Protests Break Out Over Lies

VT: The people of Lebanon were victimized, not once by a nuclear attack by Israel but by their own leaders and corrupt press.  They still aren’t taking it.

Gunfire broke out in Beirut when snipers under the control of Saudi Arabia, using paid contractors trained by the US, attacked a Hezbollah-led protest.  Behind it, all is the investigation by incorruptible Judge Tarek Bitar.

Bitar has received evidence of two things:

  • There was no “fertilizer explosion” a year ago.  Fertilizers can’t explode unless carefully mixed into an explosive compound called ANFO.  Get the mix wrong, nothing happens.  Bagged fertilizer is far from a compound made in an explosives factory…it is totally inert…won’t even burn.
  • Then there are all the videos of the missiles…with fake editing by CNN and their Israeli partners, not just the missiles but the Israeli F 16s as well with many videos of them diving over apartment buildings before the massive blast.

Doctors were forced to treat radiation patients improperly, misdiagnose them, and then cover up the real number of deaths…and the outbreak of cancers since.  The same thing happened in New York after 9/11 when the FBI told doctors to diagnose radiation sickness as poisoning by “toxic soup” from radioactive gypsum used in wallboard…talk about wild conspiracy theories.  9000 died, mostly multiple myeloma.

…by the Editors of VT and Sources in Syria and Lebanon and the JCOS and Pentagon 

VT: The biggest story of the last 20 years is one of the brazen uses of nuclear weapons by Israel against its perceived enemies.  Israel nuked the US on 9/11 and VT has proven it beyond a doubt.  Whistleblowers from the IAEA and FBI supplied documentation and top scientists added the irrefutable details.  VT has the who, what, where, and why in detail, no conjecture, no theories, just the facts on this and more at VT Nuclear Education.

Most brazen of all, more brazen than the wonderfully photographed nuclear attacks on Yemen or Syria is Beirut.

Only one thing can make ammonium nitrate explode and that’s Jewish Lightning.

Packaging information on ammonium nitrate fertilizer as required by the EU disproves all the hype.

Only one thing can make ammonium nitrate explode…that’s ‘Jewish lightning’…(from an infamous anti-Semite)

Worst of all, the people of Lebanon were silenced and Saudi cash came out to buy Lebanon’s paper-thin fake media, pushing them to accept a story pushed on them by “shit eaters” who would sell their children for small change.

Reread the story, see my video done in real-time moments after the explosion, viewed over 20 million times.  From VT:

“This means that teams mixed the oil into one-ton bags of fertilizer and then set fuses to fireworks placed among the bags, all as kind of a joke, people with too much time on their hands, bored with the heat of Beirut in summer.”

Note: On the right-hand side of this page is a link to VT Nuclear Education.  This link leads to dozens of articles, many by nuclear scientists, that explain how new nuclear weapons work and have been used over and over just like in Beirut, always ‘fertilizer’ or ‘rocket factories.’

A very strange thing has happened. The media, led by Google, Facebook, and CNN are standing against reports from the Pentagon as confirmed by President Trump, that Beirut was attacked.

VT is not in the business of providing neatly wrapped narratives to explain events.  VT is also not going to expose its sources, particularly those still in Lebanon who face assassination.

We can prove what did not happen.  What can be stated is this, and adequate proofs are supplied, that up to 100,000 tons of TNT or 200,000 tons of enhanced ANFO explosive could not produce a crater more than 50 feet across, not over 500 feet.

The largest crater ever created, this is largely soft soil is 330 feet across and 70 feet deep, requiring a small portion of the explosive power seen in Beirut.

Nearly 1000 tons of TNT were used, buried in 100-foot-deep shafts with an explosive power of many thousands of tons of ANFO.  No “informal” mixture of fertilizer and small adjacent amounts of kerosene could approach 10 percent of this blast, and yet the Beirut crater is not only 5 times larger but it is in solid rock…


This is inexorable and, thus, real explanations using real science need to be looked at which, according to the DOE means not only nuclear weapons only but of significant size and very very likely prepositioned well underground.

This is the science.  Then we begin to wonder where so many fake experts come from. Instead, the media, and we mean all of it, is engaged in wild conspiracy theories, things no blogger would touch…

VT can now prove that videos of a missile attack on Beirut were made through childishly altering real missile videos.  These videos were sent to the media “experts” with their altered frames as the coverup of Beirut took hold.

From the US Department of Energy, a table describing the Beirut event of 2020 as somewhat larger than 4.3 kilotons not unlike the Palanquin explosion, which was detonated 280 feet below the surface in layered trachytic volcanic rock.

Based on this, the original estimate of 21-foot depth would have required a surface blast of 6kt but we are now looking at something significantly greater unless, somehow, a device was embedded well below the surface.

Based on DOE figures and Palanquin data, no imaginable amount, not even 100,000 tons of TNT, could create such a crater from a surface blast.

Before anyone can begin to understand the proliferation threat micro nukes represent, this primer published by the Russian Academy of Science can begin the process of opened eyes.  A VT video erased from hard drives and subject to a National Security Letter is featured as a “video of a video.”

We will look at the coverup and, right off the bat, say that Israel, Saudi Arabia (who controls Beirut), and Hezbollah are all working together for a variety of reasons.

Lying About Nuclear Capabilities

What stands is this, Israel has shown it can use a subcritical nuclear weapon whenever it pleases and then use its Saudi friends in Beirut to stifle an investigation.  This is a message to Hezbollah that if Israeli is attacked by the estimated 100,000 missiles now aimed at it, it will respond with nuclear weapons.

Subcritical nuclear weapons do not use radioactive reflectors and burn their plutonium core entirely, thus eliminating all gamma radiation.  This is commonly known, and VT has supplied documentation below.

Thus, when fake investigators hit the scene 8 days later with aging Geiger counters looking for the Hiroshima bomb, they came up empty, and in the process played their role in settling Lebanon’s internal problems using an Israeli nuclear weapon.

Clinton Bastin briefed VT on the nuke’s hidden history for several years before he died. He was a great American, Georgia Tech grad, and Marine officer at the end of WWII

Similarly, nuclear weapons in the “micro” range don’t need to make mushroom clouds and if they are “salted,” and most are, work like fireworks, the smoke of any color, or any other desired characteristic including suppressed EMP or amplified EMP.

Keeping the public 50 years in the past, even when dangerous innovations are published “open source” takes advantage of public laziness and dependence on disinformation pundits and “tame” experts.

It was “W’s” use of fake nuclear expert David Albright that sent US troops into Iraq in 2003, Albright was a man who couldn’t find a nuke if it was sticking up his ass, according to real expert, Clinton Bastin of VT.

Little Clean Nukes

Some decades ago, it became possible to make nuclear weapons that fit in a lunch box.  The chart explains what these early small nukes were capable of, this was the past mind you, today things have progressed considerably:

Then, a short time ago, OK half a century ago, major scientific advances were made that allowed nuclear weapons to fit inside, for instance, a typical 35mm SLR camera.

By the end of the 1970s, an exploding camera could yield 2000 tons of TNT or up to 4000 tons of aluminum-boosted ANFO explosive.  The only way to match a nuke is by using nanothermite, made from 6 microns powdered aluminum as a booster to advanced chemical explosives such as DIME, which Israel has used extensively in Gaza because of the ability to limit collateral damage.

Fake Videos of Real “Fake Videos”

The image above showing two missiles descending on Beirut is proof that a doctored video was made.  The image came from a full HD video placed on YouTube to replace other videos taken town as fake.  They were considered fakes because they showed a missile coming in, causing the real Beirut explosion.

This one which shows a missile is considered by YouTube as not fake.  Why?  That answer is simple because it can be proven easily to be fake.  Then who made it and why?  First of all, let’s see the original video frame:

color enhanced by VT

Only one missile here in the real video.  Let’s look at the YouTube fake and see another frame:

Talk about “too good to be true,” but this frame never showed up on the original at all. What was seen was this:

We had to enhance the video to see this frame because the smoke made it difficult to find.  Theirs, however, is clear as a bell superimposed.  Here is another angle on the same missile, this one really as well:

This is a keyframe from the second video that now never existed, which confirms the original one as well. Removed from TikTok. If this is real, and we are not sure, it would indicate a missile powering in to avoid interception. That all evidence of this existing has been eliminated is in itself curious. Confirming frame, colorizing and enhanced from “disappeared” video

Grow Up, It’s a Bomb!

Beirut is a “given,” an obvious nuclear attack confirmed by every senior officer in the Pentagon and by the President of the United States.

They all say it was a bomb, a nuclear weapon and not a single word to back away from this assertion have been made by either the generals or Trump.

Strangely, however, there exists a second narrative, one changing day by day with new “alternative facts” added, stories changed, more censorship, more intimidation, telling of a grand “accident” where, in its most recent and absurd guise, abandoned fertilizer accidentally mixed with 2000 barrels (the specific amount required to achieve some explosive capability) of kerosene and diesel fuel was set off by tons of abandoned fireworks.

