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«After that kind of mushroom-shaped cloud that is very reminiscent of nuclear explosions, the so-called “thermal rings” are visible in the videos in the following moments, which develop into an explosion only when it is caused from top to bottom and not when it is a simple blast from the ground. This makes it very probable that the explosion in the port of Beirut was caused by a bomb or a missile».

This statement was made by a retired Carabinieri officer who, for obvious reasons, wants to remain anonymous. But he is an expert in explosives, has the NBCR (Nuclear Bacteriological Chemical Radiological) emergency patent, and above all he has worked for a long time in missions in the Middle East.

The explosion that causes the atom-like fungus and then the thermal rings – VIDEO

Not only does it reveal this technical detail that supports the thesis of a missile with a small nuclear charge dropped on the port of the Lebanese city that has made more than 130 dead, 5 thousand injured and 300 thousand displaced. But he adds other details that corroborate the thesis of the military attack that was carried out with a malice, precision and skill so refined as to make Mossad, the Israeli counterintelligence, the number one suspect.

Beirut: Deep State “Killed” Shia-Christian Govt. Ex Zionist MP: “Blast as Nuclear Bomb. I hope it was Israel”

On the Beirut disaster, Lebanese President Michel Aoun supports this possibility, even with all the caution that diplomacy requires.

As reported by the Lebanese broadcaster MTV, the Lebanese head of state said that «the cause of the explosions has not yet been determined, since there is a possibility that external interference has been produced through a missile, a bomb, or any other action».

Lebanese President Michel Aoun at the scene of the disaster (center with mask)

«A statement of extreme relevance, given that Aoun himself confirmed that during the meeting with Emmanuel Macron, he asked France to provide Lebanon with aerial images of the explosion. “If they do not have them, we will ask other countries to determine if it was an external attack”, concluded the Christian leader, once again making clear Beirut’s desire not to stop with an unnecessary investigation» writes a report by InsideOver, the Italian and English geopolitical site of the newspaper Il Giornale.

So far all the media, especially in Europe, have accused Hezbollah for keeping the approximately 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate seized a few years ago in a foreign freighter in a warehouse in the center of a city.

Lebanon-Iraq: Christian religious leaders bless US-CIA, Zionist and Sunni coups under CANVAS acts

But those who do it do not really know the economic situation of Lebanon, devastated by the US sanctions issued for no reason, only because Hezbollah is allied with the Pasdaran, the Guards of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, and undermined by continuous insurrections that appear to be piloted by CANVAS, the self-styled anti-biolence center, which was actually used by the American counterintelligence of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) for the bloody coups in Lebanon (Revolution of the Cedar, 2005), in Georgia (Revolution of the Roses, 2003) and in Ukraine (Revolution orange, 2004 and then 2014) which the same organization boasts on its official website.

In such context it is not easy to transport and secure so much explosive material that, moreover, in a port it is easy to transport abroad for Hezbollah which, it should not be forgotten, despite being a paramilitary organization declared terrorist by the US, has given a fundamental contribution to the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad in defeating ISIS, as they are of Shiite Muslim confession like the government of Damascus and therefore are enemies of the Islamic extremist Sunni Salafist terrorists.

Human Organs’ Traffic in Syria ignored by UN: Sana and CBS videos on White Helmets, Al Qaeda & Turkey Crimes

SIRIA, TRAFFICO D’ORGANI IGNORATO DA ONU E NATO: Da White Helmets e Al Qaeda al mercato nero in Turchia denunciato dalla TV CBS

It is therefore evident that in the hypothesis of a missile attack, some Lebanese have betrayed their homeland, enticed by the very generous engagements of the Israeli Mossad. There is in fact another detail in the dynamics of the explosion always highlighted by our military source.

«When an explosion occurs in a deposit of flammable material, there is a “trigger for sympathy”» he explains. It is a domino effect. Each explosive charge ignites another in just a few seconds so as to produce a single explosion.

Why in Beirut did a fire break out first, and only after the explosive explosion with a thermal effect following the ignition and then a mechanical effect, the one that devastated buildings for kilometers?

The explanation can only be the one already supported by Gospa News on the basis of the intelligence revelations reported by VT: two missiles.

Beirut: ex CIA 007: “Alleged IsraelI Attack”. Christian Party secretary Killed. 100 more deaths. Italian marines injured.

