Intel Drop: Briefing on Beirut (36 hours old)



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  1. Information provided by Cosmic Agencyabout the incident in Beirut.

    ¨What happened in Beirut?

    There were two missile attacks. One of lesser energy than the other, the first one did not fulfill its mission, so they had to send the second one with a stronger warhead.

    Missile Type: Tomahawk

    Warhead: Fuel Air type 72. GBU-72 is the most powerful warhead of a non-nuclear nature. Explosive for military use, first used since Vietnam, which removes all the oxygen from the area of ​​the explosion at once and consumes it creating a shock wave that destroys everything organic with high temperature, with not very serious damage to the infrastructure.

    Objective: Something biological being kept in the area of ​​the docks. It was not against anything material because it is not the appropriate explosive to destroy infrastructure or weapons. But yes to destroy a load of biological weapons <— <— It is not known or I cannot know what the exact objective was. But I do know that it was biological in nature. It is said that the videos that prove that they were missiles are false … they can be, but that does not remove the definitive proof for people who know what they are talking about and who know that it was a missile. And it also serves as an excuse to hide that fact from the public. It was an attack and I have no doubt about it because I even know the type of the explosive. And the kind of missile. And the explosions in other parts of the world are also suspicious, everything is interconnected, as I already said. Nothing is a casuality. It is a war. They may be attacking supply centers or where they keep materials to initiate the next attacks on the human population. But just because one side is destroying those warehouses with biological weapons does not mean that they are positive, only that they fight for power. That there is a struggle between good and evil is undeniable. Not having more data, just by seeing the explosion I know what it is. Impossible to be mistaken. Its ¨mushroom¨, and its shock wave. I saw it with my own eyes. In Africa in '92. Seen from the ship. Vietnam, near Hanoi … End of '69. It is perfect for destroying bacteriological things, chemical weapons. Those who have that weapon is the USA, without ruling out other nations. But the Tomahawk is almost exclusive to the US Navy. Probably fired from a Los Angeles-class version 2 submarine or a Virginia-class submarine. My certainty about what it was is somewhere between 95% and 100%. They can´t fool me with the type of explosion.

    Robert: They say the triangular planes were seen in the sky.

    Yazhi: Those are everywhere today, but the missile was not aircraft origin. As logical or interesting as it seems. The type of missile determines that it was of naval use. <—- <— A Tomahawk can be fired from the aircraft as well as from B-1 and B-2 bombers. But it is not the case because my sensors and sensors that fed me this from the orbit would have detected them. The missile came out of the sea and hit Beirut. I am 95% certain that it was fired from underwater, of either of the two classes described above. But such direct unilateral, warlike struggle will never bring scalar results. And the problem is precisely scalar. It is useless to destroy a warehouse full of bacteriological weapons, if it is not destroyed in a joint timeline and as there is communication and interference among one another, that only makes the use of the content of the attacked warehouse to be postponed. The problem being scalar, what will happen will always happen. Since the interference and influence between all the other timelines will influence the one they want to change, returning it to the original course, and the actions carried out only open variants of said events, those variants being always formed anyway. In other words, a chain of events, what is called a timeline, is affected by countless other variant timelines of the same one because they do not work independently, but they all affect one another. So altering something with an explosion, for example, does not alter the course of the other timelines … said explosion itself will result as an anomaly to the lines, as something other than what would naturally happen. With that explosion, they achieve nothing. ¨

  2. God bless you Mr Duff. Is is so amazing that only few people in the surface of this earth have the courage and knowledge of exposing such unimaginable crime.
    More videos and documentary short films would make a big difference. There are many people who understand better when watching graphics than reading.
    Nader Takibzada of Iran talked about you and that they will have aTV programme about your article.

  3. I have been reading the You Tube comments to the video by Gordon Duff.

    [1] “Jean Paul Rahal 18 hours ago • I’m a survivor of the bomb and EVERYONE here heard the Israeli jets hover before the hit”

    Write down what you saw and witnessed. If you have friens and family who took pictures and video, contact VT.

    [2] “Robert Gorden 14 hours ago • Sent to a commentator below. The “world” zoodhye will not only do nothing, the MSM will uniformly deny it ever happened. But this nuke wasn’t aimed at the world. It was aimed at Hezbollah- and Iran. The real question is what will they do about it? And the answer is again besides talk, talk, talk and maybe threats ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The attack was yet another intentional Imperial provocation for war. No matter what bullshit leaves the mouths of Iranian and Hezbollah officials they are not anywhere near ready for war. So what will they do about the attack? The answer is as with the Empire deny it. That because if they don’t they will have internal pressure to retaliate in kind. And that is EXACTLY what the Empire wants them to do”

    The Home Guard of Lebanon, the Dads Army of the Shia, NOW have the right, IMHO, to deploy the MOST technical air defence system in the world, to protect Beirut and Lebanon. IF and WHEN they do, NOBODY would have any right to complain about its deployment.

    I am still aghast at what has happened, WHO in their right minds in Israel, thought this to be a good idea?

    This EVIL act, is an act of desperation, by Israel. It shows how weak Israel really is…

    Condolences to ALL those who have suffered in Lebanon.

  4. Gordon Duff, IMHO, you are correct with your words, “massive acts of terrorism” and a “war crime”, the pictures that you have already published, detail that to be true.

    Big credit to you and all those at VT, for doing what you are doing, under these truly horrific and horrendous circumstances.

    Some advice if I may PLEASE;

    [1] Collect every picture, collect every piece or snippet of video and compile it into a DVD. From all angles, as you have stated, let these still and videos be seen.

    [2] Collate all the written evidence as it has arrived and then publish a book about the events.

    Distribute BOTH the DVD and the book worldwide. Publish this evidence for those who wish to see the truth.

  5. Jeff Smith’s word accepted, the best supportive information is the geiger fallout measurement ananysis which an honest broker like your Lebanese general friend can hopefully ascertain. We can’t blame anyone for a nuclear attack although Jeff Smith’s views will make a counter claim all but impossible to entertain. However, based on facts – a geiger reading that indicates the presence of nuclear fallout nails the issue once and for all. QED. I will be surprised if the Russians confirm anything. Putin, unfortunately, can count on few if any Western leaders for support but the pick of the bunch is Bibi, which all but ensures that door is firmly locked against an honest on-the-ground assessment from that quarter. At the heel of the hunt, the citizens of Beirut need to be aware of what measures to take in the event it was a nuclear strike and the real danger to their lives from the resultant nuclear fallout.

  6. Well done – courageous Mr. Duff. But the MSM is still ignoring this and there are Zio-hippos opposing the VT view on the J-tube. Keep at it VT the world needs you.

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