This means that teams mixed the oil into one-ton bags of fertilizer and then set fuses to fireworks placed among the bags, all as kind of a joke, people with too much time on their hands, bored with the heat of Beirut in summer.

Then it all blew up while a video of a missile, a video with the sound of diving Israeli bombers, and a strange video of a drone are released.

This is the video that the current regime in Beirut may well be using.  Frank Drebbin isn’t named but we are waiting for him to show up on an Interpol Red List:

Seeded into YouTube with “double fake” videos are others with the sound of Israeli planes erased or original 1080p or 4k videos now at 240p with frame rates as low as 15fps.

It all began with CNN in Dubai, they created the first fakes by simply cutting the 3 frames of the descending missiles out and then colorizing them to “natural,” child’s play when it comes to video fakery.

The continuing “gold standard” for “caught” is this Israeli plane climbing up and away from the explosion, sound recorded many times, seen by hundreds, and showing up in many videos:

This is an Israeli F16 rolling to the left in a dive after what is actually or intended to appear like a weapons release of a nuke in accordance with attack procedures This is the CNN Dubai version removing and reinserting one of two missiles to create an obvious fake. Note the artifacts caused by the clumsy handling of the mouse.

When your day job is an analysis of satellite imagery, CNN’s childish efforts are sad.  The real stuff, courtesy of 4C Control and the UAE Ministry of Defense (SAR less than 1 meter)

Ask CNN to match this photo with one from their vault or look on Google. Good luck with that.  This was taken through dense forests in the DRC.  These are Russian t-72 tanks.

Beirut a Footnote in a Very Long History

The story of Beirut goes back many years and could begin anywhere.  Let’s begin with the dissolution of the Soviet empire and the election of Bill Clinton as president of the United States.  With Clinton’s election came a massive “peace dividend,” cutting military expenditure by 35% and beginning to pay off the National Debt.  This threatened the hold the Federal Reserve, the coalition of Rothschild-controlled banks, has had on the United States since 1913.

This same coalition, Rothschild, Schiff, and Warburg had softened Russia up in 1905 by engineering the Russo-Japanese War, it was Max Warburg that sent Lenin to St. Petersburg to take down Russian democracy and establish a Bolshevik regime and it was Paul Warburg who wrote the Federal Reserve Act, became its first Director and who, from the rear, led the US into World War I.

The solution to the Clinton presidency was Monica Lewinski, a Mossad mole, and when that didn’t work, a “jammed” presidential election with a fake “hanging chad” narrative written in Tel Aviv and world organized crime under the Kosher Nostra sending their powerful Federalist Society law firms into courtrooms controlled by corrupt Reagan appointed judges to kill the 2000 election and send it to the Supreme Court who quite illegally discarded the constitution and appointed an empty cowboy hat to the presidency.

The rationale, run the debt back up, which was quickly being paid off entirely by Clinton at a measly $4 trillion.  Bush 43 tripled the debt and left a 6000 DOW.  The carryover of the greatest economic collapse until Trump carried the debt to $19 trillion and a slowing which was reversed by Trump.  The US now sits at $25 trillion with 50 million unemployed and a GNP 32% lower than when Obama left office.

Thus, as Bush was put in office to start a generation of war and to bury the US in debt, all done on behalf of those seeking a weakened United States, Trump has carried forward those same policies, put in office through a stolen election with the help of Russian oligarchs and Kosher Nostra cash and now its time for Trump to deliver the war he promised his masters in Moscow and Tel Aviv.

Truth is not for the lazy

This is going to be a complex story, one of double-dealing and deceit, and great evil.  It will test the patience of many and the intellect of most as the world has become the sewer it has because cleverness has moved, level upon level, to areas unforeseen by all but a few who are never allowed to communicate with media or the public.  Of those, VT has more senior psychological warfare experts than any organization on earth, something the FBI has found startling and has sought to discuss time and time again.

We must be doing something right, we aren’t locked up.  As for the Beirut nuclear attack, and it is absolute that, hold on this is going to be a bumpy ride.

An aerial view shows the massive damage done to Beirut port’s grain silos (C) and the area around it on August 5, 2020, one day after a mega-blast tore through the harbor in the heart of the Lebanese capital with the force of an earthquake, killing more than 100 people and injuring over 4,000. – Rescuers searched for survivors in Beirut in the morning after a cataclysmic explosion at the port sowed devastation across entire neighborhoods, killing more than 100 people, wounding thousands, and plunging Lebanon deeper into crisis.

VT is the ONLY Unbiased Source with Real Capability

To begin, we have no horse in this race.  VT has cordial relations with Iran but our experience in Syria and Lebanon with Hezbollah has been less pleasant.  They have been discourteous with our staff and tried, quite unsuccessfully, to bully Gordon Duff and Jim Hanke back in 2017 while in Beirut.  Their “interrogators” were eaten alive.  A play-by-play should be supplied by Jim Dean and Mike Harris who watched this from the sidelines, laughing their asses off.

Jim Dean in Beirut

The original story which went viral around the world is below.  Nader’s VT show from Iran is there which includes the original video by Duff from the actual hour of the attack is included with annotation.  It is a good reference.

Lunch with Hezbollah (photo by G.Duff)
Jim Dean, Col. Jim Hanke, Mike Harris

Nuclear Ignorance is Very Real Death, ask Beirut

There are several areas to approach this but the first is the game of deniability of nuclear weapons.  As regular readers know, Jim Dean brought with him when he came to VT many years ago Clinton Bastin, chief designer for the US nuclear weapons program.

Bastin became our in-house expert on nukes, debunking those who claimed Iran had an actual nuclear weapons program.  Bastin gutted David Albright, Bush’s authority on nukes, as an ignoramus and fool and did it on the front page of the New York Times.  Read:

Clinton Bastin: Nuclear Weapon Iran a Falsehood

In 2014, when VT received a major leak from an unknown source (FBI?) on 9/11, which led us to Dimitri Khalezov and our partnership with the Pommer/Prager physics team, we picked up Jeff Smith who spent 20 years as a nuclear arms control expert for the IAEA.  Smith worked directly on weapons programs for the DOE for many years, a particle physicist, his knowledge of advanced nukes and field theory has been a tremendous boon for scientists around the world.

Smith has worked to have more advanced material declassified for researchers than any other American scientist.  His work, aided by a VT team led by Ian Greenhalgh can be reviewed here at VT Key To Nuclear Education

The key to how this applies to Beirut is easily discerned with hard science that cannot be challenged as this is “applied science,” not “theory.”

Beirut is “applied science,” or rather a victim of applied physics as it were.

I was on a VT show in Beirut several days ago, NTV a Saudi-owned disinformation and propaganda outfit much like OAN in the US.  When I challenged them openly, they cut me off after cutting my mike 4 times and failing to translate what I was saying.  I was there to learn about the coverup and I learned much from these amateurs.

To set some ground rules about Beirut, we have to look at the elements.

  • Who gains from blowing up the port?
  • Did anyone take credit, in advance maybe?
  • How can you make a nearly 600-foot across and 48-foot deep (corrected) hole in solid rock?
  • Can a nuclear weapon avoid perfunctory detection efforts?
  • What does the appearance of the explosion tell us?
  • How did the coverup begin and progress?
  • How have “official” investigations progressed?
  • What available data is withheld?

This is, essentially, only a beginning.  VT offered to send a team including nuclear investigators and medical experts to Lebanon and communicated that directly to Michel Aoun within hours.

We also opened a channel with Hezbollah through their representatives inside Syria.

First of all, we need to make folks aware of the situation in Lebanon, but without belaboring it.  There is no real free press there, Hezbollah has their press outlets and Israel/Saudi Arabia has theirs and in between, you have bloggers who are cleaned off the internet by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google.

Some of these are great journalists and brave people.  When they get really good at what they do, they become dead people.  This has happened in Lebanon over and over.  VT personnel are currently banned by the regime in Beirut, not just from reporting but banned from the country.  We can’t tell if it is Saudi/Israeli-run folk, Hezbollah, or both.

Probably both.

Starting with the port, only days before the attack, as noted several times, Netanyahu claimed that Hezbollah had a rocket factory at ground zero.  From the Times of Israel:

Site one, from the Israel satellite photo, is essentially ground zero of the nuclear attack.

And this from Israel Hayom, five days before the attack:

“Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Thursday instructed the IDF to bomb Lebanese infrastructure if Hezbollah harms Israeli soldiers or civilians.

A senior defense official told Israel Hayom that Gantz issued the order to prepare such a response during meetings on Thursday with IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi and other members of the general staff.”

