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VT Nuclear Education: The Beirut Nuclear Coverup

When Beirut exploded, Israeli missiles sited, jet bombers too, President Trump announced it was a bombing. Next day he doubled down saying the Pentagon confirmed...since then he is silent but Beirut is still in ashes...

Case Closed: Infrared Video Reveals Details of Israeli Nuclear Missile (6...

By Gordon Duff Absurdity squared: YouTube and Facebook "Fact Checkers," employed by the people VT claims staged the attack are wiping the evidence from the...

Coverup: Did Israel Hire Bloggers to Blame Hezbollah for Beirut Bombing?

Press TV: Lebanese security forces have arrested a journalist on charges of spying for Israel's Mossad spy agency and collaboration with Israeli authorities through writing defamatory articles about the Hezbollah resistance movement.

Russian Bear in Lebanon, with China not far behind

Jim W. Dean - VT wishes Lebanon well, and we hope to go back someday during better times.

Trump and Bibi neck and neck in lying contest

Jim W. Dean - We don't really need another war right now in the Mideast. Bibi should wait until it is his turn, like on the eve of the next election.

“Beirut Massacre by a Missile!” Lebanon President and Italian Military Expert...

Two missiles. The first may have been launched outside the warehouse to cause the bang, the fire and the first giant cloud of smoke. The second was thrown into the warehouse to create the disaster. Because? To enable the whole world to make videos.

Dissecting the Beirut coverup: Ammonium nitrate not explosive and Lebanon was...

We start with the text below in response to a Russia Today video where a so-called explosives expert explained Beirut. RT has become quite unreliable for the past year, a distinct pro-Israel bias, has repeatedly attacked Syria's President Assad and is backing racist-supremacist elements in the US.

Exclusive Video: Italian Military Base Devastated during Beirut Blast

The disastrous explosion in Beirut on August 4th devastated a large structure on the Shama Base of the Italian Army, which are part of the UN peacekeepers in Lebanon.

NEO: The Strange Case of Beirut’s Missing Port

On the afternoon of August 4, 2020, two explosions occurred in Beirut’s port area. One was small, the other one left a crater 550 feet across and, according to most recent reports, over 100 feet deep, perhaps well over.

Pentagon/Esper: ‘VT was right, Beirut May be an Attack…we made a...

Trump chastised Esper for running his mouth on Beirut. Trump was informed of the explosion within minutes. The US had, for some unknown reason, 3 surveillance planes close off short who observed Israeli aircraft, both F 15E and F 16 over the site prior to and during the explosion.

Debunking the Lies: Gordon and Nader Reporting on Beirut, Iranian National...

Former Lebanese Interior Minister and current MP Nohad Machnouk has become the first senior Lebanese politician to blame Israel for the blast at the Beirut Port last week.

The Beirut Nuke: Scintillation and Flash and Rampage (updated)

When Israel's new nuclear tipped Rampage missile, launched from the IAF's specially modified F 16s, was tested a week ago on Beirut, Iran saw how a tactical nuclear weapon could zip past Syria's S300 defenses. The first test was inside Syria but nuking Beirut and crashing her government was a big win for Tel Aviv.

Beirut: Deep State “Killed” Shia-Christian Govt. Ex Zionist MP: “Blast as...

Nasrallah categorically denied the claim that Hezbollah had an arms cache, ammunition or anything else in the Beirut port.

Christians in Beirut: We witnessed jets and a missile flying overhead...

It has become clear to us that this was all predicted, planned and carried out by the usual suspect out of…TEL AVIV who essentially have been at war with Lebanon since 2006.

Elliott Abrams — fanatical neoconservative Zionist — arrives with Beirut nuke

Serial war criminal Elliot Abrams should be serving time in prison, not the State Department.

Breaking: Lebanon government collapses, sort of

We call this government collapse by the domino effect. First one minister resigns, then two, then four, and it forces the prime minister to fold his tent. But there is also the motivation that it will take them out of the line of fire on blame for the event.

Intel Drop: Briefing on Beirut (36 hours old)

Intel Drop: Briefing on Beirut

Jerusalem Post: Israel blew up Beirut to hell

VT was right all along: Israel decimated Beirut and reduced the area into different atomic particles.

Source: Israel Planned the Nuke Attack on Beirut Years in Advance,...

VT received this from an intelligence source who knows exactly how the Beirut nuclear attack was done. What he also knows is that Israel has planned this attack years in advance, and anyone who says Israel doesn't plan that far ahead can't spell "Mossad." The shocking truth about the nuclear attack on Beirut.

Lebanon: The Beirut Blast, Destablisation, Chaos an attempt at Regime change

An online petition has been floated on Avaaz, appealing to France to rule Lebanon under the French Colonial mandate for 10 years, indicating a potential collaboration between the US, France, Israel and Saudia to carry out a coup against the existing government.

Who Nuked Beirut?

Terrorists who mass murder civilians—like the American terrorists behind Hiroshima and Nagasaki (as well as Dresden and Tokyo) and the presumed Israeli terrorists behind the Beirut disaster—typically offer an "ends justify the means" defense.

Voltairenet: Israel Destroys East Beirut with ‘new weapon’

Just as neither Syria nor Iran had communicated about this weapon when they were hit, the Lebanese political parties immediately reached an agreement not to say anything in order not to demoralize their population.

VT Proving again that Nuclear Weapons are your friend (Banned by...

Use of mini nukes with ‘clean’ designs continues unabated. Unless this becomes widely known - and pressure applied by the masses of the people to stop it - these nukes will continue to be used with impunity to kill large numbers of innocent people.

Peter Ford: Beirut, Calling out the cynical exploitation of the disaster

Those weeping crocodile tears for Lebanon today are the same people who cheered on the recently implemented ‘Caesar Act’ which, in imposing fresh sanctions on Syria, provoked a stampede on Lebanese banks, sending the economic crisis in Lebanon over the edge.

Did the Missile/Fertilizer/Fireworks Explosion Miss the ‘Warehouse?- New Impact Photos

Fun for Hasbara Trolls, armchair investigators and those who like forgetting the radiation spike.

VT Nuclear Education: Laser and Nuclear Weapon Calculator

Enter the appropriate Weapon yield and shape for your weapon, fill in the Armor parameters, then simulate the explosion.

Israel: Nuke bombing of Beirut Retaliation against Hezbollah Attack on Golan

Today's attack, confirmed, is Israel protected by Trump teaching helpless Lebanon a lesson. Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Thursday instructed the IDF to bomb Lebanese infrastructure if Hezbollah harms IDF soldiers or Israeli civilians.