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US widens Syria war by bringing Saudi combat troops to Hasakah

Jim W. Dean - As for Trump getting out of Mideast wars, the US troops involved in this Syrian maneuver are the ones 'leaving" Iraq. They are just being shuffled around. Imagine that.

Cockup of the Century: FBI set to name ‘Eye Irritant’ lawn...

Go to your garage and find your bag of ammonium nitrate. It will say "Lawn Fertilizer" on it. Check to see if a warning is on the label saying "explosive" or "flammable."  It will not be there and for a very good reason.

After-Report on the Nuclear Attack on Beirut, an Intel Drop (vital...

Jim W. Dean - Today, there is a 593 foot wide crater through the solid rock of Beirut's port. Nothing can do that, almost nothing.