It is important to note that both vital pieces of evidence are omitted from all reports of the attack with one exception, from The Nation:

“Speaking exclusively to The Nation, Abu Karim, a Hezbollah field commander stationed in southern Lebanon, and Abu Naim, a fighter on a reconnaissance patrol in Beirut during the blast, depict an organization going from the depths of a military crisis to the center of a political one. (Both have taken a nom de guerre and insist on anonymity because Hezbollah fighters are barred from speaking to Western media.)

“In the first moments of the blast we thought we were under attack by Israel,” says Abu Karim. ‘We thought that this is it. It’s on!'”

This article is a vital read, not because of its accuracy but because it is an elaborate hoax.  No Hezbollah commander would ever be a source for an American fake lefty journal and that is what The Nation has always been. (check)  Thus we ask these questions, why was this written, and by whom to help?  The answer is startling.

It helps Hezbollah, to an extent, and it helps Israel.  We’re going to be getting into that more as we try to dig our way to the bottom of the real wreckage, the web of deception that has wrapped the entire tragedy in Beirut.

Thus we get down to who does denial serve?

Hezbollah avoids humiliation from its “base.”  It wasn’t ready to respond and now, after this, it may never feel the same knowing that Israel and Saudi Arabia can devastate Lebanon.

This will turn the Lebanese people against Hezbollah and bring in foreign interference, which was alluded to by Macron before the dead had begun to smell.

Demonstrated; that the US is no longer a player in the region.

Other things, where is the radar from Beirut Airport?  We had reports of US surveillance aircraft offshore, what did the airport’s radar show?  Missile?  Two nuclear-capable F 16s?

Expect them to respond now with a denial.

Russia’s satellite and s400 radar cover Beirut.

The US has both surveillance planes and satellites and they already gave their opinion, they said it was a bomb. As this is the only intelligence publicly given, this would be sacrosanct.  Now we see if Israel and Saudi Arabia can push the US into backing down and issuing a denial.  We wait.

Privately both Italy and Greece confirmed the attack along with some sources in France.  Publicly there are only denials but public denials are just that, public denials.  Wars like this are never public.

The US sent 9 FBI agents but we were told that the Lebanese government ordered them out of the country.  What is the truth?  If they find for the “magic bean” solution, then they are playing in foreign policy and are attacking the President during an election year.  Call this a “rock and hard place” solution.  From VT:

“In 1993, Joe Vialls exposes some facts about single explosions that were very similar to the 2001 WTC bombing. The article, “Micro Nukes in London,” notes the sudden usage of massive explosions in business districts by the IRA with a brief mention of the 1993 bombing of the WTC. In the supposed first mega-bombing by the ‘IRA’, an eyewitness stated, “The ground shook under our feet. There was a brilliant white flash and a tall vertical column of smoke.” Significant information about the Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM – the general class of the W54 warhead).

While the government was working on the usage of a conventional bomb in the corporate media, there was accidental filming of investigators of the bombing in full radiation protective gear. Description of the crater created by the second explosion reveals a hole 60 feet wide and 40 feet deep. Quotes of physicists Galen Winsor, John McPhee, and Theodore Taylor are prophetic for the usage of micronukes. Taylor specifically notes the future usage of an extremely small micro nuke being used in the WTC in the year 1973.

Another crater 22 feet wide and 5 feet deep is noted in the article “Bali Micro Nuke – Lack of Radiation Confuses Experts.” Within 48 hours the Bali government found traces of C4 explosive. Next came the revised explanation of explosives on top of gas containers. After that failed to explain noted facts, the next theory was explosives with napalm.”

Thus we begin to follow Joe Vialls whose work on nuclear weapons is second to none.  He says Lebanon was nuked by Israel back in 2005:

The complete article is in Appendix I

Original Story

Here is what we know since:

  • Overwhelming evidence that Israeli F 16s had just finished an attack run on Warehouse 12 when the large explosion occurred.  We have dozens of reliable eyewitnesses and many videos, sound, and even the planes pulling out of a dive, not birds, they don’t fly 350 knots, not normally. (Lots of birds were flying away, they look exactly like birds)
  • Lebanese govt and Hezbollah now accepting that ammonium nitrate was in no way involved.  Lebanon is built on rock and everything has to be blasted.  The Lebanese know explosives and know how to use AN and all in Lebanon know this is a hoax. AN is not explosive, it burns even in an explosive slurry (ANFO) unless very large TNT charges are used to initiate it.
  • All involved in the AN story, the Russian ship tale, or claiming it exploded are now terror suspects though most are simply internet idiots.  AN is debunked.
  • This video has Trump’s real statement, he is 100% behind VT (embarrassing)
  • Investigators are now looking at a two-pronged and complex Israeli attack using a probable nuclear-tipped Rampage missile (new design) while covering with an F 16 attack and possible conventional explosive.  At this point, this is most likely as seen by investigators.

And now to the original story which has been hacked, backward counted by Google and so much more.  We love it… VT was right once again while world media just published cheap slop. This never would have happened before early dementia Reagan got on the ‘free enterprise’ train for consolidating America’s wonderfully diverse privately owned local and regional independent media.

#Breaking #Syria President Assad orders all borders and ports in the country open to #Lebanon, orders caravans of ambulances to head to #Beirut and ferry injured to hospitals in #Damascus, and launches an air bridge of medical and food supplies between the two cities

Absurdity squared: YouTube and Facebook “Fact Checkers,” employed by the people VT claims staged the attack are wiping the evidence from the internet…who would have guessed it.

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, with…

  • Nahed al Husaini, VT Bureau Chief Damascus
  • Jeff Smith, VT Editor, IAEA Nuclear Inspector/Particle Physicist

This is the original video frame, never posted anywhere, that proves everything on Facebook and YouTube which was taken down is real.

This is the grandfather of them all, one carefully validated as untouched and genuine.

Infrared images of the missile itself prior to impact:

Set I

Set II Different camera, different angle

Frame 1 Beirut Frame 2 Beirut Frame 3 Beirut

This is the same missile seen from a slightly different angle on impact.

Israeli Delilah missile carrying 6 kilotons (6000 tons of TNT equivalent) nuclear missile (unretouched photo via VT Damascus) Tineye says this is a unique image and doesn’t appear anywhere on the web.  We, however, are always suspicious when something seems ‘too good to be true.’

This is an infrared video which shows, at 6 seconds, the missile coming in and hitting…

This is the video that was removed from Youtube for “violating content”.

Pixel analysis says this is a good photo. Thus, debunking it will become a huge issue. An army of trolls is already on Twitter and Facebook.

” First explosion was caused by Gabriel anti-ship missile of Israel. The second explosion was caused by an Israeli Delilah missile from F16. Our country is in complete jeopardy with this lazy and corrupt regime.” 

This is the radiation signature of the explosion received from a source in Italy, and submitted to VT by the International Atomic Energy Agency (UN)

Evidence of a nuclear fission event in the Eastern Mediterranean Trump confirms attack (nuclear not mentioned) and has suddenly become an “Enemy of Israel” (In 2015, Trump was referred to VT as a source of intelligence briefings. Eventually his staff turned to InfoWars and Steve Bannon.  You can see how that has worked out.)

VT: A general in the Lebanese Army reports that Israel dropped a tactical nuclear weapon on the port of Beirut today.  He reports that this was done to collapse the current political regime there and revolt against Hezbollah.

Their denial, almost identical to Israel’s supports this hypothesis.

As the lies begin, nothing about this explosion, the mushroom cloud or the strength of the explosion is fireworks, which was the first lie, then ammonium nitrate fertilizer, they say under 3k tons, which was stored for years to use on Lebanon’s golf courses, when they decide to build them.  No, nothing about today is funny.

We also add that earlier today, Netanyahu’s statement which we believe is Israel taking credit for the attack.  Beirut is still bomb damaged by Israel since 2006.  How you take Netanyahu’s statements as outlined in Times of Israel today, is a matter of faith, trust, or conjecture.

The weapon was 6 kilotons.  That report now:

“Getting reports from Beirut, a tactical miniature nuclear bomb has been used to attack the port, nuclear experts and researchers have randomly pointed out to the reacted particles in the fireball.

Even if there is going to be a government cover-up for peace and political implications in the coming hours, one thing is clear, it is a clandestine operation by some anti-Lebanon foreign agency not by some random terrorist (non-state actor).

Terrorists involved in Urban Warfare in ME do not have access to these highly advanced tactical weapons. If they have it now, then someone is equipping them for political gains. Let us wait for the official statements from Lebanon. I hope our friends from Beirut are safe.

As per my latest source of information from Beirut. There is going to be a government cover-up. The story about “Nitrate in the containers” is going to be declared as the original cause of the second massive explosion that caused major damage. This will become the official narrative in the MSM.

However, what influential and credible sources from Beirut are telling me is this:
“The Beirut explosion is about 100 times the energy than the 2015 Tianjin explosion, or 5.4 kilotons of TNT equivalent (using linear extrapolation from Tianjin, which involved 800 tonnes of ammonium nitrate).

