Did the Missile/Fertilizer/Fireworks Explosion Miss the ‘Warehouse?- New Impact Photos

Fun for Hasbara Trolls, armchair investigators and those who like forgetting the radiation spike

Evidence of a nuclear fission event in the Eastern Mediterranean



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  1. For me it is still too early to lay any blame. Let’s get soil & dust samples tested. Lets check the debris for signs of extreme heat and other tell tale signs of nonconventional weapons… Let’s find some smoking gun or better. This is too important to let rushed judgements sway our analysis and premature conclusions to damage the credibility of our work!!!

  2. The person taking that video, if it was a person, been so close to the blast site would have been evaporated, no? Who and how did this video come about to have been published? Would not have the phone received damage? What effect does modern nukes have on flash storage devices such as this one, been so close to the proximity of the source of explosion? I know that no one has the answer as to how they obtained this video footage, but maybe someone can throw some light on the effects of modern nukes on flash storage devices such as USB flash drive sticks, SD cards, SSD drives (the kind used in most modern computers not the Military grade SSD’s)?

  3. To Elvin Laton: Forget the last paragraph of what I wrote. That was my attempt at (Gallows) humor. The issue remains as outlined in the first two paragraphs and, if the trigger was not (in) the building in which the so-called fertilizer was stored then what was the trigger? if indeed there was one at all leaving us only with a missile coming in from wherever the launch point was.

  4. Been waiting for something on a nuke event having occurred.
    Now, if only “conspiracy theory” actually existed….

  5. The fertilizer theory has the same effect on the earth and fields – as well as the intelligence of your agerage VT reader, as it does with the item it identifies with – an awful lot of horse shit! Silos of Zionist slurry.

    • Key is understanding video imagery. If it is bad for israel, it is fake. Imagine trying with today’s audience to peddle the planes hitting the WTC.

  6. If this is an honest video, then the explosion began next to the warehouse but, and this is a question, did the warehouse have explosive in it as claimed?

    Do remember, VT is media and not the creator of the world. This is a workable hypothesis. The question then, would israel have risked using a small conventional explosive to blow up 3k tons of ammonium nitrate?

    Based on these photos, were this a conventional missile, it would NOT have caused the explosion even if the warehouse were full of ammonium nitrate.

    This is just informal evaluation…not the word of god.

    • Based on the size and appearance of the missile in the video and the known types of ballistic missiles in the inventory of the likely suspects, what make/model is it, and what is the typical accuracy? Of course, with a 6-kT equivalent warhead, 25-meter accuracy would be more than adequate.

  7. Am I seeing that the blast crater was not under the warehouse where the fertilizer was supposedly stored? Just like with 9/11, so much has to be flushed down the memory hole to maintain the “official” story.

  8. Oh dear me Gordon!
    Surely, if Israel were firing a missile it would have wished to hit the warehouse in which the fertilizer / raw explosive were stored and of which everyone now makes complaint ……. or would it? The question, therefore is what precisely did that Missile target? What was it that was in the area adjoining the warehouse? and wherein, it seems, a leading Lebanese Christian figure died? Moreover, rumor has it that this area of the Docks was strictly under the control of Lebanese Christian interests, not Hezbollah but …… all of that aside, how is it that the trigger for the explosion appears to be the buildings/warehousing bordering on the fertilizer store? and if that building were the trigger, what, precisely was stored in that warehouse!
    Finally …….. and surely not! You couldn’t really be suggesting that the IDF-IAF made a mistake? and were operating on the basis of faulty intel? That same intel Mr Netanyahu was so eager to present to the UN two years ago when he produced all his visual aids with visually strikingly coloured drawings for the benefit of the world and particularly American, British, French and German media?
    I wonder what these excellent video stills will do for media coverage now that we know the trigger for the second explosion was NOT the warehouse storing the Fertilizer seized from the ship that sailed from Georgia 6 years ago with Fertilizer intended for the benefit of those rebellious farmers of Idlib, Quinetra and elsewhere in Syria outside of the control of the “evil” Mr Assad who were so interested in chemistry lessons learning at the feet of Saudi-financed Fertilizer experts from Mi6, CIA and Mossad! Such interesting pedagogical experiences to be had in Syria over the course of the past 10 years!

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