Who Nuked Beirut?

Countdown until YouTube kills the video, which is a briefing to a Middle Eastern government


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Scroll down for a technical breakdown of why Beirut’s fertilizer problem is unsupportable unless there was a fueling station there was well:

“Who nuked Beirut?” That’s an obvious question to anyone who knows their mushroom clouds and can see through the fertilizer/fireworks cover stories. And it’s also the theme of this week’s False Flag Weekly News with J. Michael Springman, and of Friday night’s interview with VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff.

Those who wish to explore the topic in more detail should read Gordon’s articles, as well as Taxi’s “The US, Israel, and Beirutshima,” Pepe Escobar’s “Who Profits from the Beirut Blast?”  Richard Silverstein’s articles relying on Israeli sources, and listen to my discussion with Professor Tony Hall.

Terrorists who mass murder civilians—like the American terrorists behind Hiroshima and Nagasaki (as well as Dresden and Tokyo) and the presumed Israeli terrorists behind the Beirut disaster—typically offer an “ends justify the means” defense. They often use mathematics to support their assertions that mass murder is OK: Nuking cities full of civilians is fine because we “only” killed half a million people to end the war, while millions would have died in an invasion.

As for the Israelis, their mathematical genius shows them that Jewish life has a value approximating to infinity, while non-Jewish life has a value approximating to zero.  So mass murdering the goyim, especially Arabs and Muslims (whose lives they suspect of actually having a negative value) adds up to “fully kosher.”

This week’s FFWN cited an article on Hiroshima pointing out that even if murder saves more lives than it costs—a dubious assertion in cases like Hiroshima and Beirut—it is still murder. As philosopher Gertrude Anscombe wrote:

“Come now: if you had to choose between boiling one baby and letting some frightful disaster befall a thousand people—or a million people if a thousand is not enough—what would you do? For men to choose to kill the innocent as a means to their ends is always murder.”

I will leave it to my readers to figure out how this applies (or doesn’t) to the medical maxim “first do no harm,” and to the philosophical problem posed by vaccinations that can ruin and/or end some lives in hopes of enhancing and extending a larger number of others.


Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil

In December of 1956 Melvin Cook’s invented a new blasting agent using an unusual mixture of ammonium nitrate, aluminum powder, and water. The safety and efficiency of this new explosive were apparent, and the use of water was revolutionary. Tests that followed resulted in the development of a new field of explosives: slurry explosives. This invention converted the commercial explosives industry from “dangerous dynamite” to “safe slurry” and dry blasting agents. In 1972 Cook developed the BLU-82, the largest and most powerful chemical bomb, using aluminized slurry.

ANFO[20] (or AN/FO, for ammonium nitrate / fuel oil) is a widely used explosive mixture. The oil used is most often No. 2 fuel oil, or diesel fuel, but sometimes kerosene, coal dust, or even molasses.

ANFO under most conditions is considered a high explosive; it decomposes through detonation rather than deflagration and with a high velocity. It is a tertiary explosive consisting of distinct fuel and oxidizer phases and requires confinement for efficient detonation and brisance. Its sensitivity is relatively low; it generally requires a booster (e.g., one or two sticks of dynamite, as historically used, or, in more recent times, Tovex) to ensure reliable detonation. The explosive efficiency associated with ANFO is approximately 80% of TNT, also stated as TNT equivalency. The most efficient mixed AN explosives using fuels other than fuel oil can exceed TNT equivalency.

The basic chemistry of ANFO detonation is the reaction of ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) with a long chain hydrocarbon (CnH2n+2) to form nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water. In an ideal stechiometrically balanced reaction, ANFO is composed of approximately 94.3% AN and 5.7% FO by weight.

Ammonium nitrate-fuel oil has largely replaced dynamites and gelatins in bench blasting. Denser slurry blasting agents are supplanting dynamite and gelatin and dry blasting agents. The most widely used dry blasting agent is a mixture of ammonium nitrate prills (porous grains) and fuel oil. The fuel oil is not precisely CH2, but this is sufficiently accurate to characterize the reaction.