Conventional nukes against Japan had 15 to 21 kilotons. But this explosion is different, it is because of the modern tactical nuke that contains up to 10 kilotons of hybrid material including uranium. It is this reason why we still have acid and radiation in the air. The storage facilities near the grain elevator are NOT marked for hazardous material storage but are instead marked for general cargo. Therefore, you can guess it, what we will be fed in the coming hours.” – Ghayet Ali

” First explosion was caused by Gabriel anti-ship missile of Israel. The second explosion was caused by an Israeli Delilah missile from F16. Our country is in complete jeopardy with this lazy and corrupt regime.”

Hezbollah, we are told, is expected to retaliate against Israel and they say there is no way for Syria not to be brought in.

Jeff Smith of the IAEA confirms this is a nuclear explosion. The lies about fireworks in ships and fertilizer are what we always get. You don’t store either one downtown in a major city like Beirut under any circumstances. Not much farming in Beirut and they don’t celebrate the 4th of July there.

The smoke could well be missile fuel which may mean a missile storage facility was hit by Israel. We have confirmation from Israel that they were planning to attack Beirut 5 days ago in retaliation for Hezbollah’s military attacks on Golan, which were not reported anywhere.

We are told Lebanon asked for nuclear investigators from Russia but there is no attempt to protect the site which, even if this were a modern clean weapon, still be radioactive.

The new video shows the nature of the blast a bit better. We will keep updating.

Beirut Governor Calls Explosion a ‘National Disaster Akin to Hiroshima’

“A fire brigade of 10 people arrived at the scene. What happened is very similar to what happened in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They drove to the scene and disappeared. This is a national disaster for Lebanon. We do not know how we are going to deal with this”, Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud said. (Sputnik/Moscow)

“Israel has nothing to do with the massive explosion that rocked Beirut on 4 August, the country’s parliamentary TV channel has announced. A similar statement was made by an anonymous Israeli official in an interview with Reuters, while the country’s Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi alleged that the blast was likely an accident caused by a fire.” (Sputnik/Moscow)

Earlier/VT: Two explosions in Beirut, one a conventional guided bomb followed by a small nuclear weapon. The target is now confirmed to be a Hezbollah missile storage facility.

This is the second explosion, that looks like the plasma ball of a nuclear explosion to me, note the white color indicating extremely high temperatures – no conventional explosion burns so hotly. Also, note the great height of the plasma ball – it is taller than the grain silo. I am very strongly reminded of the nuking of Tianjin a few years ago. The warehouse to the east he speaks of is the black building shown in the video stills above.

This smells like a cover story, I very much doubt there were any fireworks involved, the small explosions seen in the videos were more likely to have been munitions cooking off due to fires started by the first explosion.

RT has just covered the explosions and quotes a Lebanese Government Minister:

Health Minister Hamad Hassan told local media that a ship carrying fireworks exploded in the port. Video footage lends weight to his explanation, as it shows a small explosion followed by the crackling of fireworks, before a second and massively destructive blast.

Local residents have shared images showing extensive damage to property. The office of the Daily Star newspaper was smashed by the blast, with windows blown out and furniture flung to the ground. France24 correspondent Leila Molana-Allen said that her apartment was “blown apart,” adding that she thinks the blast was caused by a “missile from a jet.”

It looks very much like the Lebanese have invented the ship full of fireworks story to cover the truth. Molana-Allen is almost certainly correct – that it was some kind of missile or guided bomb dropped by a jet fighter-bomber.

Or are they going with the one we have heard so many times before when tactical nukes have been used – that it was a store of explosives that went up:Of course they would deny it was an attack, no-one ever admits a nuke went off, it’s terribly bad for public opinion.

Sodium nitrate, basically a big fertiliser bomb, nope, not buying that at all, this is the cover story they appear to be going with.

This local lady describes a feeling of melting, that sounds like radiation hitting her – being hit by radiation feels like heat, it burns you.

I don’t agree with the assessment that it was a fine particulate explosion, that wouldn’t explain the white hot plasma ball, only a nuke can explain that.

Windows blown out 7km away indicates a huge blast, again, suggesting this was indeed a nuke.

The phones going down is probably due to the EM pulse that nukes produce.

There are a lot of casualties, probably mostly due to flying glass and debris.


Important Update: SADM was also used as the warhead on the short-range Davy Crockett Anti-Personnel shell. Stockpiled W54 warheads were test fired at the Nevada Test Site on July 7 and 17, 1962.

In Little Feller II on July 7, the warhead was suspended on cables about three feet above the ground (yield was 22 tons). In Little Feller I on July 17, a Davy Crockett was fired from a stationary 155-millimeter launcher (in tandem with simulated battlefield maneuvers under Operation IVY FLATS) and detonated about 20 feet above the ground at a distance of 9,357 feet (1.7 miles) from the launch point (yield was 18 tons).

This test, the last atmospheric detonation at the Nevada Test Site, was observed by Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and presidential adviser General Maxwell D. Taylor. Footage of Operation IVY FLATS was declassified by the Department of Energy on December 22, 1997.

Readers should note the report below providing operational details of SADM, was first published in June 1993, four years before declassification.

The mega-blast in the City of London last month, was the third in just over a year to warrant a permanent place on the Richter Scale. This bomb and others in London and the New York World Trade Centre all shared three common features: Each mega-bomb was detonated in a high-profile business district, each left few if any scorch marks, and the resulting shock blast on all three occasions exceeded by far the normal explosive and logistic capabilities of any existing, known “terrorist” organization.

The establishment media recently suggested the World Trade Centre bomb was “homemade” and placed in an underground car park by a blind Islamic militant from New Jersey. The claim was ludicrous, because the shock blast needed to rip through seven floors of the reinforced concrete car park, cannot be generated by components purchased over the counter at a chemical warehouse.

On 23 March, Tom Valentine of Radio Free America interviewed veteran nuclear physicist Galen Winsor, who said the blast was not caused by a low-yield conventional explosive charge. Galen Winsor went much further than this. “I’m sure it was just exactly what John McPhee predicted 20 years ago in his book, The Curve of Binding Energy,” he said, “where McPhee quoted Theodore B. Taylor, a theoretical physicist out of Los Alamos, who said that someone someday was going to blow up the World Trade Centre with a small nuclear device, the size of a stick of gum.” Winsor continued, “McPhee’s book was published in 1975, although the prediction first appeared in the New Yorker magazine in 1973. Taylor worked in the area of the micronization of nuclear weapons, in other words making nuclear weapons small enough so the Israelis could carry them around in a briefcase.”

At first glance, the thought of micronized nuclear weapons being used in major cities seems absurd, but there is now considerable evidence indicating strongly that small nuclear devices were also responsible for the two massive London blasts.

In London, both mega-bombs were detonated at or below street level but still generated massive shock blasts. Here the finger was pointed at the IRA but the propaganda value of the isolated bomb blasts is questionable, and the IRA has no record of bombing high-profile business centers.

Media use of IRA code-words in London to “authenticate” both mega-bomb blasts means nothing: The establishment media in London can whistle up five or more IRA code words in a matter of seconds if the mood takes it. There is another drawback where the IRA is concerned, which is its ability to obtain an import huge volumes of high explosives. If the media is to be believed, the IRA, normally incapable of smuggling guns to the mainland, apparently imported at least two tons of high explosives in less than eighteen months. Sniffer dogs at UK ports are famous for their ability to detect marijuana in quantities as low as two ounces. The same dogs are also trained to sniff for explosives.

When the first London bomb exploded on the night of the British General Election in April 1992, the police were lured away from the site by a “known IRA code word”. There is no IRA track record of such deception. Traditionally the IRA either provides British authorities with an accurate warning, or it provides no warning at all.  Further, the IRA does not normally waste vast quantities of explosives where it will cause virtually no injuries. Backing up the non-IRA sequence of events were eyewitness reports from a range of more than three miles, which were chilling.” The ground shook under our feet. There was a brilliant white flash and a tall vertical column of smoke.” Powerful modern high explosives do not flash brilliant white at all, but critical nuclear devices certainly do. Nuclear devices also send out near-instantaneous seismic shock waves that ripple underground for miles, shaking the ground severely.”

In what may have been the greatest Freudian slip of the nineties, the British Government claimed the weight of the first bomb was 45 kilograms, a puny weight in conventional explosive terms, but the exact weight of the small atomic shell fired by NATO’s 155mm FH-70 L/39 long range gun-howitzer. Two nuclear physicists in Australia confirmed the 155mm gun’s core nuclear device would measure no more than three inches in diameter. Those physicists’ April 1992 opinions were considerably reinforced in March 1993 by Galen Winsor, when he pointed out:” The model of a miniature nuclear bomb that I have which is 2 3/4 inches in length, was made from 94 percent pure Pu-239 [Plutonium]. This is actually a lot bigger than the Israeli briefcase bombs.”

