage over 10km inland, a massive crater and a sunken Cruise Ship Km’s away etc is no fertiliser explosion. As usual, when atrocities like this occur, the amount of BS that gets thrown in the reporting everywhere is to make sure the Zio war criminals are not to blame.

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