Uniform mixing of oil and ammonium nitrate is essential to the development of full explosive force. Some blasting agents are premixed and packaged by the manufacturer. Where not premixed, several methods of mixing in the field can be employed to achieve uniformity.
As in other combustion reactions, a deficiency of oxygen favors the formation of carbon monoxide and unburned organic compounds and produces little, if any, nitrogen oxides.

An excess of oxygen causes more nitrogen oxides and less carbon monoxide and other unburned organics. For ammonium nitrate and fuel oil (ANFO) mixtures, a fuel oil content of more than 5.5 percent creates a deficiency of oxygen.The simple removal of a tree stump might be done with a 2-step train made up of an electric blasting cap and a stick of dynamite. The detonation wave from the blasting cap would cause detonation of the dynamite.

To make a large hole in the earth, an inexpensive explosive such as ANFO might be used. In this case, the detonation wave from the blasting cap is not powerful enough to cause detonation, so a booster must be used in a 3- or 4-step train. The yield from the blasting caps and safety fuses used in these trains are usually small compared to those from the main charge, because the yields are roughly proportional to the weight of explosive used, and the main charge makes up most of the total weight.

Advantages of insensitive dry blasting agents are their safety, ease of loading, and low price. Ammonium nitrate is water soluble so that in wet holes, some blasters pump the water from the hole, insert a plastic sleeve, and load the blasting agent into the sleeve.
Special precautions should be taken to avoid a possible building up of static electrical charge, particularly when loading pneumatically. When properly oxygen- balanced, the fume qualities of dry blasting agents permit their use underground. Canned blasting agents, once widely used, have unlimited water resistance, but lack advantages of loading ease and direct coupling to the borehole.


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  1. Michael,
    How would you know if there was radiation poisoning? Check 9/11.
    Who could censor that?

  2. Nethanyahooneeds to be sent and spend several years in the Mainland Chinese re-humanizaton camps for re-orientation — or are the Chicoms ready to turn all of the Jewish parts of Palestine into just that? (and make the folks from ‘Aza be the camp guard re-educators so those Germanic Übermenscheit deluted Volks living there can become Semites without cleansed of their Gereman uvular pronunciation for the letter R?
    (By the way: ALways engoyd conversing with truely knowledgable fellows and gals in the honest parts of their real untellegence services.)

  3. Time for the US to attack and occupy the never was an ally always a parasite and backdoor to bolsjevism country Israel, put all the fundamentalist chosenites under rehumanificationcamps and regain control of all the stolen technology. One state solution where everyone is equal under the law.

  4. Condolences to ALL those who have suffered in Lebanon.

    WHO in their right minds in Israel, thought this to be a good idea?

    This EVIL act, is an act of desperation, by Israel. It shows how weak Israel really is…

    VT have done a great job in exposing this. I hope that they write a book about it, because it needs to be written…

  5. Visits to Beirut throughout my childhood I never thought this beautiful “Riviera of the Middle East” would one day be massacred by Israel and the United States.

    The people who are bringing light and clarity to how this happened and why. This is our humanity during the world’s final hour.

    It is the final hour and it has absolutely nothing to do with the Middle East.

    Look to the sky. Look at the sun (on SOHO).


    They know what you have done Israel and America, to what was once their home.

    Gordon Duff, Kevin Barrett and others, you will have your signature on the strength of that which is GOOD.

    The Star People. This is what the Native Americans called the visitors.

    The Star People are here.

  6. Sunni/Saudi/Israel/West coalition apportioned blame for Beirut destruction.

    “……….Lebanese on the Saudi payroll with their loyalty to Israel and the West have played a deadly evil role in the early days of the terror war on Syria in all forms and shapes they could including smuggling weapons, terrorists, and gear into Syria through the long borders with rough terrain, most of the Lebanese media were and still are essential in fueling sectarian schism in Syria and in Lebanon against Syrians, their sectarian instigation led to a large number of hate crimes against Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

    Mobs of Saudi and Israeli loyal rioters attack public buildings and destroy public properties while the residents of Beirut are still removing the remains of their loved ones from under the rubble, among the buildings stormed by the rioters and sabotaged are: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Economy, and others, all related to the ongoing investigation in an obvious attempt to destroy evidence, and also ministries in charge of receiving foreign aid to cripple the current government and allow the return of the same corrupt cult that suck Lebanon dry throughout their decades of ruling:

    The same Lebanese who conspired against their own country in favor of Israel throughout their shameful history, are now destroying what’s left of their own capital to conceal evidences of corruption they were responsible for over the past decades, and to settle their scores with their political rivals in the tiny country, of course, they can only do that upon instructions from the US embassy in Beirut which later in yesterday’s evening asked for a replacement of current Lebanese officials with ones ‘worthy of the Lebanese people’…!