Until now few members of the public have been aware of how small modern micronized nuclear devices really are, or the way in which their explosive yield is tightly controlled. One device that has been around since the seventies is the American SADM (Special Atomic Demolition Munition), which is carried by a single soldier and used to create behind-the-lines mayhem for the enemy.  SADM is tiny and lethally efficient: its tightly controlled 0.01 kiloton atomic yield generates the same explosive blast as ten tons of TNT, from a package small enough to send by motorcycle courier. Unluckily for the public at large SADM also produces quantities of localized radiation, which can be detected by reading the ultraviolet spectrum in the immediate vicinity of the blast, but few workers in London or New York have access to the scientific equipment needed for such specialized monitoring.

While the British Government was busy convincing its citizens “The IRA did it”, London TV cameras were accidentally filming a team of experts entering the blast area wearing full nuclear protective clothing. Extraordinary behavior from experts simply walking around taking a quick peek at the remains of an old-fashioned IRA bomb, traditionally manufactured from ammonium nitrate & diesel.

Almost exactly a year later the second London mega-bomb exploded in the same part of the financial center. Like the first, the damage was awesome with repair estimates running as high as US$1 billion. Once again the obvious was completely overlooked: repair bills from huge IRA bombs detonated in the center of Belfast generally range from ten to twenty million dollars. Viewed in dollar-damage terms alone then, each mega-bomb in London was at least fifty times more powerful than its crude IRA cousins across in Northern Ireland. Put bluntly, the Irish Republican Army simply does not have access to the technology for the London mega-bombs.

The April 1993 bomb was supposedly detonated in a parked garbage truck, but managed to create a huge crater in the road that was subsequently filmed by the media: another crucial error confirmed by independent explosives experts in Australia. The blast from most bombs takes the easiest path, in this case outwards then upwards to the atmosphere. The crater could only have appeared if the bomb was dropped from an aircraft, or was buried in advance. Forget the “garbage truck”, which was merely a decoy device. The crater is very impressive, measuring roughly forty feet deep by sixty feet in diameter. The media footage provides mute proof the awesome bomb could not have originated in Northern Ireland.

The radiation left behind by nuclear devices, even micronized nuclear devices can be extremely dangerous for those forced to work in the area after the bomb has exploded: Probably a very good reason for the American and British Governments to blame Islamic Militants and the IRA respectively. For as long as the general public remains unaware of the risk they will continue to commute to work and happily beaver away at their desks. If either government “went public” with the news that nuclear devices had been detonated, there might be widespread panic in two of the most important business districts in the world, perhaps leading to a complete refusal to return to work.

Worse still would be the “run-on” effect when smaller conventional bombs exploded at a later date. To a nervous and jittery public, every explosion would be a potential nuclear device with the attendant risks of radiation poisoning. Under the harsh doctrine of the “New World Order”, it seems likely the health & lives of a few thousand office workers would gladly be sacrificed in order to avoid short-term chaos.

In early May 1993, ITN World News from London carried an interesting feature in which it was explained that due to thefts of highly-radioactive Uranium 235, terrorists would now be able to contaminate conventional bombs with 500 grams of Uranium, thereby forcing the police to stay away from the area for days. Exactly why experienced terrorists would risk detection & death by transporting deadly unshielded Uranium around in their pockets was not explained. There is no credible reason for keeping the police and other authorities away from a bomb site after the weapon has been detonated. However, the rumor could form the basis of a government defense in cases where American or British citizens located positive traces of radiation, near the World Trade Centre or in the City of London, for example.

The question of exactly “who” is bombing some of the largest business centers in the world currently remains unanswered, though the brute power of the bombs limits the candidates. Much has been said in America about the possible involvement of the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, but the only hard evidence pointing in its direction is the two London bombs exploding on a Saturday: the Jewish Sabbath.  While this would certainly have limited the number of possible deaths among Jewish business staff in the City of London, the timings might be coincidental.

Most likely the question of “who” will never be answered. The self-appointed “New World Order” has imposed its draconian will on a large number of resentful countries in a very short period of time, evidently wishing to change the world into a great, peaceful, American-led democratic environment. Perhaps one similar to that existing in Los Angeles after the first Rodney King verdict was handed down.

Any one of a dozen different countries with a grudge against the “New World Order” could be responsible for the bombs if it managed to buy or manufacture micronized nuclear weapons. Most frightening of all is the reality that America and Britain are utterly powerless to resist attacks of this kind.  Though their intelligence services have computers full of Islamic and IRA suspect’s names, those names are worthless if the attacks are being launched by another nation, as appears to be the case. There is no way in the world the American or British police can hope to detect a complete stranger with a briefcase bomb among tens of thousands of other citizens with briefcases, in two of the most densely populated western cities on earth. The most compelling question is when the bombers are going to remove the kid gloves and place one of these devices in Time Square or Piccadilly Circus during rush hour.

American nuclear physicist Galen Winsor claimed the bomb planted in the World Trade Centre was incorrectly placed: ” They intended to topple one tower of the World Trade Centre into the other tower and take out [kill] more than fifty thousand people.”  On the available evidence, it seems the aspirations of a small arrogant bunch of men who decided to impose a “New World Order” on a host of very unwilling small sovereign nations, did not think the exercise through to its perhaps inevitable conclusion. Those same arrogant men have placed tens of millions of citizens at risk because of their own gross incompetence and thirst for absolute power. The “New World Order” now seems set to face the unbridled wrath of large numbers of citizens for many years to come.

Copyright Joe Vialls – 3 June 1993 – All Rights Reserved



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  1. One side point; the reference: ” The only way to match a nuke is by using nanothermite, made from 6 micron powdered aluminum…”
    Given that the existence of this material has been so divisive to the “Troofer” culture please clarify, Gordon.
    Does nanothermite exist?

  2. In June 1959 a secret agreement between Israel-Norway providing for the sale of Norwegian heavy water to Israel (through the United Kingdom) was transmitted by Oslo Embassy political officer Richard Kerry (father of Secretary of State John Kerry).
    During the 2004 presidential campaign John Kerry publicly stated that WTC 7 was brought down intentionally “in a controlled fashion”.
    Kerry’s paternal grandmother, née Ida Loew, is descended from the famous Kabbalist and Talmudist Rabbi Judah Loew (aka Loewe) (1518-1609), the Maharal of Prague and creator of the Golem.
    J. Robert Oppenheimer, “the father of the atomic bomb” was also a direct descendant of Rabbi Judah Loew. Oppenheimer was inspired by John Donne’s Holy Sonnet: Batter my heart, three-person’d God. Donne was a poet with a “comprehensive knowledge of general alchemical theory.”
    Through its unification of opposites and association with alchemical Fire, the path of regeneration and ascent up the Tree of Life is indicated.
    Scottish Rite
    Roslin Institute
    Pirbright Institute

  3. Joe Vialls was a very good man; I used to read his articles. I appreciate the article, saw pieces of it before, and it’s now getting very long.

    • You mean ‘unburned fuel’ which makes up ‘fall out?’

      Modern nukes don’t leave unburned fuel.

      But the article said that over and over with documentary proofs, over and over.

    • Gordon : Victor is right, every atom of Uranium or Plutonium is split into an element that is about half of the mass of Uranium with some distribution. These debris elements are mostly unstable with short half lives. They have an odd isotope content and are the elements in the radioactive cloud from a nuclear detonation.
      My guess is that the mini nukes have a very low U or Pu content in mass, mach smaller than the older generation of nukes and that lot of the energy is generated now ,is from fusion of Deuterium and Tritium. I agree that most of the U and Pu is split so it is not in the cloud. The technology to compress the U ,Pu pit with conventional chemical explosion is what drives the miniaturization of Nukes. The fusion debris product of the bom is mainly stable helium an will not be found. By neutron and strong gamma activation, material around the bom wil also contribute to a radioactive cloud. So around every nuclear explosion there are R.A. elements with strange isotopes that are contributable of nuclear explosion, but it is not the U or Pu which has been split in total. I guess that every mini ,tunable nuke is a “hydrogen” fusion bom. The tuning of the bom to smaller energy is tuning down the fusion part of the explosión process.

    • Read VT’s nuclear education series. It has an article specifically on small nuke design.

  4. 2450Mhz is also roughly the frequency of WiFi: 2.4Ghz & 5.0Ghz

    What does this imply that i am too dumb to understand?

  5. There are many ways for specialists to plant an explosion and size varies greatly From a small firecracker to a nuke it is all based on the way it was made. If Zionist had not invaded Palestine, there would be peace there but since Zionists want a (‘Greater Israel’,( Search it) all surrounding neighbors are targets in their cross hairs. Beirut could have been an accident but it also could have been a black ops event carried out by covert ops

  6. I never even considered that the ‘IRA’ bombings were anything but what they were reported as, but given this new (to me) information does that mean that the Manchester 1996 bomb was a nuclear event? Given Ian’s residence in the North West (and a fellow red) it may be better addressed to him. Thanks.