The first may have been launched outside the warehouse to cause the bang, the fire and the first giant cloud of smoke. The second was thrown into the warehouse to create the disaster. Because? To enable the whole world to make videos.

If there had been a single gigantic explosion, there would have been no time to film the explosion and therefore the terrorist effect would not have been effective. This is similar to what happened for the “planes” against the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, as they served to draw the attention of the whole world to the disaster so that we could witness the explosion triggered by micro nuclear charges, as the military experts of VT claim, and lawyers for the victims.


Too bad that the West is so entangled with the Lobby of the Weapons of the Zionists (descendants of the Ashkenazi and not of the Israelites, as we have repeatedly written) that it cannot afford to make a serious investigation into their criminal acts. Therefore Lebanon will be left alone like Syria and Sri Lanka after the Easter 2019 attacks. So goes this evil world.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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  1. That there was ammonium nitrate there is not in doubt, the red smoke more or less proves that. The port authorities knew it was there and unless they were unbelievably ignorant/stupid they must have known that it was highly dangerous. Does anyone have any idea why it was put there (what excuse was given for putting it there) in the first place and why it was left there for six years? I can well believe that it was placed there by Mossad, as described in VT the other day, but why was it left there? Who was responsible for that? Was there no Safety Officer in the Port burocracy?

  2. When I saw the video initially, it looked like the grain silos absorbed the shock wave and allowed this void in the vapor ball. What have people on site measured for radiation? Is there something near-nuclear that can do this?
    I recognized the negative/thermal video of the people on the bicycle as one I saw in color originally. Can the missile flying in be seen the color version? So far this is the only place I’ve seen the video, no one else has touched it.

  3. Leggo sempre tutte le notizie inerenti questo caso e le altre malefatte , resto pertanto convinto che stanno generando un Karma pesantissimo che si trascineranno per l’eternità nelle loro vite future e non sapranno a chi dire grazie , perché il Karma si paga anche a distanza di molte vite e le sofferenze che patiranno genererà altro Karma negativo che dovrà essere a sua volta ripagato , ecco perché dovranno rinsanire molto presto .

    • Translation:
      I always read all the news about this case and the other wrongdoings , I remain convinced that they are generating a very heavy Karma that will drag for eternity into their future lives and will not know to whom to say thank you , because Karma is also paid after many lives and the sufferings that will suffer will generate other negative Karma that will in turn have to be repaid , that’s why they’ll have to re-sanction it very soon

  4. Thanks for this. It gives the first logical explanation for why there were 2 blasts: the initial minor blast, in the context of what subsequently happened and then the major shocking nuclear blast.

  5. One can connect the dots! There are questions,, but what have the Ashkenazi Khazar Tribe, so far, done to the World? Under the ‘Flag’ of Marxist Bolshevik Communism, that they spread from St. Petersburg, Russia to Shanghai, China, they are responsible for some 200 million victims, in the 20th century! GULAG in Soviet Union, HOLODOMOR, in the Soviet-Ukraine. The RED Terrors in Germany, Hungary, at the end of WWI, The oppression, ‘Bloody Terror’, that they have done, unleashed on the Eastern European CHRISTIAN Nations, from 1945 to 1989, in order to keep those unfortunate people, in the Soviet Orbit! What have they done to the Natives of Palestine for almost a hundred years now? The most brutal-bloody ETNHIC CLEANSING the World has ever experienced, it is going on to this day! Even a Friend, like the ENSLAVED United States, is being used-abused over and over again by them. ‘JFK’, Bobby Kennedy,!! The ‘USS LIBERTY” If they can do that To a friend? What is next? How about, “9/11/2001” That was a ‘False Flag’ attack has been the most successful, most rewarding, Crime they have done against the American people! At the COST of close to 3 thousand innocent, Collateral Victims, they dragged the US into the Unending (2 decades) Wars in the Middle East! BEIRUT?? It may be, just another move, on their part on the ‘Bloody Regional’-“MIDDLE EAST Chess-Board”, that they have set up for themselves and they WANT to Winn that Game!

  6. Excellent article by VT. They are at least brave enough to speak the truth, without fear of the consequences . .

    • Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio,

      You are brave, as well as everybody else at VT.

      I am impressed by Christopher Bollyn as well, in publishing books about 911, which I am sure hasn’t gone down well… …eventually the truth will be their unraveling…

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