    • Amarka,

      Instead of a period of mourning, instead of helping out, instead of giving aid, there are those who demonstrate…

      The demonstrators are part of THE PLAN… …but, MANY people will be alerted to this fallacy, this deceitfulness.

      VT have done HUMANITY proud, they have done a good job here.

  7. Everything is for nothing if this gets ignored by the Lebanese government, inquiry team, and mainstream media that is not following on Western narrative. For nothing. That we are able to live in the 21 century with all that media about and unable to report a nuclear event as we see it. Beirutshima

  8. If indeed this bomb created a 41meter hole in the ground… Why? What could possibly have been down 12 stories into solid granite that needed to be destroyed?

    • This is all over the internet…

      “The explosion in the port left a crater 43 meters deep” Tuesday, the official told AFP, citing reports by French experts conducting an assessment of the disaster area.

      If indeed that is the case, it would take a bunker-buster bomb like the nuclear B61-11dialed up to around 200 kilotons to make a hole in solid granite that deep. That would be the equivalent of 476,190 tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer according to the New York Times. Is anyone in the MSM paying attention to the absurdity of all this? I guess not…

  9. There we are another post-911 trick, in order to attack another country and kill innocent people.
    Hope the truth with lots of proofs comes out and show people who DID this major event in 2020.

  10. My question is can 2.5 or 3 Tns ammonia/ nitrate stored in the warehouse in Beirut, when exploded, could have made a 43meters deep hole?

    • Gordon said the crater was 21feet deep, not 43 meters. (We have a new report saying 41 meters…and we are investigating, that would require a bunker buster nuke…I am guessing)

    • 41 meters? That’s the height of a 12-story building. How is the MSM going to cover that one up?

    • Also, the Union of Concerned Scientists reports that the largest nuclear bunker-buster currently in the US arsenal, the B61-11, would have to be dialed up to 200 kilotons to penetrate 41 meters of solid granite. Do the math, how much fertilizer would that be the equivalent of?

  11. Here`s a tip for you guys. If you want to sound credible, you need to have your videos verified by two well known companies to see if a scene was doctored. Just taking your word for it is moronic at best.

    By the way, I find it amazing that, according to VT, two missiles attacked Beirut but no one heard a sound. Do Israelis have silent missiles?

    • Who verified the videos as fake for YouTube?

      Answer: No one what soever. Time for you to get real. Yes, missiles are silent. Do you think they have whistles on them like in the Stuka films?

  12. Absolutely, incredible, Gordon. Thank you for your contribution to determining the truth behind the horrific Beirut blast. Sad, to say, the MSM and the gatekeeper alternative media will suppress this information just like they have suppressed 9/11 truth for so many years. It’s fair to say that most Americans have suffered from PTSD ever since 9/11. It is so much easier to live in denial than it is to confront the truth.

    • Since 9/11, we’ve lived in a post-truth era. Who are you going to believe, what you’re told to believe or your lying eyes?

  13. Israeli anti human policies and brutality is a kind of miniature representing entire west and Europe. Israel doing what west did in the past 500years openly and now often covertly. Israel has 100 % support and approval of West, not only governments, just talk to the common people and you will be shocked.
    Tge only potential hope is China and confuciabs civilization to save the rest of the world. Arian “Iranic” civilization and people are also potential force to liberate humanity from this Luciferian cage, but they were colonised, divided, disintegrated by Luciferianic forces. Arabs accepted the slave status and as long luxuries provided they will stay in these subhuman positions to serve the west. The best alternative is an alliance of Iranic (true Arian) and Chinese civilization to counter or stop Luciferianic powers. Otherwise the world is doomed.

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