  7. Interesting article in Australia we have facility with 12 kt of ammonium nitrate yet that’s safe but in beirut it explodes??? when u post this on reddit the shills start bringing up other nuclear explosions and saying “it looks just like this, see it was a moab” or whatever.

    1:02 pm AEST time

  8. Several things here I need to have answered. What time did this occur locally? The US media is saying 6:08pm. Wikipedia is saying the same. The radiation blip registered was recorded at 1:45 locally in Italy. Since there is only 1 hr difference(12:45 Beirut), how is this possible? Also, not to be a party pooper, although I know as little as anyone about nuclear weapons, I do know a little about photography and have shot infra-red with my Fugi 35mm.. Those pix are not infra-red, they are inverted color pix…the guy in foreground is wearing black shirt/gray shorts, the truck is blue and white. None of this means that I do not believe what VT is postulating, as I also believe this was an attack. But to be accurate (not to mention believable), some of this just doesn’t fly without explanation. A 500×142 crater in solid rock from a surface blast? AFAIK, not from conventional explosives. Also, was there anyone to immediately measure background rad? Soooo many questions and too many answers that don’t fit.

    • We are long past asking anymore. With AN utterly debased as an idiotic zionist ploy…childish bad science only nuke is left.

    • Easy to answer: Of course the radioactivity (or fallout) would only be recorded 5-10 hours later at various European recording cites. Because that’s the minimum time for it to spread along high atmosphere airs (winds). The cruscial question is when the blasts were recorded scisememically, which would have been earlier.

  9. you have really pissed off the israelies with this one lol. I tried posting it on reddit and they started calling me a russian.

  10. And yes… the sonic boom could have been concealed in the explosion blast sound by compounding the two one on top of the other…

  11. On second thought, “Rod of God” ? why not ! : no radiations as you said… But they had to be quite HYPER precise to strike at a 20-30 feet precision. Do they have that precision ? I wonder…

    • If the object has terminal control (aerodynamic control surfaces for example),
      Then with today’s cumputing/processing power, it can impact as accurately as a couple of centimeters.

      Israel is also said to be very advanced in tunneling technology.
      Apparenrly, if you dig your tunnel more than a number of feet/meters (40 feet+ if memory serves), the digging will be undetectable from the surface and seismographs.

      Imagine a small (child size) nuclear powered “digger” if you will, which is also a tacnuke itself.
      It digs itself into position (for days or weeks. Very slowly and stealthily)
      And after many kilometers/miles of autonomously digging and navigating it comes to a full stop until detonating right on schedule. Or it waits for a signal if not on a timer.

      Very different deployment method than a ICBM for example, but also impossible to detect, unlike a BM launch or an object (“Rod”) making re-entry.

      When you think of exotic & highly classified technologies, it is best to think:
      In space. Underground. Underwater.
      Because those are the domains where most of the world’s
      Exotech are operated in.

      Rods of God (kinetic impactor) is definitely a possible explanation, but it is older tech from the 80s and 90s, and re-entey will be impossible to hide (plasma starts to form around the vehicle @ contact with thick atmosphere). In other words: extreme heat.
      It will look like a falling meteor from the naked eye.
      Very visible to IR and certain radar & radio waves.

    • One does not have to imagine a small robot that can guide itself while digging a tunnel. Micro-TBMs (tunnel boring machines) that do just that have been used for utility and buried pipeline construction for several decades now.

  12. The explosion was most certainly do to a concealed mininuke hidden in place by your favorite carrier in the vicinity (MossadEx)…

  13. no doubt on the infrared photo, you can cleanly see that this is a “Rods of God” that have been use to provoque this enormous blast as by the chines chemical manufacture few years ago, letting a big crater behind after, and this “Rods of God” are space weapon and not radioactif, they use the light speed and impact as a meteorite with their neutron charge.

  14. Please regard that the radiation measured in Sicilia peaked 4 hours before the nuke in Beirut exploded. Interesting measurement, because it was really high, but obviously different story. The stations in Hadera and Eilat, much closer, displayed nothing worth to be mentioned. You should be looking for private monitoring in Beirut itself.

  15. Hey VT not posted in some time, but this one has pulled me from the cave. The Satt pics show a massive crater, one we usually see with a certain type of explosive. In my opinion the explosive device involved in this one has me in complete agreement with Gordon, top to bottom. At first I had thoughts of the device being planted, say on one of the small vessels, boats docked near the epicenter. But the latest videos posted here has me in the missile camp 100%

    Sad how they think they can get by with this…..what a world this has become.


  16. Just as 911 was whitewashed, without repercussion, this will be too. There will be no retaliation, nothing. The ammonia nitrate story was put out faster than you can say Osama bin Laden, and that’s that.

  17. “No conventional explosive can blow through rock at all, not downward like that.” – Gordon Duff

    If conventional explosives on the surface could fracture rock to any significant depth, quarries and other surface mining operations would save a lot of money by not having to drill holes in rock to put blasting explosives in.

    • Good point, but the issue is what became of the rock at the blast site? Was the rock turned to dust or vaporized? There is huge difference in energy output between dustification/vaporization compared to the energy used through dynamite or similar conventional explosives used to blow up rock when building a railroad tunnel through a mountain.

      I am not a scientific or technical expert so I do not know how the energy going downward plays into it. If there was alleged ammonium nitrate that blew up per the official Lebanese gov./western media narrative, it’s hard to understand how a powerful energy blast would go downward creating that crater and blowing that rock out. It appears at this point that VT’s analysis best fits the available evidence. It’s much simpler than the complex rube goldberg evolving official story trumpeted by the Lebanese government and its fellow travelers.

    • rock simply blows up, metal vaporizes…

      thus far, 40 feet deep at center of crater

    • We are working on the official investigation…which may not be made public…but we can say, for sure, that the ICC and Sec Gen. have been notified officially of an ‘attack’ and ‘war crime’

    • And those making bombs with fertilizer would no longer have to use hydrocarbon boosters. We could entirely change the laws of molecular chemistry, of everything, all physical laws, just through Google and Facebook censoring and fake news.

      Perhaps we will all live forever now, just as Zuckstein.

    • Some select areas and devices of the Israëli radar warning systems were shut down for a few moments several times during and before the Lebanese and Beirouth blasts. Anyone wandering why?

  18. No doubt about it. Films taken from the sea show what looks like a lightening strike just prior to the huge explosion.

  19. btw Gordon Duff, the Avalon Project at Yale is entirely different to the “projectavalon” referred to above. I#ve just read some of the latter. Interesting ….. apart from David Icke!

  20. Do watch for comments from Kirakis (and a couple of others), a Hasbara troll. They get paid per comment, so we are set to take them down. If we don’t get to it quickly enough, qualified real posters can jump in. Thanks g

  21. Earlier report from Lebanon mentioned a ship loaded with Amonium Nitrate shipped in by some Russian.
    Why it was parked there is strange. But suppose that ship was really a cover story to cover a missile hit on the ship to start a fire, followed by another missile to finish the job.

    • The MS Rhodus sank in 2018 and is currently lying submerged against the breakwater on the seaward side of the harbour.

  22. Gordon, I am a long time reader/follower of yours, and a first time commenter:

    I have seen all footage circulating around on social media. I am an Lebanese American, I do speak the language, and I am very familiar with the area there. I have never commented in the past on any thing but today I feel compelled to, so…

    first off, the image listed in the article above is taken from a video, the same video you have posted in here. If you look carefully, you can see birds flying around. this is highly likely to be the bird flying side to side, and may have looked like a shell when that frame was frozen. however, I am not shrugging off the idea that it was a missile. I very much agree with your analogy, but here’s why:

    aside from all that you had mentioned about the plasma ball, the heat/melting feeling, the earthquake feel miles away from there, and other evidences, one important piece I noticed that caught my ears (and I urge you to highlight it in your articles) is that … I have noticed in many videos just seconds before the second blast happened that the people behind the camera ask out loud something along the lines of “what is that sound?” and they all sounded horrified when they did so even before the blast took place. I kept thinking about that a lot for the past couple days until it hit me:

    having lived in Lebanon during my childhood and having witnessed multiple wars, including the 2006 war and when Israel was shelling Beirut and Baalbek with nuclear bombs, I remembered the sounds of those shells as they were approaching the ground moments before it hits which sounded more like a fighter jet passing by me so loud, and I remember how horrifying it sounded. that was when I went back and replayed the videos from yesterday, and noticed that it is indeed a sound like a shell approaching. so I was convinced it is a shell, and very much a mini-nuke like those used in 2006.

    Another key point I’d like to point out is that if you replay any video, even the one you have posted in here, try to freeze the video just a moment before the blast, and focus your sight right above the building then play it. repeat it several times, you will be able to see the flash of light from the sky moving down to the building, which is another indicator that something did hit the building from the top before it exploded.

    let me know if I can be of help…

    • The videos off youtube are at very reduced frame rates. The one we got was right off the camera, not from online. Still…we aren’t depending on this video still. It seems to be ‘too good to be true’ like the plane photos from 9/11.

      The best evidence now is the crater. Then comes the story about the world’s largest fertilizer bomb being stored in the middle of a major city, I like that one as well. Back when I sold fertilizer, first for Saudi Arabia, then Russia/Ukraine, you learned how vital these fertilizers were and how they were NEVER stored anywhere. Putting ammonium nitrate on a ship was considered nearly crazy. But, as soon as they landed, they were trucked off and distributed, entire shiploads had been sold seasons in advance. Even Trump knew this.

    • related to your comment about ammonium nitrite, I was listening to the interview on Almayadeen channel with one of the photographers/videographers that first made it to the site, and he had seen loads of fuse (typically used for detonating bombs as you know). they were even showing that stuff on TV. it was on the ground in plain sight. so if the story about the Russian ship/confiscation of the fertilizer is true, why on earth would there be bomb fuse with it too? that’s why I don’t buy that story of theirs…

    • Fertilizer warehouses are not put next to business/residential districts, but rather away from as many people as possible while still being located conveniently, such as the Mosaic warehouse in Pekin, IL (40.5903132°N, 89.6616607° W) that I did some engineering work for. Other than a power plant, it is at least 0.8 miles from everything.

    • Real investigation is required but no one in the Middle East will risk being murdered by Israel. Thus far…only probabilities, a surface to surface missile, probably ship launched, over 30 feet long, single stage, warhead fission type, output between 4 and 10 kilotons. However, do check my record for making good guesses.

  23. Yes, we had no idea what we had done in accusing them based on overwhelming evidence. We won’t do it again.

  24. Nuked ? by Bibinuts ? or the other stooge Grantz ? Ok… I buy it… BUT… why don’t we see sparkings in the videos produced by radiation hitting the camera’s CCD pixel captors ?

  25. it can look like mo sad clowns but there is a case to be made for the Lebanese failed government to blow their own shit up. Since they cannot control their failed economy and are probably scared of their angry citizens. This covid warzone bs is the 1% trying to keep control over the 99%. They are all part of the same brotherhood at the top. morons!

  26. If this nuke had detonated in the air instead on the ground, like those tested in the 1950’s, in all likelyhood the entire city of Beirut would have been destroyed. It also would have displayed the usual signature mushroom cloud.

    • Nuclear weapons experts all disagree. However, if you know what you know because you saw it on TV, and everything on TV was right, then you might be right.

      Suffice it to say, the smallest admitted nuke in the US arsenal is the dial-a-nuke which has a yield of 10 tons of TNT. If you think ten tons of TNT will flatten Beirut, good luck with that.

    • Approximately 88 thousand “blockbuster” bombs were dropped on Germany during WW2, each having between 1 and 6 tons of conventional explosive, yet no cities were completely leveled.

      Drop 88 thousand Fat Man’s (20 KT equivalent) over 3 years on the Earth, and the only life possibly left would be some microorganisms living in deep sea vents.

  27. As it happens I just read Peter Hounam’s and Steve McQuillan’s ‘The Mini-Nuke Conspiracy’. Peter Hounam wrote the most informative book about the murderous Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that exists, ‘Operation Cyanide’, so he is not to be dismissed out of hand, to put it mildly.
    Basically, Apartheid South Africa built many mini-nukes, using Red Mercury (Russia developed the system, and it was sold to South Africa). Israel initially bought Red Mercury through South Africa, but then started making it itself, thanks to Russian emigrant scientists.
    I am certainly not an expert, but when I saw the pictures of the explosion I immediately thought it looked like a nuke explosion. Mini-nukes were used by both sides in Angola, according to Hounam and McQuillan. They are also suspected of being used more recently in Yemen, and indeed, on 9/11.
    Also, if it was a mini-nuke launched (or set off, it could have been a ‘suitcase-nuke’ in a car boot) by Israel, it could be part of a long pre-planned Israeli provocation against Iran. The following I cannot corroborate, but it rings true: ‘The Anglo-Saxon Mission: the Third World War and the Inheritance of the New World’ February 2010
    ‘The Anglo-Saxon Mission: Bill Ryan’s Presentation transcript’:

    • The Avalon Project at Yale is one of the most comprehensive and remarkably informative websites available dealing with Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Turkey Gordon Duff !!

  28. Just like when Kennedy was killed in broad daylight, as a warning to future presidents, this mini nuke strike by Israel was a warning to anyone, don’t mess with us. (Samson option)
    Wasn’t it Gen M Dyan who said Israel must be like a rabid dog, that no one will approach.

  29. The world governments are complicit in ‘the rogue criminal satanic Judaic state’. Governments, military, ‘Spooks’ and the Media around the world are aware and engaged in these horrific events on this globe. The $1,000 Trillion question is do the Peoples of the world have any more significance or say in the elitist power-plays around us? Or are we all so-called Goya-em?
    So Actually The real question is, if sub-Atomic particles can be so powerful and devastating as that ‘fertilizer mishap’, can we as individual complex Humans not join alliances and defeat this ‘satanic’ evil? As clownish and weak as we appear the untapped and disorganized power of the people can rise above the corruption. If the masses are aware and united, great and good power will prevail. This was maybe one last warning shot for the peoples of the world to connect.

  30. VT, please stay on top of this. I’m letting everyone I know what really went down in Lebanon! The radiation monitoring chart is compelling.
    These sons-of-bitches want us all to cry them a river about the holocaust from 75 years ago, while they are goddamned nuking human beings! I have no words for that!

    • VT has dominated the story worldwide, even Trump is following. Trump was called by his friends in Saudi intelligence who are very powerful in Lebanon, they told him the truth.
      Now we have an opening, the Israeli’s are now willing to dump Trump, since he is in trouble, and have had their nameless stooges in the Pentagon go after him.
      We are waiting for some word from Russian nuclear investigators who will be very careful to say nothing…and try to blackmail Israel and/or the US with the proof. None of this is fun.
      Our thanks to Syria for helping and our heartfelt wishes to the people of Beirut in their hour of need.

  31. Mmmm, this is amazing. An Israeli premonition?

    At a meeting several months ago Netanyahu indicated, amongt other potential sites, the location of the warehouse where the explosion occurred and said that there are weapons in this area. Whilst not actually pointing at it in the linked picture, it was Site 1 that blew up yesterday. Is this a coincidence? Or was it a threat that has now been implemented?×900×900

  32. Best video of the event I have seen so far is in this link.

    Looks like something set off an ammo warehouse, all the small flashes don’t look like fireworks to me, then either one of its exploding munitions or something else set off the up to 2700 tons (minus ‘sales’ since 2013) of fertiliser in the next door warehouse.

    • Sorry, just realised that my link was the source of the Mailonline video above. My comment stands tho’.

    • Lip to lip, on google earth came to 500 first time, then 593 second time. Settle on 450. Beirut is built on rock. No conventional explosive can blow through rock at all, not downward like that.

    • Forget any notion of nitrates, that is the cover story. Yes, a warehouse of munitions blew up, a Hezbollah warehouse containing Iranian made ballistic missiles. It blew up because the Israelis dropped a nuke on it.

    • It is not the diameter of the crater but the depth. Explosive going off on the ground, especially on concrete are reflected up. Jeff Smith told us that truck bombs do not leave huge craters, and is always a sign that mini nukes were being field tested. Our Russian friend Kalazov was in a group that traveled around to get samples from sites like this as the soil testing in the slam dunk test, but you have never read about such testing ever being done in mass media. Why not? Was no one curious?

  33. So now, not only the world gets hit with Corona virus, but Israel Nukes Lebanon – 0n a day with gematria of 33.

  34. If the is-raelis cannot learn to live with others, they must become ostracized. Aggressive killing of people and destroying of property is no longer tolerated in a civilized human world. The is-raeli military regime must be shut down. IMO.

    • now it’s time to stop zionists to stay at home, leave the idea of greater israHELL and overall put them at home with no way to make evil things to the whole world.
      Also leaving the money to the several serialkillers billionaires to hurt in all ways others.
      Then also Palestine was brought to them for one only reason and if they show they don’t deserve at all the territories given to them are a right thing, there must be the possibility to leave them these territories and coming back in khazarian lands (if there are not other people present.
      Desert of Gobi could be a good place for them………, or part of sahara could be a good place where not hurt other people.

  35. could it be a thermobaric bomb?! i mean the second blast.
    seems impossible to me hide nuclear fallout and radiation levels, even by the corrupt media…

  36. I agree that it looks like a nuclear explosion. What would I say to someone that says it can’t be a nuclear explosion because people would be dying from radiation within an hour? What would the radiation effects be for something like this?

    • Modern nukes are very different to what people know from the old 50s newsreels. They are ‘clean’ because they use only small amounts of plutonium or uranium and most of the fuel for the blast comes from other metals such as thorium and lithium which have a short half life. This means no fallout and any radiation is down to safe levels within about 72hrs.

  37. Hey VT what gives…past articles about supposed mini-nukes in Syria etc touted a sort of “sparkly” effect of high energy particles hitting the CCD cameras in cell phones as evidence. I don’t see any sparkly effect like that and you’ve not mentioned it. Thoughts?

  38. I just received an extremely horrible video of people who were out and about enjoying their day before the blast. Absolutely horrific.

    • For this small a nuke, reflectors gas, H2 and H3..deuterium and tritium, beryllium and a trigger…which on new nukes may be laser. VT has an article on the history of nuclear weapons. look it up..use if google is blocking it. Questions can go to Jeff Smith.

    • From a relative who was there – US Army Special Forces had man-portable SADMs (a version of the W54 warhead used on the Davy Crockett) in Europe 60 years ago.

    • They sure did, Jim Hanke of VT used to jump out of airplanes with one of those SADMs strapped to his back, training to use them should the Soviets come west.

  39. This is making me really sad and extremely angry, it’s my country of birth where everyone is now use to the cowardly attacks from that Terrorist State Israel. Friends tell me the blast was heard from Cypress. I’m hope this will be answered 10 fold.
    Thank you for the reporting and quick updates Mr Duff and Team VT, it’s really appreciated.

  40. Strange method, just like the Bali bombing, a smaller explosion followed by a mini nuke, to turn Aussies minds around re invading Iraq.

  41. If there is no response to this, Israel will keep destroying the rest of the Middle East, bit by bit.

    Every nation that has been attacked by Israel would be justified in a coordinated launch of every missile they have at Israel, followed by a ground invasion. Time for the “shitty little state to end” – hey, didn’t Heinz Kissinger say Israel would end in 2020?

  42. How can the delilah missile carry 6 kiloton? When i read about it says it has a 30kg warhead
    I don’t get it

  43. Hi guys, i´m very sorry, but the suspected rocket is really a bird, you can see it exactly in the video frame by frame. greets Dussel

    • Photo analysis already done and the photo is real and this is a missile. We published the data.

    • A high frame rate video camera would be needed to provide a continuous image of the missile’s flight, but is not needed to capture images of the missile – even a still camera used at the right moment could get an image of a supersonic missile.

  44. This cannot stand, and must not be covered up! These Zionist psychopaths are a menace to the civilized world.

  45. “Trump confirms this was a bombing, not an accident and is immediately scourged by pro-Israel press…starting with the Daily Beast.” This reminds me of how he almost spilled the beans about 9/11…

    “During the Donald Trump September 11 interview, he gives specific details for how the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center buildings were able to penetrate the stalwart steel cage of the buildings’ exterior, saying there had to have been bombs planted that exploded on impact, otherwise it would have been almost impossible for them to cause such damage.”

    He quickly came around to following the “official” narrative, though. Most likely he will do the same with the Beirut bombing.

  46. Fireworks shoot up into the air and are usually quite clearly fireworks.
    This was one going up in Columbia
    Incredible: Fireworks factory explosion caught on camera in Colombia

    Another explosion at the Mexican Market involving fireworks.
    Watch: Raw video of Mexico fireworks explosion

    The secondaries going off in the original fire in Beirut did not seem to have the sparkly thingy and were contained within the plume.

  47. Any chance this could be a false flag Casus belli, in order to provoke a false flag response, such as a sinking of a US carrier in the Persian Gulf?

  48. Thank you Ian for covering this with such clarity and understanding. I am stunned beyond all knowing. Beirut is my birthplace

    Question. Do you think this is the beginning of the nuclear war that Israel has been frothing at the bit to have?

    What is Russia’s position?
    What is USA (Intelligence) position?

    Is everyone poised to engage in seeing the end of (1) Lebanon (2) The Middle East (3) The World.


  49. My money would be on a nuke as well, but can we safely rule out a FAB at this time?

    I noticed a video that was taken approx. 2-300 meters from blast center without any distortions or grain for about 5 seconds after the detonation when it was cut off. No EM Pulse?

    Weird idea: The vessel Mero Star, moored near the center of the explosion, cargo hold converted into an airtight aerosol storage facility, could have also launched the initial fireworks with delayed action devices.

    Just food for thought folks, i’m certainly not an expert in explosions.

  50. It is pretty certain that the Russians in Syria will have radar records of all air-movements in the area, all the time, so if it was launched/dropped by an Israeli aircraft it should be pretty clear who dunnit. I suppose a sub-launched missile is a possibility which might be harder to trace but if it’s radioactive it’s clear enough who dunnit anyway!

    • The way that the Israelis usually carry out airstrikes against Syria is to fly out to sea, then turn back inland, fly over Lebanon, over the mountains, crossing into Syria, getting close enough to Damascus to release their bombs with a technique known as toss bombing where you pull up into a steep climb, releasing the bomb as you climb so it follows a ballistic trajectory (parabolic arc) to the target, like an artillery shell. Then the aircraft turn and burn for home as fast as they can to avoid being shot down by the air defence missiles protecting Damascus. So I expect they used a similar mission profile this time – flew out to sea, turned inland, tossed their bombs and skedaddled back to Israel before anyone could do anything about it. They have both F-16s and F-35s that ca be used for such a mission. Then again, Israel also has large numbers of ballistic missiles of several types, so it might have been one of those, I don’t know, we may know more as time passes.

    • On point. In operations like this, you’d like to have very few traces leading back to you as possible if any.
      Simple and efficient.

      The public is fooled easily enough, but i doubt that the Israeli high brass would look forward to see Russia showing their radar logs to Iran.

      Speaking of the devil, sorry Ian, but toss (or LOFT as i know it) bombing is a catastrophic way of alerting the enemy as those bombs travel real slow and high, so they show up on every system.
      And apologies to you foolisholdman, but i could not reply to Ian directly so i used this reply. I owe you one!

    • Hi Madic, thanks for pointing that out.

      I only mentioned toss bombing because the Israelis have been using that method in Syria for years. Since I wrote that comment however, we have more info. First explosion was an Israeli Gabriel anti-ship missile, I think it hit a ship moored behind the grain silo. Second big bang was about 6kt, an Israeli Delilah cruise missile fired from an F-16.

    • Weren´t there 2 fighter jets to be seen in one of the videos short before the impact took place ? Must search for it again

  51. As more info comes in, it’s becoming more and more obvious it was a nuke, seismographs in Jordan measured a 4.5, mushroom cloud visible from Syria, people in the mountains blown off their feet. Reporters in Beirut say they have never seen devastation like it before.

  52. Actually Jimmy, Al-Arabiya TV have now confirmed it was a Hezbollah weapons storage facility.

  53. Whatever else, the explosion was NOT caused by Sodium nitrate. Sodium nitrate is an oxydant, i.e. mixed with other things, e.g. diesel oil, or flour or sugar or aluminium dust or glycerine or almost anything that will burn in air it will make an explosive mixture. By itself, however, it does not explode.

    • When they were clutching at straws for a cover story, they were probably thinking of the 1947 Texas City disaster when a load of ammonium nitrate went up and levelled the city.

    • I read the report, it said everything but. The residue contained a significant amount of carbon. What they seemed to be making wasn’t oxidiser for rocket fuel but rather explosives. Lots of lying goes on whenever something blows up. Read the entire report, its on wikipedia.

    • Worthwhile note but a DC is a 50 year old weapon and others nukes act very differently, they make all kinds now including ‘salted’ such as uranium hydryde

  54. It certainly looks like the fire ignited something, and that red smoke is probably the best clue.

    • The red smoke is from burning rocket fuel, warehouse full of Iranian/Hezbollah ballistic missiles, Israel did it in retaliation against Hezbollah.

  55. Yes there is a plasma ball, a ten storey plasma ball, a white hot plasma ball, only a nuke or a star burn that hot.

  56. A ‘Davey Crockett” Nuclear Weapon projectile?? We had them from ‘1956 to 1971’ in the US. Army Arsenal! The Zionists have inherited that stuff, even after they done this, to our Navy in 1967! go read and WEEP, what they, the Zionist Devils are doing to US? ‘9/11’ anyone???

    • Maybe but lots of other weapons have probably been developed by the US and secretly given to Israel by Richard Clarke and Tom Countryman since

  57. Occorre ricordare a questi signori che esiste una legge di causa ed effetto chiamata Karma , ineluttabile e non c’è nessun satana che la possa eluderne le conseguenze .
    In ogni caso ora mi fanno maggiormente schifo .

  58. I´m so angry now. All jews of the world should immediately be jailed and held as hostage until all the guilty ones are put away for good.

  59. Ian, that was nuclear beyond any shadow of a doubt!! A 5 year old kindergarten student or a even a lobotomized cadaver can figure that out! No need for “expert scientific” anal-ysis! The $10 trillion question now is what is the response going to be to the rogue criminal satanic Judaic state?

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